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When they heard Yuan Tian, the expressions of Cai Feng, Su Qingshi, Yu Heng, Li Si, and Bai Qi had instantly changed.

All of them had never imagined that Yuan Tian would actually try to rope Yang Ye in! After all, the Origin Schools Qing Yunzi intended to kill Yang Ye just a moment ago!

Qing Yunzi had never imagined that Yuan Tian would actually try to recruit Yang Ye, and his expression immediately turned slightly unsightly.

Because Yuan Tians actions were slightly insulting to him! Even though he was displeased in his heart, he wasnt stupid enough to reveal it!

Yang Ye was stunned as well.

Hed never expected that this expert who was on the same level as Daoist Zui would actually ask him if he was willing to join the Origin School! After a moment of deep contemplation, Yang Ye raised his head to look at Yuan Tian as he said, “If I join the Origin School, then can the Origin School save my mother”

So long as his mother could be saved, then not to mention joining the Origin School, Yang Ye would even have any objections if he was asked to join the Ghost Sect!

Yuan Tian frowned slightly.

Right at this moment, roaring laughter suddenly resounded, and then Daoist Zui appeared mysteriously in front of Yuan Tian.

He glanced at Yang Ye before he looked at Yuan Tian and said, “Yuan Tian, Yang Ye is a disciple of my Sword Sect.

As the Sect Master of the Origin School, isnt it a little low for you to try and recruit a disciple of the Sword Sect in public”

“Haha! According to my knowledge, Yang Ye seems to have been expelled from your sect, right” Right at this moment, Bai Shan from the Talisman Masters Association suddenly appeared in the sky.

Bai Shan nodded lightly to Yang Ye who resided on the ground below, and then he said, “What Old Geezer Zui, you intend to recruit Yang Ye back into the Sword Sect now that youve seen that he possesses potential”

Right at this moment, a beautiful woman that wore a dress embroidered with flower patterns had suddenly appeared in the sky.

When she appeared in the sky above, Daoist Zui and Yuan Tians gazes instantly descended onto her.

As they gazed at her, a wisp of a complicated expression flashed in both of their eyes.

The beautiful woman paid no attention to Yuan Tian and Daoist Zui.

She gazed at Yang Ye and a wisp of a complicated expression flashed in her eyes.

She said, “Youre really not bad.

Feng Yu gave birth to a good son!”

When he heard this, Yang Ye knew that it was very likely that this beautiful woman was the Master of the Flower Palace.

He immediately said, “Senior, according to the rules of the Ascension Rankings, the person that obtains the 1st position will obtain the Ascension Token, and the Ascension Token allows its bearer to make a request from all the six great powers and the Grand Qin Empire, right”

The beautiful woman spoke indifferently.

“You want my Flower Palace to let your mother go”

Yang Ye hurriedly nodded!

“No! The beautiful womans voice carried a firm and indisputable tone.

Yang Yes expression sank when he heard this, and then he asked.

“Even if I hand over the Ascension Token in exchange”

The beautiful woman said, “Violation of the palaces rules is intolerable.

Your mother violated the rules of the palace and betrayed it.

If I forgive such a serious crime, then the disciples of my Flower Palace will think that they can get lucky too.

If everyone learns from your mothers example, then how would my Flower Palace maintain its foothold in the southern territory”

Yang Ye remained silent for a short moment before he said, “Then Ill utilize the Ascension Token to request that the Flower Palace reduces my mothers punishment.

Is that alright” Even though hed expected that the Flower Palace would refuse, a strand of vicious emotions had swiftly swept through his heart when he heard the woman refuse.

However, hed suppressed it because he couldnt shed all pretenses and go against the Flower Palace right now!

The beautiful woman stared at Yang Ye before she said, “I know what your objective is.

But I should tell you that your intentions to shake my Flower Palace is undoubtedly wishful thinking! Even though your natural talent is extremely monstrous, the resources and reserves of my Flower Palace isnt something that you can imagine.

Of course, youll definitely be a threat to my Flower Palace once youve grown.

For the sake of preventing my Flower Palace from facing another problem, Ive decided to eliminate you right now!”

As soon as she finished speaking, she looked at Daoist Zui and Yuan Tian before she said, “Both of you should be aware of my Flower Palaces rules.

Since the Founding Ancestor set such rules, then everyone within the Flower Palace, I included, are unable to violate it.

The palace rules are the foundation that my Flower Palace stands on.

So, no matter which one of you takes him in, my Flower Palace will take your sect to be a mortal enemy.

Moreover, Ill personally make a move to kill this kid.”

Even she couldnt avoid fearing Yang Yes natural talent.

If Yang Ye was allowed to grow, then the Flower Palace would definitely face great danger.

So, her attitude towards Yuan Tian and Daoist Zui seemed extremely firm.

Because she had to eliminate Yang Ye before he could grow!

Both of them fell silent when they heard the beautiful woman.

Yang Yes natural talent really was very terrifying, and if Yang Ye was given the time, then he would absolutely become an extraordinary expert.

However, that was only a matter of the future! Yet now, if they took Yang Ye in, then it represented their sects becoming mortal enemies with the Flower Palace.

It was akin to going against an extraordinary power right now for the sake of possessing an extraordinary expert in the future….

Yuan Tian glanced at Yang Ye while a wisp of pity flashed in his eyes.

After that, he waved his right hand, and he vanished on the spot with Qing Yunzi and Yuan Tong.

At the same time, a shrill cry suddenly resounded.

Everyone in the surroundings was astounded.

When they looked over, they saw a bloody arm had suddenly appeared where Yuan Tian stood just now….

“Violating the rules of the Ascension Rankings is intolerable.

My Origin Schools Qin Yunzi broke the rules, so I severe an arm of his.

Moreover, he wont make another appearance in the southern territory for the next 50 years!”

Right when everyone felt puzzled, Yuan Tians voice suddenly resounded, and they immediately came to an understanding.

They said to themselves.

The rules of the Ascension Rankings really are strict and terrifying.

Even an Exalt Realm elder of the Origin School who broke the rules suffered such severe punishment.

In the future, those that didnt possess a certain level of backing would definitely not dare to violate the rules of the Ascension Rankings!

Yuan Tian had given up on Yang Ye, and only Daoist Zui and Bai Shan remained here.

The beautiful woman looked at Daoist Zui and said indifferently, “You ought to be clearly aware of the Sword Sects current situation.

If my Flower Palace becomes a mortal enemy of your Sword Sect, then I think the Sword Sect will fall from the ranks of the six great powers even with your presence in the Sword Sect.

Moreover, if Im not wrong, you probably have to try and overcome the Heavenpath soon!”

Daoist Zuis expression changed slightly when he heard this.

He fell silent for a moment before he sighed in the end.

Yang Yes natural talent really shocked him, and if the Sword Sect had Yang Ye, then it would definitely be able to regain its former glory in the future.

However, if he really took Yang Ye in and had to try to overcome the Heavenpath, then not to mention regaining its former glory, just surviving would be a problem for the Sword Sect!

After he glanced at Yang Ye with slight regret, his figure flashed and vanished mysteriously on the spot.

Once Daoist Zui left, only Bai Shan from the Talisman Masters Association remained here.

The beautiful womans gaze descended onto Bai Shan before she said, “President Bai, my Flower Palace has never had the intention to become enemies with the Talisman Masters Association.

If Yang Ye was still a member of the Talisman Masters Association, then I would give President Bai some face and allow him to leave.

However, if Im not wrong, then Yang Ye isnt a member of the Talisman Masters Association anymore, right”

Bai Shan was speechless.

He hadnt expected that this woman before him would actually know this piece of information as well.

At the same time, he felt slightly regretful in his heart.

He regretted abandoning Yang Ye on that day and allowing this woman to have an excuse now.

The Talisman Masters Association wasnt afraid of the Flower Palace, but if he were to insist on protecting Yang Ye now, then it would undoubtedly be a slap to the Flower Palaces face.

He had no doubt that the Talisman Masters Association would definitely suffer the frenzied revenge of the Flower Palace!

The consequences of forming irreconcilable enmity with a colossus like the Flower Palace and fighting it to the death wasnt something that he could endure.

Bai Shan sighed lightly, and then he didnt say another word.

His figure flashed and vanished on the spot.

A geniuss true value only displayed itself in the future.

In the end, Yang Ye was only a First Heaven Realm profounder right now! Even if he was an extraordinarily monstrous genius, the future was full of possibilities.

Yang Ye might become an extraordinary figure like the founding ancestor of the or he could die prematurely….

In short, if he invested in Yang Ye, then he would only gain returns in the future.

If the Flower Palace didnt exist in this equation, then the Origin School, Sword Sect, and the Talisman Masters Association would be extremely willing to place such an investment.

However, since the Flower Palace existed in this equation, the price they had to pay for this investment was something that they couldnt bear at all, nor did they want to bear it….

Yang Ye watched coldly as all of this happened, and he didnt say anything.

Because it was pointless for him to say anything before these extraordinary experts!

In the past, he felt that so long as he revealed his potential, then someone wouldnt hesitate to offend the Flower Palace and invest in him.

At this moment, he finally realized that the way he thought was mistaken.

Now, he understood that potential really wasnt that important to these extraordinary experts.

Because they who had experienced countless years of time had witnessed the growth and premature deaths of too many extraordinary geniuses….

Yang Ye had potential, and his potential was extremely huge.

However, all of that was a matter of the future….

Even Daoist Zui and Yuan Tian didnt dare guarantee how long Yang Ye could live for if the Flower Sects Master pursued Yang Ye….

After Bai Shan left, the beautiful womans gaze descended onto Yang Ye, and she said, “Will you take your own life, or should I”

Helplessness, extraordinary helplessness.

This was what Yang Ye felt at this moment.

When he faced this beautiful woman, he knew that he didnt have any chance.

Not even the chance to flee.

Because the gap between him and the beautiful woman was truly too huge!

Yang Ye took a deep breath, looked directly at her and said, “I know I have no chance to survive, but I still want to say that if I, Yang Ye, survive, then Ill definitely annihilate your Flower Palace in my lifetime.

Ill end the lives of all the disciples of your Flower Palace, and Ill make the Flower Palace cease to exist in the southern territory!”

The beautiful woman laughed coldly and said, “You won\'t have the chance!”

As soon as she finished speaking, she waved her hand casually, and a fine flower petal shot violently towards Yang Ye at a speed he was unable to evade.

The petal was very small, but the force contained within it was extremely terrifying! Everywhere it passed, a fine and pitch black rift was instantly torn open in space….


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