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Killing Chen Yu and giving Lu Waner a sword technique was merely a minor incident to Yang Ye.

After he left the Lu Clan and casually disposed of Chen Yus body, Yang Ye withdrew the map, and he fell silent as he looked through it.

He had to pass through at least 100 cities to arrive at the wild from where he was at.

He had no doubt that endless slaughter would be awaiting him if he headed there along the fastest path!

There were other ways to get to the wilds, but he would have to take a very large circle around, and it was a huge waste of time!

Yang Ye remained silent on the spot for a short while before he suddenly chuckled, and then the Ninth Hell Swordwings flapped swiftly as he transformed into a black shadow that flashed towards the distance.

He couldnt keep hiding.

The only way to make others dare not target him was to kill, kill to the point the world is overturned, kill to the point blood forms into rivers, kill to the point that no one in the world would dare to target him!

Yang Ye stopped at the entrance of Needless City because over 1,000 profounders were standing in front of him and gazing at him with fervent gazes.

Yang Ye glanced at them and noticed that there were 2 Exalt Realm experts amongst the found and both of them were at the first rank of the Exalt Realm.

The remaining profounders were mostly at the Spirit Realm or King Realm, and there were even some at the First Heaven Realm and even Mortal Realm!

“The Ninth Hell Cold Gale.

Looks like youre Yang Ye!” The Exalt Realm expert at the front of the ground laughed coldly as he gazed at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye flipped his palm and Void Flash had been changed to Dragonbone, and then his figure flashed into the air while the profound energy within his body surged violently into Dragonbone.

In the next moment, a wisp of a vicious expression flashed through Yang Yes eyes as he slashed swiftly towards the ground below.

In an instant, countless threads of sword qi that were fine like the hairs on an ox rained down from the sky.

Since theyd come to kill him, then it was pointless to waste his breath on them because it was impossible to make them let him go no matter what he said.

Since that was the case, then the only choice he had was to kill!

All of them were stunned when they saw Yang Ye attack without saying a single word, and the dense rain of sword qi had arrived in front of them by the time they recovered from their shock.

The two Exalt Realm experts and some comparatively stronger Spirit Realm profounders were fine as they were able to block the sword qi.

However, the rest of the profounders didnt even have the opportunity to resist before they perished on the spot.

However, that wasnt the end to the fine threads of sword qi.

Wave after wave descended towards the crowd below, and a wave of sorrowful howls immediately resounded.

It wasnt long before a few hundred corpses were lying before the entrance of the city, and fresh blood poured all over the ground.

Meanwhile, the Pearl of Baleful Blood which had remained inactive within Yang Yes body for a long time had suddenly flown out from within him.

It was just like when he was at the Hidden Dragon Pagoda, the Pearl of Baleful Blood started to go crazy adsorbing the blood of those dead profounders.

Yang Ye paid no attention to the pearl as his gaze had descended onto those two Exalt Realm experts who led the group!

Both of them were extremely shocked, and they gazed at Yang Ye with fear.

It was even to the extent that they actually forgot to attack because a few hundred members from their side had been killed in just an instant.

Is this fellow really only at the third rank of the Spirit Realm and not the third rank of the Exalt Realm

Right at this moment, two rays of light flashed out from the sword chest on Yang Yes back, and then they shot forward like shooting stars towards one of those Exalt Realm experts.

“Two Dao Artifacts!” The expression of that Exalt Realm expert changed drastically.

Even though he was shocked in his heart, his reaction wasnt slow.

He suddenly made a grasping motion towards the Dao Artifacts with his right hand and executed the Spatial Cage technique.

The swords stopped briefly but suddenly spun in the next moment, and the cage was instantly blasted into pieces.

That Exalt Realm expert was horrified.

He wanted to flee but it was too late, and those two rays of light shot through his chest!

The Pearl of Baleful Blood instantly flew over to that Exalt Realm experts corpse and swiftly started absorbing his blood.

In less than a few breaths of time, that experts corpse had shriveled up completely.

Meanwhile, the other Exalt Realm expert recovered from his shock.

He didnt attack Yang Ye, and he turned around and flashed towards the distance instead.

He was shocked to the extreme when he saw those two swords blast apart the other Exalt Realm experts Spatial Cage, and it was also that exact same moment which he realized that staying behind would only lead to death!

Which bastard said the Sword Emperor isnt formidable! Mother**er! That lie almost killed me! That Exalt Realm expert roared furiously in his heart while he fled.

Yang Ye said in his heart while he watched that fellow flee.

What a pity!

If he went all out and utilized Void Flash, then it wouldnt be impossible for him to kill that fellow.

However, it wasnt necessary.

He had to preserve his strength now because he didnt know how many enemies were waiting for him on the path ahead!

Yang Ye gestured and the Pearl of Baleful Blood descended into his palm.

In an instant, a strand of baleful and bloody energy assaulted his face.

Yang Ye frowned because he realized that the pearl seemed to have become stronger as hed been slightly dazed just now, and he might have been affected by it if he didnt possess the Enlightened Sword Heart!

The pearl had always been by his side.

It practically never showed himself unless he carried out a crazy slaughter, and it was usually completely useless to him.

It could be said to be the most useless treasures amongst all the treasures he possessed, even if it was a Pseudo Dao Artifact.

Hed heard from Su Qingshi that the Pearl of Baleful Blood was a Pseudo Dao Artifact that could grow.

In other words, it was very likely that it required an enormous amount of blood and resentment in order to transform into a true Dao Artifact.

But exactly how much did it need

Clack! Clack! Clack!

Right at this moment, the dense sound of horses trotting resounded from behind him.

Yang Ye turned around and looked over.

He saw a group of cavalries dashing madly towards him.

There was around 500 of them, and the leader of the group was a man who held a spear in his hand and was a second rank Exalt Realm expert.

The rest of them were mostly at the King Realm.

The group stopped around 30m in front of Yang Ye, and all of their gazes locked onto Yang Ye while the man who led the point pointed his spear at Yang Ye as he said, “Youre the Sword Emperor, Yang Ye”

“Yes!” said Yang Ye while he madly absorbed the energy within the extreme-grade energy stone in the pocket near his chest.

The man said, “The Mortal Emperor ordered that if you, Yang Ye, are willing to submit to the Mortal Emperor and hand over those treasures which the Mortal Emperor needs, then the Mortal Emperor is willing to spare you life and make you a Grand Commander of the Souleater Corps! Once the southern territory is subdued, the Mortal Emperor will further confer the title of Southern King to you.

If you dont submit, then today will be the day of your death!”

“The Southern King” Yang Ye laughed with ridicule.

How generous of him.

The moment the southern territory is subdued will probably be the day that I die.

Even though he wasnt someone that dabbled in politics, he understood the principle of how the bow would be made into firewood once all the game had been caught.

Moreover, perhaps he would even die before the southern territory was even subdued.

Because even he wouldnt keep someone capable of threatening him by his side!

“Looks like youre unwilling to submit!” The mans gaze gradually turned icy cold.

“Youre right!” Yang Ye suddenly stomped his right foot on the ground and relied on the counterforce to pounce forward like a cheetah and instantly arrive in the air above the man.

After that, Dragonbone left a string of afterimages behind and emanated a dazzling glow as it slashed down towards the man.

His expression changed a little, and he was just about to attack when a red glow suddenly enveloped him!

Sword Intent! The spear-wielding mans expression changed drastically.

However, hed still forcefully resisted the suppression of Yang Yes Sword Intent and moved his spear horizontally to block Yang Yes attack.


The spear curved to the point it seemed like a bow while the windbreaker horse beneath him was crushed to death on the spot while its limbs had sunk into the ground.

Meanwhile, a ray of light suddenly shot out from the sword chest on Yang Yes back, and it shot towards like a bolt of lightning towards the spear-wielding man.

The latters pupils constricted when he saw this, and he swiftly stomped on the corpse of the windbreaker horse and relied on the counterforce to retreat.

At the same time, the spear in his hand swept swiftly towards the Dao Artifact before him.


The spear in his hand was slashed into two.

The mans face turned gloomy while his figure flashed to the side, and hed successfully prevented the sword from piercing a vital part of his body.

It merely pierced through his shoulder!

The spear-wielding man gazed at Yang Ye with shock.

He hadnt expected that a third rank Spirit Realm profounder would actually possess such formidable strength that almost killed him! He fully stopped underestimating Yang Ye, and he waved his right hand and ordered the cavalry in the surroundings to encircle Yang Ye at their center.

A wisp of surprise flashed through Yang Yes eyes because this fellows strength was really not bad.

It was much stronger than those two Exalt Realm experts from before.

So, Yang Ye instantly had a decision when he thought of that.

After all, wasnt he a good candidate to become a Sword Servant

“Kill!” Meanwhile, the spear-wielding man had ordered in a cold tone.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye stomped the ground with his right foot and activated his Sword Domain, causing a formidable force to instantly envelop everyone within an area of 30m around him.

Everyone enveloped by it was horrified.

A sword flashed out from the sword chest on Yang Yes back, and then it transformed into a ray of light that flashed madly through the Sword Domain.

When the ray of light dispersed , another 300 plus corpses were lying on the ground.

The spear-wielding man and the remaining profounders gazed at Yang Ye with astonishment, and their eyes were filled with terror.

He killed over 300 King Realm profounders in an instant! Exactly what sort of monster is he

“AH!!!” Suddenly, one of the cavalry shouted, turned around, and fled.

After that, a second, a third….

In just a short while, a few dozen had fled.

However, they hadnt been able to flee successfully because the spear-wielding man had attacked and annihilated all who dared to flee!

“Those who flee before battle will be killed!” The spear-wielding man pulled his spear out from the chest of a member of the cavalry before he gazed at Yang Ye.

At this moment, Yang Ye vanished on the spot, and it caused his pupils to constrict violently, and then a sword pierced through his chest.

The color in his eyes gradually vanished, and his eyes were filled with shock even until the moment he took his last breath!

After Yang Ye killed the spear-wielding man with a single stab through the chest, the Pearl of Baleful Blood flickered over to the spear-wielding man.

It was just about to absorb his blood when Yang Ye slapped the pearl away and said, “Thats not for you!” As soon as he finished speaking, he placed the spear-wielding mans corpse in the space within the ancient sheath.

After that, Yang Ye turned around and gazed at the 100 plus cavalries that remained, and then a ruthless expression flashed through his light while a ray of light shot into the sky from his sword….

In next to no time, over 100 fresh corpses were lying at the entrance to Needless City.

On the other hand, the Pearl of Baleful Blood suddenly emanated a wave of red light that enveloped Yang Ye when it finished absorbing the blood of the last cavalry, and then Yang Yes expression changed drastically!

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