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Yang Ye withdrew his gaze and looked towards the source of the voice.

He saw a group of young men standing ahead, and they had their arms crossed while they gazed at him with mocking gazes.

As soon as he laid eyes on them, Yang Ye knew that they were from the other territories because it was impossible for someone from the southern territory to not recognize him!

He wasnt being narcissistic, and it was instead because hed practically become the public enemy of the younger generation in the entire southern territory.

So, if they were from the southern territory, then how could they possibly not recognize him

Yang Ye withdrew his gaze because he recalled the Beast Emperors words, and he decided not to pay any attention to them.

After that, he started walking towards the entrance to the city.

However, hed merely taken a few steps before he stopped once more because there were four entrances in front of him!

The entrance on the left was the largest.

It was 150m tall, around 100m wide, and it was constructed extremely luxuriously.

Because Yang Ye noticed to his shock that this entrance was actually created from Earth Rank Goldsteel!

It was materials at the Earth Rank! And it was even Goldsteel! Goldsteel was an existence that was much harder than iron! Such a treasure was extremely rare even in a sect like the Sword Sect.

yet now, it had been made into the entrance of the city….

Even the Talisman Masters Association isnt so extravagant!

Yang Ye suppressed the short in his heart while his gaze shot towards the center of the top of the entrance.

There were two large words inscribed there in violet goldHeaven Entrance.

In next to no time, Yang Ye had another shocking discovery, and it was the two people that were standing at the sides of the Heaven Entrance.

They had extremely ordinary appearances, but they were Spirit Realm experts!

Exactly what is this Heaven Entrance It actually needs Spirit Realm experts to guard it

After a moment of silence, Yang Ye moved his gaze and looked towards the entrance beside the Heaven Entrance.

This entrance was much smaller when compared to the Heaven Entrance, and it wasnt made from Earth Rank Goldsteel anymore.

It was made from a Profound Rank rock called Fortified Steel! Even though Fortified Steel was extremely precious as well, it was undoubtedly extremely inferior when compared to Earth Rank Goldsteel!

Just like the Heaven Entrance, there were two people guarding this entrance, and they were Spirit Realm experts as well! However, their auras were much weaker when compared to the two experts standing in front of the Heaven Entrance!

There were two words inscribed at the top of this entrance as well, but it wasntHeaven Entrance, and it wasEarth Entrance instead!”

Yang Ye moved his gaze away towards the entrance beside the Earth Entrance.

Yang Ye was slightly speechless when he saw this entrance because it was truly slightly shabby when compared to the two entrances from before.

This entrance was around 1.5m tall while its width wasnt even 1.5m.

In other words, it was just nice for a single person to pass through!

Yang Ye couldnt help but shake his head and smile when he saw the wordsMan Entrance above the entrance.

This entrance is really worthy of its name!Yang Ye shook his head and looked at the final entrance, and he was instantly stunned when he saw it.

Because instead of calling this final entrance an entrance, it should be called a hole! Moreover, it was an extremely small hole! If someone wanted to enter through this hole, then one had to crawl through it!

In other words, it wasnt an entrance at all!

Yang Ye raised his head, and he couldnt help but frown when he saw the words inscribed at the top of it.

Because the words there wasDog Entrance!

After staying silent on the spot for some time, Yang Ye shook his head.

Isnt it just a few entrances Is there any need to hesitate

Once he straightened out his thoughts, Yang Ye stopped hesitating and walked towards the Heaven Entrance!

At this moment, more and more people had arrived in front of the entrance, and the few dozens of people from before had grown to a few hundreds of people.

They instantly stopped moving when they saw Yang Ye walking towards the Heaven Entrance, and then all of them gazed at Yang Ye.

Moreover, their gazes seemed as if they were looking at a freak!

“What the **! The Heaven Entrance! He actually chose the Heaven Entrance! Could it be that hes an extraordinary genius from the three Ninth Rank Sects of the central territory But he looks very unfamiliar.

Moreover, based on his dressing, he doesnt seem like someone from our central territory! But if he isnt from our central territory, then which territory would be able to foster such a formidable fellow that dares to take the Heaven Entrance”

“Could it be that formidable experts can only come from your central territory Perhaps hes from our northern territory.

Haha! If hes from our northern territory, then our northern territory will truly gain face this time.


“Hmph! Perhaps hes from our western territory!”

“The western territory Why dont you say hes from the southern territory Not to mention fostering someone that can take the Heaven Entrance, its impossible for savage places like your western territory and the southern territory to foster someone that can even traverse the Earth Entrance!”

“The southern territory Ptooey! Dont compare my western territory with such trash! They didnt even have a single person that could pass through the Earth Entrance, and half of them crawled in through the Dog Entrance.

They completely disgraced themselves!”

“Stop talking about meaningless things.

Lets see if this fellow can pass through the Heaven Entrance! Tsk, tsk.

If Im not wrong, then not a single person has passed through the Heaven Entrance until now, right”


Those extraordinary geniuses from the three Ninth Rank Sects of the central territory, the demon territory, the nether territory, and the devil territory havent arrived yet.

So, up until now, not a single person has passed through the Heaven Entrance!”

“Not even one Haha! Wont there be one now”

Yang Ye hadnt thought much about it when he came to the Heaven Entrance because he merely felt that since the Heaven Entrance was so huge, then why should he take the smaller entrances But now, when he sensed the variety of strange gazes coming from the surroundings, Yang Ye knew that there was definitely something different about the so-calledHeaven Entrance!

But its fine.

I cant just stop, right When he thought up to here, Yang Ye disregarded the gazes of the people in the surroundings and sped up!

When the Spirit Realm experts standing at the sides of the Heaven Entrance saw Yang Ye walking over, their eyelids instantly twitched while they exchanged glances.

There was no contempt and disdain in their eyes, and there was only a solemn and curious expression there! Because they were very clearly aware of what taking the Heaven Entrance meant, and it was absolutely impossible for one to attempt to use the Heaven Entrance unless that person was especially confident in his own strength!

“HAHA!” Right when Yang Ye was only around 10 away from the Heaven Entrance, loud laughter suddenly resounded from behind the crowd!

The crowd was just about to turn around and look over when a sharp whistle suddenly resounded.

After that, a young man in white robed had appeared mysterious in front of Yang Ye!

The young man was around 20 years of age.

His long hair hung loosely on his shoulders, his eyes were filled with spirit, a faint smile hung on the corners of his mouth, and his hands were placed behind his back.

Even though he didnt display it on purpose, the crowd was still able to clearly sense the wild aura he had!

The young man sized up Ancient Domain City before he chuckled and said, “This is Ancient Domain City Not bad! Not bad! It didnt disappoint this Young Master!”

“Hmm” After a light exclaim of surprise, the young man glanced at the four entrances and said, “This is the Entrances of Dignity that the first City Governor of Ancient Domain City created The Dog Entrance Haha! How interesting!”

Meanwhile, one of the Spirit Realm experts who stood at the sides of the entrances had taken a step forward and gazed at the young man as he shouted in a low voice.

“State your identity!”

The young man smiled indifferently and said, “Xi Luo from the central territorys Endless Sect.

People call me Young Master Xi Luo.

Im 20 years of age and at the peak of the King Realm.

Right, it should be the Half-step Spirit Realm.”

“The Endless Sects Young Master Xi Luo!” Countless people in the surroundings had instantly gasped when they heard the young mans self-introduction, and their gazes towards the young man were filled with shock and excitement!

A genius from the central territory couldnt help but cry out involuntarily in a frenzied voice.

“Hes one of the three outstanding geniuses from the central territory, Young Master Xi Luo! My god! Its actually him! Oh my god! Ive actually met him in person….”

This genius couldnt be blamed for losing his composure because the three outstanding geniuses of the central territory might not have a great reputation in the other territories, but they were renowned throughout the central territory! They were from the three Ninth Rank Sects of the central territory.

Moreover, they were the most outstanding disciples in the younger generation of their respective sects!

Of course, if it was merely for this reason, then it wasnt a big deal! Most importantly, the three of them had once jointly killed an Exalt Realm expert!

It wasnt an Exalt Realm expert that had been heavily injured or had advanced by utilizing the assistance of treasures.

It was an Exalt Realm expert that had cultivated all the way on his own! How terrifying was such an expert However, it was exactly such an expert that had been annihilated by the joint forces of these three youth!

All three of them became renowned after that battle, and it was also that battle that created the three outstanding geniuses of the central territory.

It could be said that the three of them represented the overall strength of the central territorys younger generation!

On the other hand, amongst the five human territories which were the eastern, western, southern, northern, and central territories, the central territory was considered the strongest.

In other words, the three outstanding geniuses of the central territory could be said to represent the entire strength of the younger generation of the humans in Profounder Continent! Of course, the geniuses from the demon territory, nether territory, and devil territory were definitely not inferior to these three outstanding geniuses of the central territory, but all three of these territories didnt belong to the humans….

When he heard the young mans self-introduction, the eyelids of that Spirit Realm expert twitched.

Hed heard of Young Master Xi Luos reputation because he was from the central territory as well.

However, he was on duty to guard Ancient Domain City throughout the year, so hed never met Young Master Xi Luo in person.

The expression of this Spirit Realm expert eased up, and then he nodded slightly and said in a light voice, “You ought to be aware of the Heaven Entrances might.

If….” This young man before him could be said to be representing the entire central territory, so this Spirit Realm expert naturally didnt want Young Master Xi Luo to die in the Heaven Entrance.

Because if that happened, then the central territory wouldnt just lose an extraordinary expert, it was very likely for the central territory to become the laughingstock of the other territories!

However, the Spirit Realm expert had merely completed half of his warning when Young Master Xi Luo had shaken his head and interrupted him.

Young Master Xi Luo said, “Thank you for your kind intentions, Senior.

However, you ought to be clearly aware that all the disciples of the Endless Sect whove arrived at Ancient Domain City over the years have all gone through the Heaven Entrance.

Even though many have died within the entrance, the disciples of my Endless Sect have never feared it.

To speak some immodest words, Im currently representing the entire Endless Sect.

If I were to be afraid and refuse to use the Heaven Entrance, then wouldnt I bring shame to the Endless Sect You can die, but you cant bring shame to the Endless Sect! This is something the Master of my Endless Sect once said! Moreover, Im confident in my ability to pass through the Heaven Entrance!”

“Awesome! As expected of one of the three outstanding geniuses from our central territory! Great!” That Spirit Realm expert couldnt help but speak with excitement when he heard Young Master Xi Luo.

It wasnt just this Spirit Realm expert whod become excited when he heard Young Master Xi Luo, even the young geniuses in the surroundings who were from the other territories couldnt help but reveal expressions of admiration towards Young Master Xi Luo!


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