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“Everyone retreat and conceal yourselves.

Dont allow yourselves to be discovered!” Yang Ye made a prompt decision.

Because an Exalt Realm expert wasnt someone that Ye Yun and the others could go against.

They nodded, and then their figures flashed and vanished beneath the night sky.

“Seniors, what ranks of cultivation are those three Exalt Realm experts at” asked Yang Ye.

The woman on the left, Qing, was about to answer him when the woman on the right, Hong, spoke coldly before she could.

“We cant tell you that!”

Yang Ye frowned, and then his gaze gradually turned cold as he gazed at them.

After a short while, he suppressed the rage in his heart and said, “I can take the reason both of you didnt help earlier as being uninterested in enemies at the Spirit Realm.

But now, Exalt Realm experts have appeared, yet you still refuse to lend a hand.

But not only do you refuse to help, you even refuse to reveal information related to them.

So, is there any point in having the two of you by my side”

In the beginning, he was rather happy when he had two Exalt Realm experts by his side.

But all along the way, the two of them hadnt had any intention to help him at all.

Moreover, he had a feeling that they were slightly hostile towards him, especially the woman called Hong!

“The orders we received was to protect you.

So, we wont lend a hand unless your life is in danger!” Hong spoke in a cold voice.

“Alright!” Yang Ye nodded and said, “Since its like that, then both of you can return to Ancient Domain City! I dont need your protection!”

Yang Ye wasnt being impulsive, and it was actually because he truly couldnt bear the sight of them.

Exalt Realm experts and especially Exalt Realm assassins were a huge help indeed, but what was the point of keeping them by his side if they refused to do anything for him

Since they refused to cooperate, then they could just ** off!

Hong and Qing were stunned.

Obviously, they hadnt expected that Yang Ye would speak such words.

After all, Yang Ye was in a very bad situation right now.

He actually dares to make two Exalt Realm assassins like us leave while hes in such a situation Is he alright in the head

An Nanjing nodded while she revealed an expression of praise.


The strong really shouldnt rely on others.

Truthfully speaking, Ive wanted to fight an Exalt Realm expert for a long time!”

Yang Ye rolled his eyes.

She really is mad for battle.

If these two women werent too proud and refuse to help at all, then how could I have possibly asked them to leave

“What do you mean by that!” Hongs voice had become cold.

“Nothing at all!” Yang Ye said, “I just dont need your protection, so you can return to Ancient Domain City right now.”

“Youre courting death!” said Hong in a low voice.

Yang Ye said indifferently, “Thats my problem!”

Hongs eyes narrowed slightly and flickered with a cold glow.

At this moment, Yang Ye suddenly said, “Even though Im slightly discontent with the two of you, youre still one of her own, so I dont want to become enemies with the two of you.

So, lets part peacefully, alright”

Actually, he didnt have a really bad impression of them, and he was just irritated because they refused to help him at all.

So, since they couldnt work together, it was best to part ways and avoid arousing displeasure towards each other.

“Youll regret this!” Hong glanced coldly at Yang Ye, and then she led Qing away.

Yang Ye grinned, and then he gazed at An Nanjing and said, “Were practically matchless in the Spirit Realm.

Since its like that, why dont we fight Exalt Realm experts instead”

“Thats for the best!” An Nanjing spoke flatly.

Yang Ye grinned while his eyes were filled with battle intent as well.

Only by being constantly in battle could one surpass ones limits incessantly.

He wasnt confident in his ability to defeat an Exalt Realm expert, but he wanted to give it a try.

Moreover, he wanted to see exactly how great the gap between him and an Exalt Realm expert was!

Yang Ye and An Nanjing left the spot they were at.

Even though they had the courage to fight Exalt Realm experts, they werent idiots.

There were three Exalt Realm experts amongst the enemy.

Even if one of them was the Martial God and the other was the Sword Emperor, they still didnt have the ability to fight a two on three battle.

After all, experts of the Exalt Realm were part of the upper levels of the entire continent! They were extraordinary existences even in the central territory!

When Yang Ye and An Nanjing had just left the spot, Qing and Hong had appeared here once more.

“Big Sister, they actually really intend to challenge Exalt Realm experts.

Could it be that they dont know how terrifying such experts are After all, Exalt Realm experts have touched the profundities of space and are able to utilize some space related techniques.

Moreover, the physical bodies of Exalt Realm experts are practically at a state where its extremely difficult to harm them.”

“They are courting death!” Hong spoke in a low voice.

As Exalt Realm experts, they naturally knew how terrifying Exalt Realm experts were.

It was undoubtedly a dream for a Spirit Realm expert to surmount a realm of cultivation and fight an Exalt Realm expert.

Because the gap between these realms could really be described as being like the gap between the heavens and the earth! If Yang Ye and An Nanjing were at the peak of the Spirit Realm, then Qing and Hong might believe the two of them possessed the strength to go against Exalt Realm experts!

However, what were their current realms of cultivation One was at the first rank of the Spirit Realm while the other was at the second rank….

Qing suddenly said, “Big Sister, are we really going back to Ancient Domain City”

Hong shook her head.

She naturally didnt dare to act in such a way.

After all, it was an order that An Biru herself had given.

She knew that Madam Ans intentions were probably to make them help Yang Ye.

However, she couldnt figure out why their Madam would order the two of them to help a Spirit Realm profounder!

His natural talent isnt bad, and hes even the 1st on the Hidden Dragon Rankings.

But even then, he isnt worthy of making us sisters become his bodyguard!

Shed felt quite uncomfortable in her heart when she received this mission, so shed been only watching coldly from the side all along the way and hadnt lent a hand.

But she hadnt expected that while she didnt like Yang Ye, Yang Ye didnt like her as well, and this made her even more displeased!

A short while later, Hong said in a low voice, “Lets wait and see.

Hell regret his decision once he fights with that Exalt Realm expert.

At that time, Ill make him beg us to stay!”

Qing was just about to say something when she suddenly frowned, and then she gazed towards the distance and said, “Big Sister, the three of them are here!”

“Lets go!” Their figures flashed and vanished beneath the night sky.

Around an eighth of an hour later, three beautiful women arrived at the spot that Yang Ye and the others had been standing at earlier, and their faces immediately turned gloomy when they saw the corpses that covered the ground.

“Senior Sister Feng Li, were too late!” A woman with an oval shaped face spoke in a heavy voice to the woman in the lead.

The woman called Feng Li had a gloomy expression as she walked towards the corpses of those disciples from the Flower Palace.

When she noticed that all of them had died from a single slit of the throat, Feng Li was sure that it was the League of Dooms work because this was how their assassins usually killed.

She immediately said in a cold voice, “The League of Doom! You actually dared to openly attack disciples of my Flower Palace This enmity is irreconcilable! Feng Die, notify the palace that were confirmed it was the League of Dooms doing.

Ask the palace to drench a few outposts of the League of Doom with blood!”

The woman called Feng Die nodded, and then she withdrew a high-grade Transmission Talisman and notified the Flower Palace.

“Senior Sister, I think that theres something strange about this!” Meanwhile, the other woman spoke in a low voice.

Feng Li frowned and said, “Feng Xiao, whats strange about it Feng Jin had already notified us that it was the League of Doom that attacked them.

Now, even youve seen it.

If it wasnt the League of Doom, then who could have killed them without making a sound Just look at them, they were either killed with a single strike to the throat or heart.

Isnt that the usual method that the League of Doom utilizes to kill”

“But Senior Sister, have you considered how our Flower Palace and the League of Doom has always stayed out of each others business.

Why would they act against our disciples Why would they act against our Flower Palace” asked Feng Xiao.

Feng Li thought for a moment and felt that her words made sense.

Right at this moment, Feng Die suddenly said, “Look over there!”

The two of them looked over and saw that two corpses were lying there, and those corpses were covered by black robes, causing their appearances to be hidden!

The three of them flashed over and arrived before the corpses, and then Feng Li waved her right hand.

A strand of strange wind blew over and instantly blasted apart the black cloth that covered the corpses face to reveal its appearance.

They didnt recognize the person, but it wasnt long before the daggers and command tokens on the waist of those corpses had instantly drew their attention.

Feng Li immediately laughed coldly upon noticing this and said, “Feng Xiao, you have nothing to say now, right!”

Feng Xiao wanted to say something, but she immediately sighed in her heart upon noticing Feng Lis expression.

She shook her head and didnt speak again.

She was clearly aware of how stubborn this senior sister of hers was, and so long as her senior sister firmly believed something, then her senior sister would persist on it until the end.

Moreover, she would persist on it even if she knew that it was wrong.

So, Feng Xiao didnt say anything.

Feng Li glanced coldly towards the surroundings and said, “It wasnt long since they died.

In other words, the members of the League of Doom are still hidden in the surroundings.

Lets split up to search for them.

Kill any members of the League of Doom that you see!”

Feng Die suddenly said, “What about Yang Ye”

“Hes just an ant at the Spirit Realm!” Feng Li laughed coldly and said, “How difficult could it be to kill him Just ignore him for now and let him live for a few more days.

It wouldnt be too late to deal with him once were done with the League of Doom!”

Feng Die and Feng Xiao, and then both their figures flashed towards different directions.

After they left, Feng Lis figure vanished on the spot as well.

Right after the three of them left, a wave of energy fluctuation suddenly arose from a large tree that was around 600m away from them, and then a black robed man walked out slowly from behind that tree.

He flipped his right hand and a high-grade Transmission Talisman appeared in his palm, and then he exerted a little force to crush it before he said, “The Flower Palace has dispatched three Exalt Realm experts.

For some unknown reason, theyve attacked our forces.

Leng Liu and Leng Ye are both dead, and the assassination was a failure.

Please provide further instructions!”

After he sent the transmission, his figure shook lightly and vanished on the spot….

Four hours later, the sky had turned bright.

Feng Lis divine sense swept out in midair as she searched incessantly.

Suddenly, her pupils constricted, and then her figure flashed swiftly towards an open area on the ground below her, and shed descended on the ground after a mere breath of time.

“Ive been waiting for you!” Yang Ye stood just a little over 30m in front of Feng Li, and he turned around while a wisp of a smile arose on the corners of his mouth.


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