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Chapter 406 – Luo Feng! Concubine!

Now, it was the time for the extraordinary sects of the central territory to recruit new blood.

Besides those who had disciples that had entered the top 30 of the rankings and obtained a good position, the representatives of the other sects were quite impatient.

The end goal of the Hidden Dragon Rankings wasn’t just to recruit the geniuses of the various territories, it was most importantly held for the Karmic Luck!

Besides peerless geniuses like Yang Ye and An Nanjing, a single genius could at most provide a sect with another expert in the future.

On my occasions, only Monarch Realm experts were of use to a sect.

So, Karmic Luck was much more important than a genius!

Because Karmic Luck was related to the future prosperity and decline of a sect!

After the representatives of those sects appeared on the arena, their eyes glowed with greed as they gazed at Leng Jun and the others.

If it was at any other time, then while these geniuses weren’t bad, these geniuses were far from possessing the ability to make them lose their composure.

But it wasn’t the same right now because all of these youths on the arena could bring Karmic Luck to their sects!

“Eight Rank Sect, the Pure Dao Sect.

You can become an Elite Disciple upon entering the sect.

Moreover, you can choose any low-grade Heaven Rank cultivation technique and combat technique, obtain 3,000 energy stones a month, 10 of every single type of mid-grade talisman….”

“Seventh Rank Sect, Beginning Sect.

You can become the personal disciple of the Sect Master upon joining the sect.

You can choose anything from the sect’s Combat Technique Pavilion and Cultivation Technique Pavilion.

Besides that, you’ll be provided with 4,000 energy stones a month and you’ll have one chance to cultivate in the Sect’s Sacred Grounds every single month….”

“Ninth Rank Sect, Ascension Sect.

You can become an inner court disciple upon joining the sect and obtain a low-grade Heaven Rank cultivation technique and combat technique.

You’ll be provided with 5,000 energy stones a month, and you’ll be allowed to enter the Sect’s Cultivation Paradise to cultivate for free for an entire month.

Besides that, the clans you belong to can become my sect’s vassals.

Of course, this offer is merely limited to the geniuses in the top 10 of the rankings!”

The representatives of the various sects declared their conditions and offers, and it was now time for the geniuses to make their choices.

In next to no time, profounders had made their choices in succession.

Besides Leng Jun, Leng Yin, and Zhang Liu, all the other human profounders in the top 10 had chosen to join a Ninth Rank Sect.

The remaining profounders wanted to choose the Ninth Rank Sects as well, but they lacked the qualifications, unfortunately, and could only choose Eight Rank and Seven Rank Sects!

In next to no time, all the top 30 profounders had finished making their choices.

In the end, the representatives shot their gazes at Yang Ye.

Because they couldn’t hope to recruit An Nanjing, and only Yang Ye didn’t have a sect.

If they could make him join their sect, then the Karmic Luck their sect obtained would be immeasurable!

It was the Eighth Rank and Ninth Rank Sects who’d intended to recruit Yang Ye while the Seventh Rank Sects knew their limitations.

They knew they couldn’t fight against the Eight Rank and Ninth Rank Sects!

Qian Huan sighed lightly, and then he said, “Yang Ye, I won’t beat around the bush.

If you’re able to join my sect, then my sect will definitely guarantee another 10 years of life to you.

Anything can happen in 10 years.

Perhaps it’s your last chance at survival.

I hope you consider it properly!”

The other representatives immediately shut their mouths when they heard Qian Huan, and they discarded any intention to speak.

Because they weren’t able to pay the price of extending Yang Ye’s life for 10 years!

Yang Ye didn’t even hesitate to refuse.

“Thank you for your good intentions, Senior.

However, I’m used to being unrestrained, so I don’t want to join a sect.

At the very least, I don’t want to join any sect for now.

So, please forgive me!” How could Yang Ye be unaware of Qian Huan’s intentions Qian Huan had only attached importance to the Karmic Luck, and if he were to give Qian Huan that Karmic Luck, then only the heavens would know if Qian Huan would really fulfill that promise of extending his lifespan by 10 years!

Qian Huan shook his head, sighed lightly, and didn’t speak another word.


Right at this moment, a dragon roar suddenly resounded from the horizon.

Everyone was shocked and raised their eyes to look over.

They saw nine colossi shooting over rapidly from the horizon.

In less than a few breaths of time, those nine colossi had arrived in the sky above them, and all of them were immediately shocked when they saw these nine colossi clearly.

Because they were actually nine enormous dragons, and an enormous golden imperial carriage that was over 1km long resided behind these dragons!

Dragons are being utilized as horses Which power is this from

Everyone in the surroundings was astounded!

Qian Huan frowned slightly when he witnessed this scene, and then he said in a low voice.

“The Exalted Han Empire….”

When he spoke up to here, he seemed to have thought of something, and he turned to glance at Yang Ye as he shook his head and said to himself, What a troublemaker! Fortunately, he didn’t agree to my request just now.

This time, even the An Clan can’t save him!

Under the astounded gazes of everyone, numerous jade stairs suddenly appeared in midair, and it connected the golden imperial carriage to the ground.

After that, its door was gradually opened before a young man who wore a yellow robe walked out slowly from within.

The man was around 20 plus, had a handsome and extraordinary appearance, and wore a yellow robe, causing him to seem indescribably noble and composed.

However, the faint evil grin that hung on the corners of his mouth allowed others to immediately realize that he wasn’t a good and kind person!

There were four women by his sides.

All of them were extremely beautiful, and the sight of them caused the countless profounders below to be dazed.

Yang Ye asked An Nanjing.

“Who’s that He’s making such an extravagant display.”

An Nanjing glanced indifferently at Yang Ye and said, “I don’t know!”

The yellow robed man glanced at the crowd below, and then he didn’t mind the gazes of the crowd as he stretched out his hands to pull two beauties into his arms.

After that, he walked down the jade steps with the two beauties in his arms, and as he walked down the stairs, his hands had even descended onto their perk buttocks and started pinching and rubbing without restraint….

Those two beauties had a very natural expression while being held by him, and they didn’t reveal even a trace of embarrassment or discomfort.

Obviously, they’d become accustomed to things like this!

In next to no time, the man had arrived on the ground, and then he glanced at everyone before he smiled.

“I presume all of you are the geniuses of the various territories.

It’s good to meet all of you, I’m Luo Feng!”

“It’s Luo Feng!” Someone exclaimed with surprise.

“He’s Mu Jun’s uncle….”

Luo Feng enjoyed quite a reputation in the central territory.

Of course, it was infamy.

The reason for this was that he was extremely lustful, and he could be said to be renowned for it in the central territory.

After all, it was said that he possessed over 10,000 concubines….

He naturally possesses strength as well, but his strength wasn’t reflected in his ability to do battle, and it was his ability to command battle instead.

His ability to command troops was something that the number one God of War of the Exalted Han Empire, Fang Yun, who possessed command over 100,000 Spirit Realm soldiers admired! That was also the reason why he could live so well in the Exalted Han Empire even when he was so lustful for women!

Luo Feng nodded to everyone, and then he held the two beauties in his arms as he walked up the arena.

He said, “Which one of you kill that pitiable nephew of mine Step forward.

Don’t worry, I didn’t come here to take revenge for him.

My Exalted Han Empire doesn’t want to break the rules of the Hidden Dragon Rankings as well, but the Mortal Emperor Armor, Mortal Emperor Seal, and Immortal Binding Rope must be handed over.

It belongs to my Exalted Han Empire, and it’s a source of extremely bad luck for anyone else who possesses it.


Suddenly, Luo Feng’s voice stopped abruptly before his gaze descended onto An Nanjing.

His hands that were pinching and rubbing those two beauties had immediately stopped when he saw An Nanjing, and his eyes emanated the glow of desire!

Yang Ye and the profounders around An Nanjing instantly moved backward by almost 30m when they witnessed this scene.

They knew that Luo Feng definitely possessed an extraordinary background, but they had a deeper understanding of how terrifying An Nanjing was.

Even if Luo Feng was the Emperor of the Exalted Han Dynasty, he would still have to suffer for provoking An Nanjing!

At this moment, the representatives of the extraordinary sects had maintained silence with extreme tacit understanding.

They naturally didn’t have a good impression of the Exalted Han Empire.

So, if this perverted fellow wanted to look for death, then they naturally intended to fulfill his wish.

Moreover, they felt that it would be even better if the An Clan entered into war with the Exalted Han Empire!

Luo Feng released the two women by his side and walked over slowly to An Nanjing, and there was undisguised excitement in his eyes.

When he arrived 3m away from An Nanjing, he stretched out his hand and pointed at her.

“From now onward, you’re my 13,679th concubine.

You can refuse but I’ll disregard your refusal!”

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth instantly twitched when he heard Luo Feng. He intends to take An Nanjing as his concubine And it’s even the 13,679th Moreover, he’s actually Mu Jun’s uncle But he doesn’t seem to be much older than Luo Feng! Mu Jun’s grandfather was really a loose and amorous fellow….

Moreover, he has come to take the Mortal Emperor Seal, Mortal Emperor Armor, and Immortal Binding Rope

Yang Ye frowned. The Immortal Binding Rope I do possess the Mortal Emperor Seal and Mortal Emperor Armor, but I’ve never seen that Immortal Binding Rope he spoke of.

Could it be that I didn’t search carefully enough

No matter what, how could I possibly give up what I’ve already taken Yang Ye laughed coldly, and a wisp of ghastly killing intent flashed through his eyes as he gazed at Luo Feng.


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