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“This sword technique is called Sword Thread, and it was created by the 6th Sword Emperor!” The Sword Spirit spoke slowly.

“Sword Thread refers to compression sword qi repeatedly like the process of forging a sword.

The iron is ceaselessly compressed, and the more it is compressed, the greater its quality would be.

The Sword Thread technique follows the same principle! Moreover, you can utilize the Nether Ghostflame in the same way.

The more adept you become at controlling it, the greater its might would become!”

“Sword Thread” Yang Yes eyes flickered with a glow of excitement as he said, “What rank is this sword technique”

The Sword Spirit pondered deeply for a moment before she said, “Mid-grade Heaven Rank! However, its strength is absolutely not inferior to a high-grade Heaven Rank technique at this moment in time!”

“Thats enough.

Teach it to me right now!” Yang Ye was slightly impatient.

Sword techniques had always been a weakness of his.

It wasnt because he lacked the required natural talent, and it was instead because he didnt have a good sword technique! Even if he tried to seize one, it was still impossible to obtain unless he robbed one of those formidable sects.

But robbing them was no different than courting death!

The Sword Spirit nodded slightly and said, “Close your eyes and concentrate while I pass down the technique to you!”

Yang Ye closed his eyes slightly, and in next to no time, a string of information surged into his mind….

After around an hour had passed, Yang Yes eyes finally opened slowly.

He clenched his palm and Dragonbone appeared in his grasp.

He swung it lightly, and a strand of sword qi shot out explosively from its tip.

The sword qi blasted onto the ground not too far away from him, and it caused countless rocks to shoot into the air.

Yang Ye frowned when he witnessed this scene, and then he shook his head.

According to the description of the technique, his compression of sword qi wasnt very ideal because there seemed to be no change in his sword qi!

The Sword Spirit spoke slowly.

“More haste, less speed.

You possess the Enlightened Sword Heart, so when compared to an ordinary profounder, you possess many more advantages when cultivating sword techniques.

However, you must remember to avoid getting impatient.

Its impossible to instantly master any sword technique.

The reason I demonstrated the Sword Thread technique and control of the Nether Ghostflame to you wasnt so that you would cultivate painstakingly right now and immediately attain mastery of them.

After all, that isnt realistic.

My objective was to allow you to obtain a clear understanding of some of the flaws in your cultivation.


Yang Ye was stunned when he heard this, and then he nodded and said, “I understand!”

Indeed, he was a bit too impatient.

It was impossible to instantly master a sword technique.

Presently, his main objective was to cultivate properly and step foot into the Spirit Realm as soon as possible! As for the sword technique and Nether Ghostflame, he could only put them aside for now!

Yang Ye sat down cross-legged and started madly absorbing the energy in the surroundings.

The Sword Spirit nodded lightly when she witnessed this scene.

Even though this fellow before me has a slightly extreme character, he was able to realize his mistakes and rectify them, and he didnt act obstinately.

In short, he isnt a bad person, and its easy to get along with him so long as he isnt rubbed the wrong way.

A ray of light flashed, and then the Sword Spirit returned to her original form and floated in front of Yang Ye.


The Sword Sect.

Sky Hall.

At this moment, only two people were standing in the enormous Sky Hall.

One of them was a white haired old man who had a wine gourd handing from his waist while the other was a refined middle aged man.

The atmosphere in the hall seemed cold and cheerless at this moment.

After a short while, the refined middle aged man said, “Martial Uncle, are you really going to try and overcome the Heavenpath”

The white haired old man took the wine gourd from his waist and drank a mouthful of wine, and then his gaze shot towards the horizon as he said, “Muzhe, I know what youre worried about.

But you should be aware that my lifespan is almost depleted.

If I dont try to overcome it, then only death awaits me.

Conversely, I would still have a chance at survival if I were to give it a try!”

“But if you fail, then the Sword Sect will be doomed!” The refined middle aged man spoke in a low voice.

“The Sword Sect will still be doomed once my lifespan is depleted!” The white haired old man sighed.

“If I try, then I would still have a chance at survival, and the Sword Sect would have a chance at survival as well.

But if I dont, then the Sword Sect will still face a calamity in 3 years at most.

At that time, the Sword Sect will really have no chance at survival!”

The refined middle aged man sighed and said, “Muzhe is ashamed.

Not only was the Sword Sect unable to relive its former glory in my hands, it has even been declining steadily.

Ive disappointed the ancestors of the sect!”

The white haired old man shook his head and said, “Its not your fault.

If I hadnt brought trouble to the Sword Sect by infuriating the Origin School all those years ago, then the Sword Sect wouldnt have suffered their oppression throughout the last 1,000 years.

Of course, I dont regret what happened all those years ago.

What I regret is that kid called Yang Ye.

What a pity!”

“Yang Ye” The refined middle aged man said in a light voice, “That fellow who killed the Sword Emperor and is called the Sword Emperor now”

The white haired old man nodded while a wisp of regret flashed through his eyes.

He said, “At that time, for the sake of resolving the enmity between our Sword Sect and both the Flower Palace and Origin School, I didnt just make the sect lose an extraordinary genius in the Sword Dao, I even made the Sword Sect become the laughingstock of the entire southern territory.

I caused the sects reputation to crater, and it made the entire sect feel displeased with me.

Needless to say, that was my biggest mistake!”

“It really is a pity!” The refined middle aged man said, “If hes a disciple of the Sword Sect, then so long as he remains alive, he would definitely be able to utilize the title of Sword Emperor to rebuild the Sword Sect even if the entire Sword Sect is obliterated.

However, theres still room to turn the situation around.

Hasnt Qingshi….”

Daoist Zui interrupted the refined middle aged man and said, “Its not necessary for now.

If I overcome the Heavenpath, then all the problems that the Sword Sect faces now wouldnt be problems anymore.

If I fail, then the fate of the Sword Sect will be up to the heavens!”

There was a short moment of silence in the hall before the refined middle aged man said, “How confident are you, Martial Uncle”


The refined middle aged mans heart immediately sank.

After a short while, he said, “At that time, Ill borrow the strength of all the sects disciples to lend Martial Uncle a hand!”

After a short moment of deep thought, Daoist Zui nodded lightly and said, “Alright!”


A day has passed.

Yang Ye was like a vortex within the 5th level, and all the energy within the level surged violently towards him.

At this moment, the aura he emanated was much stronger than before, and if someone was present here, that person would notice that the air around Yang Ye seemed to have warped strangely!

Controlling Aura!

This was the symbol of a Spirit Realm expert.

In other words, Yang Ye wasnt far from the Spirit Realm!

Actually, Yang Ye was extremely depressed because he could have advanced a long time ago.

However, 80% of the profound energy within the tiny vortex had been sucked into the door atop the pool of profound energy.

In other words, less than 20% became his own! However, it was still alright because even this 20% was much greater than all the profound energy possessed by an ordinary King Realm profounder!

Besides Yang Ye, some geniuses on the 4th level like Mo Ke, Hun You, Luo Xue, Xi Luo, and Ji Yanshi had shown signs of breakthrough as well! All of them were geniuses amongst geniuses, and theyd already attained the peak of the King Realm.

Especially Mo Ke and Luo Xue, they were halfway into the Spirit Realm.

So, with such abundant energy here, advancing into the Spirit Realm was extremely easy for them!

Everyone on the 4th level was cultivating desperately because once a profounder from one side attained the Spirit Realm, then the other side was bound to suffer a tragic fate.

All of them didnt want to suffer a tragic fate, so they were cultivation desperately.

On the other hand, the profounders on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd level….

None of them dared to immerse themselves and cultivate properly! Why Because everyone around them was an enemy, so anyone who immersed themselves in their cultivation would die!

If the killing from before was carried out for the sake of seizing a spot, then the killing now was because of hatred! Yes, all of them were blinded by slaughter.

Every single person they looked at was like an enemy to them, so how could they cultivate peacefully They wouldnt dare do that no matter how bold they were!

Something worthy of mentioning was that An Nanjing had walked over to stand in front of the Hidden Dragon Stele after she left the 5th level.

However, when everyone thought she would challenge the rankings of the peerless geniuses from throughout the history of Profounder Continent, she didnt move at all.

She just stood there silently while her gaze had descended onto the name of the 1st Martial God!

Just like that, she stood there for an entire day.

Of course, no one dared to disturb her.

What a joke! If she didnt look for trouble with them, then it was something worthy of praising the heavens and the earth for! So, who would dare to look for trouble with her Even Luo Xue revealed a trace of a solemn expression in his eyes as he gazed at An Nanjing!

Time flowed by slowly, and another day passed by.


Early in the morning on the 3rd day, a shocking imposing aura suddenly surged out from within Luo Xues body, and the masked figures around him were instantly forced backward repeatedly by this imposing aura.

Everyone in the surroundings was shocked.

He has advanced

Right at this moment, a terrifying strand of Devil Energy suddenly erupted from within Mo Ke.

The Devil Energy seemed material, and it instantly enveloped Mo Ke within it!

When they witnessed this scene, wild joy surged onto the faces of the countless devil profounders here, and then the expressions of the human profounders at the side became utterly gloomy instead!

“All the human profounders here shall die!” Mo Kes voice was like a thunderclap that rumbled and resounded by the ears of all the human profounders!


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