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Feng Xiao was gone.

No one knew if shed returned to the Flower Palace or gone somewhere else.

In Yang Yes opinion, none of that mattered because hed given her a warning, and he couldnt do anything if shed still returned to the Flower Palace.

Yang Ye suddenly said, “How much longer do the two of you intend to keep watching for”

After Yang Ye finished speaking, a few breaths of time passed before tow black clothed woman suddenly appeared here, and they were none other than Hong and Qing.

An Nanjing glanced indifferently as them and remained silent.

Obviously, shed noticed them a long time ago.

Hong exclaimed.

“How did you notice us!”

At this moment, tempestuous waves of shock were surging through their hearts.

Theyd witnessed the battle between Yang Ye and Feng Xiao from the beginning until the end.

They hadnt imagined that Yang Ye would really be able to kill an Exalt Realm expert.

Moreover, Yang Ye actually possessed two Natural Treasures and had comprehended Sword Domain as well….

However, this wasnt the end of their shock.

Most importantly, Yang Ye had actually noticed their presence.

They werent being conceited but their ability to conceal their aura was something that even an expert at the fifth rank of the Exalt Realm couldnt detect, but Yang Ye had noticed their presence.

Yang Ye was only a first rank Spirit Realm profounder!

Yang Ye had naturally noticed their presence.

After all, there was a white dragon at the Monarch Realm within him.

Even though the white dragon couldnt come out and help him, even a mosquito couldnt escape its detection within an area of 5km around Yang Ye.

Of course, this was naturally far from the limits of the white dragons strength, but it couldnt expose its aura excessively.

After all, they were still within the confines of the Ancient Battlefield, otherwise, its divine sense could immediately cover half the southern territory!

“Did the two of you come back because you needed something” He didnt have much ill intent towards them, and he was just discontent.

The facts proved that he could still kill an Exalt Realm expert even without their help.

“We underestimated the two of you!” Hong said in a low voice, “As expected of the Sword Emperor and Martial God, you were actually able to kill Exalt Realm experts while at the Spirit Realm.

But do the two of you really think you can return to the southern territory The woman from before left some things out, like besides a formidable fifth rank Exalt Realm expert, there are another 3 peak Spirit Realm experts and over 100 peak King Realm profounders.

Even if we disregard them all, just that fifth rank Exalt Realm expert is capable of annihilating all of you!”

“Whats the point of telling me all of that” Yang Ye kept his sword and said indifferently, “In any case, the two of you wont lend a hand, right So, if theres nothing else the two of you need, then please do return.

As for our safety, you dont have to trouble yourselves worrying about it!”

Hong frowned while a wisp of displeasure flashed through her eyes while she said to herself.

This fellow really doesnt know how to read the situation and act accordingly.

If she could return, then she would have definitely returned immediately.

But if she did that, then she would definitely be punished by the Madam of her clan.

Otherwise, she wouldnt waste her time here like she was doing right now.

Now, shed even tried to be a little more modest, but this fellow before her still intended to drive them away.

Does he really think we really have to stay here and beg him to let us protect him

“Its isnt that we refuse to help you kill!” Meanwhile, Qing who didnt speak much spoke in a light voice.

“Its just that… its just that Master said we cant take the initiative to help you unless your life is in danger.

Master is very strict, so both Big Sister and dare not disobey her.

Otherwise, well suffer very strict punishment!”

Qing and Hong had completely different characters.

Hong was quite stubborn and rube, whereas, Qing had a completely opposite character.

She was quite weak and delicate, and she was even soft-spoken.

“I dont need your protection!” Yang Ye said, “Just say that it was I who asked the two of you to return!”

It was naturally a good thing to have the protection of two Exalt Realm assassins, but he truly disliked the woman called Hong.

Moreover, they refused to assist him, so allowing them to stay would only make both sides feel displeased.

“But well definitely be punished by the Madam if we return!” Qings voice carried slight anxiousness.

“Then help me kill!” Yang Ye was delighted.

If it was as Qing said, then they would definitely not dare to act in that way.

So, he could utilize it to negotiate with them.

“But….” Qing intended to continue, but she was interrupted by Yang Ye.

“There are no buts.

If you choose to continue following me, then help me kill, and you can leave if you dont! Of course, you can follow me by force, but dont blame me for complaining about the two of you to your Madam! After all, theres a business relationship between me and your An Clan.

You should have noticed the equipment sets those brothers of mine are using, right It was your Madam who sold them to me.

So, my relationship with your Madam is very good, otherwise, she wouldnt ask the two of you to come with me, right”

Yang Ye slightly admired himself after he finished speaking these words because he was actually able to stay calm and composed as he lied now.

The two of them believed Yang Ye, and it wasnt just them.

Even An Nanjing believed him.

It was none other than because if there was no business relationship between the An Clan and Yang Ye, then how could An Biru have possibly given Yang Ye so many sets of Heaven Rank equipment How could she have dispatched two Exalt Realm assassins to follow Yang Ye But An Nanjing wondered exactly what deal Yang Ye had made with An Biru to make the Southern An Clan pay such a huge price!

Even though she was puzzled, An Nanjing had never asked about it.

In her opinion, she was merely curious and a little puzzled by it, but it wasnt at the extent of making her interested to find out the answer.

The two of them fell silent.

Truthfully speaking, they were naturally unwilling to obey the orders of a Spirit Realm profounder.

However, this Sword Emperor who stood before them was one who went to extremes, and he was a decisive and ruthless person.

So, if they didnt do as he said, then not to mention complaining about them to Madam An, the slightest conflict might even make him raise his sword against them!

If it was in the past, then they would naturally not fear Yang Ye.

However, they had no choice but to fear him now.

Yang Ye and An Nanjing possessed the strength to kill Exalt Realm experts, and there were over 100 assassins in the surroundings.

Moreover, their concealment technique was utterly useless before Yang Ye.

Their shock increased the more they thought about it because if Yang Ye had the intention to kill them, then it might really be possible if he was willing to pay a certain price!

“What about this!” 10 top-grade energy stones had suddenly appeared in Yang Yes palm, and he said, “Ill give you 10 top-grade energy stones for every single person you kill for me.

What do you think” He didnt want to shed all pretenses with them.

After all, there was no bitter enmity between them, and if it were possible, it was best if they could cooperate with each other.

“Really” Their eyes immediately lit up when they saw the top-grade energy stones in Yang Yes palm.

Top-grade energy stones were treasures that were precious even to them.

After all, ordinary energy stones were utterly incapable of providing them with sufficient energy at their current realms of cultivation, and only top-grade energy stones and extreme-grade energy stones could satisfy their needs.

Yang Ye was delighted when he heard this and said to himself, Looks like I have a chance!

Yang Ye didnt beat around the bush, He casually tossed over those 10 top-grade energy stones and said, “10 for a King Realm profounder, 30 for a Spirit Realm profounder, 50 and 5 top-grade Strider Talismans for an Exalt Realm profounder.


What did he lack the least right now It was energy stones and wealth.

There were over 30,000 extreme-grade energy stones within the tiny vortex.

A single extreme-grade energy stone could be exchanged for 100 top-grade energy stones.

In other words, he had over 3 million top-grade energy stones….

Qing was about to agree when Hong said, “80 for an Exalt Realm expert, 150 for an Exalt Realm expert at the fifth rank or above.

Im not trying to extort you on purpose but Exalt Realm experts at the fifth rank or above have an even deeper understanding and grasp of spatial techniques.

Moreover, they can execute spatial teleportation for a short distance, so its very difficult to assassinate them!”

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a short moment and said, “Alright!” Top-grade energy stones were nothing to him, but two Exalt Realm experts were quite important to him instead.

As for what she said about not extorting him on purpose, hed just acted as if he hadnt heard it.

After all, he could at least hire four Exalt Realm experts in the southern territory with 80 energy stones as the price, but their quality would probably be inferior to these two.

No matter what, all of that was just a trivial matter, and he couldnt be bothered to started bargaining with them.

The two of them were immediately delighted when they heard Yang Ye agree.

Even though they were assassins fostered by the An Clan, they received a fixed amount of cultivation resources every single month, and it wasnt much as well.

Just take top-grade energy stones for example.

They merely received just 10 per month, and these 10 were utterly insufficient for them to cultivate with.

So, they would usually accept some assignments as well.

However, when the rewards of those assignments were compared to the compensation that Yang Ye provided, the gap was simply like the gap between the heavens and the earth.

Hong hesitated for a moment before she said, “I have some friends as well.

If you have sufficient wealth and need them, then I can ask them to come over as well!”

Yang Ye was stunned, and then he felt overjoyed and said, “What are their cultivations like”

“Theyre all at the Exalt Realm!” said Hong.

“How many”

“Around 20 plus!”

“Alright, bring all of them here!” Yang Ye wasnt able to maintain his composure anymore.

Over 20 Exalt Realm assassins! My god! In the past he didnt believe it when others said that money was all-powerful, but he believed it now.

So long as he was wealthy, then was there any expert he couldnt hire

“But….” Hong glanced at Yang Ye and was slightly hesitant as if she wanted to say something.

Yang Ye was stunned, and then he quickly understood what she meant.

He immediately said, “See those sets of equipment that my brothers are wearing You should know how much they are worth, right Besides that, would your Madam work with me if I were poor So, dont worry about money.

Just ask them to hurry over here.

Right, the two of you dont have to go back.

Ill give you some top-grade Transmission Talismans so you can notify them right away!” Yang Ye withdrew a few top-grade Transmission Talismans and tossed them over to the two women.

Both of them thought for a moment and felt that Yang Ye made sense, so they immediately stopped hesitating and utilized the Transmission Talismans to notify the assassins in Ancient Domain City.

“Are you very rich” Meanwhile, An Nanjing whod remained silent until now had suddenly spoken.

Yang Ye was stunned.

He didnt know why shed asked this question, but he didnt think too much of it and immediately chuckled.

“Im not very rich.

Its just alright.


An Nanjing pondered deeply for a moment before she said, “My An Clan has 26 at the Exalt Realm.

Amongst them, 4 are at the third rank of the Exalt Realm, 1 is at the sixth rank of the Exalt Realm, and the rest are at the first and second rank of the Exalt Realm.

If you have sufficient top-grade energy stones….”

I do, I do!” Yang Ye interrupted her and said with slight excitement, “Ask all of them to come over.

Right, even if they have no one to kill, Ill give each of them 3 top-grade energy stones per day.

You two sisters can stop staring at me.

Your group will be the same as hers.

From today onward, Ill provide all of you with 3 top-grade energy stones per day even if I dont make you kill anymore.

Of course, theres a condition to it, and its that you have to obey my orders during this period.

Naturally, these orders will be within the scope of your ability.

I wont ask all of you to assassinate Monarch Realm experts.”

“Alright!” Hong was the first to agree.

Were really going to get rich this time….

An Nanjing nodded to display her agreement, and then she seemed to have thought of something and suddenly said, “Give me 80 top-grade energy stones first!”

“Why” Yang Ye was puzzled.

“I just killed an Exalt Realm expert….”


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