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After a short moment of silence, the violet mink glanced at Yang Ye before it nodded!

Right when the Beast Emperor was delighted, strands of fluctuations were once more emanated from the violet minks mouth….

After a short while, the Beast Emperor took a deep glance at Yang Ye before he said, “Kid, youre really very lucky to have obtained its acknowledgment!”

Once he finished saying this, he gazed once more at the violet mink and said, “I agree to your requirements!”

The violet mink nodded, and then it gazed at Yang Ye and revealed a faint smile.

Even though he didnt know what the little fellow and the Beast Emperor were talking about, he was clearly aware that the Beast Emperors request had troubled the little fellow! Moreover, the little fellow had probably agreed in the end because of him!

When he thought up to here, Yang Yes heart felt warm, and he said, “I too feel that Im very fortunate to be able to encounter the little fellow!”

The violet mink immediately revealed a brilliant smile on its round and plump face upon hearing what Yang Ye said, and then it flashed onto Yang Yes shoulder before it rubbed its forehead against Yang Yes face.

A wisp of shock flashed through the Beast Emperors eyes when he witnessed this scene.

In the beginning, he felt that the violet mink might have had no choice but to stay by Yang Yes side, or it was because of certain reasons related to its interests.

However, this man and mink were probably not just companions now!

When he associated this with the conditions that hed discussed with the violet mink just now, the Beast Emperor knew that he had to completely change the way he treated Yang Ye.

When he thought up to here, the Beast Emperor hesitated slightly before he flicked his finger towards Yang Ye, and then a strand of gold light directly entered Yang Yes body.

Yang Yes entire body shook while he felt as if something had been added to his body, yet he was unable to sense it.

He immediately suppressed the shock and bewilderment in his heart before he gazed at the Beast Emperor and spoke in a puzzled tone.

“Senior, whats this”

“Its an armor!” The Beast Emperor smiled as he said, “Its called the Violetgold Armor.

It was once a low-grade Heaven Rank armor, but it can only be considered to be at the high-grade of the Earth Rank right now!”

A Heaven Rank armor!

Yang Ye instantly gasped.

My god! A Heaven Rank armor! The Heaven Rank! Yang Ye was slightly unable to maintain his calm.

Presently, his physical body wasnt inferior to an ordinary Spirit Rank Darkbeast, and now that he possessed this armor, he wondered how abnormal his physical defense was right now!

“Dont get excited!” The Beast Emperor said, “Didnt I just tell you It can only be considered to be a high-grade Earth Rank armor now, and its much weaker when compared to its prime!”

Yang Yes mind cleared up slightly when he heard this.

Even though the low-grade Heaven Rank and the high-grade Earth Rank were only a level away, Yang Ye understood what that little bit represented.

It was like the difference between the heavens and the earth!

After pondering deeply for a moment, Yang Ye said, “Senior, according to my knowledge, it shouldnt be easy for a Heaven Rank treasures quality to be downgraded, right!”

The Beast Emperor smiled and said, “Thats true.

Even an Exalt Realm expert would find destroying a Heaven Rank treasure to be extremely difficult! But if its me….


Yang Ye couldnt help but laugh bitterly when he heard the Beast Emperor.

Indeed, it was undoubtedly a wishful dream if an ordinary person wanted to destroy a Heaven Rank treasure! However, was this middle aged man who stood before him an ordinary person

“Even though this armor is useless to me, its extremely useful for you at your current realm of cultivation!” said the Beast Emperor.

Yang Ye shook his head and laughed bitterly.

Even though a high-grade Earth Rank treasure was very good, how could it compare to a Heaven Rank treasure But Yang Ye was able to accept this fact because having something was better than having nothing!

When he thought up to here, Yang Ye cupped his fists towards the Beast Emperor and said, “Thank you, Senior, for the gift.

But Im slightly curious.

How was this Heaven Rank treasure downgraded to the Earth Rank”

“Because the owner of this armor forcefully withstood a punch of mine!” The Beast Emperor said, “That human survived because of this armor.

However, the Equipment Spirit within this armor perished! Once it lost its Equipment Spirit, this armor could only be considered to be ordinary, and if it wasnt out of consideration for how that Equipment Spirit had loyally protected its master, I would have tossed this armor away a long time ago!”

“What was the cultivation of that fellow who suffered a punch from Senior” asked Yang Ye in a low voice.

The Beast Emperor glanced at Yang Ye and said, “The Exalt Realm! However, he wasnt an ordinary Exalt Realm expert.

Of course, if it wasnt for the loyal protection of this armors Equipment Spirit, then he would have been unable to resist a punch of mine no matter how much of a monstrous genius he was!”

Yang Yes eyelids twitched when he heard this.

An Exalt Realm expert had actually relied on a Heaven Rank treasure to survive a single punch from this Beast Emperor.

Doesnt that mean that if an Exalt Realm expert doesnt possess a Heaven Rank treasure, it would be impossible for that Exalt Realm expert to even withstand a single punch from the Beast Emperor

Yang Ye was shocked.

Exactly how strong is the Beast Emperor

“This armor could originally take human form to assist its owner in battle, and it would automatically protect its owner when its owner was in danger.

However, now that it has lost its Equipment Spirit, it merely possesses the ability of a defensive dark treasure! Moreover, it wont automatically defend its owner anymore.

In other words, you have to activate it with your profound energy in the future.

You can give it a try right now!” said the Beast Emperor.

Yang Ye nodded when he heard this, and then the profound energy within his body surged.

In an instant, a thin violet gold colored armor formed from energy had appeared on him, and besides his head, it covered his entire body and even his arms!

Yang Ye couldnt help but feel excited when he gazed at the violet gold colored energy armor that covered his entire body! Even though he hadnt witnessed its defensive abilities with his own two eyes, he was able to sense how terrifying it was! In other words, when the strength of his physical body was combined with the defensive ability of the Violetgold Armor, an ordinary King Realm expert would be unable to harm him at all!

The Beast Emperor suddenly asked.

“Right, do you still have that command token I gave you”

Yang Ye was stunned when he heard this.

If the Beast Emperor hadnt mentioned, Yang Ye would have almost forgotten the command token.

He immediately flipped his palm and withdrew it!

As he gazed at the command token in Yang Yes palm, the Beast Emperor smiled and said, “Kid, I have to say that youre stupid! Do you know what this command token represents”

“What does it represent” Yang Ye really didnt know.

“It represents my presence!” The Beast Emperor smiled and said, “With this command token in your possession, you can move freely through the entire Grand Myriad Mountains except for some forbidden areas of my Darkbeast Empire! Moreover, you can command Darkbeasts below the Spirit Rank.

If youd withdrawn this command token when you were surrounded that day, then you would have been able to avoid all the trouble that you encountered at that time!”

“Command Darkbeasts below the Spirit Rank” Yang Ye was shocked.

He hadnt imagined that this command token actually possessed such a function! Even though it was merely Darkbeasts below the Spirit Rank, it was still extremely terrifying to be able to command the Darkbeasts in the Grand Myriad Mountains! After all, the Darkbeasts on the Grand Myriad Mountains were in the billions!

After a short while, Yang Ye suppressed the shock in his heart and said, “Senior, why”

“Why” The beast Emperor chuckled and glanced at the violet mink before he said, “Its naturally because of it! You ought to be clearly aware that besides Darkbeasts at the Spirit Rank or above, there are practically no Darkbeasts capable of resisting the terrifying bloodline pressure possessed by the little fellow! Since its like that, then why wouldnt I just give both of you the convenience”

Yang Ye laughed dryly when he heard this.

Obviously, the Beast Emperor knew about the little fellow terrifying groups of Darkbeasts.

Indeed, there really were practically no Darkbeasts below the Spirit Rank who could resist his terrifying bloodline pressure! Moreover, the little fellows strength had improved once more, so it was probably not just King Rank Darkbeasts that couldnt resist the little fellows bloodline pressure.

Even some Spirit Rank Darkbeasts would probably be unable to resist its bloodline pressure as well!

“Youre heading to the Ancient Battlefield to seize Karmic Luck” The Beast Emperor had spoken in a low voice.

Yang Ye was stunned.

He didnt know why the Beast Emperor had asked this question, but he immediately nodded and said, “I promised the Founding Ancestor that I would represent the Grand Qin Empire to seize Karmic Luck!”

The Beast Emperor shook his head and said, “If its possible, then dont go fight for the Karmic Luck and just stay in my Darkbeast Empire! In this way, youll be able to keep your life!”

“Why do you say that, Senior!” Yang Ye frowned as he spoke these words!

The Beast Emperor raised his head and gazed towards the south, and then he sighed lightly and said, “You should probably be aware that the relationship between the six great powers and the Grand Qin Empire isnt harmonious.

Presently, the Grand Qin Empire is like the blazing sun in the midday sky, and its forces have already aroused fear in the Origin School and the other five great powers.

Moreover, the Founding Emperor possesses lofty aspirations and intends to annihilate those extraordinary sects.

In other words, a battle will erupt sooner or later between the Grand Qin Empire and the six great powers.

At this moment, youre representing the Grand Qin Empire to fight for Karmic.

It would be fine if your accomplishments were bad or you were killed in the Ancient Battle! However, if you succeeded, then do you think the six great powers would let you live”

Yang Ye fell silent when he heard this.

He hadnt thought about all of this in the past.

When the Beast Emperor spoke of it now, he suddenly realized that hed been swept into a vortex between these great powers without him even realizing it! Moreover, being swept into such a vortex with the strength he possessed now would definitely cause him to be crushed into pieces! However….

Yang Ye laughed bitterly, shook his head, and said, “Senior, I appreciate your good intentions.

However, Ive made an agreement with the Founding Ancestor, and I would represent the Empire to seize Karmic Luck in exchange for the Founding Ancestor protecting my mothers life.

For the sake of my mother, have no other choice!”

The Beast Emperor glanced at Yang Ye before he nodded slightly, and then he said, “Nevermind.

Since youre heading to the Ancient Battlefield, then Ill give you some fortune.

I hope youll be able to provide my Darkbeast Race with some help after you arrive there!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the Beast Emperor suddenly stretched out his hand and touched the center of Yang Yes forehead with his finger, and then a strand of terrifying energy surged from his finger into Yang Ye….

As a strand of pure energy surged incessantly into his body, Yang Yes eyes gradually opened wide because he noticed that the Beast Emperor was actually forcefully improving his cultivation right now! This discovery shocked Yang Ye because the forceful improvement of his cultivation was very likely to cause irreparable harm to him! Strictly speaking, it could even cause him to be unable to advance from the King Realm!

What exactly does the Beast Emperor intend to do

Unfortunately, he was utterly unable to resist right now, and he could only allow the Beast Emperor to forcefully pour that pure energy into him!


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