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The old mans figure flashed and vanished on the spot.

But it was still too late, and his arm flew off on the spot.

When the old man appeared over 100m away, his eyes didnt just have fear in them, there was even terror there.

Exactly which power fostered such a monstrous genius Im a third rank Exalt Realm expert! But I was actually almost killed by a single strike of his sword

A wisp of disappointment and unwillingness flashed through Yang Yes eyes when he failed to kill the old man.

After all, his injuries still hadnt healed, and forcefully utilizing Void Flash just now had almost fully exhausted the profound energy within his body.

At this moment, he absolutely couldnt utilize Void Flash again, otherwise, not to mention killing them all, even leaving safely would be a problem for him!

Yang Ye turned around to look at the young woman who was completely dumbstruck on the spot.

The latters body trembled when she noticed Yang Yes gaze, and she spoke with a shivering voice.

“Dont… dont come any closer….”

“Young Master Yang, have you still not finished venting Cough….” Right at this moment, Ding Shaoyao walked slowly towards Yang Ye while holding onto her gut.

Her countenance was extremely pale, blood covered her lips, her brows were knit together slightly, and the expression of pain on her face was very obvious.

“Is it worth it to lose your life over such a person” said Yang Ye.

Ding Shaoyao shook her head and said, “I was raised by his mother, and she treats me like her own daughter.

So, how could I allow her only son to die before my very eyes Moreover, if you killed him, then youll definitely be pursued by the entire Qin Clan and even my Ding Clan might participate in it.

I know youre unafraid of that.

However, have you thought about what would happen to our cooperation if it came to that Moreover, its equivalent to pushing my Ding Clan and the Qin Clan towards Luo Jun.

After all, if we become irreconcilable enemies with you, then well have no choice but to side with Luo Jun!”

Yang Ye fell silent for a moment before he nodded and said, “Then go side with Luo Jun!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye turned around and left.

Perhaps Yang Ye seemed like a rash person, a completely brainless and rash person, in the eyes of others.

Because he didnt know how to make compromise or be flexible.

Just like that incident from before.

If he didnt attack Qin Hao, then he just had to endure it a little before he could obtain an ally like the Ding Clan and wouldnt have to become enemies with it.

Any other person would mostly choose to exercise forbearance in such small matters for the sake of the overall situation.

But Yang Ye didnt, hed chosen to kill Qin Hao.

Because he was Yang Ye.

In his opinion, he would act according to the voice in his heart, and he desired to kill Qin Hao!

Why should he wrong himself for the sake of others As for whether the Ding Clan and the Qin Clan sided with Luo Jun… it really wasnt very important to him.

His opinion towards allies was one where he would take those he could and wouldnt care if he couldnt get them.

Because he only believed in himself.

Only his own strength was the true path to supremacy.

Otherwise, it would be useless no matter how many allies he had.

After all, didnt the Unfettered One kill his way into the Imperial Palace of the Exalted Han Empire all those years ago Did he have any allies then None….

Ding Shaoyao stood silently on the spot.

She knew that Yang Ye was determined to kill Qin Hao no matter what.

Can I stop him Perhaps I can, but with that character of his, hell definitely not spare my Ding Clan if I were to stop him, right Do I really have no other choice but to lead the Ding Clan to side with Luo JunWould Luo Jun really be able to crush this Sword Emperor If he cant, then the Ding Clan will be truly doomed!The Ding Clan must not follow the Mortal Emperor, otherwise, itll definitely suffer a monstrous calamity! Xiao Tianjis voice resounded in Ding Shaoyaos mind.

She believed him because it was exactly Xiao Tianjis words that had helped the Ding Clan avoid annihilation in the past.

Moreover, her ancestor had a good relationship with Xiao Tianji, so it was impossible for him to deceive the Ding Clan.

But in that way, it put her in a difficult spot.

She couldnt side with Luo Jun yet her relationship with Yang Ye had developed to such an extent….

“Cousin… Cousin Sister.

Who… who exactly is he” The young woman walked over to support Ding Shaoyao up and spoke softly.

A wisp of a complicated expression flashed through Ding Shaoyaos eyes before she said, “Hes the Sword Emperor….

However, he has another title in the southern territory.

Hes called the Sword Demon.

I feel that title suits him better!”


After he left, the first thing Yang Ye did was obtain information related to the Ocean of Anarchy because he didnt want to be completely ignorant while he was here.

There were numerous islands throughout the Ocean of Anarchy, and they were fully documented but there was over a million islands at least.

There werent any Darkbeasts throughout the Ocean of Anarchy, and there were only Oceanic Creatures.

These Oceanic Creatures were extremely formidable, and they werent inferior to the Demon Beasts of the demon territory.

Especially some creatures that lived deep within the ocean, they were existences that even Monarch Realm experts feared!

There were a few great powers in the Ocean of Anarchy.

Just like Ding Shaoyao had said, the Skydevil Sect, Bluewave Sect, Nebula Sect, Divine Mystery Sect, Qin Clan, and Ye Clan were the strongest.

Besides that, the Ding Clan was the strongest amongst them all.

However, the Ding Clan was kept a comparatively low profile and always left some room to maneuver and survive when they did things, so the Ding Clan had a very good reputation in the Ocean of Anarchy.

As for the clan that Qin Hao belonged to, the Qin Clan.

It was only a third-rate clan, and it was only because of the Ding Clan that it had risen to become a first-rate clan in the Ocean of Anarchy.

However, because the Qin Clan never produced any outstanding geniuses, the Qin Clan was in a constant decline, and it would have probably been eliminated from the Ocean of Anarchy if it werent for the Ding Clan.

After he obtained information about the entire Ocean of Anarchy, Yang Ye found a remote, uninhabited, and desolate island before he withdrew a few extreme-grade energy stones and started to absorb the energy within them.

At this moment, the important matter at hand for him was to recover his strength.

As for Qin Hao, did he have to worry about Qin Hao going anywhere

As the energy from those extreme-grade energy stones surged incessantly into Yang Yes body, his countenance started to become rosy.

The energy within his body transformed into threads of violet profound energy that flowed into the tiny vortex, and then the tiny vortex dispersed the violet profound energy into his entire body to recover the internal injuries that hed suffered earlier.

Time flower by slowly, and 6 hours passed just like that.

The injuries within Yang Yes body had been practically healed after he consumed 3 extreme-grade energy stones, and the profound energy within his tiny vortex was filled as well.

However, Yang Ye felt slightly helpless because he felt that he was about to advance in his cultivation.

If he had a few days of time, then he was confident in his ability to advance into the third rank of the Spirit Realm.

However, he didnt have that much time to waste here!

Yang Ye took a light breath of air and stood up, and then his figure flashed towards the distance.

He was flying towards the direction of the Qin Clan!

Even though he didnt want to waste time in the Ocean of Anarchy, he really couldnt do without killing Qin Hao!

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