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Over 150 disciples of the Origin School were seated cross-legged within a valley on Jadecloud Mountain Range, and they were cultivating in silence.

The leader of the group was a middle aged man, Yuan Zhe.

He was a fifth rank Exalt Realm expert, and hed seized the 1st position during one of the Ascension Rankings in the past!

At this moment, Yuan Zhe was rather displeased because a dignified fifth rank Exalt Realm expert like him had been sent to kill a profounder at the first rank of the Spirit Realm.

Even if this Spirit Realm profounder had seized the 1st on the Ascension Rankings in the past, was the 1st on the Hidden Dragon Rankings now, and was even the Sword Emperor of the current era, Yuan Zhe was still displeased.

Because no matter what, Yang Ye was only a first rank Spirit Realm cultivator in the end!

So, it was truly quite a waste talent and ability to dispatch him here.

Even though he was displeased, hed still come here because it was an order the Sect Master himself had issued.

He was ordered to prevent Yang Ye from returning alive to the southern territory, no matter the cost.

The reason hed been dispatched was only to make certain that the mission to kill Yang Ye would be successful.

Yuan Zhe glanced at the group behind him, and then he hesitated for a moment before he said, “I alone am enough.

All of you can go back!” The reason hed brough these disciples along was mainly in order to take precautions against others who might secretly assist Yang Ye, and these disciples could obtain information for him.

However, their presence wasnt necessary anymore because this valley was the only path that lead to the Grand Myriad Mountains.

So, unless Yang Ye was willing to spend at least half a month going around, then Yang Ye would have no choice but to come through here.

The disciples behind Yuan Zhe hesitated for a moment, and then they bowed to Yuan Zhe before they turned around and left.

They didnt dare to defy his orders.

Just 15 minutes after they left, Yang Ye and An Nanjing walked slowly over into the valley, and they appeared within Yuan Zhes field of vision as well.

“Youre Yang Ye” Yuan Zhe wasnt surprised, and he asked this question with a very calm voice.

It seemed like hed expected Yang Yes appearance here.

Yang Ye was slightly surprised instead.

He suppressed the confusion in his heart and nodded.

“Looks like you expected that I would come here.”

“The Sect Master wouldnt have sent me here if those fellows from the Ghost Sect and Flower Palace could kill you with ease!” Yuan Zhe sized Yang Ye up and said, “Not bad.

Your cultivation is solid while your Sword Intent is sharp.

As expected of the most outstanding genius in the Sword Dao after the Founding Ancestor of the Sword Sect.

Unfortunately, if you joined my Origin School at that time, then the southern territory would definitely belong to my Origin School is less than 100 years!”

Yuan Zhe was speaking sincerely because it wasnt just Yuan Zhe who felt that it was regretful, even the entire Origin School and Yuan Tian himself felt that it was slightly regretful.

Because if they knew that Yang Ye was such a monstrous genius who could seize the 1st position on the Hidden Dragon Rankings, then they wouldnt have hesitated to stand by Yang Yes side even if they had to form irreconcilable enmity with the Flower Palace.

Unfortunately, not only had they failed to recruit Yang Ye, theyd even become sworn enemies with him!

When facing an enemy that possessed such potential, the best method was naturally elimination before the enemy could grow!

Yang Ye smiled indifferently, and then he said, “You seem to be very confident in your ability to kill me here”

“Arent you the same” Yuan Zhe spoke indifferently.

“If Im not wrong, then all the members of the Ghost Sect and Flower Palace are dead, right Im really curious.

Logically speaking, there shouldnt be anyone within the southern territory who has sent experts to assist you.

Oh, right.

I presume those that have come to help you arent profounders from the southern territory! This little girl by your side isnt a profounder from the southern territory, right Besides that….”

Suddenly, Yuan Zhes expression changed, and then his face gradually turned gloomy.

A slight smile appeared on the corners of Yang Yes mouth when he witnessed this scene, and he said, “Looks like youve noticed!”

A short while later, Yuan Zhe raised his head to gaze at Yang Ye.

At this moment, there was no indifference and calmness on his face anymore, and there was only gloominess and a trace of ferocity.

He said, “Good! Very good! All 100 plus disciples from my Origin School are dead! Looks like your help isnt bad.

But Im very curious, who exactly would actually dare to kill disciples of my Origin School.

How audacious!”

Just a moment ago, hed received a distress call via transmission talisman from those disciples, and then he swept his divine sense over.

Yet he noticed that all of them had been annihilated at the moment that distress call was sent out!

“The Origin School Is it that great” It was An Nanjing who spoke these words.

“It isnt even a Fifth Rank Sect! I really dont know what youre so proud of! Is it really because the ignorant are without fear”

“Who are you!” Yuan Zhes gaze descended onto An Nanjing while his eyes flickered with ghastly killing intent.

An Nanjing didnt even spare him a glance.

She gazed at Yang Ye instead and said, “If you still refuse to give the command to them, then Ill make a move against him!”

Yang Ye rubbed his nose.

This woman is truly mad for battle! She even dares to try fighting a fifth rank Exalt Realm profounder! But why do I feel like fighting him as well Even though he wanted to, Yang Ye didnt choose to do so in the end.

Because he didnt want to waste time right now.

“Leave his corpse intact!” This fellow in front of him was an Exalt Realm expert, and it would be absolutely superb if he could refine Yuan Zhe into a Sword Servant.

Just thinking about a fifth rank Exalt Realm Sword Servant made Yang Ye feel excited!

Yuan Zhe started laughing from extreme rage upon hearing Yang Ye.

Leave my corpse intact What high-sounding sentiments!

Yuan Zhe was just about to attack yet his expression suddenly changed, and then he didnt hesitate to flash and vanish from the spot.


Yuan Zhe had just left when the ground beneath him had collapsed to reveal an enormous bottomless pit.

A middle aged man was floating above the pit and was looking coldly at Yuan Zhe.

This caused Yuan Zhes expression to change again because it was actually an Exalt Realm expert!

At this very moment, an unexpected event occurred again.

A black clothed woman suddenly appeared behind Yuan Zhe, and then a cold glow flashed towards his neck.

Another Exalt Realm expert! Yuan Zhes pupils constricted.

The space around him warped with a spin of his palm, and then Yuan Zhe immediately vanished on the spot and appeared around 20m away.

He was just about to heave a sigh of relief when a strand of cold light suddenly flashed again.

Yuan Zhe was horrified.

He forcefully bent his figure, yet it was still a bit too late, causing his right arm to be instantly sliced off before fresh blood sprayed!

Another Exalt Realm expert! At this moment, Yuan Zhe was shocked to the extreme, and he didnt have any intent to continue fighting.

His figure flashed as he executed a spatial technique that allowed him to directly flash over 300m away.

He intended to flee.

Since Yang Ye possesses so many Exalt Realm experts on his side, he has definitely obtained the help of some power.

I must take this information back to the sect and allow the sect to take precautions in advance!

When he thought up to this point, the profound energy within Yuan Zhes body surged violently.

He was about to tear through space and execute a spatial technique again.

However, right at this moment, three middle aged man suddenly appeared in front of him.

One of them shook his head and spoke with a gaze filled with disdain.

“This is the so-called expert whod once seized the 1st position in the southern territorys Ascension Rankings The fifth rank of the Exalt Realm Youre just trash who cant even compare to a second rank Exalt Realm profounder from the central territory!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he slapped his palm forward.

The space around Yuan Zhe warped violently before the palm directly passed through space and pressed down onto his chest.

Yuan Zhes eyes instantly opened wide while he crashed down from midair, and his corpse fell into the ground.

Qing and Hong grunted coldly when they saw Yuan Zhe perish.

After all, they were so close to getting those 150 top-grade energy stones! The two of them glanced coldly at the middle aged man who killed Yuan Zhe, and then their figures vanished on the spot.

Yang Ye recognized the middle aged man.

He was an elder of An Nanjings clan, An Jinnian, and he was a fifth rank Exalt Realm expert as well.

His strength could be said to be in the top 3 amongst all the Exalt Realm profounders whod come here this time.

Yang Ye didnt say a single unnecessary thing.

He just waved his right hand, and then 150 top-grade energy stones flew over towards An Jinnian while the others gazed at this scene with envy.

An Jinnian immediately revealed a slight smile when he saw Yang Ye act in such a straightforward manner, and his impression of Yang Ye became much better.

The others were the same.

All of them had come here for the sake of top-grade energy stones.

So, it couldnt be any better when Yang Ye was so direct.

Because they could work together smoothly!

Actually, some of them had aroused selfish motives and had the intention to rob Yang Ye, but it only remained a thought to them.

Why Because there were two forces here, and they were utterly unable to join forces and unite as one.

So, whichever side that acted against Yang Ye was very likely to incur the revenge of Yang Ye and the other side.

Moreover, their future Patriarch, An Nanjing, seemed to have a very good relationship with Yang Ye.

So, they naturally didnt dare to disregard An Nanjings opinion.

In a similar fashion, Yang Ye seemed to have a good relationship with Madam An, so they were extremely apprehensive because of that.

Thus, both sides had no choice but to cooperate with Yang Ye!

Actually, Yang Ye had thought of the possibility of being robbed when he allowed them to come over here.

However, hed still allowed it because he really did need assistance.

Moreover, while his strength was inferior to them, it didnt mean that he didnt have any trump cards! After all, he still had a Sword Spirit and the white dragon residing within him!

So long as he threw caution to the wind, then it wasnt impossible for him to kill all of them!

Fortunately, their cooperation had been pleasant until now, and there had been no unpleasant incidents.

Yang Ye walked into the deep pit, glanced at Yuan Zhes corpse, and then nodded with satisfaction.

An Jinnian had controlled his strength perfectly, and hed only shattered Yuan Zhes internal organs to obliterate Yuan Zhes vitality while Yuan Zhes corpse hadnt suffered any material damage.

In other words, it could be crafted into a Sword Servant!

Yang Ye waved his right hand, kept Yuan Zhes corpse within the ancient sheath, and asked the Sword Spirit to start preparing the corpse.

After that, he leaped out of the deep pit, took a light breath, and then waved his hand.

“Come, lets enter the Grand Myriad Mountains!”

Hong suddenly said from behind him, “The Grand Myriad Mountains prohibits the unauthorized entrance of humans.

Well probably infuriate the Beast Emperor by entering rashly.” They didnt dare underestimate the Grand Myriad Mountains because there was a Monarch Rank Darkbeast residing there.

Yang Ye smiled and said, “Its fine, lets head in.

I just happen to have something to discuss with the Beast Emperor!” As he spoke, Yang Yes figure flashed towards the distance.

Hong and the others hesitated for a moment before they hurriedly followed him.


The Sword Sect.

At this moment, all the disciples of the Sword Sect were gathered at the enormous training grounds within the sect.

Daoist Zuis white robed figure was standing in midair while facing the wind, and the Azure Sword was hanging from his waist.

The gazes of all the Sword Sects disciples were on Daoist Zui, and their gazes carried excitement, worry, anxiety, and so on and so forth.

Because today was the day when Daoist Zui would try to overcome the Heavenpath!

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