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Chapter 354 – Sword Domain! Sword Emperor!

One month later.

Yang Ye was seated cross-legged on a mountain with his eyes closed, and a sword was floating in front of him.

Yang Ye hadn’t chosen to temper his body every single day throughout this month.

He’d chose to temper his body in the morning, and then cultivate sword techniques and comprehend the Sword Dao through the afternoon and night.

After all, the sword was his foundation, and his physical body was only supplementary.

So, he naturally has to differentiate them well!

Since he possessed the Enlightened Sword Heart, he definitely had an enormous advantage when comprehending the Sword Dao.

Because he was able to quickly enter an empty state.

His life had always been a constant alternation between being busy and slaughter.

He’d never sat down and meditated like he was doing right now.

Yes, since he was born, he’d been constantly busy.

At a young age, he was busy trying to survive and make a livelihood; when he was older, he was busy for the sake of cultivating and for his loved ones.

Now, it was for the future of his loved ones.

He’d truly been too busy throughout these 20 years of time, and he was busy to the point of never being able to have a calm moment to himself!

The moon can only be truly reflected on a clear pool while clarity can only be attained through calmness.

Calmness allows the voice of the heart to be heard.

It purifies the heart and reveals the truth of all things, allowing one to see through everything just like a god! Even vitality and difficulty would be clearly revealed.

The strength to take on a burden is akin to responsibility while the contrary is powerlessness.

Knowing when to let go is the key to the Grand Dao while the contrary is going astray.

The Enlightened Sword Heart comes from the clarity of the heart and the comprehension of the mind! Opening it, acknowledging it, and immersing myself within it would make the Dao naturally appear by my side!

When he thought up to here, Yang Ye suddenly opened his eyes, and his eyes were completely clear.

He gazed at the sword that floated in front of him as he said lightly.


As soon as he spoke, the sword shattered with a light bang, and it was transformed into countless pieces.

However, right at this moment, Yang Ye spoke lightly once more.


A shocking scene appeared.

The sword that had originally been shattered into countless pieces had swiftly converged together and recovered to its previous state….

Yang Ye took a deep breath, and then he slowly clenched his right fist.


As soon as he spoke, everything in an area of 30m around Yang Ye seemed like glass that had suffered a heavy blow.


A light bang resounded as they exploded into pieces, and only a few breaths of time had passed when the area around Yang Ye was covered in fine sand!

Yang Ye flicked his finger, and the Nether Ghostflame flashed onto his palm.

After that, he flicked his finger again, and it instantly swept out explosively.

In an instant, it transformed into an ocean of fire that covered the surroundings.

However, Yang Ye was completely unharmed as he stood amidst the ocean of fire.

Moreover, the Nether Ghostflame actually seemed as if it had merged into one with him because Yang Ye’s entire body was covered by it….

Yang Ye took another deep breath when he saw this, and then he flicked his finger.

A strand of violet sword qi shot forward explosively.

However, right when it was about to exceed a distance of 30m, Yang Ye had said in a light voice, “Stop!” This strand of violet sword qi instantly and shockingly stopped on the spot!

Yang Ye couldn’t help but clench his hands while he gazed at the strand of sword qi.

Because he noticed that this strand of violet sword qi which was boosted by his 6th level Slaughter Sword Intent was actually at least 5 times stronger than before!

With a flip of his wrist, 200 swords appeared in the surroundings, and then a shocking scene instantly appeared.

These 200 swords actually started to dance about violently throughout the surroundings, and then rays of light flickered incessantly with an extremely shocking impetus!

“Stop!” Yang Ye shouted lightly, and all 200 swords had instantly stopped on the spot.

“Mince!” He shouted lightly once more, and the 200 swords instantly started moving violently in an area of 30m around him and countless rays of light enveloped Yang Ye!

One hour later, Yang Ye sat cross-legged on the ground while in deep thought.

He was thinking why he was like an overlord within an area of 30m.

Especially because swords and sword techniques would actually become 5 times stronger in this area of 30m! Moreover, he seemed to be capable of seeing through everything in that area of 30m.

Everything was completely bare before him, and he could discern its essence with a single glance….

In next to no time, Yang Ye thought of a possibility, and he felt that it might be because of the Enlightened Sword Heart.

When he utilized the Enlightened Sword Heart in the past, he was able to see through the techniques or weak points of his enemies just like that! But now, the Enlightened Sword Heart wasn’t a purely defensive ability anymore!

Because while it was in an area of 30m, the might of the sword techniques he executed while utilizing the Enlightened Sword Heart would be directly improved by 5 times! Unfortunately, he’d been always discovering and exploring the path of the sword by himself.

So, even if he comprehended some things, he didn’t know what it was, let alone how to utilize it.

This was the sad part for him!

What could he do He was all by himself and didn’t belong to a sect!

Looks like I have to seek guidance from Elder Mu if I have the time! Yang Ye shook his head and smiled, and he stopped thinking about all of that.

However, since he’d comprehended it, then he should name it.

After a short moment of deep thought, Yang Ye grinned and said, “Since it can improve sword techniques, then I’ll call it the Sword Domain! Right, Sword Domain! I’ll call it that! Haha!”

Yang Ye suppressed the excitement in his heart and put the 200 swords away.

He merely left a single sword floating in front of him.

Yang Ye smiled lightly as he gazed at the sword, and then he flicked his finger, causing the Nether Ghostflame to attach itself to the sword.

In an instant, the sword became a flaming sword!

The sword suddenly turned around under Yang Ye’s control, and then its tip was pointed straight at him.

Right at this moment, Yang Ye suddenly stomped the ground with his right foot, and his figure shot explosively towards the distance.

However, the flaming sword instantly shot forward towards him!

After that, no matter how Yang Ye fled, the flaming sword continued pursuing him without stopping.

Moreover, it was extremely swift as well.

If Yang Ye hadn’t slapped a Strider Talisman on himself and utilized the Gale Shoes, then the flaming sword would have probably pierced a hole through him.

He’d been persistently training in the Soulseek Sword Technique since the day he started to temper his physical body.

Throughout this month, he’d practically fully comprehended this sword technique.

Of course, it was mainly because he possessed the Enlightened Sword Heart.

After all, it allowed him to see through the essence, advantages, and flaws of this technique.

Since he could see through them, wouldn’t it be much easier to cultivate

It could be said that Yang Ye had just noticed why the Enlightened Sword Heart was truly terrifying and abnormal.

It was even more terrifying than the Nether Ghostflame! Of course, it wasn’t as terrifying as the mysterious tiny vortex….

Because his grasp of the Sword Domain wasn’t that skilled yet, he hadn’t fully grasped the Soulseek Sword Technique, and he hadn’t tempered his physical body to a satisfying state, Yang Ye had chosen to continue cultivating on this mountain range.

However, he didn’t know that this decision of his would cause countless people to die outside Ancient Domain City.

Of course, he wouldn’t care even if he knew!

At this moment, almost 2,000 human corpses were hanging on the walls of Ancient Domain City, and fresh blood had dyed the walls red, causing it to be an extremely bloody and terrifying scene!

Throughout this month, it was like Yang Ye had vanished into thin air, and he didn’t show himself no matter how Mo Ke cursed and insulted Yang Ye.

So, in his rage, Mo Ke had blocked the entrance of the city, and then he sent experts from the devil rage to capture the other human profounders who’d left the city to temper themselves.

Once these human profounders were captured, the youths from the devil race would bring them to the city before Mo Ke killed them one by one!

Such bloody methods caused the human profounders to be astounded and furious.

They were furious because Mo Ke was like a god of slaughter who killed any human he saw, and he didn’t respect them at all.

On the other hand, they were astounded because Mo Ke’s strength was formidable to the point it induced despair in them.

Especially when he was holding the Nether God’s Spear!

There had definitely been human profounders who were unable to endure this any longer throughout this month, and they’d left the city to challenge Mo Ke to a one on one battle.

However, without exception, the outcome had always been that their corpses joined the others that were hanging on the city walls!

However, the three outstanding geniuses of the central territory seemed to have vanished as well, and they hadn’t shown themselves at all.

During this period, there were some who had suggested that all of them joint forces to fight the group from the devil race.

However, the surroundings would definitely fell into silence every single time such a suggestion was made.

Yes, so long as they stood atop the city wall and didn’t go down, then no matter how formidable Mo Ke was, could he harm them at all But if they were to leave the city, then they might die! Moreover, what benefit was there from doing such a thing Vent their anger and get revenge What a joke! They weren’t that stupid! Not to mention that Mo Ke was looking for Yang Ye, so wouldn’t they be dying for Yang Ye if they left the city

Even though people were constantly dying outside the city, did it have anything to do with them Yes, there was some link between a few of them, but most of those profounders who’d died weren’t related to them at all.

Just think about it, would anyone risk their lives for someone that wasn’t related to them at all

“Where’s Yang Ye Could it be that he isn’t going to stand up and deal with this matter This matter was caused by him in the end!” Some profounders on the city hall had started thinking about Yang Ye who was the ‘culprit’.

“Stand up and deal with it” Someone else laughed coldly and said, “And give his life away In my opinion, Yang Ye is really smart.

He killed the members of the devil race, seized their treasures, and made all of us human profounders bear the consequences.

What a brilliant plan!”

Someone else ridiculed.

“Actually, Yang Ye didn’t do anything wrong.

After all, they were truly too arrogant, and some human profounders should stand up and oppose them.

Moreover, didn’t all of you clap and cheer when you heard that Yang Ye and those profounders from the southern territory had annihilated that group of profounders from the devil race and nether race What All of you are changing your minds now”

“We did cheer when he did that.

However, since he killed them, then shouldn’t he come forward and bear the consequences as well.

Could it be that all those brothers who died in vain outside the city deserved death”

“If you don’t have sufficient strength, then who else can you blame if you die after coming to the Ancient Battlefield”

“Eh, is Yang Ye your father Why are you always speaking on his behalf Do you want a fight”

“A fight Bring it on! I’ve been unable to stand the sight of you for a long time!”

The profounders on the city walls had started to argue intensely….

Time flashed by quickly, and another month passed in the blink of an eye.

Martial God Mountain, a foot descended onto the peak of the mountain, and then a second foot descended there as well.

At a different place in the Ancient battlefield, a man in a violet colored robe had cut off two names on the thick Book of Judgment in his hand — Li Qingshui, Nangong Meng….

Beneath the ground at the Ninth Hell, a man that was covered within an enormous golden dragon rose slowly from there, and the dragon-shaped seal in his hand revolved swiftly.

Suddenly, the man said, “Yang Ye, I have to thank you properly.

If it wasn’t for you, the Mortal Emperor Seal wouldn’t have acknowledged me as its master.


I’ll come to thank you right now….”

At the peak of another mountain, a one-armed woman knelt on the ground, and a pitch black ancient sheathe floated silently in front of her.

“What’s the sword” A voice suddenly appeared.


“What’s the sword” The voice resounded once more.


“What’s the sword”

“My everything!”

Silence covered the surroundings.

After a short while, the voice sighed faintly.

“Nevermind, 8th level Sword Intent and 8th level Wind Intent.

Even though you don’t possess the Enlightened Sword Heart, you’re still an extraordinary genius in the Sword Dao.

Waiting any longer would just be in vain.”

As soon as the voice finished resounded, a sword howl that resounded through the heavens and the earth suddenly erupted from the ancient sheathe….

At this moment, all the peerless experts of the continent gazed towards a single direction.

At the bottom of Death Abyss and in front of the cottage, Elder Mu gazed up into the sky for a short while, and then he shook his head slowly and said, “The Sword Emperor has appeared, yet it isn’t him.

What a….”

It was also at this moment that the swords of all sword cultivators throughout the continent had struggled free of their owners’ grasps, and then a sword howl erupted towards the sky from within them….

All swords submit before the Sword Emperor!


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