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Right at this moment, the Beast Emperor appeared here, and he felt quite speechless at this moment.

He knew that Yang Ye would definitely stop at nothing to save his mother upon descending down Passionless Cliff, and then it would definitely alarm the Flower Palace.

As expected, Yang Ye really had alarmed the Flower Palace, and trouble had arrived now!

“Youre Yang Ye!” The woman glanced at the Beast Emperor before her gaze descended onto Yang Ye.

“Yes!” Yang Ye looked straight back at her.

No matter what, he was going to rescue his mother today!

“Yeer, dont be rude.

This is mothers Martial Ancestor.” Meanwhile, Feng Yu suddenly spoke softly to Yang Ye, and then she walked over to the woman and was about to bow to the woman.

However, right at this moment, Yang Ye hurriedly stopped her and said, “Mother, what are you talking about Is there any Martial Ancestor in this world who doesnt rescue one of their own She isnt worthy of your respect!”

Feng Yu shook her head and said, “If it wasnt for Martial Ancestors presence in the Flower Palace, then I would have been put to death by dismemberment on the day I was brought back to the Flower Palace, and then my soul would be caged.

Moreover, it was mother who disappointed the high hopes both Martial Ancestor and Master had for mother all those years ago.

It was mother who failed them, and they dont owe me anything!” As soon as she finished speaking, Feng Yu had started to lower her body slowly.

Right when she was about to kneel down, a gentle gust of wind blew on her and caused her body to be unable to drop down.

“Youre not a disciple of the Flower Palace anymore, and both I and your master have cut all ties with you on that day, so you dont have to kneel before me!” said the woman.

Feng Yu smiled bitterly and didnt insist.

Meanwhile, the womans gaze suddenly shot towards Yang Ye as she said, “It really is as the rumors said.

Youre an extraordinary genius in the Sword Dao.

Youve actually attained the Enlightened Sword Heart and comprehended Slaughter Sword Intent at such a young age.

The rarest of it all is that your foundation is so solid, and you even seized the 1st on the Hidden Dragon Rankings for the southern territory.

Feng Yu really gave birth to a good son!”

As soon as she finished speaking, the woman shook her head and gazed at the Beast Emperor before she said, “Beast Emperor, I dont understand why you would help him.

Can you explain it to me”

The Beast Emperor shook his head and said, “Qian Nianci, its all over.

If this disciple of your disciple hadnt been tortured by the Flower Palace to such an extent, then perhaps I would tell you the reason and allow your Flower Palace to let bygone be bygones with him.

Unfortunately, its all over.

Its really over.

Qian Nianci, I can say with certainty that itll take 100 years at most, or even sooner.

At that time, your Flower Palace will definitely vanish from this world!”

The womans eyes narrowed slightly, and she was just about to speak when Yang Ye suddenly gazed at the Beast Emperor and said, “Senior, what did you mean when you said everything is over!”

The Beast Emperor pondered deeply for a moment, and then he shook his head and fell silent.

Yang Ye intended to continue asking about it, but the woman suddenly said, “Go on and leave!”

Yang Ye was stunned.

She actually intends to let us leave Whats the meaning of this Right when Yang Ye was puzzled and bewildered, the woman glanced at Feng Yu before her figure trembled slightly and vanished on the spot.

Yang Ye gazed at the Beast Emperor with the hopes of obtaining an answer.

“Yeer, lets go!” Meanwhile, Feng Yu suddenly pulled on Yang Yes hand and said, “Mother misses Little Yao.

Take mother to see her, alright”

Yang Ye suppressed the questions and the bad premonition that arose in his heart just now, and then he nodded and said, “Come, lets go home!”

After the three of them left, three women in palace clothes appeared at Passionless Cliff.

“Qian Nianci, you shouldnt have let them go!” One of the women had a displeased expression on her face as she gazed at Qian Nianci.

If Qian Nianci hadnt stopped them just now, then they the three of them would have been entirely capable of annihilating Yang Ye and his mother even in the Beast Emperors presence.

“Qian Hui, whats the point of making a move against them now” Qian Nianci said flatly, “Even though Feng Yu is a disciple from my line of disciples, she violated the rules of the palace, so Ive been already fulfilled my duty by keeping her alive until now.

The reason I let her go isnt out of consideration for past ties, and its instead because it isnt necessary for us to fight the Beast Emperor to the death right now!”

“Fight the Beast Emperor to the death I dont think so!” Qian Hui grunted coldly and said, “I dont know why the Beast Emperor was helping them, but I dont think we would fight us to the death for their sakes.

I dont believe that Yang Ye is capable of producing something that would make the Beast Emperor risk everything and enter into war with our Flower Palace!”

Qian Nianci shook her head and said, “Since the Beast Emperor only intended to help Yang Ye rescue his mother, then we should just let him.

Our Flower Palace is facing a great enemy right now, and we really cant make a single mistake.

Moreover, its just as the Beast Emperor said, its meaningless even if they rescued her now!”

Qian Hui pondered deeply for a moment before a cold glow flashed through her eyes.

She said, “But that fellow, Yang Ye, must die.

His natural talent in the Sword Dao is comparable to the Sword Sects Founding Ancestor, and hell definitely become a formidable enemy of our Flower Palace if hes given the time to grow.”

“He doesnt have a chance anymore!” It was the woman who stood between Qian Hui and Qian Nianci who spoke these words.

“Both of you arent wrong.

We shouldnt become enemies with the Beast Emperor right now, even if our Flower Palace isnt afraid of him! Of course, we cant just let this matter go as well.

Once we annihilate the Grand Qin Empire, well head to the Grand Myriad Mountains to get even with him! As for that fellow, Yang Ye, well let him life for some time! No matter how great his natural talent is, hes only at the Spirit Realm, and its extremely easy to kill him!”

When they heard the woman, Qian Hui and Qian Nianci didnt voice their views again, and they just nodded to display their agreement.

Obviously, this woman was the leader of the group.

The woman suddenly said, “Who did the Grand Qin Empire send to lead the attack against our Flower Palace!”

“Bai Qi and Li Si!” Qian Hui said in a low voice, “They stepped into the Monarch Realm not long ago, and they both have Dao Artifacts in their possession.

They are very difficult to deal with!”

The womans eyes narrowed slightly upon hearing this, and then a wisp of a solemn expression flashed within them.

The two of them were naturally not unfamiliar to her.

They were the true trusted subordinates of the Founding Emperor!

Qian Hui grunted coldly and said, “The Founding Emperor really thinks highly of our Flower Palace by sending the two of them here! Hes really mistaken if he thinks he can annihilate our Flower Palace.

This time, our Flower Palace will definitely annihilate all those dogs of the empire.

I really look forward to seeing what sort of expression the Founding Ancestor would have when Li Si, Bai Qi, and all those troops die at our Flower Palace!”

“We absolutely cant be careless!” The woman said in a low voice, “I dont believe that the Founding Ancestor cant see through the intentions of the other four sects and us.

Since he has chosen to attack after seeing through it, then its clearly that hes confident in his ability just like we are.

Even though I dont know where he gets his confidence from or what sort of trump card he possesses, its best for us to be careful and not act carelessly!”

Qian Hui puckered her lips yet didnt retort.

She just nodded unwillingly while she said in her heart, Martial Ancestor is getting more and more cowardly as she ages.

What happened to Fairy Qian, Qian Huagu, who dared to kill the disciples of the Origin School and dared to talk back to Master

With the Beast Emperors help, Yang Ye didnt spend too much time to arrive at the Grand Qin Empire.

Yang Ye heaved a sigh of relief when he didnt notice anyone from the Flower Palace pursuing them all along the way, and hed decided that once he saw Little Yao, he would take her along and leave the southern territory with their mother.

Of course, he would bring Su Qingshi and Qin Xiyue along as well….

He really didnt want to participate in all of this chaos within the southern territory.

Since the very beginning, all hed wanted was to be united with his family.

So, when he thought about the days he would have in the future, an unprecedented smile of happiness couldnt help but arise on his face.

Right when he was about to enter the Imperial Capital, Feng Yu who he carried on his back spoke abruptly.

“Yeer, how long more before we see Yaoer”

“Very soon!” Yang Ye hurriedly said, “Weve arrived at the Imperial Capital, and shes at the Talisman Masters Association in the Imperial Capital.

My Master, Lin Shan, is there with her, so no one in the Imperial Capital would dare to bully her!”

“There isnt enough time!” Feng Yu shook her head and said, “Yeer, put me down.

I have some things to tell you!”

Yang Ye stopped moving when he heard her, and then a strand of fear suddenly arose in his heart, and then it instantly suffused his entire body.

Yang Ye suppressed the feeling in his heart and squeezed out a smile as he said, “Mother, what do you there isnt enough time.

Youre already fine.

Youre fine.

Well be able to see Little Yao soon….”

As he spoke, Yang Yes tears couldnt help but start flowing for some unknown reason….

Feng Yu stretched out her hand to wipe off the tears on his face and said softly, “Ive been keeping it from you, but Mother is actually dead.”

“What do you mean!” Yang Ye was in a slight state of confusion.

“Mother, youre clearly alive and well.

How could you possibly be dead”

“She really is dead!” The Beast Emperor suddenly appeared here.

“Senior, what do you mean” Yang Yes gaze was slightly hostile, and his voice carried an enraged tone.

“Theres no vitality within her body, and even her soul was condensed into form by force.

Even though she seems like shes alive, its only an illusion.

Because theres Death Energy within her.

Once that secret technique that converged her soul disperses, then shell become a true member of the dead.

Moreover, her soul would disperse completely, and shell be unable to enter the cycle of reincarnation! Hah! The Flower Palace is truly cruel! Not only did they kill her, they even refused to give her the chance to be reincarnated!” said the Beast Emperor.

“Senior, youre really formidable!” said Feng Yu.

The Beast Emperor shook his head, and then stood silently at the side.

Feng Yu stroked Yang Yes cheek and said, “The Flower Palace adhered strictly to its rules, and they wont allow anyone that breaks the rules to live.

Dont avenge me.

At the very least, dont try to avenge me before you possess sufficient strength.

Understand Im already very satisfied to have been able to see you.

Even if my soul disperses, Im still very satisfied!”

“No! No!” Yang Ye shook his head while pain covered his face, and he said, “I wont let you die! I wont! Ill definitely be able to save you! Lets go see Little Yao! Our family will be together! No one will be able to split us up again! No one!”

Yang Ye gazed at the Beast Emperor and spoke anxiously.

“Senior, since youre aware of the Flower Palaces secret technique, then you should know how to remove it, right Right”

The Beast Emperor shook his head and said, “Its useless even if I do.

Because her soul has dispersed and removing the secret technique will only make her soul vanish immediately.

Of course, its the same even if it isnt removed.

Theres Death Energy within her body.

In other words, the world has taken her to be one of the dead.

Can anyone in this world defy the heavens and change the fate of someone”

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