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Chapter 352 – One Person Isn’t Here!

Yang Ye smiled when he saw An Biru frown.

“What” Then Treasure Gathering Room doesn’t have these treasures Isn’t the Treasure Gathering Room said to have gathered all the treasures in the world Could it be that it’s only a joke”

An Biru glanced at Yang Ye and said indifferently, “Young Master Yang, there’s no need to provoke me with words.

Besides the Blood Essence of the four divine beasts, my Treasure Gathering Room does have the rest of the materials listed here.

Even if it’s the Blood Essence of the four divine beasts, my Treasure Gathering Room is still capable of obtaining it.

However, I’d like to ask if Young Master Yang can afford the price”

Yang Ye’s heartbeat instantly sped up when he heard this.

However, his expression was extremely calm as he said, “Madam An, name your price!”

An Biru raised the teacup in front of her and took a light sip before she said indifferently, “100,000,000 energy stones!”

“What!” Yang Ye suddenly stood up, but he seemed to feel that it wasn’t right and sat back down again.

After that, the corners of his mouth twitched as he laughed dryly.

“Madam An, are you sure you aren’t mistaken”

“What do you think” An Biru glanced indifferently at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye took a deep breath, and then he said, “Madam An, isn’t it a little too expensive”

“Is it” An Biru chuckled lightly and said, “Young Master Yang, I won’t say much about those natural treasures of the heavens and the earth which you require.

Even though they’re of the five elements and are treasures that mutually promote and restrain each other, they aren’t a huge deal to my Treasure Gathering Room.

However, the Blood Essence from the three divine beasts, the Vermillion Bird, Black Tortoise, and White Tiger, that you asked for aren’t treasures that can be obtained with money.

After all, all those clans reside in the demon territory, and the strengths of every single one of them are extremely terrifying.

Moreover, they’re utterly vengeful and protective of their members.

So, obtaining their Blood Essence is to utterly offend them! The slightest mistake might even cause a war between the demon race and the human race!”

“It’s too expensive!” Yang Ye shook his head and laughed bitterly.

What a joke! 100,000,000 energy stones were something that couldn’t be obtained even if he sold himself away.

“Then my hands are tied!” said An Biru.

The atmosphere here became deathly silent.

Yang Ye didn’t want to give up.

After all, the Heavenly Devil Physique was extremely formidable indeed.

If he was able to cultivate it successfully, then with the help of the Nether Ghostflame and his violet profound energy, his physical body would definitely be able to arrive at a terrifying state.

In that way, he would have the ability to go against these monstrous geniuses in the Ancient Battlefield and even the Flower Palace!

However, it was truly expensive to a terrifying degree! 100,000,000 energy stones! Even the entire Origin School’s wealth was probably not that great!

“Can I buy it on credit” Yang Ye’s face couldn’t help but flush red as soon as he finished speaking these words.

These words were quite shameless, but he couldn’t be bothered about that.

An Biru’s eyelids twitched, and then she gazed at Yang Ye before she shook her head slightly.

She smiled as she said, “Young Master Yang, you were even able to speak such words! I’m truly in awe!”

Yang Ye shrugged.

In any case, he’d decided to disregard his face.

He said, “Madam, just tell me if it’s possible or not.

Truthfully speaking, these materials are truly extremely important to me! If you’re willing to let me owe those energy stones for now, then I’ll never forget this kindness!”

An Biru fell silent.

After a short while, she suddenly said, “According to rumor, Young Master Yang has attained the Enlightened Sword Heart.

Is that true”

Yang Ye hesitated for a moment before he nodded.

He knew that he had to display his value, otherwise, why would she allow him to owe her that amount of energy stones

An Biru’s grip on her teacup tightened when she saw Yang Ye nod, and then she said, “Do you really possess the Enlightened Sword Heart”

“Of course!”

An Biru took a long glance at Yang Ye when she heard this, and then she said, “It’s not impossible to let you owe it for now.

However, Young Master Yang must promise me something, and I’ll give all of those things to you if you agree!”

Yang Ye said seriously, “What’s the condition!”

“Become a Chief Honorary Elder of my An Clan!” An Biru looked him straight in the eye as she said, “To tell Young Master Yang the truth, I’m making a long term investment.

Truthfully speaking, your current strength is too low, and it’s completely useless to my An Clan.

However, I look favorably upon Young Master Yang’s future.

In other words, if my An Clan is in danger a hundred or even a thousand years from now, and it’s within your ability, then I hope you’ll lend my An Clan a hand!”

“This investment of yours is extremely risky!” Yang Ye looked her straight in the eye as well and said, “After all, the future is full of variables.

Once a variable appears, then Madam An might have wasted 100,000,000 energy stones! Moreover, even if I’m able to live for a few hundred of a thousand years, but can you be sure that I wouldn’t change my mind then”

An Biru smiled and said, “Investments have always been risky.

I’m betting on Young Master Yang’s future and character!”

Yang Ye gazed at her for a long time before he said, “I admire Madam’s courage.

I, Yang Ye, promise that so long as the An Clan doesn’t betray me in the future, then I won’t betray the AN Clan!”

An Biru glanced at Yang Ye, and then she passed Yang Ye’s list to the middle aged man by her side and said, “Utilize all the resources of the clan to gather these materials as soon as possible.

You can purchase those we can’t find from the Northern An Clan, and there’s no need to worry about the price!”

“Yes!” The middle aged man answered before he withdrew from the hall.

Yang Ye said sincerely, “Thank you!”

An Biru smiled and said, “If you truly want to thank me, then sell all the talismans you craft in the future to my Treasure Gathering Room, alright”

Yang Ye said with a smile, “Of course!”

An Biru placed a spatial ring in front of Yang Ye and said, “These are the energy stones for those 1,000 top-grade talismans.

It isn’t much, but it should be enough for Young Master Yang!”

“Thank you!” Yang Ye spoke sincerely.

Regardless of whether she was using him or not, it was he, Yang Ye, who was getting the benefits right now.

Moreover, she was very frank.

So, it could be said that it was a gamble and a trade, and it was one where she paid the bill first and had resolved everything he needed urgently! Thus, it could truly be considered as a form of kindness to him!

An Biru nodded, and then she suddenly said, “Right, do you know why the Hidden Dragon Pagoda still hasn’t opened”

Yang Ye frowned when he heard this, and then he shook his head.

Truthfully speaking, it was something he was very puzzled about as well.

Because he’d been at the Ancient Battlefield for a long time but there had been no movement from the Hidden Dragon Pagoda!

An Biru stood up slowly before she shot her gaze towards the horizon outside the door.

Her eyes had a wisp of a solemn expression in them as she said, “Because one person isn’t here!”

“What do you mean” Yang Ye was puzzled.

“The 1st Martial God’s spear, Skysplit, is needed to open the Hidden Dragon Pagoda.

Because the Dragon Vein beneath the Hidden Dragon Pagoda was sealed by the 1st Martial God! In the past, the Ninth Rank Sects and the other extraordinary powers would head to Martial God Mountain to borrow ‘Skysplit’.

However, those powers didn’t borrow it this time!” An Biru spoke slowly.

“Why didn’t they”

An Biru glanced at Yang Ye and said, “Because Skysplit is about to have an owner!”

Yang Ye’s expression became solemn when he heard this, and he said, “You’re saying the Martial God is about to appear”

An Biru nodded and said, “The geniuses this year are much more numerous and terrifying than the past.

It’s a true battle between outstanding geniuses this time.

I’m very curious if this generation’s Martial God will be able to trample on the corpses of those monstrous geniuses to ascend to the top of the Hidden Dragon Pagoda!”

When she spoke up to here, An Biru paused for a moment and said, “Young Master Yang, improve your strength as soon as possible.

Because according to the information that I’ve obtained, that future ‘Martial God’ is already on the way to Martial God Mountain.

If nothing unexpected occurs, then the Hidden Dragon Pagoda will be opened in two months at most.

At that time, you’d truly be courting death if you tried to ascend the pagoda without formidable strength!”

Yang Ye nodded.

Actually, even if he possessed two Natural Treasures now, he still felt that his current strength was slightly weak.

Yes, while he was in the Ancient Battlefield that was full of geniuses, he had no sense of safety regardless of how many trump cards he possessed!

This was also the reason why he’d acted so shamelessly and asked her to let him owe her those energy stones!

“Young Master Yang, just stay in the Treasure Gathering Room.

It’s extremely huge, and there are numerous places to cultivate at.

You can be at ease because no one will disturb you while you cultivate here.

I’ll send over the materials you require in a while!” An Biru sat back down and spoke indifferently.

She’s telling me to leave! Yang Ye was sensible, so he stood up and cupped his fists to her while he said, “Then I’ll be troubling you!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye walked out of the hall!

When Yang Ye walked out of the hall, the figure of a woman that was like a shadow had suddenly appeared from behind where Yang Ye sat just now!

“Little Ru, was it worth it” said the woman.

“It was!” An Biru had a calm expression, and her eyes were tranquil.

Moreover, she spoke with a certain tone.

“Aunt, you’ve seen the information related to him.

He’s an extremely loyal person.

Such a person can only be treated kindly and moved by way of ‘favor’.

So long as my An Clan doesn’t betray him, then he will definitely not betray my An Clan in the future!”

“Are you that sure he’ll become an extraordinary expert” asked the woman.

“I’m not!”

“Then why”

“But even if he has only a hundredth of a chance, it’s still worth it for me to give it a try, isn’t it” An Biru said, “If I lose the gamble, it would only be 100,000,000 energy stones, but what if I won the bet If I won, then our An Clan would be able to exist for 10,000 years!”

“Even though he possesses the Enlightened Sword Heart, he may not necessarily become another Founding Ancestor of the Sword Sect!” The woman rebuked.

“Just the Enlightened Sword Heart is already sufficient for us to make this bet, is it not”

The woman fell silent.

After a short while, she said, “Do you think he can stop An Nanjing”

“He can’t!” An Biru said, “Unless he really possesses the strength that the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor possessed when he came to the Ancient Battlefield all those years ago.

No, even if it was the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor, he might not be able to obstruct her footsteps while being around the same age as her.

She’d the most monstrous genius I’ve ever seen!”

“Then why did you ask that kid….”

“It’s always good to have some hope, isn’t it” An Biru said, “Life is full of surprises.

Perhaps he might be able to give us a pleasant surprise!”

The woman sighed and didn’t speak further.

An Biru suddenly asked.

“Right, Aunt, do you know why so many astounding and monstrous geniuses have appeared in the Ancient Battlefield this time”

“An upheaval is coming….”


At the cultivation grounds of a stone house within the Treasure Gathering Room, Yang Ye’s eyes flickered with the glow of excitement and happiness as he gazed at the natural treasures that were piled up on the ground in front of him.

Everything had been gathered, so now, he could start cultivating the Heavenly Devil Physique!


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