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Chapter 333 – Vitality Ignition!

It was none other than Mu Jun who’d arrived here.

He wasn’t really interested in the Nether God’s Spear, and he’d merely fought for it with Mo Ke because he didn’t want it to fall into Mo Ke’s hands.

Now that it had fallen into the hands of another, he was naturally not interested to fight for it.

In any case, it was fine so long as it didn’t enter into Mo Ke’s hands!

When compared with the Nether God’s Spear, he was even more interested in the Ninth Hell Cold Gale.

After all, it was a Natural Treasure.

Even the Exalted Han Empire only had one Natural Treasure! If he was able to obtain the Ninth Hell Cold Gale, then his strength would definitely improve greatly.

At that time, could anyone in the entire Ancient Battlefield be a match for him, Mu Jun

Even he didn’t dare say that he was unrivaled in the Ancient Battlefield that monstrous geniuses gathered at.

However, it would be different if he possessed the Ninth Hell Cold Gale! So, he’d followed them!

He glanced at the situation here, and then his gaze descended onto Yang Ye in the end.

After that, he frowned and said, “Am I too late”

“Of course not!” Meanwhile, Mo Qingyu grinned and said, “You can say that you came at just the right time!”

Mu Jun glanced at Mo Qingyu and said, “He hasn’t succeeded yet”

“Of course!” Mo Qingyu said, “He forcefully swallowed it into his body.

Even though I don’t know what method he intends to utilize to subdue it, based on the current situation, he seems to have a slight chance.

However, he still hasn’t subdued it now.

In other words, we still have a chance!”

“We” Mu Jun was stunned, and then he glanced at the violet mink and Xiao Yuxi before he chuckled lightly.

He said, “You’re right, it is ‘we’.

What do you think about discussing the ownership of the Ninth Hell Cold Gale after we deal with Yang Ye”

“I think it’s acceptable!” Mo Qingyu glanced at Xiao Yuxi and said, “I can stop her, but that Spatial Mink is slightly troublesome.

Do you have any way to deal with it”

Mu Jun glanced at the violet mink, and then he pondered deeply for a moment before he said, “My Exalted Han Empire can be considered to be on friendly terms with your Spatial Mink Clan.

So….” He hadn’t finished speaking when Mu Jun’s face fell, and then his figure flashed away from where he stood.

At the same time, a ray of violet light appeared where he was standing a moment ago….

“Looks like it refuses to acknowledge that!” Meanwhile, Mo Qingyu suddenly grinned and said, “Mu Jun, don’t waste your breath.

This Spatial Mink will definitely not allow you to attack Yang Ye.

Even though I don’t know why it’s protecting a human to such an extent, but it’s a fact.

So, you should just attack!”

Mu Jun nodded, and then he said, “Since it’s like that, then let’s fight!” As soon as he finished speaking, Mu Jun’s figure flashed explosively towards Yang Ye.

A wisp of a vicious expression flashed in the violet mink’s eyes when she saw this, and then her pupils instantly turned maroon.

She waved her little claw, and the space in front of Mu Jun had instantly warped severely.

Mu Jun’s eyes narrowed when he witnessed this scene, and he had a solemn expression in his eyes.

He clenched his right palm into a fist, and then he turned around and smashed his fist towards the violet mink.

In an instant, a golden enormous dragon made of energy shot forward violently and smashed towards the violet mink!

The violet mink blinked, and then her figure flashed and vanished on the spot before appearing over 60m away.

However, that golden dragon suddenly turned around and shot explosively towards the violet mink again!

The violet mink blinked again.

Obviously, she was slightly unable to figure out what was happening! However, she didn’t have the time to think about all of this right now.

She waved her little claw again, and then a ray of violet light instantly blasted at the golden dragon….

While the violet mink fought Mu Jun, Mo Qingyu was in confrontation with Xiao Yuxi instead.

Their strengths were roughly comparable, so it was utterly meaningless unless they fought with their lives on the line.

So, they didn’t attack each other!

“The Spatial Mink won’t be able to stop Mu Jun!” Mo Qingyu casually waved the energy sword in her hand as she said, “I admit that no one in the King Realm can catch up to it if it flees.

However, the problem is, would it flee I wouldn’t! So, it will lose if the battle continues, right After that, Yang Ye will die.

Don’t you think so too”

Xiao Yuxi’s brows knit together tightly while her grip on her saber grew tighter and tighter while her Saber Intent grew more and more violent.


Right at this moment, rumbling resounded here, and then the two of them looked over towards the sound of the rumbling.

They saw a wave of energy erupt from between Mu Jun and the violet mink.

After the wave of energy dispersed, Mu Jun shook his head slowly and said, “I didn’t want to do this.

But if I didn’t, then even I would be helpless against you!” As soon as he finished speaking, Mu Jun flipped his palm, and then a golden rope appeared in his hand.

Xiao Yuxi’s expression changed when she saw this golden rope, and then she suddenly shouted.

“Little Fellow! Run!”

The little fellow was stunned, and her little face was covered in a puzzled expression.

Right at this moment, Mu Jun moved his wrist, and the golden rope swished through space and arrived in front of the violet mink.

After that, it coiled around the violet mink and trapped her in it.

At the same time, a strand of faint golden energy seeped out incessantly from within the golden rope and invaded the violet mink’s body!

The violet mink was slightly flustered.

She waved her claw while her figure flashed.

However, no matter where she flashed off to, that golden rope was constantly coiled around her body….

“Don’t waste your time!” Mu Jun said indifferently, “This Immortal Binding Rope is a Dao Artifact.

So long as you’ve been locked onto by it, then it’ll stay around you no matter where you flee to.

Moreover, it’ll ceaselessly exhaust the energy within your body.

In a short while, you’ll become completely weakened.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Mu Jun paid no further attention to the violet mink that was struggling with all her might, and he turned around to gaze at Yang Ye.

However, right at this moment, Xiao Yuxi’s figure flashed explosively towards Mu Jun.

Unfortunately, she’d just moved when Mo Qingyu appeared in front of her and said, “You should just stay here obediently!” As soon as she finished speaking, she slashed with her sword, and a strand of green sword qi flashed.

“Fuck off!” Xiao Yuxi shouted furiously while her white hair instantly started fluttering.

In the next moment, her countenance turned ghastly pale almost instantaneously.

It wasn’t just her countenance, even her white hair grew whiter, and her Saber Intent rose to the 8th level in an instant.

Moreover, her imposing aura rose explosively by almost five times as well!

Mu Jun and Mo Qingyu’s expressions changed when they witnessed this scene, and Mo Qingyu cried out involuntarily.

“Ignition of vitality! Xiao Yuxi, you actually ignited your vitality for a man! Are you aware that you only had less than five years of life before this Now that you’ve ignited your vitality, you wouldn’t even be able to live for a year!”

“What does that have to do with you” Xiao Yuxi shouted fiercely, and then she suddenly slashed with the curved saber in her hand.

A strand of cold light seemed to pierce through space as it instantly arrived in front of Mo Qingyu.

Mo Qingyu’s pupils constricted while she swiftly slashed with her sword, causing a strand of green sword qi to shoot out explosively and collide with the strand of cold light.

However, they had just come into contact when Mo Qingyu’s green sword qi instantly vanished in midair like snow that had fallen into boiling oil.

8th level Saber Intent was actually that terrifying!

Mo Qingyu didn’t dare to go head-on against this attack, so she utilized her speed to its limits and vanished on the spot.

After she forced Mo Qingyu back with a single swing of her saber, Xiao Yuxi suddenly turned around and shot explosively towards Mu Jun.

The latter revealed a solemn expression yet didn’t show any fear.

He clenched his right palm tightly into a fist before he smashed it forcefully towards Xiao Yuxi!


A dragon roar shot into the sky, and then three enormous golden dragons that were formed by energy had suddenly appeared.

After that, they dived down towards Xiao Yuxi.

The three golden dragons seemed like living beings that had intelligence of their own.

Their bodies shot forward to collide against Xiao Yuxi.

Everywhere they passed, a wave of trembling arose in space, and it was an extremely terrifying sight.

The expression on Xiao Yuxi’s pale face didn’t change at all.

She drew her saber and slashed, causing a strand of saber qi to flash into appearance.

In an instant, the saber qi slashed once of the golden dragons into dispersal.

After that, she slashed once more, and a cold light flashed before another golden dragon vanished in midair.

However, a mouthful of blood sprayed from her mouth as well, and her countenance turned ghastly pale to a shocking degree and didn’t have even a tint of redness on it!

When the third golden dragon arrived in front of Xiao Yuxi, a wisp of a resolute expression flashed in her eyes, and then she drew her saber once more and slashed with it.

A cold light flashed before the enormous golden dragon was instantly transformed into nothingness.

However, Xiao Yuxi spat out another mouthful of fresh blood.

Moreover, her body even started trembling violently while her Saber Intent ceased to be orderly like it was before this, and it had started to become disorderly.

Right when Xiao Yuxi was about to follow up with another attack, almost 100 strands of green colored sword qi had appeared behind her, and it caused her expression to change.

She didn’t dare be careless.

She swiftly turned around and swung her saber a few times, causing numerous strands of cold light to flash forward and disperse those strands of sword qi.

However, not only did her countenance turn even paler now, even her eyes gradually turned white….

“You’re very strong!” Mu Jun spoke in a heavy voice when he saw those three golden dragons and the 100 strands of green sword qi being slashed apart by Xiao Yuxi.

“My Mortal Emperor Fist is a high-grade Heaven Rank combat technique, but I never expected that it wouldn’t even be a match for a single slash of your saber.

Unfortunately, this is bound to be something that only lasts for a short while.

You’ve ignited your vitality to forcefully improve your strength, that itself is an action that defied the heavens.

Now that you’re attacking successively, you’re suffering from backlash, right”

“Your vitality is already gradually vanishing.

I guess you don’t even have half a year left.

Was it worth it to do that for a man” Mo Qingyu spoke indifferently from the side.

Xiao Yuxi’s brows raised yet she didn’t speak.

She merely raised her curved blade slowly and pointed it at them.

“As you wish!” Mu Jun nodded slowly, and then he took a step forward.

However, he directly appeared in front of Xiao Yuxi in the next moment, and then his fist smashed directly towards Xiao Yuxi’s head.

There were no flashy or unnecessary movements in his attack, and it was just a very simple punch!

Distance manipulation! Xiao Yuxi’s pupils constricted, and she didn’t hesitate to execute a horizontal slash!


Mu Jun’s fist struck Xiao Yuxi’s curved saber, and the formidable strength behind his punch instantly caused the curved blade to be bent at a shocking angle, and it seemed as if it was broken.

On the other hand, Xiao Yuxi who stood behind the curved blade spat out another mouthful of blood, and then her body was blasted flying by the formidable strength within Mu Jun’s punch.

As she flew backward, Xiao Yuxi forcefully suppressed the backlash she was suffering and swiftly slashed with her saber, causing a strand of cold light to flash and instantly strike Mu Jun’s fist.


Mu Jun’s fist left a strand of fresh blood behind it as it flew off into the air….

Mu Jun’s expression instantly turned hideous as he shouted furiously.

“You’re courting death!”

Even though he could even regrow a new arm with the strength he possessed, when had he, Mu Jun, suffered such humiliation

He shouted furiously as his figure flashed and approached Xiao Yuxi once more, and then he swiftly blasted his fist forward.

Five golden dragons flashed into appearance and smashed down towards Xiao Yuxi!

This time, they weren’t just greater in number than before, even their size was much bigger than before.

Moreover, these golden dragons that were formed from energy seemed even more material.

They were lifelike and simply seemed like living dragons!

Xiao Yuxi’s pupils constricted violently when she saw these five golden dragons coming at her.

She took a deep breath and used all the strength within her to draw her sword and slash at them.

A strand of saber qi that was almost 300m long appeared, and it collided with those five golden dragons!


An enormous world shaking bang resounded, and then the saber qi and the five dragons dispersed in midair, causing a wave of energy to suddenly erupt from the point of collision!

Xiao Yuxi instantly heaved a sigh of relief when she saw that her attack had successfully destroyed those golden dragons.

However, right at this moment, Mo Qingyu suddenly appeared in front of her, and then a ray of green light pierced through Xiao Yuxi’s chest….


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