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Chapter 2357 Myriad Sword Formation!

The old man was beyond horrified from the sight of this!

True Dao Realm slaughter intent!

How many people had to be killed to accomplish that

Who have I offended

The old man was about to speak when Yang Yes sword stabbed through the old mans forehead.


The old mans head exploded apart!

The three other middle aged men and the woman instantly turned pale from fright.

Yang Ye gazed at her, and the latters expression changed drastically as she shot backward.

However, a sword shot through her throat.

Blood sprayed like a fountain!

Moreover, along with three rays of light, the other three middle aged men lost their heads!

In an instant, everyone here was dead!

Only the Treasure Seeking Mouse remained!

At this moment, it was absolutely horrified, and it was shivering while curled up on the ground.

Yang Ye walked over to the mouse, but Snowy shook her head at him.

She pointed at it, and then waved her paws.

She was saying that it was very pitiable.

Yang Ye said, It wanted to kill you!

Snowy clenched her paw and waved it at the mouse.

She was saying that shed punished it.

Yang Ye fell silent.

Meanwhile, Snowy hugged his face and rubbed her head against his nose.

After that, she pointed at the mouse to tell him that it couldnt kill her at all.

Yang Ye grinned, Alright, lets go!

Once he said that, he took Snowy in his arms and headed north.

Meanwhile, a man gazed silently at the corpses from a corner.

It was the man whod been with the woman yesterday.

A long time passed before he walked over to her corpse and said, Sister Lian, you brought this upon yourself.

Not only did you cause your own death, youve brought death upon your clan.

Now, your clan will probably be split up between the others soon!

He shook his head, sighed, and left with her corpse.

The mouse wanted to leave with him, but he slapped it away.

Since that Treasure Seeking Mouse gained its black eyes, its heart had changed.

It became extremely proud, and coupled with the woman there to spoil it, it could be said to have been absolutely haughty and looked down upon everyone.

Moreover, others would give it face once they found out it was a Black-Eyed Treasure Seeking Mouse.

After all, it was a spirit beast of nature, and it could locate Divine Treasures!

So, as time passed, it grew even more arrogant.

This time, it had clearly bitten off more than it could chew.

Actually, it had felt some fear the moment it saw Snowy.

Unfortunately, it was blinded by the treasures before it, and so it still wanted to take them after seeing Snowy.

Thus, it suffered!

As far as the man was concerned, keeping such a spirit beast with him would only bring misfortune and harm to him.

After he killed them and left the city, no one looked for trouble with Yang Ye again.

It didnt take long for him to leave the city and arrive at the Northern Lands.

He could be considered to have entered the Northern Sword Tomb now.

Not long after, Yang Ye stopped.

He looked ahead, and there was a huge sword standing there.

The sword was like a mountain that towered into the sky, and there were four characters inscribed on it !

The Northern Sword Sect! The former number one sect of the Northern Continent!

Yang Ye walked over to the sword, gazed at it, and then touched it.

It was icy cold, and it emanated faint sword intent.

A sect of sword cultivators never had a lack of sword intent.

Since it had been in the Northern Sword Sect for so long, how much sword intent had it absorbed

Snowy touched the huge sword too, and then she shook her head.

Obviously, she didnt take a liking to it.

Yang Ye smiled and continued forward.

It didnt take long for him to arrive before the entrance to the sect.

It was huge, almost 300m wide, and there was a sword stabbed into the ground before it.

While it was huge, it was much smaller than the sword from before.

Yang Ye gazed at Snowy, Do you sense any treasures

Snowy blinked, glanced at the surroundings, and then shook her head.

Yang Ye shrugged and continued forward.

Searching for treasures

Could that Treasure Seeking Mouse even compare to Snowy Of course it couldnt! Snowy wasnt just able to locate treasures, she could make them willingly go with her.

That was something the Treasure Seeking Mouse couldnt accomplish.

Yang Ye continued deeper into the sect, and it didnt take long for him to arrive before a white sacrificial platform.

Meanwhile, Sword Scroll appeared before Yang Ye.

She glanced at the platform, frowned, and said, A Sword Offering Platform!

A Sword Offering Platform Yang Ye gazed at her.

She explained softly, An ancient method of forging swords.

It uses the lives of living things I didnt expect to see one here.

Looks like this Northern Sword Sect has some ability.

It uses living things to forge swords Yang Ye was quite surprised, How

She glanced indifferently at him, Arent you using blood and souls to improve your sabers and swords too

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

She glanced at the surroundings and asked, Can you feel it

Yang Ye was puzzled, What

She replied softly, Sword Resentment!

Yang Ye was about to speak when Sword Scroll suddenly said, Everything has a spirit of its own.

The swords here were definitely extraordinary.

See, there are so many fragments here, and they are the fragments of swords.

Obviously, someone blasted them into bits.

They were destroyed, but their resentment remains.freeeovel.o

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings, sensed the world around him, and sure enough, he sensed an indescribably aura.

Sword Scroll suddenly gazed at the ground, and there was a wisp of surprise in her eyes, This sect was much more amazing than I thought!

Yang Ye looked down, and then a wisp of surprise flashed into his eyes.

He noticed a sword formation underground, a complete sword formation.

Yang Ye and Sword Scroll exchanged glances, and then they went underground.

Around 300m below the ground, they stopped, and beneath them were numerous floating swords.

These swords were circulating in some sort of order.

The entire underground world was filled with at least 100,000 swords!

When looked at from above, they formed a circle, and it was a circle formed from the swords being lined up with their tips against another swords hilt.

Besides that, every sword had a symbol on it.

Sword Talismans! Sword Scrolls face was solemn, I didnt expect this sect to possess such technique!

Sword Talismans Yang Ye gazed at her, Can you explain

She explained softly, Its an ancient technique.

Over at the Eternal Dimension, there are a type of cultivators called Inscription Masters, and they enjoy extremely high status.

Its because the symbols they inscribe are very, very useful.

Just like the symbols on those swords.

If Im not wrong, they are able to temporarily improve the strength of those swords to the level of Pseudo Divine Treasures!

Pseudo Divine Treasures!

Yang Ye was stunned.

100,000 swords that were Pseudo Divine Treasure! What was that like

Tsk, tsk Suddenly, Sword Scroll pointed down below the swords, See those dark yellow strands of energy Thats the energy of the earth.

Theres a formation here thats drawing upon the energy of the earth and converging it here.

If Im not wrong, once this sword formation is activated, it will be instantly enhanced by Earth Energy.

Moreover, it would be an endless supply of Earth Energy.

Because a single formation would never be able to fully consume the Earth Energy of this continent.

Even if it was used every day, it wouldnt be exhausted even in 100 years.

In other words, if it has sufficient spirit energy, then formation will be perpetually enhanced by Earth Energy when its active!

Sword Scrolls voice had a wisp of excitement in it.

Yang Ye suddenly gazed at Snowy, Didnt you say that there are no treasures here

Snowy blinked, and then she pointed at those swords and revealed an expression of aversion.

Obviously, she was saying that they were trash!

Yang Yes face darkened while Sword Scroll suddenly said, Shes not wrong.

As far as shes concerned, they are all trash.

Perhaps only true Pseudo Divine Treasures and Divine Treasures can catch her eye now.

Yang Ye glanced at the swords and felt quite helpless.

It wasnt that these swords werent good, it was Snowy whod become too picky.

Snowy didnt think highly of ordinary treasures!

Yang Ye restrained his thoughts and gazed at Sword Scroll, Is this sword formation strong

She sized up the surroundings, studied it for a long time, and then nodded, It can kill Limitbreaker Realm experts with ease.

Yang Ye was stunned on the spot when he heard this.

Kill Limitbreaker Realm experts with ease

Sword Scroll pointed below the sword formation, and there was a huge ball of light there.

Endless sword intent was seeping out of it.

The sword intent was very powerful!

Sword Scroll spoke solemnly, If Im not wrong, this sword intent was accumulated over generations, and while its only True Dao Realm sword intent, theres too much in there.

If you absorb it all and refine them, youll definitely be able to attain True Void Realm sword intent.

However, I dont suggest doing that.

Yang Ye was puzzled, Why

She explained softly, This sword formation would become much weaker if you did that.

Yang Ye asked, Can we take this sword formation with us

She shook her head, Taking it away means losing the Earth Energy, so its strength would be reduced tremendously

She suddenly gazed at Yang Ye at this point, Wait! Theres Earth Energy in the Primordial Pagoda.

The Primordial Pagoda!

The Primordial Pagoda had a world of its own, and there was Earth Energy in there.

Sword Scroll grinned, but it didnt take long for her to frown again, Wait! Activating it requires a very, very large amount of spirit energy, and

Her face froze at this point.

Spirit energy!

What did Yang Ye lack the least Spirit energy, of course!

The Primordial Pagoda didnt just have a spirit vein that was about to become an immortal vein, Snowy was there too.

Even if the spirit vein was insufficient, there was no need to fear a lack of spirit energy while Snowy was there!

Yang Ye gazed at Sword Scroll, We dont seem to lack anything.

She nodded, So

Yang Ye grinned, Take it!


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