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Chapter 2360 To Cultivate is to Cultivate Destiny!

At the entrance, Yang Ye and Sword Scroll were stunned.

Yang Ye seemed to be taking it a little better because he didnt know the value of these treasures.

But Sword Scroll was knowledgeable, so she was very well aware of their value.

Especially the little golden snake Snowy was holding!


That was no snake, it was a little golden dragon!

Yang Ye gazed at Sword Scroll, and she walked over to Snowy and spoke in a trembling voice, S-Snowy, can you let it go

Actually, if it wasnt Snowy who was before her, she would have swung her sword by now.

That was a Primal True Dragon!

A Primal True Dragon from the Primal Era!

The two golden flying blades Yang Ye had were Pseudo Divine Treasures, and they were very powerful, right However, they were just two scales from a Primal True Dragon!

But that was an actual Primal True Dragon before them!reeovl.

A real one!

Snowy pointed at the dragon to convey that it wanted to escape.

After that, she placed the Primordial Axe of Creation against its head again, causing it to dare not move an inch.

It was afraid of offending the little fellow before it and losing its head from a swing of that axe.

Sword Scroll felt helpless.

Suddenly, Snowy put the axe away and tossed the golden dragon at Yang Ye like it was trash.

After that, she went inside again!

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

Yang Ye was quite worried, so he hurriedly put away the Dragon Ball and horns, and then hurriedly followed after her.

Sword Scroll glanced at the Primal True Dragon on the ground.

At this moment, it was glaring angrily in the direction of the palace while strands of terrifying pressure surged out incessantly from it.

Suddenly, Sword Scroll said, Dont think about revenge.

Otherwise, shell kill you!

Sword Scroll entered the palace once she finished speaking.

The Primal True Dragon glanced into the palace, hesitated for a moment, and then crawled inside.

In the palace.

The palace wasnt very huge, and there was a golden casket at the center.

Besides that, there was nothing else here.

The casket had no lid, and Snowy was lying on it while staring at its contents.

Yang Ye walked over, and he saw a single thing in there.

A crystalline and translucent jade bottle!

Snowy didnt hesitate to take the jade bottle and size it up incessantly.

Moreover, she frequently sniffed it.

A short while later, she suddenly opened it.

In an instant, the spirit energy in the surroundings rippled towards the side, and even the Primordial Violet Energy within Yang Ye fell silent.

Even the Profound Primal Energy within him reacted in the same way!

They were avoiding it!

Yang Ye could sense that his profound energies were actually avoiding it!

A strand of seven-colored profound energy floated within the jade bottle.

Once it appeared here, the spirit energy in the surroundings vanished without a trace.

It was like an emperor had arrived so the commoners had moved aside!

Snowys eyes immediately lit up from the sight of it, and then she instinctively licked her lips.

Eternal Energy! Suddenly, Sword Scroll spoke abruptly.

Yang Ye gazed at her, and she stared at the jade bottle in Snowys paws, Its the Eternal Energy that drives countless experts crazy with desire to obtain it.

I finally know why the Northern Sword Sect was annihilated.

Yang Ye asked, Because of it

She nodded, It should be! The Eternal Dimension has Eternal Energy, but the people over here are unaware that even in the Eternal Dimension, Eternal Energy is an extremely, extremely rare thing.

As for a Seed of Eternal Energy like this one, its even rarer.

Seed Yang Ye was puzzled, What do you mean

Sword Scroll explained, Its like a tinder.

You can only make an endless supply of fire if you have a tinder.

But without it, the fire you make will only last until its put out.

Its the same for spirit energy.

Just like your Primordial Violet Energy.

If you give someone a strand of it and that person absorbs it, it would be gone.

However, if you give the person the Primordial Pagoda, then that person would be able to possess an endless supply of Primordial Violet Energy.

The Primordial Pagoda is like a Seed of spirit energy for you.

Of course, you dont need it to create Primordial Violet Energy anymore.

She continued solemnly, In theory, that is possible here too.

But its very, very difficult because this Eternal Energy is a strand of a Seed.

Its like a sprout, and you must grow it into a forest.

But thats easier said than done.

Of course, if you succeed, then congratulations.

You can rely on this Eternal Energy to achieve greatness.

Yang Ye asked, What can Eternal Energy do

Sword Scroll said, It has many uses, like speeding up your cultivation, altering your physique, nurturing your soul Of course, the main benefit is that it can increase lifespan.

As you continue cultivating, youll realize that no treasure is more important than lifespan.

Especially when you arrive at a certain level.

Every advancement requires experiencing a tribulation of destiny, a Destiny Tribulation.

Even if you successfully overcome them, you will lose some lifespan every time.

So, lifespan will become even more precious to you.

Youll lose lifespan even if you overcome it Yang Ye was puzzled, Shouldnt it increase your lifespan instead

Sword Scroll shook her head, Thats when you pose no threat to destiny.

But once you arrive at a certain level, a level where you can pose a threat to destiny, it will pay attention to you.

At that time, it will try to stop you.

Of course, even the legendary destiny doesnt dare to go too far, and it always gives you a chance.

However, its absolutely difficult to grasp that tiny chance! How many emperors, desolate gods, and overlords have failed to do so

Yang Ye asked, Destiny really exists

Sword Scroll spoke softly, I cant answer that question.

However, just think about it.

Why do people and all things have an end to their lifespan Why do people live, die, grow old, and get sick Or an even simpler question, why do we die Can you figure all that out

Why do we die

Yang Ye was stunned.

Why do people die

A law of nature

However, who set the laws of nature


No one in the world has seen destiny, but more and more experts could sense a mysterious existence.

The stronger they got, the clearer they could sense the existence of destiny.

Meanwhile, Sword Scroll suddenly said, People live, die, grow old, and get sick.

But as people cultivate, many stop getting sick, and they hardly die either.

Actually, from the moment you step foot into the path of cultivation, its a path of defying the heavens to change your destiny.

Or I should say that youre defying the heavens and fighting to stay alive! You should be dead, but you do not want to die, so you cultivate and obtain more lifespan.

Just like that, youve indirectly come into conflict with destiny.

She gazed at the white jade bottle in front of Snowy and continued, Lets get back on topic.

The Eternal Energy is precious mainly because cultivating with it doesnt just improve the quintessence of the body, it strengthens the body too.

Moreover, it improves lifespan.

Only with a longer lifespan can you go further in the path of cultivation, and the further you go, the closer you will get to what is called destiny.

If you can defeat destiny, then perhaps you can live forever!

I understand now! Yang Ye nodded, Actually, as you cultivate and cultivate, youre actually cultivating destiny.

Or I should say, cultivating to gain more life.

Eternal Energy is amazing because it provides life, and you have everything only when you have life.

She smiled, Exactly!

She gazed at Snowy and continued, You want to absorb it, right

Snowy blinked, glanced at the Eternal Energy, thought for a moment, and then nodded.

Sword Scroll said, While its very useful to you, and it may even help you swiftly become a Sprite Progenitor, but if you do awaken immediately, itll be a huge calamity for him.

Moreover, this strand of Eternal Energy isnt essential to you.

If you want this in the future, all you have to do is say the word.

She gazed at Yang Ye and continued, But its different for you.

This strand of Eternal Energy is absolutely helpful to you.

You dont have to let the little fellow have it because she has great fortune.

While this Eternal Energy is precious, she may not even think much of it in the future.

Snowy immediately passed it to Yang Ye when she heard Sword Scroll, and there was a brilliant smile on Snowys chubby little face.

Yang Ye felt warm.

He rubbed her head and said, Once I cultivate Eternal Energy, my Snowy can have as much as she wants.

Snowys smile grew brighter.

Yang Ye smiled and was about to swallow it, but Sword Scroll suddenly said, If you swallow it, it represents endless trouble.


Meanwhile, Yang Ye had swallowed the Eternal Energy.

Sword Scroll was at a loss for words.

Once it entered his body, it immediately went to his stomach.

The Eternal Energy didnt wander around his body and just laid there silently while the Primordial Violet Energy and Profound Primal Energy in the surroundings didnt dare get close to it at all.

Sword Scroll glanced at Yang Ye and said, When youre free, try your best to make it circulate through your body.

As for how to rely on it to cultivate true Eternal Energy, figure that out yourself.

Yang Ye gazed at her with astonishment, Huh

Sword Scroll spoke indifferently, Ive never seen real Eternal Energy, so you can only explore slowly on your own!

Yang Ye was stunned speechless.

Suddenly, Sword Scroll said, Swallow that Dragon Ball as well.

Yang Ye was stunned, and then he withdrew the Dragon Ball.

Meanwhile, Sword Scroll spoke softly, Swallow it, and your cultivation should arrive at the True Void Realm, and you may even gain the power of the Primal True Dragon.

Your strength will rise by a level.

There was a wisp of complicated emotions in her eyes at this point, This thing is an absolute treasure.

Even Limitbreaker Realm experts would be filled with desire if they saw one.

The Dragon Ball is the condensation of a Primal True Dragons energy and essence, and the energy within it is immeasurable!

Suddenly, the Primal True Dragon glared angrily at Yang Ye from the side, and it was about to take the Dragon Ball from him.

However, Snowy suddenly grabbed it by the throat, and then placed the Primordial Axe of Creation against its stomach.

Obviously, she was threatening to cut it open and take its Dragon Ball!

The Primal True Dragons eyes rolled, and it fell unconscious from fear!

Meanwhile, Sword Scroll glanced at the unconscious Primal True Dragon and sighed, You have such terrible luck.

Only a few beings in this world dont fear you.

Unfortunately, you just had to encounter one of them.


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