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The disciples of the Sword Sect on the ground below didnt dare hesitate at all.

They drew their swords under the lead of Su Muzhe and the other Supreme Elders of the Sword Sect, and then a few tens of thousands of swords fused into one and shot violently towards the enormous black finger.

Under such circumstances, the members of the Sword Sect naturally didnt dare hold back at all, and theyd utilized all their strength.

The might of the united forces of tens of thousands of profounders was naturally not weak, and the enormous sword formed from their swords seemed to even be capable of stabbing a hole in the sky as it shot violently towards the enormous black finger.

After that, another dazzling strand of light that was over 1km wide covered the sky as it shot soared up!


Two world shaking explosions resounded.

It was like the sky was about to be blasted into pieces while space trembled violently.

Countless strands of sword qi and black energy swept towards the surroundings and descended towards the ground, causing an enormous bottomless and pitch black hole to immediately appear on the ground.

The countless disciples of the Sword Sect revealed a smile once more when their joint forces had destroyed the enormous black finger.

As far as they were concerned, this should be success.

However, they noticed that Daoist Zuis countenance was pale while numerous cracks had appeared throughout the Azure Sword.

It seemed like the Azure Sword would shatter at any moment!

The Heavenpath required one to endure 9 attacks in order to traverse it, yet now, merely 2 attacks had passed.

In other words, there were another 7 attacks, yet hed practically already utilized all his strength.

So, how would he resist the next 7 attacks

All those years ago, the Founding Ancestor rampaged back and forth through this path.

Exactly what sort of strength did he possess

Daoist Zui shook his head and strode forward, and hed moved another 3km to arrive high above amidst the clouds.

No matter what, he had no way to retreat now, so it was either success or death!

The pitch black rift in the sky expanded slowly while countless strands of horrifying black energy seeped out from within it.

Everywhere the black energy passed, space would actually collapse immediately.

However, that same space was swiftly repaired by the Laws of the heavens and the earth as well.

But that same space would collapse once more as soon as it was repaired, and this cycle continued endlessly.

This time, the pitch black rift didnt launch an attack.

It just expanded gradually as if something was about to emerge from within it.

When they noticed that it hadnt come to an end yet, the hearts of all the disciples from the Sword Sect on the ground below had constricted.

Su Qingshis beautiful brows knit together from a certain spot within the Sword Sect.

She was naturally clearly aware of what sort of situation the Sword Sect would face if Daoist Zui wasnt able to succeed.

It wouldnt be going too far to say that the Sword Sect was doomed! Even though her father was a Monarch Realm expert as well, he was only at the first rank, so he was utterly incapable of going against Yuan Tian and the others.

Is the Sword Sect really going to be doomed just like that

Suddenly, the space in front of her warped, and then Su Muzhe appeared there.

“Qingshi, use the secret passageway to leave the sect later.

Once you escape, then leave the southern territory and never come back!” Su Muzhe face had an indescribably desolate expression on it, and his eyes were filled with gloominess.

Su Qingshi asked lightly “Is there really no chance at all”

Su Muzhe shook his head and said, “Both your Martial Uncle and I underestimated the Heavenpath.

Perhaps he would have a chance if hed attained the peak of the Monarch Realm, but hes only at the fourth rank of the Monarch Realm.

So, hes unable to go against the terrors of the Heavenpath even if he relies on the Dao Artifact and the strength of our entire sect.

The elders and I have already secretly sent away some talented disciples.

Qing Shi, you leave as well.

Dont think about avenging the Sword Sect for the next few hundred years.

You just have to carry on the inheritance of the Sword Sect!”

“I refuse!” Su Qingshi spoke in a light voice.

“The Sword Sect is in a time of need right now.

How could I possible leave Moreover, we have the Sect Guarding Grand Formation that the Founding Ancestor left behind all those years ago, so we may not necessarily be unable to resist them.”

Su Muzhe suddenly said, “Does the child belong to Yang Ye”

Su Qingshis expression immediately became slightly unnatural, but she still nodded without the slightest hesitation.

Su Muzhe sighed lightly and said, “That childs natural talent in the Sword Dao is superb, but he has a rather extreme character, and he acts ruthlessly and without any regard for the consequences.

Even I dont know if its a blessing or curse that youre with him.

Alright, leave now or you might not be able to leave in a while.

Dont be stubborn.

Do it for the child in your belly!”

Su Qingshi still shook her head and said, “He said that he would come to the Sword Sect to get me.

If I have a place in his heart, then hell come no matter what.

If he doesnt, then whats the point of going to look for him”

“I received information that hes on his way back to the southern territory.

However, the Origin School, Ghost Sect, and Flower Palace have dispatched experts to kill him on the way!” Su Muzhe suddenly said, “The reason I didnt tell you before was because I didnt want you to be swept into the enmity between him and those sects.

But at this moment, we have no other choice!”

Su Qingshis beautiful brows knit together slightly, but she still shook her head and indicated that she wouldnt leave.

“Youre only a step away from the Exalt Realm.

Even though you havent attained it, your strength isnt any weaker to an ordinary Exalt Realm expert.

Isnt it better to go help him” said Su Muzhe.

“He will return safely to the southern territory.

Theyve always underestimated him!” said Su Qingshi.

Su Muzhe shook his head lightly.

Presently, he wasnt really interested in Yang Ye because it was a moment of life and death for the Sword Sect right now.

The Sword Sect had existed in the southern territory for 10,000 years.

If it were to be obliterated in his hands, then Su Muzhe would become a sinner of the sect.

So, even if he knew they werent a match for the Origin School, Ghost Sect, and Flower Palace, he still wanted to fight desperately for it!

As for Su Qingshi, he naturally had a way to send her away when there was no other way!

Meanwhile, the pitch black rift in the sky had expanded to the point of becoming over 1km wide.

When looked at from below, it was like an enormous hole had been torn apart in the sky, and boundless horrifying darkness was revealed from within it.

Suddenly, a finger that was even more enormous than before gradually emerged from within the pitch black rift.

After half the finger had emerged, another finger followed by its side, and it was slightly shorter than the first finger.

It was like a middle finger and ring finger had emerged from the pitch black rift.

After these two fingers appeared, all the mountains besides Sky Peak that had collapsed were pushed further into the ground, and the formidable blast of air that came from the sky made the space there warp.

Besides that, the golden protective barrier above Sky Peak had sunk down slightly from this pressure, and it seemed like it would explode at any moment!

The disciples of the Sword Sect were astounded when they witnessed this scene.

What exactly are those enormous fingers They are actually so terrifying Would Ancestor Zui be able to resist it

At this moment, Yuan Tian and the others had extremely solemn expressions on their faces.

Because even they felt slightly horrified from those two enormous fingers.

After all, even they might not be able to resist the energy contained within it!

In the past, they had a little confidence in facing the Heavenpath, but after they witnessed this scene, that trace of hope and confidence had vanished from their hearts!

If they were to attempt the Heavenpath with the current strengths they possessed, then they would be definitely courting death!

Perhaps I can give it a try when I attain the peak of the Monarch Realm!

As he stood amidst the clouds and watched those two enormous fingers descend slowly, Daoist Zui slowly tightened his grip on the Azure Sword, and then the profound energy within him surged out, causing the Azure Sword to tremble violently and emanated numerous rays of light.

Suddenly, the enormous fingers sped up.

In the blink of an eye, theyd instantly arrived 300 above Daoist Zui.

Daoist Zuis pupils constricted, and then he swiftly swung the sword in his hand.

In an instant, almost 10,000 rays of light shot out explosively from the Azure Sword.

At this moment, the rays of light from his sword covered the entire sky, and even the glow of the scorching sun had been blotted out!


An enormous bang resounded as the enormous pitch black fingers broke through the rays of light, and then they didnt lose momentum at all as they instantly smashed onto Daoist Zui.

In an instant, Daoist Zui crashed downward from the clouds.

The disciples of the Sword Sect were dumbstruck when they witnessed this scene.

Hes dead just like that The guardian of our Sword Sect is dead just like that At this moment, all the disciples of the Sword Sect seemed as if theyd lost their souls.

Their eyes were completely lifeless, and they stared blankly at Daoist Zui who was falling from the sky.

After it struck him down with a single blow, the enormous fingers instantly withdrew back into the pitch black rift, and then the rift closed.

In the blink of an eye, the sky had returned to its previous state, and it was like nothing had ever happened.

Of course, the multicolored path had dispersed in the air once the rift had closed.

Hes dead just like that Su Muzhe was slightly stunned as well while he watched Daoist Zuis corpse crash towards ground, and he was dazed for a moment.

With Daoist Zui present in the Sword Sect, not even the Origin School dared to act too fearlessly, and even if it suppressed the Sword Sect, it could only do it in secret.

Yet now, Daoist Zui had perished, so would these sects have anything left to fear

Right when Daoist Zuis corpse was about to fall into the Sword Sect, a strand of light had flashed, and then Daoist Zuis corpse immediately vanished.

Ghost King asked in a low voice.

“What was that”

Hed seen that ray of light, but it was too swift to the point he couldnt see it clearly.

“According to rumor, all experts who die while attempting to traverse the Heavenpath would be taken away by a mysterious expert.

That mysterious expert would preserve their souls so that they could reincarnate.

I presume that ray of light was that mysterious expert!” said Yuan Tian in a low voice.

“It was that mysterious expert who preserved Daoist Zuis soul just now and had even obstructed the aftershock of those enormous fingers.

Otherwise, Daoist Zuis corpse would be in pieces right now while his soul would have dispersed!” said Yu Linglong.

Ghost King laughed coldly and paid no further attention to this.

After all, it was fine to him so long as Daoist Zui was dead.

Now, the feud of blood between the Ghost Sect and the Sword Sect could finally be put an end to.

“The Ghost Sect declares war against the Sword Sect.

Theres a chance of survival if the Sword Sect surrenders, otherwise, none shall be spared!”

“The Origin School declares war against the Sword Sect….”

“The Flower Palace declared war against the Sword Sect….”

Right at the moment the members of the Sword Sect were stunned, three voices had suddenly resounded in the air above the Sword Sect, and it caused their expressions to turn ghastly pale.

It was truly like adding fuel to the flame!

After the three of them declared war against the Sword Sect, countless experts from their sects instantly flew swiftly towards the Sword Sect from their respective sects.

In less than four hours of time, the elite disciples of the three sects had converged outside Sky Peak.

“Su Muzhe, will you surrender or will you not” Yuan Tians voice resounded like a thunderclap by the ears of all the Sword Sects members!

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