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Zhang Liu and the others stopped hesitating and exerted slight strength on their daggers.

In an instant, countless heads rolled to the ground.

“Ah! Yang Ye! I, Beiming Yan, swear that Ill definitely make you pay with your blood if its the last thing I do!” Beiming Yan suddenly roared madly, and then he tore space open and fled towards the distance.

Even though he wished for nothing more than to drink Yang Yes blood and skin Yang Ye alive right now, he was very clearly aware that it would absolutely be him who lost his life if he were to stay here.

So, he hadnt hesitated to flee!

There was always hope while one was still alive!

The way he thought was right, but reality was cruel.

Right when Beiming Yan had just torn space apart and was about to enter the rift he created, two Exalt Realm experts had suddenly appeared by his side, and then they slapped their palms towards him from afar.

In an instant, the spatial rift Beiming Yan tore apart had been blasted into pieces.

After that, Hong and Qing suddenly appeared in front of behind him respectively before two cold glows flashed.

Beiming Yan was horrified.

His figure shook as he was about to tear space apart and flee again, but two more Exalt Realm experts appeared in the air above him….

“AH!!” It wasnt long before a miserable and shrill cry resounded from Beiming Yan from being jointly attacked by so many Exalt Realm experts.

When they witnessed Beiming Yans death from the shadows, the expressions of the Patriarchs of countless clans in the Imperial Capital had become extremely solemn.

After all, how could they possibly be unaware when such a huge incident had occurred in the Imperial Capital They were already here when Yang Ye had captured the members of the Beiming Clan and brought them here, and they were just hiding in the shadows!

All of them hadnt expected that the great Beiming Clan would actually be destroyed just like that.

After all, the Beiming Clans patriarch was a ninth rank Exalt Realm expert while the Beiming Clan itself had over 10 Exalt Realm experts.

However, such an enormous force had still been annihilated, and the reason was because it had offended Yang Ye!

Bloodthirsty, vengeful, ruthless, kills others like theyre flies….

Even the members of the Ghost Sect are probably not as ruthless as he is….This is no Sword Emperor! This is a Sword Demon!

Yang Ye wasnt aware that hed gained another name today, and it wasSword Demon!

At the instant he saw Beiming Yan and all the members of the Beiming Clan being annihilated, Shangguan Mu who was watching from the shadows immediately felt that his decision to not become enemies with Yang Ye was extremely wise.

If hed chosen to go against Yang Ye at that time, then perhaps the consequences the Beiming Clan faced would be the consequences that his Shangguan Clan faced.

After all, his Shangguan Clan was on par with the Beiming Clan!

“Let me see if those old geezers of the clan will say that Im spineless when I return to the clan after this!” Shangguan Mu laughed coldly.

His actions of compromising that day had made many of his clansmen feel very displeased with him.

Theyd said that hed lost face for the Shangguan Clan.

Now, he really looked forward to seeing the expressions on their faces!

At this moment, all the patriarchs who were watching from the shadows had simultaneously made a decision.

It was to immediately issue an order upon returning to their respectively clans, and the content of that order would be — anyone who offends Yang Ye will be expelled from the clan!

Yang Ye was a madman.

A madman who possessed both formidable strength and backing.

They absolutely couldnt afford to offend such a madman, otherwise, the Beiming Clan would be the best example of the fate that awaited them!

After Hong and the others killed Beiming Yan, Yang Ye shot his gaze towards Shen Mo.

The latters eyelids twitched, and then he said coldly, “What You intend to kill me as well”

“Exactly!” Yang Ye naturally intended to kill Shen Mo as well.

After all, Shen Mo had desired his death just now!

Lin Shan hesitated for a moment, but he didnt say anything in the end.

He was very well aware of the character Yang Ye possessed.

If Yang Ye had really decided to kill Shen Mo, then persuading him would be utterly useless!

“Yang Ye, Shen Mo is an elder of my Talisman Masters Association.

Could it be that youve forgotten the ties you once had” Bai Shan spoke in a low voice.

Meanwhile, Little Yao suddenly pulled Yang Yes hand and said softly, “Big Brother, dont kill Grandpa Shen Mo.

In the past, a Young Prince wanted to bully Baoer and I, and it was Grandpa Shen Mo who helped us drive him away.

Moreover, he frequently gives talismans to me, and he says that its so that I can protect myself better and avoid being bullied by others.”

Yang Yes expression eased up when he heard this, and then he glanced at Shen Mo before he walked away while holding Little Yao and Xiao Yuxis hands.

Yang Ye always differentiated clearly between gratitude and enmity.

Since Shen Mo had shown kindness to Little Yao in the past, then he would naturally not repay such kindness with hostility.

Of course, if Shen Mo were to look for trouble with him, then he would naturally not hold back!

Bai Shan instantly heaved a sigh of relief when he saw Yang Ye leave.

Yang Ye wasnt the same Yang Ye from before.

At this moment, Yang Ye was someone that every single power throughout the southern territory feared.

“What a pity!” Bai Shan shook his head.

After all, Yang Ye had once been a member of the Talisman Masters Association, but the association hadnt chosen to share his troubles when he was facing his most difficult moment.

Otherwise, the Talisman Masters Associations status would have probably risen a level higher now, and Bai Shan felt that it was truly a pity!

Bai Shan shook his head and said, “His rise is certain.

Tell all members of the association to give way to him in the southern territory and never become enemies with him.

Otherwise, they can face the consequences themselves!”

Yang Ye brought Xiao Yuxi and Little Yao back to the Darkbeast Empire.

There were truly too many in the southern territory who wanted him dead, and his master, Lin Shan, may not necessarily be able to protect Little Yao if he were to leave her with him.

Conversely, he had practically no enemies in the Darkbeast Empire, so Little Yao was definitely much safer here!

After he found out that Little Yao was Yang Yes younger sister, the Beast Emperor gave her a necklace.

The necklace had no rank as a treasure, but it was extremely significant because a trace of the Beast Emperors aura was on it.

So, no Darkbeast throughout the Grand Myriad Mountains would dare harm her while she was wearing it, and it was even to the extent that she could utilize the necklace to command some Darkbeasts!

Yang Ye would naturally take it for nothing.

He utilized the profound energy within the tiny vortex throughout the next day to purify the bodies of some geniuses from the Darkbeast Empire, and it allowed their natural endowment, physique, and bloodline to rise a level higher.

This made the Beast Emperor and some elders of the Darkbeast Empire extremely happy.

From that day onward, Little Yao had simple become the little princess of the Darkbeast Empire.

Because everyone knew that she was the person Yang Ye was closest to and doted on the most.

So, currying favor with her was naturally equivalent to currying favor with Yang Ye!

After he made arrangements for Little Yao, Yang Ye, An Nanjing, and the others started their journey to the Ancient Battlefield.

Even though his strength was much stronger, and he even had his own forces, his enemies had become stronger as well and greater in number.

If he were to allow the so-called Mortal Emperor to subdue the southern territory, then not to mention annihilating the Flower Palace, even survival would be a problem for him!

So, he had to do his best to stop the Mortal Emperor!

At the border of the Grand Myriad Mountains and the Ancient Battlefield, the Beast Emperor gazed towards the Ancient Battlefield with a slightly solemn expression while he said, “I hope you will be able to convince those powers in Ancient Domain City during your trip to the Ancient Battlefield.

Otherwise, if the Mortal Emperor were to be allowed to occupy Ancient Domain City, then my Grand Myriad Mountains would definitely suffer the brunt of his attack when he launches his counterattack.

Moreover, at that time, the strength of my Darkbeast Empire and the Grand Qin Empire would probably be unable to stop the Exalted Han Empires army!”

“Is it really that serious” Yang Ye asked in a low voice.

In his opinion, even though the Exalted Han Empire was strong, the joint forces of the Darkbeast Empire and Grand Qin Empire should be able to resist it at least.

However, the Beast Emperors expression allowed Yang Ye to realize that his thoughts might have been too naïve.

The Beast Emperor nodded and said, “Its very severe.

Youre only aware of the strength that this colossus, the Exalted Han Empire, reveals on the surface.

Their true strength is far from what theyve revealed on the surface.

For example, everyone is only aware of the Souleater Corps, but very few know that the Exalted Han Empire possesses another army which is superior to the Souleater Corps.

No one knows the name of this army, and even I dont.

All I do know is that this army is made entirely from Exalt Realm experts! Moreover, it has at least 3,000 members… at least….”

When he spoke up to this point, the Beast Emperor paused for a moment and said, “Besides that, they have a mysterious troop called Saint Executioner, and its formed entirely from Monarch Realm experts.

Its said to be even capable of slaughtering a Saint Realm expert.

The number of members it possesses is unknown!”

Yang Yes expression changed when he heard this.

An army formed from at least 3,000 Exalt Realm experts and a troop formed from Monarch Realm Experts….

Such strength, resources, and reserves….

No wonder it possesses such a long history in the continent! No wonder it was capable of deterring those Ninth Rank Sects! No wonder it could force the Unfettered One to retreat all those years ago!“Besides that, according to the Founding Emperor, the mysterious League of Doom in the southern territory seems to be a force that belongs to the Exalted Han Empire, and he is just not completely sure of it.

However, all of us think that it should be true!” The Beast Emperor said, “If its true, then it represents that the Exalted Han Empire had started to plot for the southern territory hundreds of years ago!”

Yang Yes pupils constricted.

He hadnt imagined that the mysterious League of Doom might actually belong to the Exalted Han Empire.

If its really true, then the Exalted Han Empire is truly quite terrifying.

“Ill try my best!” said Yang Ye in a low voice.

“Thats for the best!” The Beast Emperor smiled and said, “The Founding Emperor and I have prepared everything thats needed.

Return to the Grand Myriad Mountains if youre unable to ally with those powers in Ancient Domain City.

Unless the entire Grand Myriad Mountains are destroyed, otherwise, Ill definitely stop at nothing to protect you.”

“Why” Yang Ye was slightly surprised.

“I intend to make a huge bet!” The Beast Emperor said, “Im betting that you, Yang Ye, wont die prematurely.

Im betting that you, Yang Ye, will be able to surpass the Unfettered One in the future! Im betting that you, Yang Ye, can bring hope to my Darkbeast Empire!”

Yang Ye shook his head and chuckled.

“Senior, you seem to be even more confident in me than I am of myself!”

The Beast Emperor smiled and said, “Lets not continue on this topic.

Go on, quickly! Good luck! You dont have to worry about your younger sister.

She wont be in any danger while shes in the Darkbeast Empire.”

Yang Ye nodded, and then his figure flashed towards the distance.

The Beast Emperor fell silent for a short while as he watched Yang Yes figure vanish into the distance, and then he said in a soft voice, “The situation in the southern territory is really going to change!”

After he finished speaking, the Beast Emperors face turned gloomy as he said, “Issue the order! Order all Darkbeasts in closed door cultivation to emerge from their cultivation and order all Darkbeasts in the Grand Myriad Mountains to swiftly return to the Beast Capital! Kill any who defy this order!”


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