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Yang Ye was first shocked and filled with disbelief, and then he became vigilant and terrified.

In the end, he shook his head and smiled.

“Senior, thats all the secrets I have left!” He didnt know why Elder Mu knew he possessed the tiny vortex, but he was sure that Elder Mu probably had no ill intent towards him.

At the very least, Elder Mu didnt have any right now.

Otherwise, he would be dead by now!

Elder Mu smiled and said, “Youre smart to not do anything stupid.

Otherwise, I would be very disappointed.”

Yang Ye fell silent for a moment before he asked.

“Senior, when did you find out”

“That isnt important!” Elder Mu said, “The important thing is that its really in your possession.

You know, when I noticed that it was in your possession, Id aroused the thought to seize it from you by force.

However, I gave up in the end because it chose you, so I wouldnt be able to get it even if I killed you.

Or perhaps, even if I did obtain it, it would be of no use to me!”

Yang Ye instantly broke out in cold sweat upon hearing Elder Mu.

So Elder Mu actually intended to kill me and seize it from me in the beginning….

“Youre the only variable in this world!” Elder Mu said, “And youre the only profounder in profounder continent who possesses a limitless future.

If someone in this world is able to unravel the secrets of the Heavenpath, then that person is definitely you.

You have no other choice because if you dont, then both you and the people you care about will die in the future.

Or I should say that all the living beings on this continent will die slowly!”

Yang Ye shook his head and laughed as he said, “Elder Mu, you say that Im the only person on this world whos capable of unravelling the secrets of the Heaven Path, and Im the only one who can become thatsavior you speak of.

However, Elder Mu, you ought to be clearly aware that many people in this world hope for my death, yet I should fight desperately to become a savior for them Im sorry, but Im really not such a noble person.

Perhaps I would investigate the Heavenpath for my sake and the sake of the people I care about, but Ill absolutely not do it for the inhabitants of this world.

Their fates arent related to me at all, because in the same way, my fate isnt related to them at all!”

Become a savior What a joke! The inhabitants of the world didnt need him to be their savior, and he didnt want to be their savior.

He was really not that noble nor did he have the time or leisure to do that.

Because he was determined to avenge his mother.

Elder Mu sighed lightly and said, “Fine, I cant force this on you.

Besides telling you some secrets about the Heavenpath, the reason I asked you to come in here and take a look at the corpses of these experts was because I wanted to tell you something.

You must work hard and cultivate to become stronger, because you might become one of them if your strength is insufficient.

After all, numerous Sword Emperors and Martial Gods are amongst them!”

“I understand!” Yang Ye nodded.

Elder Mu nodded, and then he waved his right hand.

The cover of a coffin that was around 300m away from them was instantly flipped open, and then a ray of light flashed before a dark blue sword chest appeared in Elder Mus grasp.

“This sword chest was left behind by a Sword Emperor.

There are only four swords within it but all of them are Dao Artifacts.

Theyre respectively called Heavenfault, Earthflaw, Soulslayer, and Godslaughter.

These swords were crafted by that Sword Emperor to seek revenge, and they contain his monstrous killing intent and hatred.

I didnt give them to you in the past because you were unable to resist the killing intent and hatred they continued.

But now….

Haha! 8th level Slaughter Sword Intent is entirely sufficient to take control of them!” Elder Mu smiled as he spoke these words.

“Four Dao Artifacts” Yang Ye gulped down a mouthful of saliva and asked with slight shock.

Elder Mu nodded and said, “This sword chest has a sword formation within it, and its calledRuin.

The heavens and the earth would be ruined before these four swords.

Haha, even though its quite exaggerated, its might is extraordinary.

Most importantly, their might would become even more terrifying if theyre utilized with your Sword Control Technique and 8th level Slaughter Sword Intent!”

Yang Ye took the sword chest from Elder Mu, and he felt excited for a moment before he calmed down and issued a command in his heart.

Four swords that were inscribed with countless mysterious talisman markings shot out from within the sword chest and floated before him.

As soon as they appeared here, a strand of terrifying killing intent and peerlessly violent hatred assaulted his face, and it caused Yang Ye to frown a little.

Elder Mu was right.

If he hadnt comprehended Slaughter Sword Intent and improved it to the 8th level, then the killing intent and hatred contained within them was sufficient to destroy his consciousness.

Now, even though the killing intent and hatred they emanated could still affect him, it could be disregarded.

Yang Ye issued another command in his heart, and then the swords swished and appeared around 600m away from him.

Yang Ye was shocked when he witnessed this scene.

Theyre actually that swift 600m in less than a breath of time Thats even a little bit faster than my Ninth Hell Swordwings and Rapid Shift! Even an Exalt Realm expert would probably be unable to avoid such swift swords, right

Yang Ye placed them back into the sword chest, and then he remained silent for a short while before the profound energy within him surged violently into the sword chest.

In an instant, a wave of violet winds appeared out of thin air around him, and then four rays of light shot out from within the sword chest like four shooting stars.

The swords flickered incessantly in midair, and then numerous pitch black rifts appeared incessantly in the air as if the they really intended to bring ruin to the world.

Suddenly, the space around the swords suddenly exploded apart with a bang, and Yang Ye watched in shock as a pitch black hole appeared there in space.

Yang Ye was shocked by this because he hadnt expected that the might of this sword formation would actually be so terrifying.

Even though it was inferior to his Sword of Elements, but it was much more flexible and nimbler, just like the Sword Threads.

It could take the heads of his enemies in the distance with a single thought from him.

However, the sword formation did have a flaw, and it was that it exhausted too much profound energy.

With the profound energy stores he possessed right now, he was only able to utilize it once, at most.

However, Yang Ye was already very satisfied.

After all, it was a sword formation formed from four Dao Artifacts, so it would be extremely unusual if he could utilize it without any limitations like the sword chest Baoer had given him.

“Youre still unable to fully utilize its might with the strength you possess right now.

Not only do you have to improve your Sword Intent, your cultivation has to be improved as well.

Your cultivation is your foundation, and only its advancement would allow you to become a true member of the strong.

No matter if its Sword Intent or the Sword Domain, theyll only be stronger with a stronger cultivation as their foundation, understand” said Elder Mu.

“Thank you for your guidance!” Yang Ye bowed to Elder Mu.

He wholeheartedly agreed with Elder Mu.

Because after he forcefully improved his cultivation to the Exalt Realm by way of a secret technique that day, hed noticed that both his Sword Intent and Sword Domain had been greatly improved.

Moreover, he could utilize both of them at will.

Besides that, he could even execute combat techniques with much more ease.

Of course, advancing into the Exalt Realm wouldnt just allow him to grasp the secrets of space, it would improve the amount of profound energy his body could store.

Most importantly, the tiny vortex would be able to grow further.

Every single growth it experienced provide a huge amount of help to him.

So, he had to work hard on improving his cultivation.

Every single day the Flower Palace still existed was another day which he couldnt rest in peace.

Of course, he knew that the Flower Palace probably thought in the same way, and the Flower Palace would probably do everything within its power to kill him!

After he bid his farewells to Elder Mu, Yang Ye controlled his sword and flew on it in the direction of the Sword Sect.

He had to make a huge amount of preparations and meet many people before he left the southern territory and headed to the Ancient Battlefield.

Yang Ye felt like everything was different when he returned to the Sword Sect again, but he didnt feel any nostalgia and just sighed with emotion about it.

After all, it was a place where hed once pursued his dreams.

Yang Ye didnt alarm the disciples of the Sword Sect on his way to Cool Breeze Gorge, and his heart was slightly moved as he gazed at the place in Cool Breeze Gorge where he usually cultivated.

All those years ago when he was reduced to a Labor Disciple, hed never given up on cultivating for the sake of his mother and younger sister.

They were his greatest motivation and support!

Yet now, his mother was gone….

Revenge was his greatest motivation now.

Just like hed sworn in the past, he would definitely do everything he could to annihilate the Flower Palace in his lifetime!

Yang Ye took a deep breath and suppressed the violent killing intent in his heart.

Suddenly, he frowned and turned around, and then he saw that Su Qingshi was standing behind him.

“Youve come.” Su Qingshi spoke lightly.

Yang Ye nodded while his expression eased up.

He walked over to her side, stretched out his hand and wrapped it around her soft waist, and then he said in a gentle voice.

“How long more until our child is born”

“Soon!” said Su Qingshi softly.

Yang Ye suddenly said, “Take me to see your father!”

Su Qingshi suddenly raised her head and gazed at Yang Ye with slight astonishment.

Yang Ye grinned and said, “We cant continue leaving it like this.

It isnt fair to you.

Ive decided to ask for you hand in marriage from your father and acknowledge you as mine.

As for the marriage, well do it after the Sword Sect overcomes these difficult times, alright”

Su Qingshi didnt speak and just gazed at Yang Ye like that.

Yang Ye rubbed his nose and said, “Whyre you looking at me like that Is there something on my face”

Su Qingshi suddenly cracked a smile but it vanished in an instant.

She stretched out her hands and placed them around Yang Yes waist, and then she buried her face in his chest.

A short while later, she said softly, “I didnt misjudge you in the end.

Youre worthy of me waiting for you, and youre worthy of my affection.”

Yang Ye was slightly stunned, and then he smiled and tightened his embrace on her.

The two of them just embraced each other in silence like this for over an hour.

Some time later, all the remaining elders of the Sword Sect and Su Qingshis father were gathered in Sky Hall.

Yang Ye glanced at them, and he noticed many familiar faces were missing.

For example, Yu Heng wasnt amongst them anymore.

Besides Yu Heng, only 3 out of the 7 Peak Masters of the Sword Sect remained.

Yang Ye knew that the Sword Sect had really suffered a heavy injury this time!

If it were in the past, he would definitely not care about the Sword Sect.

But now, his wife was its Sect Master, so he had to care about it!

Yang Ye shook his head, glanced at them, and then said, “Im going to marry Qingshi regardless of whether all of you agree!”

Yang Yes domineering words caused all the others within the hall to frown.

However, Su Qingshi glanced at him instead, and then tender affection flashed through her eyes.

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