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If it was said that they intended to kill Yang Ye in the beginning because they were afraid that he would expose what had occurred here today, then now, they wanted to kill Yang Ye because of his natural talent and potential! When it came to a genius that had comprehended the Enlightened Sword Heart, since he wasnt a member of the northern territory, they felt that it was best if he died prematurely.

Moreover, they just happened to possess the ability to make him die prematurely!

Right when Huang Yan intended to attack, Yang Ye suddenly looked at them and said, “Out of consideration for your Senior Sister, Ill give you one last piece of advice.

Ill allow all of you to leave safely if all of you apologize.

What do you think”

Huang Yan was stunned, and then he roared loudly with laughter.

He laughed for a short moment before he pointed his finger at Yang Ye and said, “Apologize to you Then youll let us leave safely Little Bastard, on what basis do you speak such words Because youre an expert at the First Heaven Realm Or perhaps because youve comprehended the Enlightened Sword Heart Not to mention that youre only at the First Heaven Realm, we wouldnt fear your even if youve attained the King Realm!”

When he spoke up to here, Huang Yan slowly pointed his sword at Yang Ye and said, “Why dont you take your own life, and out of consideration for our Senior Sister, Ill leave your corpse intact, alright”

“Haha!!” When they heard him, the other disciples behind Huang Yan instantly roared with laughter, and their gazes towards Yang Ye were filled with ridicule and disdain!

Yang Ye shook his head, and then he turned to look at Liu Weiwei.

He shrugged while his face was covered in a helpless expression.

“See, they are determined to kill me.

Since its like that, then I can only kill them!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye suddenly shouted loudly.

“After watching the show for so long, its about time that you show yourself, right!”

All of them were stunned.

Theres someone else here

Right at this moment, Luo Xue whod originally left just now had suddenly and mysteriously appeared before them.

Luo Xue glanced at the disciples from the Heavenly Sword Sect before his gaze descended onto Yang Ye, and he said, “Sometimes, humans are even worse than us Darkbeasts!”

The expressions of those disciples from the Heavenly Sword Sect had instantly changed violently when they saw Luo Xue suddenly appear here.

Huang Yan and the others didnt even hesitate in the slightest before they prepared to leave.

However, they noticed to their astonishment that the dense horde of Darkbeasts had suddenly appeared at the ends of their fields of visions! Right at this moment, the sky suddenly dimmed down.

When they raised their heads to look over, they saw that a dense expanse of flying Darkbeasts had covered the sky!

They were surrounded once more! The faces of Huang Yan and the others turned even paler!

Yang Ye glanced at Huang Yan and the others who had ghastly pale countenances before he said, “Youre right.

Humans really are worse than Darkbeasts on many occasions!”

“He… he didnt intend to let us go at all” Meanwhile, Liu Weiwei gazed at Yang Ye as she asked this question.

“Correct!” Luo Xue said, “All of you killed so many Darkbeasts from my Darkbeast Empire and took their Inner Cores, so how could I possibly allow all of you to leave safely”

“Then why did you withdraw earlier” asked Liu Weiwei in a low voice.

Luo Xue grinned, and then he pointed a finger at Yang Ye and said, “I withdrew because he wanted to protect all of you.

Im utterly unable to kill all of you while hes here.

So, I could only withdraw.

Unfortunately, these disciples of your sect were unaware of this reason! Now, I presume that he wouldnt protect them anymore.

Right, Yang Ye” When he spoke these words, Luo Xue had looked towards Yang Ye!

Yes, if he wasnt afraid of that mysterious Darkbeast that was by Yang Yes side, how could he have possibly wasted his breath like this

All of them gazed at Yang Ye when they heard Luo Xue! If there was a pill for regret in this world, then they would definitely spare no cost to buy one.

What was courting death like What was being an idiot like They were exactly that right now! They seemed to be aware that begging for mercy from Yang Ye was useless.

So, in next to no time, theyd gazed at Liu Weiwei with gazes that were filled with a pleading expression!

Liu Weiwei sighed lightly when she saw them gaze at her, and then she gazed at Yang Ye while her lips parted slightly.

She wanted to say something but didnt say anything in the end.

Yang Ye sighed lightly when he saw Liu Weiweis troubled expression, and then he said, “I understand that youre taking into consideration that theyre from the same sect as you.

However, are they really worthy of you pleading on their behalf People that are ungrateful and narrow-minded like them are truly a waste of energy if they continue living in the world.

So, Im sorry!”

“Yang Ye, we dont need a piece of trash from the southern territory like you to plead on our behalf!” Right at this moment, Huang Yan gazed at Yang Ye with a savage expression and spoke in a slightly frenzied tone.

“Us disciples of the Heavenly Sword Sect would rather die standing than kneel to preserve our lives! Even if we, members of the northern territory, are about to die, well die with backbone and die a grand death! Disciples of the Heavenly Sword Sect heed my command! Kill Yang Ye with all your might!”

When they heard Huang Yan, the dispirited eyes of those other disciples had instantly lit up while hot blood surged within them.

After that, they didnt hesitate to withdraw their swords and shoot swiftly towards Yang Ye as if theyd gone berserk.

Right at this moment, Huang Yan who was originally the first to charge towards Yang Ye had shot backward explosively at a speed that was a few times swifter than before.

As he shot backward explosively, a pair of wings that were formed from profound energy had suddenly appeared on his shoulders, and they flapped swiftly.

In less than the time of a single breath, hed already appeared over 30m away!

Such a scene had caused all the humans and Darkbeasts in the surroundings to be stunned! Even the other disciples who were charging towards Yang Ye had stopped on the spot, and then their minds went blank….

Wheres the backbone and hot blood that Huang Yan revealed just now Didnt he say he would rather die standing than kneel to preserve his life Didnt he say that even if he was to die, he would die with backbone and die a grand death Why has he suddenly changed his tuneLuo Xue shook his head, and then his figure flashed and vanished on the spot.

After that, the sound of battle resounded from afar, and it continued for a very short period of time.

In next to no time, Luo Xue had returned after the time for only a little over 10 breaths.

Moreover, he was carrying a person in his hand, and that person was none other than Huang Yan whod fled just now!

At this moment, Huang Yan wasnt dead yet, but he wasnt really for away from it.

Because all four of his limbs had been severed by Luo Xue.

Liu Weiweis pupils constricted when she saw the horrifying state Huang Yan was in, and then she glanced at Luo Xue with slight astonishment.

She was extremely clearly aware of the strength that Huang Yan possessed.

Amongst the outer court disciples of the Heavenly Sword Sect, Huang Yan was ranked at the fifth.

However, he was actually easily defeated by this mysterious Darkbeast! Moreover, he didnt even have the chance to flee….

Didnt they say that the profounders and Darkbeasts of the southern territory are extremely weak If even this is considered as weak, then Im afraid that besides the central territory, all the other territories dont have anyone thats strong!

At this moment, Yang Ye was slightly shocked as well.

Since the beginning, even though he knew that Luo Xues strength was very formidable, hed never seen Luo Xue fight.

So, he didnt know exactly how strong Luo Xue was.

Yet now, he was sure that if he hadnt comprehended 5th level Sword Intent, then he would absolutely be unable to defeat Luo Xue!

Because if he used his full strength, then he was confident in his ability to defeat this profounder from the northern territory called Huang Yan.

But he knew that he was utterly unable to accomplish it was such ease as Luo Xue had!

At this moment, Huang Yan had a ghastly pale countenance, and his eyes were filled with fear and horror as he gazed at Luo Xue.

The short period of time that theyd fought earlier had allowed him to realize exactly how terrifying Luo Xue was!

Why has such a terrifying Darkbeast appeared in a lousy place like the southern territory Right at this moment, Huang Yan seemed to have thought of something, and then astonishment in his eyes grew deeper as he spoke in a hoarse voice.

“Youre a demon….”


Huang Yan hadnt finished speaking when the clear and melodious sound of bones breaking resounded!

Luo Xue threw Huang Yans head that still had its eyes opened wide into the horde of Darkbeasts, and then he gazed at the five remaining disciples from the Heavenly Sword Sect and said indifferently, “Kill them all!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the countless Darkbeasts surged like tidewater towards those five disciples!

“Senior Sister, save us! Senior Sister, please take the fact that were from the same sect into consideration and rescue us junior brothers….”

“Ah!! Senior Sister!! Help me!!”

“Yang Ye, I wont let you off even if I become a ghost.

Just you wait! I wont let you off! AHHHH!”

“Brother Yang! Brother Yang! I was wrong! I was….”

“Yang Ye, my Heavenly Sword Sect wont let you off.

My Heavenly Sword Sect will definitely avenge us! AHHH!”

For a time, all sorts of sorrowful howls and insults from those five disciples resounded!

At this moment, Yang Ye was extremely furious in his heart.

What the **! Im not the one killing all of you! Its the Darkbeasts of the Darkbeast Empire! But all of you arent insulting them or looking for revenge from them, yet you seek it from me All of you idiots really do deserve death!

Meanwhile, Liu Weiwei was unable to continue watching in the end, and she flipped her palm.

Right when she was about to attack, Yang Ye flashed swiftly to obstruct her path, and then he said, “You ought to be clearly aware that it wouldnt make a difference in the end.

Moreover, it would even cause both you and your junior sister to lose your lives.

Is it even worth it”

“Its not a matter of whether it is worth it or not!” Liu Weiwei looked Yang Ye in the eye and said, “Were all from the same sect, so I cant watch indifferently as they die before me.


Yang Ye understood.

These disciples were heartless, but this woman before him was unable to disregard her loyalties.

At this moment, Yang Ye didnt know whether he should say she was stupid or someone that was full of character!

Every single person had their own principles and standards which they acted on.

Yang Ye knew that he shouldnt utilize his own principles and standards to judge the principles and standards of another! So, when he thought up to here, Yang Ye moved aside and said, “I wont stop you.

Do what you think is right!”

Everyone had their own choices, and every single person had to bear the consequences of their choices.

Even though he approved of her and sincerely hoped that she could survive, but he respected her choice.

“Why arent you stopping her” meanwhile, Cai Yanyan spoke anxiously.

“Weiwei is single-minded sometimes, and she does a bunch of stupid things on a frequent basis.

Since… since youve taken her to be your friend, then why arent you stopping her Shes going to give her life away….” As she spoke, Cai Yanyan hurriedly grabbed onto Liu Weiweis hand as she was deeply afraid that Liu Weiwei would jump into battle and give her life away!

Liu Weiwei glanced at Yang Ye, and then she stopped hesitating.

She pulled her arm from Cai Yanyans grasp, and then her figure flashed towards the disciples that were fighting bitterly against the horde of Darkbeasts.


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