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Chapter 2362 The True Void Realm!

In the palace, Yang Yes aura was growing increasingly stronger, and his body was starting to change color.


His skin had turned golden.

Snowy was stunned by this.

In the end, she gazed at Sword Scroll.

The latter gazed at Yang Ye for a long time before she said, Its fine.

Hell be alright soon.

Actually, she wasnt very confident.

Because shed never seen anyone eat the Dragon Ball of a Primal True Dragon.

She only knew it was a very good source of energy, but even she didnt know what would happen after it was consumed.

Snowy relaxed a little upon receiving an answer from Sword Scroll.

Meanwhile, she seemed to have thought of something and gazed at the dragon on Oxxys shoulder.

The dragons figure immediately stiffened, and it instinctively moved backward.

Snowy glanced at its stomach, and no one knew what she was thinking.

However, the Primal True Dragon was almost terrified to the point of fainting!

Sword Scroll smiled and entered the Primordial Pagoda.

She went to the mountain where Su Qingshi and the others were gathered, and they gazed at her.

All of them had great respect for her.

Sword Scroll glanced at Xiao Yuxi, Zhuang Weiran, and Bai Zhixian, The three of you have the best talent.

Qingshi barely passes as well.

As for the rest, if Im to be honest, if it wasnt for the Primordial Pagoda, all of you would have never been able to get this far.

They remained silent.

Sword Scroll continued, However, Primordial Violet Energys effects have their limit.

If you cant advance further, then if Im being honest, Yang Ye will have no choice but to watch you die many years from now.

Ive looked through Bai Zhixians technique, and I think its very useful to all of you.

Its useful to him too.

The Yin Yang Sect was a great sect during the Primal Era, so if you cultivate their technique, then coupled with how special Yang Ye is, youll be able to go much further.

She gazed at Xiao Yuxi and Zhuang Weiran at this point, Your talents were wasted a little.

Staying in the Primordial Pagoda is beneficial to you, but its disadvantageous too.

Because youve lost any chance of obtaining any fortuitous encounters.

A tiger raised at home may not have to worry about food and water, but it would never become a king of the forest.

Zhuang Weiran glanced at her, What should we do

Sword Scroll smiled, You cant leave because he wont be able to rest at ease, and based on your strength, you wont survive for long without his protection.

She glanced at the surroundings and said, This world is a new world, and there are endless possibilities here.

You can build it up, and make this world a paradise.

Su Qingshi asked, A paradise

Sword Scroll nodded, A paradise.

This place has that mysterious cultivation room and Primordial Violet Energy.

If this isnt a paradise, then what is In the Eternal Dimension, a paradise is something only the extraordinary organizations of that dimension possess.

Moreover, this small world isnt just an ordinary paradise.

A Sprite Progenitor resides here.

While she hasnt truly evolved into a Sprite Progenitor, its only a matter of time.

Once that happens, even those paradises wouldnt be able to compare to this place.

Meanwhile, Su Qingshi asked, Senior Sword Scroll, how do you think we should modify this place

Sword Scroll glanced at the surroundings and said, This place is truly blessed by the heavens.

You came from the large universe, and all the Sprites from there are here.

Moreover, you have numerous small spirit veins.

So, making this place a paradise is absolutely easy.

I suggest that you establish a sect here, and when the time is right, you can start recruiting experts and demon beasts.

Most people and demon beasts would be willing to join a place like this.

Su Qingshi and the others exchanged glances, and all of them felt that it could work.

Sword Scroll continued, Moreover, you dont have to spend too much time on this sect.

While the Northern Sword Sect is gone, its buildings are still here.

Just move them in here and with the sword formations from before, theyll be perfect.

She gazed into the distance and continued, It wont be long before this place will become a paradise on par with some of the paradises in the Eternal Dimension, and with this paradise, youll be able to recruit numerous experts.

Especially demons.

In any case, all of them will come in obediently with Snowy here.


Sword Scroll grunted coldly at this point, Not just anyone or any demon will be allowed in here.

We only accept the most monstrous geniuses, and the most stronger and rarest beasts!

The others exchanged glances.

Suddenly, Sword Scroll looked up and left the pagoda.

In the palace.

Yang Yes aura was growing stronger, and it was at a critical point.


Finally, a terrifying aura swept out from within him, but it only took a moment for the aura to surge back into him like a receding tide.

Yang Ye opened his eyes.

The ocean of blood in his eyes had vanished, and they were replaced by golden light.

Yang Ye stood up, stretched his body, and then the space around him instantly rippled!

The True Void Realm!

At this moment, he wasnt just at the True Void Realm in his cultivation, even his body was at the True Void Realm! Especially his body, it was absolutely not at the level of an ordinary True Void Realm expert.

The Dragon Balls energy had merged with his body, causing it to receive some characteristics of dragons.

It could be said that his current body may be at the True Void Realm, but even demons at the World Lord Realm may not have bodies stronger than his.

For example, Oxxy was definitely incapable of comparing with his body right now.

Besides that, there was a form of pressure coming from him.

Dragon Pressure!

Presently, he had an invisible strand of Dragon Pressure, and it was deterring to a certain extent against both people and demons.

Especially demons.

Of course, it definitely didnt work on Snowy.

Not to mention the Dragon Pressure he possessed, even a real Primal True Dragons pressure wouldnt affect Snowy at all.

Snowy immediately pounced on Yang Ye and rubbed her head against his chin.

The Primal True Dragon blinked.

At this moment, it felt that Snowy wasnt that terrifying.

Oxxy hesitated for a moment and pointed at Yang Ye, Respect!


After being in Snowys group for so long, Oxxy was very well aware of something, and it was that it could make anyone unhappy, even Snowy.

However, never make Yang Ye unhappy.

Because if you made Snowy unhappy, she would forget it after giving you a beating, but if you made Yang Ye unhappy, then Snowy would never forget it.

She would give you a beating forever.

The Sword Gourd was the best example.

Even now, it was frequently beaten up by Snowy.

Moreover, Yang Ye wasnt that easy to offend.

That fellow was more terrifying than Snowy when he was angry! Or it should be said that when Yang Ye was angry, even Snowy would be obedient like a cat.

The Primal True Dragon seemed to understand Oxxy, and it glanced at Yang Ye while in deep thought.

Yang Ye rubbed Snowys head and closed his eyes slowly.

This transformation wasnt just a transformation of his cultivation and body, his internal organs had undergone a transformation too.

It could be said that it was a transformation from inside out.

Something worth mentioning was that the Eternal Energy within him seemed to have grown a little larger, and it had started to come into contact with his Primordial Violet Energy and Profound Primal Energy.

Or to be more precise, it was getting close to the Primordial Violet Energy.

His intuition told him that it didnt think much of his Profound Primal Energy!

In short, hed obtained a comprehensive improvement.

Now, he could easily swing his sword three times with the Sword Domain!

Moreover, its might has improved by a level too!

If he gave it his all, he could even swing his sword four times.

But it would be strenuous and harm him!

Simply speaking, he was unmatched beneath the Limitbreaker Realm.

Meanwhile, Sword Scroll suddenly said, Youve taken so much, so its time to meet the owner.

Yang Ye looked into the distance, and there was a chair there.

He fell silent for a short while, and then he took Snowy in his arms and walked over there.

He bowed slightly, Please feel free to tell me if you need anything.

As soon as he finished speaking, a middle aged man appeared on the chair.

He only had a body, but his arms and legs were missing.

Moreover, even his eyes were missing.

Yang Ye frowned slightly and grew vigilant.

Meanwhile, the man spoke abruptly, In all these years, so many have come here, but youre the second to get here.

The first was Right, let me think.

Oh, right, its that fellow who created the Northern Sword Sect up there! Unfortunately, that fellow is dead now.

Yang Yes frown deepened when he heard this.

Sword Scroll and him exchanged glances.

Theyd thought the sect master of the Northern Sword Sect had come from the Eternal Dimension, but now it seemed like they were wrong.

The man continued, That fellows natural talent in the Sword Dao was really good.

I asked him to keep a low profile and leave once he finished learning from me.

Unfortunately, he wanted to start a sect once he finished learning.

Now, all of them are dead, and they dont even have another life to experience!

Yang Ye glanced at the man and remained silent.

Meanwhile, the man continued, As for you, your natural talent is ordinary, but your heart toward the Sword Dao is much, much better than that fellow.

You have potential.

Moreover, your Sword Dao has emotions in it.

While it has just taken form, its really not bad.

These fellows by your side are really interesting too.

The Primordial Axe of Creation and Primordial Pagoda may not be much, but they arent bad for you.

So just use them for now.

As for this Sword Scroll, if you can find her main body, then shes barely passable.

As for this ox, its Primal Bloodline is very scarce.

Of course, even its ancestor, a true Primal Heavenshaker Ox isnt much either.

However, its fortune isnt bad, and if it can overcome its bloodline in the future, then itll be barely passable.

Hmm, this little girl

The man suddenly stopped at this point.

Erya blinked and was filled with curiosity.

Meanwhile, the man continued, You shouldnt be here.

Of course, even Im here, so it isnt surprising that youre here.

We can be considered to be peers.

As for the outcome, only the heavens knows!

Snowy suddenly flew over to the middle aged man and pointed at herself.

The man fell silent for a short while and said, A Sprite Progenitor.

I recognize you, the progenitor of all Sprites.

Snowy blinked.

She was asking him to continue!

Sigh! The man suddenly sighed softly, If the Sprite Progenitors of the past find out that the current Sprite Progenitor is a little fellow who only knows how to be cute, I wonder if theyll get so angry that they detonate themselves.

Snowy was stunned speechless.

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