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Chapter 306 – Ji Yanshi!

Especially Mo Ke, the shock in his heart was greater than anyone else.

Because only he was clearly aware of how terrifying the Heavenly Devil Physique was.

It could be said that it was impossible for even a low-grade Heaven Rank combat technique to kill Mo Qiu who’d attained the 4th level in the Heavenly Devil Physique!

Yet now, Mo Qiu had died just like that….

Moreover, it was done by a casual swing of the sword from a fifth rank King Realm profounder….

The strand of flame was naturally the Nether Ghostflame!

In the beginning, Yang Ye had never thought about utilizing the Nether Ghostflame.

After all, it was one of his greatest trump cards! Moreover, he’d always followed the principle of showing weakness to defeat a strong opponent.

However, Mo Qiu’s words had made him change his mind.

It was when Mo Qiu said that experts should be respected.

It was exactly these words that made Yang Ye stop holding back and instantly annihilate Mo Qiu!

There were countless geniuses in Ancient Domain City.

Most of these geniuses were proud and conceited, but they respected the strong! Or it should be said that the entire Profounder Continent respected the strong! So, if he wanted to reduce the troubles he faced and receive the respect of others, then he had to reveal a formidable strength.

Only in this way would the troubles he faced be reduced!

Of course, most importantly, Yang Ye wanted to prove himself right now!

After he witnessed the violet mink going berserk just now, he knew that the little fellow’s background was absolutely terrifying.

With the relationship between humans and demon beasts, it was utterly impossible for the little fellow’s clansmen to allow them to be together!

Separate them That was naturally impossible! But if he didn’t want to be separated from the little fellow, then Yang Ye had to prove himself!

10,000 years ago, the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor was unparalleled throughout the world, and he made the experts from all the other territories submit and bow before him.

At that time, could anyone control the fate of the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor

Now, Yang Ye wanted to prove that he could become someone just like the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor.

No, it should be said as he wanted to prove that he could surpass the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor instead!

He couldn’t keep a low profile forever.

Now, Yang Ye intended to flaunt his strength!

With a command in his heart, the 36 swords that circled in the sky had transformed into 36 rays of light that floated around Yang Ye, and then the profound energy within his body surged while his 4th level Sword Intent shot out like tidewater.

Yang Ye’s brows raised as he gazed at Mo Ke and the others, and then he said, “Who else”

When he spoke these words, a howl suddenly erupted from the 36 Earth Rank swords that surrounded him, and then they started to spin swiftly.

Moreover, the swords possessed by all the human profounders on the walls of Ancient Domain City had forcefully struggled free of their owner’s grasps and transformed into rays of light that circled in the air above Yang Ye!

In less than a few breaths of time, over 10,000 swords were circling in the air above Yang Ye! How imposing was such a huge number of swords It caused some of the profounders of the devil territory and nether territory to be unable to help but take a few steps back! At this moment, the imposing aura Yang Ye possessed while standing beneath these swords simply made it seem as if he could even pierce a hole through the sky!

Yang Ye slowly closed his eyes.

At this moment, he’d entered into that strange and profound state again….

The blood of the human profounders on the city wall instantly couldn’t help but surge when they saw Yang Ye terrify the experts from the devil and nether territories! At this moment, no matter which territory and sect Yang Ye came from, he’d undoubtedly brought honor to the human race right now, and it even caused some profounders to start feeling ashamed….

Ancient Domain City was the territory of the human race, so why did they have to retreat as soon as the profounders from the devil territory, nether territory, and demon territory arrived Why Moreover, their forces amounted to less than 1,000 profounders in total, whereas, there were tens of thousands of humans on the wall of Ancient Domain City! A few tens of thousands were afraid of a thousand

It was a humiliation!

At this moment, countless human profounders felt extremely ashamed!

Mo Ke’s expression turned slightly solemn as he gazed at Yang Ye’s extremely sharp and fierce imposing aura.

He understood that he’d underestimated this sword cultivator since the beginning! It was exactly because of this that two geniuses from his devil race had perished, and at the same time that Mo Ke felt furious from this, he felt deep regret as well!

But he wouldn’t underestimate Yang Ye anymore because Yang Ye had completely infuriated him now!

Mo Ke took a step forward while he slowly clenched his right hand into a fist.

Obviously, he intended to fight Yang Ye himself!

“Haha!” Right at this moment, roaring laughter suddenly resounded from above the city wall.

Everyone looked over and saw a young man in green clothes jumping down from the city wall.

After he descended to the ground, the young man glanced at Yang Ye who had his eyes closed before he gazed at Mo Ke, and then he grunted coldly and said, “I really can’t continue watching this.

Bastards from the devil territory, nether territory, and demon territory.

Do all of you actually intend to adopt the **ing tactic of taking turns to fight him Do all of you know no **ing shame”

“It’s Ji Yanshi! He’s actually here!” Nangong Meng frowned and spoke in a low voice when she saw the young man in green clothes.

Xi Luo frowned as well, and then he said in a low voice, “What does that fellow intend to do”

It wasn’t just Nangong Meng and Xi Luo who recognized the young man, numerous other profounders who stood on the city walls had recognized him!

Ji Yanshi was an elite disciple of an Eighth Rank Sect, the Divine Sword Sect, in the central territory.

His reputation was extremely great in the central territory as well, and it was merely inferior to the three outstanding geniuses of the central territory! Even though his reputation was inferior to them, his strength wasn’t! Because he’d comprehended 5th level Sword Intent at an age of less than 20!

In the history of the entire central territory, there had only been a few who were able to attain 5th level Sword Intent before the age of 20! It was exactly because of this that he was called the First Sword in the central territory! According to rumor, so long as he attained the Enlightened Sword Heart, then the Sword Emperor of Profounder Continent would definitely be him!

A wisp of disdain arose on the corners of Mo Ke’s mouth when he heard Ji Yanshi, and then he raised his head to glance at the human profounders on the walls of Ancient Domain City before he said, “Even if it was a tactic of taking turns to fight others, it would be you humans who did it, right You have a few tens of thousands on your side while our three territories merely have less than a thousand.

Are you not ashamed to talk about that when it’s 1,000 against around 30,000”

The green clothed young man was speechless when he heard this.

He raised his head to glance at the crowd that was watching with indifference on the city wall, and then he smiled bitterly. Thousands of humans have actually been terrified by a thousand to the point of being afraid to leave the city! What a shame!

Ji Yanshi shook his head, and then he gazed at Mo Ke and said, “Cut the crap.

If you want to kill him, then you have to first get through me!”

“Oh” Mo Ke’s brows raised as he glanced at Yang Ye, and then he gazed at the Ji Yanshi and said, “Both of you are from the same sect”

Ji Yanshi replied.


Mo Ke asked another question.

“Are you relatives”

“No!” The young man in green clothes said, “I know what you mean.

I can frankly tell you that today is the first time we’ve met.

It’s even to the extent that I’ve been extremely annoyed by him before this! Because he’s actually called the Quasi Sword Emperor.

To think that my Divine Sword Sect is an Eighth Rank Sect that possesses countless geniuses in the Sword Dao, yet none dare to call themselves the Quasi Sword Emperor.

Yet he, a tiny profounder from the southern territory actually dared to do that! This made me feel extremely annoyed, so I rushed quickly to Ancient Domain City with the intention of teaching him a lesson!”

When he spoke up to here, he glanced at Yang Ye and said, “However, I just happened to encounter all of you when I arrived here.

To my surprise, thousands of human profounders actually didn’t have the courage to fight at all when they faced all of you.

What a terrible shame! Fortunately, not all humans are afraid of death! Right, I’m talking about this fellow called Yang Ye.

Even though I’m **ing annoyed because he called himself the Quasi Sword Emperor, but needless to say, his display just now really made me, Ji Yanshi, admire him! So, I’ve come down from the city wall!”

Mo Ke glanced indifferently at the crowd on the city wall, and then he said, “Even though we’re all enemies, the two of you’re worthy of respect! So, I’ll bury your corpses after I’ve killed the two of you!”

“Haha!!” Ji Yanshi roared with laughter, and then he said, “Then I’ll thank you in advance! They say the devil race cultivates both the body and energy.

I, Ji Yanshi, would like to see how exactly it’s done!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Ji Yanshi didn’t seem to have done anything.

However, a strand of bright light flashed, and it vanished in just an instant….

Everyone was puzzled and bewildered!

Right at this moment, a strand of a faint blood red mark had suddenly appeared on Mo Ke’s neck….

Mo Ke stretched out his hand to wipe his neck, and then he shook his head and said, “The speed of your sword is the fastest I’ve ever seen.

Unfortunately, you’ve only comprehended 5th level Sword Intent, and this 5th level Sword Intent of yours is clearly not stable yet.

Perhaps you would be a slight threat to me if you’d comprehended 6th level Sword Intent, but 5th level Sword Intent….

Haha! What can you possibly do even if I allowed you to stab me 10 times”

The smile on Ji Yanshi’s face vanished, and it was replaced by an extremely solemn expression.

He hadn’t held back at all when he executed that attack from before, and an attack enhanced by 5th level Sword Intent wasn’t even able to break through Mo Ke’s skin. This fellow, Mo Ke’s, physical defenses are actually terrifying to such an extent!

This was something that he’d never expected!

It wasn’t just Ji Yanshi, the expressions of Nangong Meng, Li Qingshui, and Xi Luo who stood on the city wall had become extremely solemn as well.

After all, even they didn’t dare be careless at all when facing Ji Yanshi’s sword technique that was enhanced by 5th level Sword Intent and moved swiftly like a bolt of lightning! However, even 5th level Sword Intent wasn’t able to break through Mo Ke’s defenses, and they felt that Mo Ke’s physical defense was something that even some peak Spirit Rank Darkbeasts were unable to compare to!

In other words, Mo Ke was already in an invincible position! Moreover, Mo Ke might even possess other trump cards….

“It’s my turn now!” Mo Ke spoke indifferently, and then he suddenly stomped the ground with his right foot.

In an instant, the ground trembled violently, and then it instantly crumbled apart.

After that, a fist-sized rock on the ground whistled sharply as it tore through the air and shot explosively towards Ji Yanshi!

Ji Yanshi’s expression changed.

He didn’t dare be careless at all, and he immediately moved his sword horizontally to block this attack!


The sword in Ji Yanshi’s hand shattered into countless fine pieces, and the fist-sized rock didn’t slow down at all as it shot towards Ji Yanshi’s chest!

Ji Yanshi’s pupils constricted while he was astounded in his heart.

Right when he was about to utilize his trump card, a palm had suddenly appeared in front of his chest, and it grabbed the rock that carried terrifying force with it!

Ji Yanshi turned his head to the side, and he saw that Yang Ye had suddenly appeared beside him!

“Thank you!” Yang Ye nodded slightly to Ji Yanshi, and then he turned to gaze at Mo Ke before he said, “However, I’ll deal with my own problems!”


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