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Yang Ye had fought four geniuses on his own, and he even defeated the Sword Emperor of this era.

This news instantly swept through the entire continent like a tornado! Of course, the most shocking part of this news was that Yang Ye had defeated the Sword Emperor of this era while being a sword cultivator himself! A sword cultivator defeating the Sword Emperor had never occurred in the entire continent!

In the past, the Sword Emperor was the highest title for sword cultivators, and it represented the strongest amongst sword cultivators.

Yet now, a sword cultivator had defeated the Sword Emperor.

So, what did this mean

Countless sword cultivators were puzzled.

The Sword Emperor could be said to be a sacred title in their hearts.

Every single sword cultivator took pride in becoming the Sword Emperor.

In other words, the Sword Emperor was the representative of all sword cultivators in the world! Yet now, the supreme and most sacred Sword Emperor in their hearts had actually been defeated! Moreover, it was even accomplished by a sword cultivator!

They didnt know if they should feel sorrowful or excited! The sorrow was because the Sword Emperor had actually been defeated, whereas, the excitement was because the Sword Emperor could actually be defeated!

No matter what, at this very moment, all the profounders of the younger generation in Profounder Continent knew of a persons name, and that name was — Yang Ye!

The Sword Sect.

Cool Breeze Gorge.

On an enormous rock within Cool Breeze Gorge was a woman in a white dress who stood there silently.

The woman had picturesque features a peerlessly beautiful appearance that was like a bloomed lotus, and long hair that hung loosely behind her shoulders.

She stood silently on the enormous rock while the light breeze before her caused the strand of beautiful hair by her ears to flutter lightly.

Her gaze was fixed towards the north but wasnt focused, and she seemed to be looking for something yet seemed to be thinking about something as well.

Just like that, the woman stood on the enormous rock for almost four hours, and she finally withdrew her gaze when the wisp of red on the horizon had gradually dimmed down.

Suddenly, her beautiful brows knit together while her fair hand stretched out towards her stomach that had clearly bulged up.

She rubbed her stomach lightly while her icy cold face revealed a rare wisp of gentleness.

After a short while, the woman shot her gaze towards the north again, and then her cherry lips parted lightly as she muttered in a low voice.


Were waiting for you….”


Flower Palace.

At the bottom of Passionless Cliff.

“He fought four great geniuses by himself and even defeated the Sword Emperor who had obtained the mysterious ancient sheaths acknowledgment.

At the same time, he possesses a mysterious Natural Treasure….” A woman in front of Feng Yu gazed at a scroll and read its content slowly.

At this moment, Feng Yus complexion was much better because for some unknown reason, Leng Yu whod been constantly torturing her every day had been assigned to a different place in the sect.

On the other hand, the new Enforcement Elder that was sent her had given her a shock.

Because not only did this Enforcement Elder avoid torturing her, the Enforcement Elder would heal her injuries every single day.

Moreover, the Enforcement Elder would frequently tell her about Yang Ye!

This caused her to feel extremely bewildered and puzzled.

However, it didnt matter because it was enough for her if she could hear about Yang Ye!

A gratified expression gradually appeared on Feng Yus face because her son wasnt ordinary in the end….

But Ill probably be unable to wait until the day I can see him….


After they obtained the news of Yang Yes victory over the Sword Emperor, the six great powers of the southern territory had acted similarly and maintained silent.

Because it could be said that Yang Ye wasnt someone they could crush at will anymore! Why Because so long as Yang Ye strives for a good position on the Hidden Dragon Rankings, then with the natural talent and strength he possessed, those 3 Ninth Rank Sects of the central territory would definitely open their doors to him!

So long as Yang Ye joined them, then they would be helpless against him!

However, it didnt really matter as well.

Because no matter how monstrous and outstanding Yang Ye was, he was merely a King Realm profounder in the end.

Not to mention the King Realm, so what if he was a Monarch Realm profounder How could just one person topple their sects That was a joke!

However, the higher-ups of the six great powers still had complicated feelings towards all of this.

Because they hadnt expected that Yang Yes genius would actually be so monstrous, and he would actually be able to defeat the Sword Emperor who possessed 8th level Sword Intent! Especially the Sword Sect, the entire Sword Sect was instantly enveloped in a slightly strange atmosphere upon finding out about this!

They didnt know if they should feel furious or happy.

The furiousness came from the Sword Sects decision to actually give up on Yang Ye and give up on a sword cultivator who could defeat the Sword Emperor.

Conversely, the happiness came from the fact that a sword cultivator who was once a member of their sect and had cultivated amongst them had defeated the Sword Emperor!

No matter what, once the news of Yang Yes victory over the Sword Emperor had spread to the Sword Sect, the place Yang Ye once stayed had been emptied because no one dared to stay there! Besides that, the matter of how Yang Ye had once been a Labor Disciple who snuck off to cultivate in Clear Breeze Gorge had gradually spread throughout the Sword Sect….

“I never expected that he would actually be able to defeat the Sword Emperor as well! My god! Is he still the same Labor Disciple that worked with me all those years ago! Is thatYang Ye who defeated the Sword Emperor really the same Yang Ye who I know”

“Merely a short period of time has passed.

However, he has seized the 1st position on the Ascension Rankings, and now he has even defeated the Sword Emperor.

Besides the Founding Ancestor, there isnt a single person in the Sword Sects history who can compare to such accomplishments! But why did the sect expel him In the future, hell definitely be able to lead our Sword Sect to glory!”

“I was actually from the same sect as the sword cultivator who defeated the Sword Emperor! Even though it was in the past, but it still happened.


“Alas! If the sect didnt expel him, then could anyone in the younger generation of the southern territory compete with our Sword Sect Alas! What a pity….”

Something worth mentioning was that the matter related to how Yang Ye had been expelled from the Sword Sect started spreading swiftly through the entire southern territory.

After that, all the profounders and powers in the southern territory took pleasure in the Sword Sects misfortunate.

Of course, most importantly, the Sword Sect and all its higher-ups were given a nickname — Ignorant Fools!

It was exactly because of this incident that some clans started asking the disciples of their clans to return from the Sword Sect.

Because as far as they were concerned, even if the disciples of their clans possessed natural talent, it would probably be buried in the Sword Sect….

It could be said that the negative effect that Yang Yes victory over the Sword Emperor caused to the Sword Sect was enormous! On the other hand, the higher-ups of the Sword Sect continued maintaining their silence and didnt do anything to save the situation.

They just allowed the disciples of the Sword Sect to leave and allowed those harmful rumors to spread.

It was like they hadnt heard them at all, and it caused all the other great powers to feel extremely puzzled and bewildered!

The headquarters of the Talisman Masters Association.

At this moment, all the higher-ups of the Talisman Masters Association were seated in a hall in silence.

After a short while, Bai Shan who sat at the seat of the host sighed lightly and said, “With that kids pride, he will absolutely not return.

Fine, even if he doesnt return to the Talisman Masters Association, we wont become enemies because of Lin Shan and his younger sisters presence.

But its just a pity! What a pity!”

The other old men shook their heads upon hearing this, and there was undisguised regret in their eyes.

It was a lie if they said they didnt feel regret, but it was all too late now….

Two young girls were seated on the stone steps outside the hall.

“Baoer, did you hear My Big Brother defeated the Sword Emperor! Hmph! Hell definitely be able to rescue my mother and reunite us all once he returns!”

“Che! Is that really so great I can do that as well! I guarantee that a single super talisman will definitely blast her flying!”

“It probably cant….

I heard that the Sword Emperor is extremely formidable!”

“Really If shes formidable, then Ill use two super talismans, that should definitely be sufficient to blast her flying.

After all, just one can completely obliterate a Spirit Realm profounder, so two will definitely be sufficient to blast her to death! If two arent enough, then Ill use three, or four! Hmph! In any case, I have a bunch of them!”

After a short while.

“Baoer, I miss my mother and big brother!”

After a moment of deep thought.

“I miss the Little Laborer a little as well! Hmph! He went to play at the Ancient Battlefield but didnt take me along.

Was he worried that I would be a burden to him How infuriating! Lets not talk about him! Little Yao, lets go to play in the western area of the city.

I heard theres a very arrogant Young Marquis there.

Lets blast him up and make him keep a low profile.”


Immortal Indulgence Pavilion.

A voluptuous and enchanting woman gazed at a letter in her hand, and then a wisp of a charming and enchanting smile gradually appeared on the corners of her mouth.

She said, “He fought four great geniuses by himself and even defeated the Sword Emperor of this era.

Haha! As expected of the man that I, Qin Xiyue, took a liking to.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she restrained the smile on her face and said, “Little Qing, give the order.

Order all the members of the Specter Group to pay close attention to the six great powers, especially the Sword Sect and Flower Palace.

Notify me immediately if they take any unusual action!”

“Yes!” The voice of a woman sounded out from within the darkness.


Ancient Domain City.

Treasure Gathering Room.

An Birus gaze was solemn as she gazed at the enormous corpse of an Azure Dragon that was laid out in front of her.

“Madam An, how much can this corpse be sold for” said Yang Ye with a smile on his face.

Presently, he needed money urgently.

After all, he had to get a set of equipment for Leng Jun and the others, and he naturally intended to get the best for them.

Because their strengths and natural talents were formidable, so they would definitely be able to look down upon the world with him in the future!

An Biru didnt answer him.

She merely glanced at him and then smiled as she said, “Needless to say, Young Master Yang really surprised me.

The Sword Emperor of this era hadnt even had the chance to show off before she was defeated by you.

Moreover, you even forced the mysterious sheathe to show itself.

Young Master Yang really surprised me.”

Yang Ye smiled and said, “Theres no need for words of praise.

Madam An, lets talk about the price of this dragons corpse!”

“The entire corpse of this dragon is a treasure.

However, it cant be sold!” said An Biru.


“Are you trying to make my An Clan offend the Azure Dragon Race” An Biru said, “The Dragon Race is extremely proud.

If they find out that a member of their race was sold or auctioned off by humans, then they will definitely not stop until they annihilate us all! Even though my An Clan isnt afraid of them, theres truly no need to make a formidable enemy for no reason!”

Yang Ye frowned, and he was just about to say something when An Biru continued.

“However, my An Clan can craft this corpse into top-grade Dark Treasures!”

Yang Ye was delighted when he heard this, and he said, “Thats for the best!”

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