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Chapter 2363 A True Heart Leads to an Invincible Sword!

Snowy was visibly stunned.

As for Yang Ye and Sword Scroll, they were beyond shocked!

Who was this man

The Primordial Axe of Creation and the Primordial Pagoda werent much to him

They were treasures that countless went mad to obtain!

But they werent much to him!

Both Yang Ye and Sword Scroll didnt think that he was exaggerating.

It wasnt necessary.

Moreover, the man didnt just possess Eternal Energy, he had a Primal True Dragon!

A person like him would disdain to lie!

Meanwhile, the middle aged man continued, Actually, Im not very interested in all of you.

If it wasnt for this little fellow, you wouldnt have gotten here.

However, Im a little interested in all of you now.

Yang Ye said, Please be frank, Senior.

The man replied, Ive lived for very, very long.

So long that even Ive forgotten how long it has been.

I dont think your arrival here is a coincidence.

I dont care who set this all up, but if someone included me in their schemes, I have to do something.

Suddenly, a pitch black sword sheath appeared before Yang Ye.

It was over 1m long, and it was very simple.

It looked like an ordinary sword sheath.

Yang Ye gazed at the man but didnt take the sheath.

He said, According to what youve said, someone is controlling our lives Or perhaps, someone is controlling everything

The man replied with a question, Who isnt

Yang Ye frowned, and the man continued, Shrink your concept of the world and take a look at it.

Who do you think controls the destiny of the fish in a pond Or look at it at a larger scale.

Who controls the destiny of the commoners in a kingdom How are you so sure that youre not one of the fish in the pond

He paused for a moment at this point and continued, The stronger you get, the stronger youll sense some inconceivable existences.

Im sure youve heard of destiny.

Youre probably unable to come into contact with that level right now, but as you grow stronger, youll realize that some things may be impossible to touch or see, but it doesnt mean they do not exist.

Of course, nothing is absolute, and it may just be my mistake.

However, its not important, isnt it

Yang Ye glanced at the man and said, Youre overthinking it.


Yang Ye closed his eyes slowly, Why think so much about the future Whats most important is treading my current path well.

As for destiny, I think I should just do my best and let the heavens decide.

What do you think

Interesting! There was slight amusement in his voice, Those words make you worthy of this sheath.

As for whether youre worthy of its sword, it depends on whether your words were sincere.

Yang Ye glanced at the sheath and asked, Wheres its sword

The man replied, Look for it on your own!

Yang Ye was stunned speechless.

The man continued, Let me ask you something very common.

Why do you cultivate the sword

Yang Ye replied, It can kill and protect.

Haha! The man suddenly roared with laughter.

Sword Scroll pulled on Yang Yes sleeve.

The latter nodded slightly and gazed at the man, Senior, Ill be taking my leave now.

He took Snowy in his arms, and then took Wang Eryas hand and walked toward the exit.

Suddenly, the mans voice resounded from behind him, Let me give you a piece of advice.

A true heart leads to an invincible sword.

A true heart leads to an invincible sword!

Yang Yes figure stopped for a moment, and he said, Thank you!

As soon as he finished speaking, he left the palace with the others.

Only the man remained here.

The man suddenly started laughing, and as he laughed, two streams of tears seeped out from his eyes.

The tears would not stop!

In the past, a child and an old man once had a conversation like this:

Kid, why do you cultivate the sword

I can protect my father and mother! He hesitated for a moment and added, And the girl I like!

Alright, then from now onward, I, Jian Wudi, take you as my disciple.

Countless years later.

The child wasnt a child anymore.

He was one of the strongest people in the world.

He arrived at the ends of the sky, and his eyes were filled with confidence.

He was absolutely confident that he could enter the door which no one had ever succeeded at entering.

Because he was really very strong!

He stopped, and a voice came from there, Is the sword more important, or is your mother, father, and the girl you like who are more important

The mans eyes narrowed slightly, Are you trying to spoil my mental state

The voice fell silent for a long time before it said, Draw their appearance for me and Ill let you through!

The man was stunned.

Their appearance

Their appearance

Mother and fathers appearance The appearance of my beloved Dao Companionfrewnvel.m

The man was stunned on the spot, and then his hands and body started to tremble.

His parents and beloved had died a long, long time ago.

When had they died How had they died It had been too, too long to the point hed forgotten, hed even forgotten their appearances.

The sword was the only thing in his world!

However, he still remembered something, and it was that hed abandoned everything for the sword.

Including everything he wanted to protect!

Because they had become burdens to his Sword Dao.

He severed everything that stood in his path!

Bonds Friendship Love

They were nothing before the path of eternal life!

The middle aged man was still laughing in the palace, but as he laughed, he cried, and as he cried, he laughed.


Yang Ye and Sword Scroll left the underground palace and arrived back above ground.

Yang Ye gazed at Sword Scroll, What is it

It was Sword Scroll whod pulled him out of there just now.

She spoke solemnly, Hes absolutely not ordinary, and he aroused horror within me!

Yang Ye smiled, Dont think too much about it.

If he had ill intent, we wouldnt have been able to fight back at all, right As for what he gave us, even if he has some ulterior motives, who cares In any case, we just have to do what we should do.

She glanced at Yang Ye and said, Nothing troubles you.

Yang Ye shook his head, Not at all.

Its just that I have no other choice.

Sword Scroll fell silent.

Just as Yang Ye had said, no matter what the man wanted, they had no choice.

Because they couldnt just return the Eternal Energy and Dragon Ball, right In any case, it was all something for the future!

A short while later, Sword Scroll glanced at the surroundings and said, I want to move the entire Northern Sword Sect into the Primordial Pagoda.

What do you think

Yang Ye asked, Whats the point of that

She replied, We can create our own organization, a true power.

Trust me, we can build a formidable organization within the Primordial Pagoda, and well prioritize quality over quantity.

An organization!

Yang Ye was immediately interested.

Sky Maiden and the others possessed extremely good natural talent, so he could gather all of these talented people together, and coupled with the Primordial Violet Energy within the Primordial Pagoda, Snowys presence, and that cultivation room, their speed of cultivation would multiply.

Besides that, he could recruit some formidable demon beasts.

After all, they would definitely be willing to join him since he had Snowy by his side.

Sword Scroll immediately summoned Oxxy when she saw that Yang Ye had no objections!

Move the Northern Sword Sect!

No one was managing this place now, and no one wanted it.

After all, practically all the treasures here had been taken.

So, it didnt take long for Oxxy to move the entire Northern Sword Sect into the Primordial Pagoda.

Meanwhile, Su Qingshi and the others started making arrangements within the pagoda, and Sword Scroll joined them.

After all, she had to study those sword formations.

Thus, only Yang Ye, Snowy, and Wang Erya remained outside.

As for Oxxy, it was acting as a laborer and obeying the orders of Su Qingshi and the others.

The Primal True Dragon, on the other hand, was wandering around the pagoda, and it was very satisfied with this place.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye looked toward the right, and there was a middle aged man there.

Besides that, there were two men and a woman there too.

It was the same group of three Yang Ye had met earlier.

Yang Yes gaze stopped on the middle aged man because he was actually a Limitbreaker Realm expert!

The Limitbreaker Realm!

While he didnt fear such experts now, he couldnt underestimate them or act carelessly against them.

When he saw Yang Ye look in his direction, the middle aged man nodded at Yang Ye, and then he walked over, Im the patriarch of the Southern Citys Li Clan, Li Xianyan.

I was once an elder of the Northern Sword Sect.

Yang Ye nodded and waited for him to continue.

Li Xianyan hesitated for a moment and gazed at Snowy, Young Brother, is she a Sprite Progenitor

A Sprite Progenitor!

Yang Yes eyes narrowed slightly, Why

Li Xianyan couldnt help but clench his fists when he heard Yang Ye, and then he said, Can you give her to me

Give her to him!

Yang Ye chuckled, That sword told you about her, right

Li Xianyan replied, You dont have the strength to protect her.

If youre willing to give her to my Li Clan, you can ask for anything from us.

Yang Ye closed his eyes slowly, I refuse!

Li Xianyans eyes narrowed slightly, and then a powerful wave of pressure pressed down upon Yang Ye.

The pressure of the Limitbreaker Realm!

Once the powerful pressure appeared, the space here warped.

Because it couldnt endure the pressure at all.

However, Yang Ye was completely unaffected by it.

Li Xianyan frowned from the sight of this.

He realized that the young man was much stronger than hed expected!

Li Xianyan was about to attack when a sword suddenly appeared before him, and it trembled violently before transforming into a man.

It was the sword from the jade pendant!

The man glanced at Li Xianyan, I made you come because I fought with your ancestor through life and death, and I thought that I should take care of the Li Clan a little, so I asked you to side with him.

But I never expected you to try killing him and stealing from him.

Are you an idiot

Li Xianyan glanced at the man and said, Side with a True Void Realm cultivator Are you sure youre alright

The man gazed at Li Xianyan, This is your last chance!

He doesnt have one! Suddenly, Yang Ye said, I just happened to want to see if I can kill a Limitbreaker Realm expert.

A sword howl resounded!

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