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“In other words, you dont have to die anymore.

Understand” An Nanjing spoke indifferently.

Yang Ye couldnt help but chuckle when he heard this, and he said, “Are you so sure that you can kill me” This womans strength was extremely formidable.

It was unprecedentedly formidable.

However, he really didnt believe she could kill him.

Even though she hadnt revealed her true strength, but had he The Enlightened Sword Hearts ability to destroy everything with a single strike of the sword wasnt just empty talk!

“Theres no one beneath the Spirit Realm who I cant kill!” An Nanjing glanced indifferently at Yang Ye.

Her tone was natural as if she was speaking about something extremely normal.

“Why dont you come and give it a try” Yang Ye swung the ancient sheath in his hand as he spoke these words.

An Nanjing shook her head slowly and said, “I have too few opponents.

So killing you would deprive me of some enjoyment.

Thus, for the sake of providing me with some enjoyment, you should continue living!”

As soon as she finished speaking, she turned around and walked down from the 5th level.

When she arrived at the entrance of the 4th level, she suddenly stopped and said, “If you want to live longer, then work hard to become stronger! Otherwise, if I feel you dont have the qualifications anymore someday, then youll die.


An Nanjing didnt stay here any longer and walked into the 4th level after she finished speaking!

Yang Ye was stunned, and then he chuckled lightly.

I, Yang Ye, am only able to live because Im able to provide her with some enjoyment She really is arrogant to the extreme!

Yang Ye didnt flare up from being underestimated.

In any case, if nothing unexpected happened, then they would encounter each other during the battle for the rankings on the Hidden Dragon Rankings! At that time, one of them would definitely die! Because the battles during the Hidden Dragon Rankings were battles of life and death, and she would definitely not allow him to live.

Similarly, he wouldnt allow her to live as well!

Right at this moment, a ray of light flashed before the Sword Spirit of the ancient sheath appeared in front of Yang Ye.

“It has been so long since Ive come here!” She glanced at the surroundings before a wisp of a complicated expression flashed through her eyes.

“Youve been here” Yang Ye was astounded.

The Sword Spirit nodded lightly and said, “The Unfettered One came here all those years ago, so I naturally came here with him!”

“Wasnt the Sword Sects Founding Ancestor unable to enter this place all those years ago” Yang Ye was puzzled.

“He didnt during the time that Hidden Dragon Rankings was held.

However, it wasnt because he couldnt, but he disdained to enter this place!” The ancient sheath spoke in a light voice.


“Because the 1st Martial God left a strand of his soul here.

To be more precise, the inheritance of one of his combat techniques lies here.

With his pride, he would naturally not come here to seize that inheritance when hed chosen not to become the Martial God.

So, he didnt come in here at that time! The facts of the past price that even the Martial God who obtained such a top-rate inheritance couldnt defeat the Unfettered One!” said the Sword Spirit.

An inheritance Yang Yes eyes lit up when he heard this, and he said, “Where is it”

He wasnt as proud as the Unfettered One.

The inheritance of the 1st Martial God would probably not be trash at all, and he lacked combat techniques the most!

“Its useless even if you obtain it!” The Sword Spirit shook her head and said, “Because the requirements to cultivate that technique are extremely harsh.

You cant even fulfill the 1st requirement which is the most basic requirement, and that it to comprehend Speed Intent and Strength Intent! Speed Intent and Strength Intent represents an understanding of the true meaning behind speed and strength!”

Yang Ye said, “An Nanjing has comprehended both those Intents”

The Sword Spirit nodded and said, “You must be careful when you fight her in the future because shes truly extremely formidable.

Even if it was the Unfettered One, he was merely slightly stronger than her at her age.

After all, she already possesses five different Intents.

Any one of these Intents isnt inferior to your Slaughter Sword Intent.

You ought to be very clearly aware of how formidable her Speed Intent and Strength Intents are.

Moreover, I feel that she has concealed another Intent!”

Five Intents! Yang Yes expression couldnt help but turn solemn when he heard her.

Five different Intents! How monstrous is her genius

Yang Ye fell silent.

After a short while, he laughed bitterly and said in a low voice, “Looks like I really have to work hard!”

The Sword Spirit nodded lightly and said, “Your current strength is still slightly weak.

Especially in terms of sword techniques.

Even though the might of that sword formation is extraordinary when enhanced by the Nether Ghostflame and the Soulseek Sword Techniques isnt bad, that combination of sword formation and Nether Ghostflame isnt very effective against true experts like An Nanjing and Mo Ke!”

Yang Ye nodded in agreement.

She was right, while the combination of the sword formation and Nether Ghostflame was extremely strong, it wasnt able to pose a true threat to experts like Mo Ke and An Nanjing.

This caused him to have practically no choice but to strike them ferociously when he fought….

When he thought up to here, Yang Ye shook his head while feeling rather helpless!

“Your Nether Ghostflame is extremely formidable.

The reason it wasnt effective against An Nanjing wasnt its fault!” The Sword Spirit spoke slowly.

“The main reason is that you didnt utilize it correctly.

Moreover, your sword formation and sword techniques themselves have huge flaws.

In short, its like a slight waste of a treasure when the Nether Ghostflame is utilized by you!”

The corners of Yang Yes mouth twitched when he heard this.

Cant this fellow be a little reserved when she speaks

However, he had no choice but to admit that her words made sense.

Because hed never really studied the Nether Ghostflame since hed obtained it, and hed purely released it during every battle….

“So, is there some sort of special method to control the Nether Ghostflame” Yang Ye asked for guidance.

The Sword Spirit remained silent and merely gestured with her hand.

In an instant, the Nether Ghostflame flew into her palm, and then she pulled it apart with her hands, and it was instantly pulled apart into a long and straight line.

After that, she pushed it together slightly and it instantly transformed into a ball of flame.

Next, her hands moved about for a moment, and then a flame dragon that was over 3m long had instantly appeared in front of Yang Ye.

Then, her hands moved again, and the flame dragon became a flame phoenix….

Yang Ye was stunned by this scene.

The Nether Ghostflame simply seemed alive in her hands.

It ceaselessly appeared in countless different shapes that were extremely lifelike, and it caused Yang Ye to be dazzled by this sight!

After a short while, she flicked her finger, and the Nether Ghostflame returned to Yang Ye.

She gazed at Yang Ye who still felt shocked and said, “That was a method to control flames.

The Nether Ghostflame in your possession is like a piece of iron.

If you know how to use it, then it will become a sharp sword thats a weapon of slaughter; if you dont know how to use it, then it would just be a piece of iron that can only be smashed against another!”

Yang Ye was about to speak when the Sword Spirit spoke again.

“Lend me your sword!”

Yang Ye was stunned, and then he flipped his palm and Dragonbone appeared before the Sword Spirit!

The Sword Spirit shook her head while she held Dragonbone and said, “Youre actually using such trash.

Could it be that you truly think this Dragonbone of yours can resist Skysplit”

Yang Ye hurriedly said, “Then why dont you give me one”

“I dont have any!” The Sword Spirit said, “But I know a place that has a sword.

Even though its much more inferior to the Unfettered Ones Heavenly Inquisitor, its not that bad!”

“Where is it” Yang Yes eyes lit up.

Hed always wanted to find a sword that was good and suited him.

Unfortunately, hed never seen one until now.

The Azure Sword he possessed at that time wasnt bad, but it was taken back by the Sword Sect, and it had made him feel depressed for quite some time!

“Its in the southern territory!” The Sword Spirit glanced indifferently at Yang Ye and said, “Lets go get it when we have the chance! Now, watch carefully!”

As soon as she finished speaking, the Sword Spirit swung Dragonbone lightly.

In an instant, a strand of white and fine sword qi that seemed like a thread had shot out violently from the tip of Dragonbone.

At the same time, a needle-sized hole had appeared on the stone wall over 100m away from her….

Yang Yes eyes instantly opened wide when he witnessed this scene, and his eyes were filled with shock.

Because that strand of sword qi was truly too small and fine, and it was fine to the point it was almost invisible to the eye!

Right at this moment, the Sword Spirit gestured once more with her hand, and the Nether Ghostflame instantly attached itself to Dragonbone.

After that, she swung Dragonbone again, and then a thread of sword qi shot out violently.

Unlike before, the Nether Ghostflame was attached to this thread of sword qi, and to Yang Yes astonishment, the Nether Ghostflame attached to the thread of sword qi had actually transformed into a thread as well….


The thread of sword qi blasted onto the stone wall, and then a light bang resounded.

After that, the enormous stone wall cracked apart.

However, it recovered to its original state in next to no time.

This scene made Yang Ye feel extremely puzzled!

“Thats the energy of the Laws!” The Sword Spirit explained.

“The things here can be damaged, but the Laws here will take effect once they are damaged to a certain extent, and then it will repair the damaged things!”

At this moment, Yang Ye didnt care about the so-called energy of the Laws.

His mind was filled with thoughts about how the Sword Spirit had made the sword qi so fine and tiny yet allowed its might to multiply.

Moreover, even the Nether Ghostflame was the same.

Yes, he was able to clearly sense that the Nether Ghostflames might had improved greatly as well!

So, when both of them were combined, their might far exceeded the Ghostflame Sword Formation and Soulseek Sword Technique! Please go to https://www.novelupdates.cc/Almighty-Sword-Domain/ to read the latest chapters for free


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