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An alluring woman who wore a red leather skirt and held a golden whip was obstructing their path.

The woman was over 30 years ago and had a hot figure that was covered in slightly revealing clothes.

Besides the important areas on her body, practically every other part of her body was exposed in the air.

The most striking thing was the tattoo on her neck.

It was a tattoo of a little snake that was flicking its tongue, and it was coiled all around her neck.

The head of the snake was facing downward, and it just happened to arrive at her cleavage, causing it to be an extremely arousing sight.

The guards on the Windbreaker Horses seemed as if they were facing an extraordinary enemy when they saw this alluring woman, and their faces were covered in vigilant.

It was because this woman was an Exalt Realm expert!

“Protect the Young Miss!” The ninth rank Spirit Realm guard in the lead shouted furiously, and all the guards immediately withdrew their treasures and the profound energy within their bodies surged as they stared fixedly at the woman.

The woman chuckled, and then she casually swung the golden whip about.

It instantly caused crackling sounds to erupt in the air, and then she said, “Young Miss Ding, you really are extraordinarily intelligent like the rumors said.

You actually tricked your way through the scouts and ambush of my Skydevil Sect.

If I hadnt had a backup plan in place, then you would have probably been able to flee back to the Ocean of Anarchy!”


The door of the carriage opened slowly, and then a woman in a green dress walked out slowly from within it.

The woman was around the age of 17.

She was pretty and slender, but her countenance was slightly sickly pale.

She waved her hand, and then the guards around her instantly moved backward and opened up a path.

“Medusa, Im really unable to wrap my head around all of this.

Everyone has been living in harmony at the Ocean of Anarchy for the last 100 years.

So why has your Skydevil Sect suddenly attacked my Ding Clan Is your Skydevil Sect not afraid of my Ding Clans rage” said the woman.

“Young Miss Ding, are you trying to delay so that the reinforcements from your Ding Clan can rescue you” Medusa said, “If thats your plan, then I can tell you that theres no need to continue waiting.

Because others have gone to stop those experts from coming here.”

The woman revealed a wisp of apprehension, and then she said, “The Bluewave Sect, Nebula Sect, and Divine Mystery Sect have joined forces with your Skydevil Sect” She was very clearly aware that since Medusa dared to speak those words, then the Skydevil Sect had definitely obtained assistance.

Otherwise, it was impossible for the Skydevil Sect alone to go against her Ding Clan.

A wisp of surprise flashed through Medusas eyes, and then she said, “Young Miss Ding is really extraordinarily intelligence.

Since youve guessed the answer, then you wont be trying to carry out any pointless resistance, right I guarantee that if you follow me obediently, then Ill spare all of your subordinates lives! Young Miss Ding, youre my only target.”

“Even I did agree, these guards of mine wouldnt!” said the woman.

“We swear to protect the Young Miss to our deaths!” All of them spoke simultaneously while their eyes were filled with resolute expressions, and there was no cowardice within their eyes at all.

“So, Young Miss Ding intends to resist until the very end” Medusas gaze gradually grew icy cold.

Even though she was an Exalt Realm expert, she was facing over 100 profounders.

Moreover, over 30 of them were at the Spirit Realm while there were over 10 at the ninth rank of the Spirit Realm.

They were quite a threat to her if they were to be united in battle, otherwise, she wouldnt have wasted her breath for so long.

“Form the formation!” said the woman.

As soon as she spoke, all those guards around her moved swiftly, and they formed a circulate formation in a short moment.

The guards at the internal layer of the circle held bows in their hands while the guards at the outer layers held spears in their hands.

Moreover, a faint blue circle of light had appeared beneath their feet.

“We just have to persist for an hour.

The experts of our clan will definitely be here by then! If were able to survive this battle, then my Ding Clan is willing to give 10 top-grade energy stones to each and everyone of you.

Moreover, the Earth Rank Technique Pavilion will be open to all of you for half a month while you can choose one of the Earth Rank treasure within the Earth Rank Treasure Pavilion.

If you die in battle, then my Ding Clan will provide a compensation of 50 top-grade energy stones and allow your children to join the Ding Clan to learn alongside the disciples of the Ding Clan!” The womans flat voice resounded throughout the surroundings.

All of them seemed as if theyd taken stimulants when they heard her, and they spoke excitedly, “Well protect the Young Miss to our deaths!”

Medusas expression was slightly unsightly because she wasnt wrong.

Those experts who had gone to stop the experts of the Ding Clan werent able to hold on for long.

After all, the Ding Clan was an extraordinary overlord in the Ocean of Anarchy.

So, all of these sects wouldnt have dared to go against the Ding Clan at all if it werent for the support they received in secret from a certain party!

Now, there were only two paths before her.

The first was to attack immediately and fight to the bloody end in order to capture the Young Miss of the Ding Clan.

However, she didnt have much hope of succeeding by herself when the Death Squad of the Ding Clan was protecting Young Miss Ding.

The second path was to wait for her forces to arrive.

Earlier, shed torn through space and rushed over here to stop Young Miss Ding from arriving at the Ocean of Anarchy.

So, the experts from her sect were still rushing over from somewhere else.

If they were to arrive here, then it would be extremely easy for her to deal with the situation before her!

However, if the experts from the Ding Clan were the first to rush over, then she would definitely die a horrifying death without Young Miss Ding as her hostage!

Should I act immediately or wait Medusa was in a slight dilemma!

Yang Ye glanced at those two women from the side.

She really is intelligent.

Not only did she show no signs of panic when facing an Exalt Realm expert, she was even able to calmly set up a formation and win the hearts of her subordinates.

Such a mentality and intelligence can truly compete with that cunning woman, Qin Xiyue!

If she was by herself, then Yang Ye would have the slight urge to draw her over to his side.

She was a capable talent, and she would definitely be able to be of great help to him.

Unfortunately, it was obvious that her identity wasnt ordinary.

So how could she possibly come over to his side He didnt think he had some sort of aura of an overlord that could make all beauties and heroes of the world kneel before him if he revealed his identity as the Sword Emperor!

Moreover, he didnt want to get involved in all this enmity between sects and clans.

He had a huge amount of trouble already, so how could he have the mood to interfere in the business of others

Yang Ye shook his head, turned around, and walked over towards the side.

Yang Yes actions made the gazes of the two women move towards him.

Unexpectedly, they frowned when they saw his actions yet didnt stop him.

Obviously, theyd discerned Yang Yes intentions, and that was he didnt want any trouble.

Yang Ye took two steps before he suddenly stopped moving, and this action made their eyelids twitch.

Moreover, Medusa even tightened her grip on her whip.

Logically speaking, she was at the second rank of the Exalt Realm while this sword cultivator before her was merely at the second rank of the Spirit Realm, so she shouldnt fear him.

However, her intuition told her that this sword cultivator was extremely dangerous!

Of course, she wasnt relying solely on her intuition.

Those whod attained the Exalt Realm were naturally not idiots.

Based on her observation from before, she noticed that this sword cultivator was actually completely fearless when facing both their forces.

Not only was he completely fearless, his gaze towards them was extremely calm and natural….

If this sword cultivator wasnt someone who was extremely reckless, then he had trump cards that allowed him to remain fearless while facing both of them.

They simultaneously chose to believe the second possibility because this man who carried a sword chest on his back didnt seem reckless at all.

Yang Ye stopped, turned around, and glanced at everyone here before he said, “Err, how do I get to the Ocean of Anarchy”

Yang Ye wasnt trying to act cool.

Hed really gotten lost upon descending to the ground….

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