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Yang Ye couldnt help but glance at Young Master Xi Luo when he heard this.

Needless to say, even though this fellow called Young Master Xi Luo seemed to be slightly wild, he didnt arouse feelings of detest in others! Conversely, Young Master Xi Luos frankness and confidence caused others to be unable to help but arouse a good impression and admiration towards him!

Young Master Xi Luo smiled, and then he walked slowly towards the Heaven Entrance.

Hed taken just two steps when he suddenly stopped, and then he turned around to gaze at Yang Ye.

After sizing up Yang Ye, he said, “If Im not wrong, then you seemed to have intended to take the Heaven Entrance just now”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “Of course, this entrance is so huge, so why would I not take the large entrance and take the smaller entrances instead”

“Oh” A wisp of interest flashed in his eyes, and then Young Master Xi Luo carefully sized up Yang Ye once more before he commented.

“The first rank of the King Realm.

Your aura is steady and deep, but your cultivation is truly a bit too low.

Hmm, I think you probably dont know how terrifying the Heaven Entrance is, right”

“Indeed!” Yang Ye spoke frankly.

“Its my first time at Ancient Domain City!”

Young Master Xi Luo was stunned, and then he said with an astounded tone, “You dared to choose the Heaven Entrance when you werent aware of how terrifying it is”

Yang Ye frowned when he heard this.

He glanced at the Heaven Entrance before he said, “Isnt it just an entrance Why wouldnt I dare to use it”

Young Master Xi Luo instantly gave Yang Ye a thumbs up when he heard this before he exclaimed.

“Youre formidable! By the way, which territory and sect are you from Your sect is really a failure! It actually allowed a rash fellow like you to come to Ancient Domain City!”

Yang Ye was just about to speak when a sharp whistle suddenly resounded from behind him.

Yang Ye frowned, and then he didnt hesitate to flash over 10m to the side.

Young Master Xi Luos expression had changed slightly as well, and then his figure flashed over 10m to the side as well.


Right when theyd just flashed away, a strand of sabre qi that was over 30m long had smashed down where they stood just moments before.

Along with a thunderous explosion, an enormous rift that was over 30m long had appeared there!

“Fucking Bastards, both of you fled quite swiftly, huh!” Meanwhile, a young man who carried a large sabre on his shoulder and had a bared upper body walked over slowly towards Yang Ye and Young Master Xi Luo.

He glanced at them before he spat and cursed.

“Fucking Bastards! Isnt it just a door What are the two of you wasting time here for Arent the two of you aware that youre blocking this Lords path”

Yang Ye glanced indifferently at the young man, and then he shrugged and took two steps back.

In his heart, Yang Ye thought to himself.

Someone to test it has finally arrived!

Even though he wasnt afraid of the entrance, he didnt want to be taken by surprise and taught a lesson! Now, he had someone to test it for him, so he could see exactly what sort of secrets the entrance hid!

Young Master Xi Luo smiled lightly as well, and then he retreated to Yang Yes side and even gestured to the young man to go ahead!

“At least both of you know how to act, otherwise, this Lord would have chopped both of you to death!” The young man grunted coldly before he walked towards the Heaven Entrance.

Young Master Xi Luo shrugged, and then he glanced at Yang Ye and said, “Congratulations!”

Yang Ye frowned.

“What do you mean”

Young Master Xi Luo smiled and said, “Because once you watch the consequences that this fellow suffers, you wouldnt take the Heaven Entrance anymore.

If you dont take it, then you wouldnt die.

So, dont you think I should congratulate you”

“Is that so” Yang Ye grinned and didnt say speak further.

After that, he gazed at the young man whod arrived in front of the Heaven Entrance.

Yang Ye wanted to see exactly how terrifying the Heaven Entrance was!

Young Master Xi Luo glanced at Yang Ye before he turned to look at the young man in front of the Heaven Entrance.

“State your identity!” The Spirit Realm expert that spoke earlier had obstructed the young mans path and shouted in a heavy voice.

The young man twisted his wrist, and he stabbed his sabre into the ground.

In an instant, the ground trembled violently before numerous arm thick rifts extended swiftly towards the surroundings.

Countless people in the surroundings were shocked when they witnessed this scene because theyd sensed Sabre Intent just now! Moreover, it wasnt 1st level but 3rd level Sabre Intent! Just based on his 3rd level Sabre Intent alone, there wasnt anyone in the surroundings who dared to look down upon the young man! Of course, Yang Ye and Young Master Xi Luo were excluded from this!

The young man glanced at the crowd in the surroundings.

When he noticed their solemn expressions, the fact that they didnt dare gaze at him with contempt as they had just now, and that they even revealed fear and reverence towards him, the young man couldnt help but feel complacent.

He glanced at them with disdain and said, “These are the so-called monstrous geniuses of the other territories They dont seem to be anything great! This Lord merely casually revealed a little of my ability, yet it shocked all of you.

If this Lord were to reveal my entire strength, then wouldnt all of you prostrate yourselves in worship”

The crowd in the surroundings was exasperated when they heard the young man! Since they were able to come to the Ancient Battlefield, which one of them wasnt one of the best geniuses in their respective territories Which one of them didnt have his or her own pride So, even though they were slightly fearful of his Sabre Intent, there were still many who stood forward!

A young man who wore a blue robe stood forward.

With a flip of his palm, a wheel shaped blade had appeared in his hand, and then it started revolving once his profound energy surged into it.

The blue robed young man grunted coldly and said, “You merely possess 3rd level Sabre Intent, yet you actually dare to look down on us like that.

Im Liu Qing from the Fifth Rank Sect, the Clarity Sect, in the western territory.

Please provide me with your guidance!”

After this young man stood forward, many others had stood forward to challenge the young man who held a sabre as well.

For a time, hed simply become the common enemy of everyone here!

The young mans eyelids twitched.

He hadnt imagined that a casual thing he said would actually make him their common enemy.

He was naturally not afraid of one or two, but if it was so many King Realm experts….

Then not to mention a King Realm expert who had merely comprehended Sabre Intent, even a Spirit Realm expert with Sabre Intent would have no choice but to flee!

“Silence!” Right at this moment, the Spirit Realm expert who stood on guard outside the Heaven Entrance shouted abruptly in a stern voice.

In an instant, rumbling resounded in the ears of everyone.

Some even instantly bled from their seven apertures.

It caused them to be shocked, and they didnt dare continue making noise and had hurriedly fallen silent instead.

Yang Ye was shocked in his heart because the strength of this Spirit Realm expert had slightly exceeded his expectations! The stern shout from before had actually caused the vital blood in his body to move slightly.

If he hadnt reacted quickly and suppressed it forcefully, then he would have probably bled from all seven apertures just like some of the others in the surroundings!

Yang Ye grinned when he glanced at the violet mink who was fast asleep on his shoulder.

Looks like I was worried for nothing.

With how shocking the little fellows ability is, Profounders and Darkbeasts beneath the Exalt Realm are probably unable to injure it at all!

Young Master Xi Luo glanced at Yang Ye, and a wisp of surprise couldnt help but instantly flashed through his eyes when he noticed that Yang Yes expression was calm and completely unfazed.

After that, the corners of his mouth curled up slightly while he spoke in a voice that only he could hear.


The Spirit Realm expert glanced at the crow before he said, “I have no intention to go against all of you, but all of you should be aware of a rule.

No one is allowed to disturb or act against a profounder that intends to take the Heaven Entrance.

Please deal with your enmity after he has passed through the Heaven Entrance.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the Spirit Realm expert gazed at the young man who held a sabre and said indifferently.

“Introduce yourself so that everyone will know that you once tried to traverse the Heaven Entrance! Even if you fail, youll be able to bring glory to your sect and the territory youre from!”

The young man didnt dare act arrogantly as he had just now, and he immediately nodded and said, “Elite Disciple Wang Jindao of the Fifth Rank Sect from the eastern territory, the Divine Sabre Sect! Im at the seventh rank of the King Realm! My best accomplishment in battle is that Ive once surmounted a realm of cultivation to kill a Spirit Realm expert!” As he finished speaking, Wang Jindaos tone couldnt help but carry a trace of complacency and pride again!

The Spirit Realm expert nodded and said, “Then please go ahead!”

Wang Jindao nodded, and then he walked slowly towards the Heaven Entrance.

Wang Jindao stopped when he arrived in front of the Heaven Entrance, and then the profound energy within his started surging madly.

Suddenly, a glow shot out from within him!

As his profound energy surged incessantly, the white glow grew denser and denser, larger and larger.

In the end, it was as dazzling as the sun!

“Looks like he isnt an idiot! He actually knows that he should accumulate strength!” Right at this moment, Young Master Xi Luo had spoken abruptly.

“What do you mean” asked Yang Ye.

Young Master Xi Luo turned to look at Yang Ye before he said in an extremely serious manner, “You really dont know how terrifying the Heaven Entrance is who the meaning behind the four entrances”

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “Please enlighten me!”

Young Master Xi Luo struck himself on the forehead with his right hand, and then he gazed at Yang Ye as he shook his head and said, “You actually dared to come to the Ancient Domain City when you dont even know about the four entrances of the city Awesome!”

Yang Ye frowned.

“Isnt it just four entrances”

Young Master Xi Luo shook his head and explained.

“Nevermind, this Young Master is in a good mood because Ill be able to see my Mengmeng.

So, Ill explain the origins and meaning of these entrances to you for free! Only the strong are respected on Profounder Continent.

Strength is needed to possess dignity and honor.

This is a principle that hasnt changed for eternity.

This principle is even more undisguised at Ancient Domain City! The four entrances represent four types of status.

Those that enter through the Heaven Entrance possess statuses that are noble like royalty while theyre within Ancient Domain City, and they obtain many benefits in the city.

Moreover, they even possess a huge amount of special privileges like being able to kill without breaking the law, being excluded from having to pay for their rooms, and so on and so forth.

Of course, most importantly, it was to bring honor to the territory they originated from and the sect or clan that they were from! After all, during the competition for Karmic Luck throughout the years, the number of experts who were able to pass through the Heaven Entrance every time could be counted with ones hands!”

“What you mean is that theres danger hidden within the Heaven Entrance” said Yang Ye with a frown on his face.

“That fellow with the lousy sabre is about to finish accumulating strength, and youll be able to witness it for yourself in a moment!” Young Master Xi Luo grinned as he spoke.

Even though he was grinning, Yang Ye sensed that this grinned carried slight ill intent instead….

Yang Ye shook his head and asked.

“Then what about the Earth Entrance”

At this moment, he was slightly interested in these four entrances.


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