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Chapter 359 – Battle!

The 200 swords that carried strands of Nether Ghostflame had formed a completely round sword formation in midair.

Surging waves of fire and terrifying Sword Intent swept out incessantly from them.

At this moment, the glow of this sword formation simply surpassed the scorching sun in the sky!

“All members of the devil race, retreat!”

“Members of the nether race, retreat!”

At practically the exact same time, Mo Ke and Hun You shouted in succession, and their voices carried a trace of obvious anxiousness.

This clearly showed how cautious they were towards Yang Ye’s sword formation, and it could even be described as fear!

A wisp of solemnness flashed through Mo Qingyu’s eyes as she gazed at the sword formation in the sky.

If it was merely just a sword formation, then she wouldn’t react in such a way even if it was enhanced by 6th level Slaughter Sword Intent.

However, it was enhanced by a Natural Treasure! The effect of her ancient sheathe wasn’t that effective against a Natural Treasure!

Mo Qingyu took a deep breath before strands of violet gales appeared around her.

These gales grew faster and faster while her figure grew fainter and fainter.

In the end, it was like she’d fused into one with the gales, and she’d vanished on the spot! At the same time, rays of green slight appeared around the violent gales!

It wasn’t just Mo Qingyu who reacted in such a way, even Mu Jun revealed a solemn expression right now.

He was similarly unafraid of the Sword Formation but the Nether Ghostflame instead.

This Natural Treasure was naturally not unfamiliar to him.

If it wasn’t for the Mortal Emperor Seal, then he would have probably been burnt to ash by it.

Now, this Natural Treasure was enhancing a sword formation along with 6th level Slaughter Sword Intent, so to what extent had the sword formation’s might been improved

When he thought up to here, the Mortal Emperor Seal in his hand started to spin swiftly, and then strands of golden light lit up within it.

At the same time, nine golden energy dragons charged out from within Mu Jun, and then they circled around in the sky above Mu Jun!

Mo Ke and Hun You didn’t waste time at all.

After they ordered their companions to retreat, the two of them gazed at the sword formation with a solemn expression as well, and then black energy and Devil Energy surged out from within them….

At this moment, Yang Ye’s eyes were crimson red while sharp Slaughter Sword Intent raged around him.

He gazed at Mo Ke, Mo Qingyu, and the others with a savage expression as he said, “All of you want to kill me Then bring it on!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the sword formation in the sky descended rapidly!

The expressions of Mo Ke and the others changed.

They stopped hesitating and executed their respective techniques!


The sword formation descended, and then an enormous bang resounded through the surroundings.

Countless waves of fire swept swiftly below Ancient Domain City.

Everywhere it passed, the ground was scorched black while numerous enormous rifts were ceaselessly appearing on the ground.

The impetus of this aftershock was extremely shocking!

As they gazed at Mo Ke and the others who were drowned beneath the waves of fire and ocean of fire, the crowd on the city walls was deathly silent.

All of them were dumbstruck, and their eyes were filled with shock. Was this really caused by a King Realm profounder My god! Even a peak Spirit Realm expert would probably be unable to accomplish this! Was Yang Ye actually so terrifying

No matter what, Yang Ye’s name was bound to spread throughout the continent after this battle!

Luo Xue’s eyes narrowed slightly while a solemn expression was within them as well.

He said in a low voice, “The Nether Ghostflame.

It’s ranked at the 4th position amongst fire element Natural Treasure.

I never expected that it would actually be in his possession.

How surprising!”

Below the city.

The wave of fire dispersed and an enormous and deep pit that was around 300m in both length and width had appeared within the shocked gazes of everyone.

The deep pit was over 100m deep, and it was an expanse of pitch black within it.

Countless specks of flame were still burning within it, and it was like an enormous pit of fire!

Where were Mo Ke and the others

They were naturally within the pit, and they could be said to be in an extremely miserable state.

Their faces were painted black with ash and their clothes were tattered.

Especially Mo Qingyu, large patches of her snow white skin was exposed.

Of course, most importantly, none of them were standing right now!

At this moment, their expressions could be said to be extremely unsightly.

Even though they’d utilized their trump cards to resist this terrifying attack, they’d displayed such a sorry state in front of countless people.

Moreover, the greatest humiliation of it all was that it was a single person who’d done this to all of them!

Especially Mo Qingyu.

As the Sword Emperor, she’d actually been reduced to such a sorry state by a sword cultivator.

This could be said to be an extraordinary humiliation to her! So, her pale face was savage to a slightly terrifying extent, and it was quite horrifying!

However, right at this moment, those 200 swords that had pierced into the ground had suddenly shot up into the sky.

Moreover, a small ball of flame had shot into the sky along with these 200 swords!

When they witnessed this scene, the eyelids of Mo Ke and the others twitched. Again

Yang Ye was going to attack again of course!

Yang Ye raised his arms as he stood at the border of the deep pit, and he attached the Nether Ghostflame onto the 200 swords.

He was originally only capable of executing this sword formation a single time.

After all, his profound energy wasn’t that abundant! However, Yang Ye had been utterly infuriated this time.

Since these fellows wanted to kill him, he felt that he might as well kill them to his heart’s content!

After he utilized the Ghostflame Sword Formation for the first time, Yang Ye had absorbed a top-grade energy stone, and its effect allowed his profound energy to recover at an insane speed.

Even though it hadn’t fully recovered the profound energy within his tiny vortex, his profound energy was already sufficient to utilize the Ghostflame Sword Formation again!

Even if the Ghostflame Sword Formation was unable to kill these fellows, Yang Ye wanted them to suffer heavy injuries at the very least!

The enormous sword formation revolved in the sky while countless sparks shot towards the surroundings, and the glow of fire blotted out the sky and made it seem like the end of the world was arriving.

The swords were spinning at high speed while Slaughter Sword Intent and flames ceaselessly shot out from within them, causing it to seem extremely shocking!

The solemn gazes of Mo Ke and the others who were within the pit carried a trace of rage as well. Does he really think we’re like ‘ripe persimmons’ that he can squash at will

For the sake of concealing their strength, they hadn’t chosen to reveal all their trump cards as Yang Ye had.

After all, their true objective was the Karmic Luck in the Hidden Dragon Pagoda.

However, Yang Ye was going too far now, so….


Mu Jun suddenly stomped the ground with his right foot and shot into the sky, and then an enormous golden energy dragon suddenly flickered into appearance and roamed around his body.

Mu Jun shouted loudly while being covered by the enormous dragon, and he tossed the Mortal Emperor Seal upward.

The seal expanded in midair and instantly transformed into an enormous dragon-shaped seal that was 300m wide and over 300m long.

“Yang Ye, do you really think you’re invincible” Mu Jun’s pale face carried a trace of a savage expression as he gazed at Yang Ye and said in a low voice, “A Natural Treasure Hmph! Let me, Mu Jun, see if your Natural Treasure or my Mortal Emperor Seal is stronger!”

Meanwhile, a whistling sound from air being torn apart resounded.

Mo Ke held the Nether God’s Spear in his hand as he shot into the sky, and he pointed it at Yang Ye from afar.

He said, “I originally intended to slowly torture you to death.

But now it would seem like it isn’t necessary!”

As soon as he finished speaking, numerous pitch black, shiny, and mysterious scales suddenly appeared on Mo Ke’s body.

In less than a breath of time, these scales had covered his entire body besides his eyes!

“His life is mine!” Meanwhile, a furious howl resounded from within the pit.

Everyone looked over and saw Mo Qingyu shoot into the sky while rays of green light flickered incessantly around her.

After she flew out of the pit, she raised the ancient sheathe up high before she suddenly shouted.


As soon as she spoke, besides the 200 swords that were under Yang Ye’s control, the swords of all the other profounders had let out a sword howl before they transformed into rays of light that entered into the ancient sheathe.

After two breaths of time that were spent in silence, an enormous green colored energy sword had suddenly flashed out from within the ancient sheathe.

The enormous sword was more than 100m long, 30m wide, and extremely condensed as if it was a material sword!

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly as he gazed at the enormous sword.

With a command in his heart, the 200 sword in midair had instantly overlapped together to form an actual sword that wasn’t inferior to the green energy sword.

At the same time, a thumb sized ball of flame attached itself to the enormous sword.

In an instant, the flame enveloped the entire sword, causing a flaming sword to appear!

“Go!” Yang Ye commanded in a cold voice.

The flaming sword suddenly started spinning, causing countless sparks to shoot towards the surroundings, and then it suddenly shot down violently!

The green energy sword shot forward explosively as well.

Under the astounded gazes of everyone in the surroundings, the two enormous swords collided with a bang.


In an instant, an enormous explosion resounded through the nine heavens while layer upon layer of terrifying waves of energy and fire swept swiftly towards the surroundings.

The expanse of space there even started to warp under the impact of the terrifying waves of fire and energy!

These waves instantly enveloped both Yang Ye and Mo Qingyu.

Right when everyone was shocked by this scene, a violet ray of light had suddenly flashed amidst the waves of fire and energy, and then it was like these waves were a rage that had been sliced apart with a sharp blade.

An enormous rift was instantly split apart amidst them, and then Yang Ye appeared before everyone while holding his sword in hand!

At this moment, Yang Ye’s eyes were crimson red while violent Slaughter Sword Intent was raging around him incessantly.

It caused the air around him to be ceaselessly sliced apart and minced into pieces! A strand of fine flame was moving around his sword like a little fairy, and it caused that sword to reveal a shocking fiery red color!

To the surprise of everyone, Yang Ye was actually completely unharmed by the terrifying waves of fire and energy!

Yang Ye was naturally fine.

The reason for that was because he’d utilized the Sword Domain when the waves of energy and fire were about to strike him, and he’d blocked them off with the Sword Domain.

He’d merely utilized it for less than a breath of time and coupled with the cover provided by the waves of fire and energy, no one had noticed his Sword Domain!

What about Mo Qingyu At this moment, she was already over 100m away, and she was in a much more terrible state when compared to Yang Ye.

Strands of violent wind were ceaselessly spinning around her while the black ancient sheathe was even held in front of her, and it was emanating rays of light to block off the wave of fire and energy for her.

However, even then, she was still affected by it, and her face, arm, and skin were completely red.

It was like they’d been cooked.

Obviously, it was caused by the Nether Ghostflame!

A wisp of a cold smile arose on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth while he gazed at her, and then his figure flashed and instantly arrived in front of Mo Qingyu.

However, right at this moment, the ancient sheathe had suddenly struggled free from Mo Qingyu’s grasp and shot violently towards Yang Ye!

The ancient sheathe had a spirit of its own, and it was protecting its master on its own!

A wisp of a vicious expression flashed in Yang Ye’s eyes when he saw the ancient sheathe trying to protect her, and then he shouted furiously.

“Fuck off!”

As soon as he spoke, the Nether Ghostflame transformed into a ray of fiery light that enveloped the ancient sheathe.

While the Nether Ghostflame was keeping the ancient sheathe busy, Yang Ye’s figure flashed and instantly arrived in front of Mo Qingyu.

Mo Qingyu’s expression changed and intended to attack.

However, right at this moment, an invisible and terrifying force suddenly enveloped her.

Mo Qingyu felt like an invisible shackle had coiled around her when she was beneath the effect of this force, and her strength and even soul had been forcefully suppressed.

Moreover, it was actually impossible to utilize her Sword Intent while being enveloped by this terrifying force!

Right at this moment, a ray of light pierced through her chest, and then Mo Qingyu’s eyes opened wide.

She opened her mouth and seemed to wish to say something.

However, she wasn’t able to say anything….

After he put his sword away, Yang Ye glanced indifferently at her before he said, “So, the so-called Sword Emperor is actually so weak!”[1]


Chapter 321 


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