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After the little girl entered the tiny vortex, Yang Ye couldnt help but start probing the Mortal Emperor Seal and Mortal Emperor Armor.

The strength of the Mortal Emperor Armor was already that terrifying when he couldnt subdue it, so now that he had subdued it and obtained the assistance of its Equipment Spirit, how terrifying would his current defenses be

A layer of gold light suddenly surged out from Yang Yes body with a single command in his heart.

The gold light was like a thin layer of skin that covered Yang Yes entire body.

He moved his limbs for a moment and noticed that the layer of golden light didnt affect his movement at all.

This allowed him to heave a sigh of relief.

After that, he brushed his hand past the golden light, and it was extremely soft like he was touching cotton!

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment before he issued another command in his heart, and then a sword shot into the sky.

Yang Ye controlled the shot to shoot violently towards his chest, and then Yang Ye instantly watched with astonishment as the sword actually flew backward at an utterly comparable speed!

It was bounced back! Yang Ye was overjoyed.

He hadnt imagined that the Mortal Emperor Armor didnt just possess such terrifying defensive capabilities, it actually possessed the ability to rebound attacks.

That had truly exceeded his expectations!

Yang Yes gaze descended onto the Mortal Emperor Seal.

What sort of special ability does the Mortal Emperor Seal possess It cant be merely capable of enlarging its size and smashing down onto others, right Even though its might would be extremely formidable just like that, it wouldnt live up to its name as a Natural Dao Artifact if it were merely capable of that.

Yang Ye summoned Mu Jun, and he finally found out about the Mortal Emperor Seals effects from Mu Jun.

It was the ability to repress.

What could it repress It could repress anything.

For example, Karmic Luck, spirit veins, Death Energy, and even people!

Of course, it couldnt just repress everything just because it possessed the ability to do so.

In any case, his current strength was utterly insufficient to fully utilize the Mortal Emperor Seal and repress people.

Even the Mortal Emperor Armor was something he could only utilize for a short period of time because they truly consumed too much profound energy.

Even if he had the tiny vortex, he still couldnt utilize such Natural Dao Artifacts at will.

In short, his cultivation was too low.

He had numerous extraordinary treasures yet couldnt fully utilize any one of them! It was like a person who possessed a billion but could only withdraw 100 to utilize every single time.

It was extremely depressing and annoying!

He wanted to look for a place to settle down and cultivate properly.

However, he didnt have the time at all.

There were many things that had had to handle, so he didnt even have a bit of time.

Thus, every single advancement hed attained had been obtained during slaughter!

Yang Ye put his things away and was just about to leave when his pupils suddenly constricted.

He issued a command in his heart and a sword transformed into a ray of light that shot explosively towards a corner over 30m away!

It was swift like a bolt of lightning, and it arrived there in an instant!

“Sword Emperor, wait! I have no ill intent!” An anxious voice suddenly sounded out form the corner, and then a middle aged man appeared in Yang Yes field of vision.

Cold sweat was dripping from the middle aged mans body because that sword was less than half an inch away from the center of his forehead.

He would have probably been transformed into a corpse if he had shouted just a little later! According to the rumors, the Sword Emperor possesses the strength to kill Exalt Realm experts.

Sure enough, he really does deserve his reputation.

Because just that attack alone wasnt something that a peak Spirit Realm profounder like him could resist!

“Whore you!” Yang Ye spoke in a low voice.

This person had just arrived and hadnt witnessed the scenes from before, otherwise, his sword would have struck down without stopping at all.

The middle aged man took a deep breath and said, “Im Lu Yixuan, a member of the City Governors Estate!”

Yang Yes brows raised, and he said, “The City Governors Estate”

The middle aged man nodded and said, “Im on order of the City Governor to invite the Sword Emperor to meet in the City Governors Estate!”

Yang Ye fell silent.

Why has the City Governor invited me to his estate It seems like amongst all the powers in Ancient Domain City, only the City Governors Estate hasnt sided with Luo Jun.

Could there be enmity between him and the Exalted Han Empire, or perhaps he has other intentions

“The City Governor said that he has a common objective with Young Master Yang!” said the middle aged man.

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment before he said, “Lead the way!” No matter what, he felt that he should meet the City Governor.

Presently, he needed allies, otherwise, the Darkbeast Empire and the Grand Qin Empire would be in a worrying situation.

Both of them quickly arrived at the City Governors Estate with Lu Yixuan in the lead.

Yang Ye had just stepped foot through the door of the City Governors Estate when a strand of sword qi suddenly shot over explosively.

Yang Yes expression changed a little because this strand of sword qi actually carried Sword Intent, and it was at least 6th level Sword Intent!

Did the City Governor intend to kill him It wasnt very likely because Lu Yixuan had an astounded expression on his face as well.

Obviously, he hadnt expected that someone would attack Yang Ye right now as well!

Yang Ye flicked with his finger, and a thread of sword qi transformed into a ray of light that flashed forward, and then a bang resounded as the sword qi was instantly blasted apart by his thread of sword qi.

“Eh You were actually able to destroy my sword qi with ease.

Your title as Sword Emperor does truly carry some weight!” A voice sounded out slowly as a woman in a one piece dress and holding a sword appeared within Yang Yes field of vision.

The woman was very beautiful, and she had a slender figure.

However, her gaze towards Yang Ye was filled with the intent to provoke him.

The corners of Lu Yixuans mouth twitched when he saw this woman, and then he smiled with embarrassment to Yang Ye as he said, “Young Master Yang, this is our Junior City Governor, Lu Jianyao.

Right, shes a sword cultivator as well.

She didnt have any ill intent when she attacked just now, and she merely desired to spar with Young Master Yang.

I hope Young Master Yang doesnt mind!”

Yang Ye said, “Young Miss Lu attained 6th level Sword Intent before the age of 20, such natural talent is….”

“Its the 7th level!” Lu Jianyao interrupted Yang Ye and said, “I heard you possess 8th level Sword Intent, is that true”

Yang Ye nodded because there was no need to conceal that.

Lu Jianyaos eyes lit up, and she said, “How about we spat”

Yang Ye shook his head because sparring with her was utterly meaningless.

He refused to do something that was meaningless and a waste of his time!

“Junior City Governor, the Lord City Governor is waiting for Young Master Yang!” Lu Yixuan spoke hastily because he was clearly aware of the temper this Junior City Governor of his possessed.

She was stubborn and desired to excel, so she might directly draw her sword and attack Yang Ye.

Lu Jianyao puckered her lips, and then she sheathed her sword and moved aside.

She only glared fiercely at Yang Ye.

Obviously, she was very displeased by Yang Yes rejection.

Lu Yixuan heaved a sigh of relief, and then he said to Yang Ye, “Young Master Yang, please come this way!”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he strode forward.

However, Lu Jianyao suddenly drew her sword when he passed her, and an expanse of mist instantly flashed into appearance and enveloped an area of 30m around Yang Ye.

On the other hand, Lu Jianyaos attack was like an indistinct mist that couldnt be detected at all.

It was in front of Yang Ye at one more, behind him at another moment; it was like a single sword at one moment, yet it was like 100 in the next moment….

It was indistinct and unpredictable!

Yang Ye frowned a little because it was the first time that hed seen such a sword technique.

Its quite amazing.

However, it was still a trivial matter to him.

After all, such illusions were utterly useless towards Yang Ye who possessed the Enlightened Sword Heart.

However, there were things that could be learned from this sword technique, and it was its strange and mysterious method of attack.

Even though it was useless against him, but not everyone in the world possessed the Enlightened Sword Heart!

Lu Jianyao was instantly delighted when she saw Yang Ye frown, and a trace of contempt and complacency appeared in her eyes.

This sword technique, the Cloudmist Sword Technique, was a Heaven Rank technique, and even an Exalt Realm expert had almost been killed by her in the past.

So, how could this fellow who was called the Sword Emperor, Yang Ye, be able to resist her sword technique when he was only at the Spirit Realm

Lu Jianyao flicked with her wrist, and the illusions in the mist instantly calmed down, and in the next moment, countless rays of light shot violently towards Yang Ye.

Yang Ye didnt dodge or draw his sword, and he just allowed those rays of light to surge towards him.


A sword stabbed onto Yang Yes left shoulder.

Lu Jianyao was shocked because she noticed that her sword couldnt more an inch further.

She was just about to withdraw her sword when Yang Ye pressed forward, and then he stretched out his right arm and grabbed her neck.

“Young Master Yang, please show mercy!” Lu Yixuan was shocked and spoke hastily.

Yang Ye gazed at her and said, “The reason you dared to attack me was merely because you think that I wouldnt dare kill you even if I defeat you.

Do you want to bet on it” Yang Ye exerted force with his hand as he spoke, and Lu Jianyaos countenance instantly turned ghastly pale.

A wisp of terror flashed through her eyes.

Her intuition told her that this man standing before her would really dare to kill her.

He really dares to….

However, how could she possibly accept her defeat How could she, Lu Jianyao, accept defeat to a man

Right at this moment, Yang Ye suddenly loosened his grip, and he let her go while he said, “Acting willfully is something you have to pay the price for.

Ive seen too many willful people throughout the years, and practically all of them are dead.

Many of them even died at my hands.

Those who cultivate the sword should be ones who would rather die than bend and remain eternally unyielding.

We should dare to draw out swords even in the face of a formidable enemy.

However, it doesnt mean you should act like a fool and challenge someone you cant defeat.

That isnt courage, thats courting death.


“Are you teaching me a lesson” Lu Jianyao glared angrily at Yang Ye.

A ray of light flashed.

The tip of a sword was right against the skin on the center of Lu Jianyaos forehead, and it made her figure stiffen immediately while she didnt dare to move a muscle.

Yang Ye spoke coldly.

“Do I not have the qualifications to do so”

“You….” Lu Jianyao was furious.

“What!” Yang Ye said, “Are you even a match for me You cant even block a single strike of my sword, so what do you have left to be proud of Anger is for the weak.

Youre angry now because youre weak, and you dont even have room to resist me.

How could you possibly cultivate the sword if you cant even realize that youre weak”

Pearls of tears gradually appeared in Lu Jianyaos eyes as she stared fixedly at Yang Ye as if she wanted to kill him with her gaze.

After all, when had she ever been treated like this She swore in her heart that she would definitely kill him! Ill definitely kill him!

Yang Ye sheathed his sword and walked towards the depths of the City Governors Estate without sparing another glance at Lu Jianyao.

The reason hed done that was firstly for the sake of teaching that woman a lesson.

Secondly, it was to provide her with guidance and do the City Governor a favor.

He believed that the City Governor had witnessed everything he did.

Because hed sensed someone watching him since he walked into this estate!

“You really do deserve your reputation!” Yang Ye had just walked into the hall when a middle aged man in luxurious clothes spoke with a smile on his face.

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