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Chapter 2359 Four-Legged Snake!

In the hall, Snowy moved her paw away and turned to Yang Ye.

She was about to gesture something when footsteps came from the outside.

Yang Ye and Sword Scroll looked over, and they saw three people there.

Two men and a woman.

All of them were very young, and they had swords on their backs.

They were quite stunned when they saw Yang Ye and Sword Scroll.

Yang Ye met their gazes, and then he nodded at them while they nodded back in response.

Yang Ye withdrew his gaze and took Snowy in his arms, Lets go!

He turned around and walked toward the exit with Sword Scroll.

However, Snowy suddenly gazed at the woman when they walked by the group of three.

Or to be more precise, Snowy gazed at the white pendant hanging on her neck.

It was in the shape of an unknown beast, and it seemed rather ferocious.

Snowys eyes lit up, and she seemed eager to take it.

However, Yang Ye glared at her.

Snowy pointed at the pendant to display that it was a good treasure.

Yang Ye frowned, and Snowy immediately lowered her paw before hugging Yang Yes head and rubbing her head against it.

She was telling him that she didnt want it anymore.

Yang Ye nodded and was about to leave, but she suddenly said, She wants this

Yang Ye gazed at the woman, and she was holding the pendant as she gazed at him.

Snowy blinked, sneaked a peek at Yang Ye, and then hurriedly shook her head to display that she didnt want it.

Such a cute little fellow! The woman smiled, Its an accessory my ancestor passed down to me.

It may not be a treasure, but it has sentimental value, so I cant give it to you.

However, you can play with it.

Snowys eyes lit up.

However, she seemed to have thought of something and gazed at Yang Ye.

Obviously, it depended on Yang Yes decision.

Yang Ye gazed at Snowy, Just play with it

He wanted Divine Treasures too, and he knew that since Snowy took a liking to it, it was definitely not ordinary.

However, he had his own principles, and there were things he would do and things he wouldnt.

Snowy hurriedly nodded when she heard Yang Ye.

Yang Ye rubbed Snowys head and gazed at her, Thank you!

She grinned and passed the pendant to Snowy.

Snowy grabbed it, glanced at it, and a wisp of curiosity flashed in her eyes.

A short while later, she slapped it lightly with her paw.

The jade pendant shook violently!

After that, a sword howl resounded from within it.

The woman was stunned by this scene.

Meanwhile, Snowy slapped it again, and then a ray of light flashed out from within it.

The ray of light shot straight at Snowy, causing Yang Yes expression to change, and he flicked his finger and blasted it to bits.

However, he was pushed backward all the way out of the hall!

A furious shout resounded from within the pendant, How dare you disturb my slumber!

A short while later, an ethereal sword appeared before them.

The woman gazed at it with astonishment, and then she seemed to have thought of something, causing wild joy to fill her eyes while she seemed absolutely excited.

Meanwhile, the men exchanged glances, and there was a wisp of disbelief in their eyes too.

The ethereal sword shook violently, and then it transformed into a ray of light that shot at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye frowned, and then a sword appeared in his grasp before a ray of sword energy flashed.


The sword was blasted all the way out of the hall.

The sword was furious and was about to attack again.

However, Snowy suddenly grabbed the pendant and started slamming it against the ground.

AH!! A shrill cry resounded, and then the sword fell to the ground.

Snowy was about to continue when the woman suddenly appeared before Snowy.

Snowy blinked as she gazed at the woman.

She seemed to be asking what the woman wanted.

She glanced at Snowy and spoke softly, Stop hitting it, alright

Snowy gazed at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye walked over to her and said, Give the pendant back to her!

Snowy cracked a smile and obediently passed it to her.

She heaved a sigh of relief and quickly took it.

Meanwhile, the two men gradually relaxed their tight grips on their swords.

Yang Ye was about to leave when the sword suddenly appeared before them.

Yang Ye frowned at the sight of this while the sword floated over to Snowy.

It was trembling!

Obviously, it had probably recognized Snowy.

Yang Ye ignored it and just walked out of the hall with Snowy, and the sword didnt chase after them.

Once they vanished into the distance, the woman suddenly bowed respectfully to the sword, A-Are you my ancestors sword, Peerless Cloud

The sword shook slightly, and then it transformed into a middle aged man.

He gazed in the direction Yang Ye had left toward for a long time, and then he said, Tell the current patriarch of the Li Clan to come here now!

She hesitated and said, Hes in closed door cultivation, Im afraid

The middle aged man spoke softly, Tell him to get here now.

Just say its the Li Clans final chance to rise up in the world.

She was stunned speechless.

The middle aged man didnt say another word and just followed after Yang Ye and Snowy.

Once they left the hall, Yang Ye walked toward the largest hall.

It was the main hall.

Desolate Sword Hall!

In the hall, Yang Ye glanced at its top, and then he walked inside.

The hall was empty, completely empty.

Yang Ye was quite disappointed, but it only took a moment for him to smile.

Actually, hed gained quite a bit already.

Three sword formations.

Once Sword Scroll figured out how to use them, just those three sword formations could stop numerous Limitbreaker Realm experts and even help him kill them!

Yang Ye was about to leave when Snowy jumped to the ground.

She glanced at it, and a short while later, she gazed at Yang Ye and pointed down.

Yang Ye and Sword Scroll exchanged glances, and then they vanished from the hall.

Yang Ye held Snowy in his arms as he descended through the ground, and they finally saw a palace deep within the ground.

The palace was surrounded by four swords, four floating swords.

Besides that, there was a jade statue before it.

It was the statue of a middle aged man with a sword in his grasp, and he was looking ahead.

Yang Ye was about to go over with Snowy when Sword Scroll stopped him.

Yang Ye gazed at her, and she looked into the distance for a long time before she said, A Sword Form!

Yang Ye was puzzled, What

She flicked a ray of sword energy at the palace.

Right when it was about to get close to the palace, an ethereal figure with a sword in his grasp appeared before the palace, and then the ethereal figures sword descended.


The sword energy vanished in an instant!

However, the Ethereal Figure vanished as well.

Yang Ye had a solemn expression on his face when he witnessed this.

The Limitbreaker Realm!

That ethereal figure actually had the strength of a Limitbreaker Realm expert!

Sword Scroll spoke solemnly, The Sword Form is an ancient secret technique.

Simply speaking, its a copy.

A copy of the main body made with sword intent.

Its a new form of life, and you can call it a clone.

She gazed at Yang Ye and continued, Someone capable of accomplishing that is absolutely not at the Limitbreaker Realm because its impossible for a Limitbreaker Realm expert to do that.

In other words, the sect master of the Northern Sword Sect was very likely to have been above the Limitbreaker Realm.

But its practically impossible for such an expert to appear in a small place like this.

So, the sect master of the Northern Sword Sect was definitely from the Eternal Dimension.

Yang Ye asked, What are you trying to say

She replied softly, Its very likely that its destruction is linked to the powers of the Eternal Dimension.

According to my intuition, its very likely that well be swept into a web of enmity if we go over there.

The destruction of the Northern Sword Sect was absolutely not ordinary, and if youre swept into it

Yang Ye laughed bitterly, Sword Scroll, do you think Im not in trouble now

She fell silent.

Yang Ye gazed at the palace, I already have so, so much trouble! So what if I have a little more

She remained silent.

Yang Ye walked over to Sword Scroll and smiled, There are only two paths in life, either go along with it, or go against it.

Obviously, Im the latter.

He looked into the distance and said, Theres endless trouble over there, but it may bring fortune to me too.


She nodded, True, more trouble doesnt make a difference to you anyway!

She gazed at Snowy, You lead the way!

Snowy blinked, and then she raised her paws to ask why.

Yang Ye gazed at Sword Scroll because she wanted to know why too.

Sword Scroll explained indifferently, The Sword Form is considered a type of spirit too, so only Snowy can deal with it.

Moreover, Snowy doesnt have any evil within her aura, so it wont treat her as an enemy.

Yang Ye gazed at Snowy, and Snowy gazed at him too.

Their eyes met, and then Snowy withdrew an ethereal axe and walked off into the distance.

Yang Ye and Sword Scroll hurriedly followed her.

It didnt take long for the Sword Form to appear again.

Snowy hurriedly raised her axe.

However, it suddenly moved aside.

Yang Ye gazed at Sword Scroll, Can I take that into the Primordial Pagoda too

She glanced at him, Dont do it if you want to live!

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

Sword Scroll continued, Its order is to protect this place.

It will vanish once it leaves.

Yang Ye spoke with a helpless tone in his voice, What a pity!

Suddenly, Snowy left the axe and transformed into a ray of white light that entered the palace.

Yang Ye and Sword Scrolls expressions changed drastically, and they were about to go inside too.

However, Snowy came out again, and she was holding a fist-sized golden pearl.

She placed it before Yang Ye, and then turned around and went inside again

Yang Ye was about to follow her, but Sword Scroll suddenly spoke in a trembling voice, T-Thats a **ing Dragon Ball, the Dragon Ball of a Primal True Dragon

Meanwhile, Snowy returned again, and she was holding two golden horns.

She placed them before Yang Ye and went inside once more

As soon as he picked up those horns, Snowy returned again, and there was a golden four-legged snake in her grasp.

At this moment, it was struggling violently.

At the same time, strands of powerful pressure were ceaselessly emerging from it, but Snowy ignored all of it.

Sword Scroll gulped, T-Thats a Primal True

Yang Ye was stunned speechless.

The little golden snake glared angrily at Snowy while waving its claws at her.

Obviously, it was telling Snowy to let it go.

Meanwhile, Snowy suddenly withdrew the Primordial Axe of Creation and placed it against the little snakes head.

The little golden snake immediately fell silent.

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