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Chapter 46 – Smashing Through All Obstacles

Yang Ye had just entered the Sword Servant Pagoda when the scene before his eyes suddenly changed.

When his vision recovered, he was already standing within a spacious hall.

However, besides a staircase, this hall was completely empty, and there wasn’t even a single person here.

All the others that entered the pagoda with him weren’t in this hall.

Right when Yang Ye was bewildered, a black figure suddenly appeared over 10m away from him.

The black figure held a sword in hand and was completely pitch black.

It was impossible to see the appearance of the figure clearly.

However, Yang Ye felt that this black figure before him had locked onto him.

“This is a Sword Servant” Yang Ye spoke in a low voice.

When he thought up to here, he flipped his right hand, and a sword appeared there.

After that, he utilized Gale Steps and emanated a wave of cool wind as he stabbed according to the Basic Sword Technique.

Right at the instant that Yang Ye made a move, the black figure before him attacked as well.

However, to Yang Ye’s surprise, that black figure actually stabbed according to the Basic Sword Technique as well.

Moreover, no matter if it was technique or speed, it was exactly similar to his own.

Yang Ye didn’t have the time to give it any thought before he suddenly sped up, and then he flicked with his sword and flicked the black figure’s sword away.

After that, he swept with his right hand and slashed through the black figure’s chest.

The black figure instantly vanished upon being struck by Yang Ye.

Yang Ye didn’t feel complacent from annihilating a Sword Servant with a single strike because this Sword Servant was merely at the seventh rank of the Mortal Realm.

After remaining silent on the spot for a while, Yang Ye said in a low voice, Looks like the Sword Servants here copy the challenger’s moves.

If it’s really is like that, then it’s a great place to train my sword techniques.

However, the Sword Servants on this level are a bit too weak.” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye walked up to the second level.

When he arrived at the second level, there were two Sword Servants standing there already.

The strengths of these Sword Servants were no different than the Sword Servant at the first level.

They were both at the seventh rank of the Mortal Realm, and the only difference was that there was an extra one more Sword Servant here when compared to the first level.

Yang Ye didn’t hesitate to unsheathe his sword and execute Gale Steps and the Basic Sword Technique.

Just as he’d expected, after he executed these two techniques, the two Sword Servants before him had executed these two techniques as the first possible moment as well.

Even though these Sword Servants utilized the same techniques as Yang Ye, they were instantly annihilated by Yang Ye.

Sword Servants at the seventh rank of the Mortal Realm were truly not threatening at all to Yang Ye, even if there were two of them.

Outside the pagoda, Cao Huo gazed at the blood red character ‘六’ at the center of the pagoda, and he said in a low voice, “Not bad.

Someone has already arrived at the 6th level so quickly.

It’s probably either Jiang Yuan or Qingxue.”

Feng Yu who stood by Cao Huo’s side nodded and said with a smile, “The quality and quantity this year is slightly inferior when compared to last year.

However, compared to the years of the past, it isn’t too bad in terms of quality.

Two ninth rank Mortal Realm Profounders at the age of 16.

After they join the sect and the sect fosters them briefly, they ought to be able to quickly become First Heaven Realm experts.”

Cao Huo nodded with a smile and said, “If they’re able to attain the First Heaven Realm in around the next eight months, then they ought to tom be able to head to the capital with those geniuses that are participating in the Ascension Rankings this year.

Even though they can’t compete, having a look at the other geniuses of the southern territory is extremely beneficial to them!”

When the Ascension Rankings were mentioned, the smile on Feng Yu’s face was restrained, and he said, “Brother Huo, how many geniuses from our Sword Sect do you think will be able to fight their way onto the Ascension Rankings this year”

Cao Huo’s expression became solemn as well, and he went silent for a long time before he said, “I don’t dare to say that those geniuses in the inner court that haven’t advanced into the King Realm will be able to, but that demonic woman in the outer court ought to be able to accomplish it.

Of course, the precondition is that the Ghost Sect and the other powers don’t target our Sword Sect!”

Feng Yu said in a low voice, “The Ghost Sect will definitely target our Sword Sect.

However, our Sword Sect doesn’t have to fear the Ghost Sect.

However, I wonder if the Origin School will target our Sword Sect this time.

After all, when our Sword Sect suffered crushing defeats in the last few times, the shadow of the Origin School could be noticed behind all of it!”

Cao Huo was just about to say something when Elder Qian who’d been remaining silent at the side had suddenly cried out in surprise, and he said, “Look, someone has already arrived at the 9th level!”

When they heard this, both of them raised their heads, and they saw that the large character ‘九’ had appeared at the center of the Sword Servant Pagoda.

It was none other than Yang Ye who’d arrived at the 9th level.

All along the way here, he’d already figured out the situation within the pagoda.

The 1st level had a single seventh rank Mortal Realm Sword Servant, the 2nd level had two, the 3rd level had three.

When he arrived at the 4th level, the Sword Servant that appeared here wasn’t a seventh rank Mortal Realm Profounder any longer, and it was at the eighth rank instead.

Similarly, based on the examples from before, when he arrived at the 9th level now, he faced three Sword Servants at the ninth rank of the Mortal Realm.

Yang Ye had just ascended to the 9th level when three swords assaulted his face.

After the Sword Servants became ninth rank Mortal Realm Profounders, they’d already stopped moving according to the moves he made, and they utilized other sword techniques.

When he sensed these three swords assaulting him, Yang Ye’s expression remained unchanged, and he immediately utilized the Gale Steps to transformed into a gust of wind that moved 3m to the side.

Yang Ye had just moved away when the Sword Servants didn’t slow down before immediately stabbing towards Yang Ye from three directions.

Yang Ye didn’t dare be careless.

He suddenly stomped with his right foot, and he relied on the counterforce from this action and the Gale Steps movement technique to instantly arrive before the Sword Servant on his right.

He didn’t hesitate at all to directly stab his sword at the Sword Servant, whereas, that Sword Servant didn’t put up a defense or try to block his attack at all.

It similarly stabbed its sword towards Yang Ye’s chest, and it intended to take Yang Ye down with it.

Because Yang Ye was the first to attack, so Yang Ye’s sword pierced the Sword Servant’s body first.

However, in the next moment, the Sword Servant’s sword arrived before Yang Ye’s chest as well.

But right when the sword was about to pierce into his body, Yang Ye’s left hand suddenly moved lightly, and then a strand of sword qi shot out from Yang Ye’s left hand. 


The Sword Servant’s sword was blasted flying.

After succeeding with a single strike, Yang Ye’s right leg stomped lightly, causing his figure to flash like a ghost and arrive before the Sword Servant at the center.

This time, Yang Ye didn’t utilize the same method from before, and he increased his speed to its limits instead.

His sword emanated the sound of wind being torn apart as it pierced the Sword Servant’s chest before it could even react.

After this Sword Servant vanished, Yang Ye turned around to look at the last Sword Servant that had already arrived before him.

At the instant the sword in that Sword Servant’s hand stabbed towards him, a cold light flashed, and then a sword had suddenly stabbed into the Sword Servant’s chest.

Yang Ye let out a long sigh of relief when the last Sword Servant vanished.

He had to admit that the pagoda was indeed a great place to train.

Originally, he felt that his Basic Sword Technique had already reached perfection.

However, as he fought all along the way here, he finally noticed some flaws in his sword technique.

This discovery caused him to feel fortunate because it was fortunate that he’d noticed these flaws here, otherwise, if his enemy noticed these flaws in battle, and especially if that enemy was an expert, then it would absolutely be lethal.

After resting for a while, Yang Ye looked at the staircase.

If it was based on the cultivations of the Sword Servants from the past levels, then it ought to be a First Heaven Realm Sword Servant that was waiting for him on the 10th level.

However, Yang Ye felt that it wasn’t really likely.

If a First Heaven Realm Sword Servant already appeared at the 10th level, then the fellow that ascended to the 20th level would truly be heaven defying.

Without thinking about it any further, Yang Ye arrived at the 10th level, and he noticed that there was only a single Sword Servant in the hall.

When he saw this, Yang Ye’s heard jerked. It wouldn’t really be at the First Heaven Realm, right

When Yang Ye walked over to the Sword Servant, he instantly heaved a sigh of relief because this Sword Servant before him wasn’t at the First Heaven Realm, and it was at the ninth rank of the Mortal Realm instead.

However, the aura it emanated was too much stronger than the Sword Servants from before.

Yang Ye even felt that this Sword Servant was even stronger than those three ninth rank Mortal Realm Sword Servants from the 9th level.

However, fortunately, so long as it wasn’t at the First Heaven Realm, then it wouldn’t be too difficult for Yang Ye.

Yang Ye held the sword in his hand as he took a step forward.

Right when he was about to make a move and deal with this Sword Servant, suddenly, the sword in the Sword Servant’s hand suddenly swept towards Yang Ye, and then a snow white strand of sword qi shot out like a bolt of lightning towards Yang Ye.

This strand of sword qi that appeared abruptly caused Yang Ye’s expression to turn grim.

It wasn’t because this strand of sword qi was extremely formidable, and it was instead because the Sword Servants from the 1st to the 9th level hadn’t utilized any sword qi, yet this fellow before him could actually utilize sword qi

He didn’t have the time to think before he flashed to avoid that strand of sword qi, and then he executed the Gale Steps technique to charge towards the Sword Servant.

At another illusory realm within the pagoda, Jiang Yuan hurriedly sat down cross-legged on the ground after stabbing through a Sword Servant.

He rested for around an hour before he stood up, and then he gazed at the staircase before he said in a low voice.

“I’m probably the first person to enter the 10th level!”

When he spoke up to here, he seemed to have thought of something, and he laughed coldly as he said, “They actually dared to make a bet with me! They’re truly a pair of idiots!”

As soon as he finished, he stopped talking and walked towards the staircase.

When Jiang Yuan stepped foot onto the 10th level, the woman in a green dress called Qingxue had entered the 10th level as well, whereas, Yang Ye had already arrived at the 12th level.


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