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The woman was very beautiful, and she could at least be ranked in the top 5 of all the women Yang Ye knew.

Yang Ye said, “I admit that youre very beautiful, and any man would be tempted by your beauty.

At the very, their bodies would be tempted.

However, Im not interested in used things.

Moreover, youre actually using lust to tempt me, thats simply like an insult to my intelligence.

Am I even such a person Let me be frank, if you are the so-called sincerity that your lord wishes to show me, then theres no need for us to waste our breaths with each other anymore.”

“Are you that confident in your ability to kill me” The womans voice was very calm, and she seemed to not mind Yang Yes words at all.

“Want to give it a try” said Yang Ye.

The woman fell silent for a short while before she said, “If nothing unexpected happens, then Grand General Jun Huo who Luo Jun sent to conquer the west would succeed in this month itself, and the western territory would fall into Luo Juns hands.

At that time, hell obtain Imperial Karmic Luck, and then even Exalt Realm experts would be like ants before him while he has the Mortal Emperor Sword in his hands.

If even the World Portrait falls into his hands, then no one will be able to stop him from becoming the king of the human race.”

Yang Ye gazed at the woman and waited for her to continue.

The woman said, “We have forces at the wilds, but our forces are utterly incapable of going against Luo Jun.

Because Luo Jun had 5 ninth rank Exalt Realm experts, and 10 fifth rank Exalt Realm experts by his side.

These 15 Exalt Realm experts are those with absolutely solid foundations.

Theyve either risen to their realms of cultivation by climbing over mountains of corpses or had been fostered from the cruel training of the empire.”

“What are you trying to say!” said Yang Ye.

The woman said, “Even if you arrive at the wilds, youll have no choice but to flee when facing so many experts who are on Luo Juns side.

We have no choice but to work together.

Only by working together would we be able to go against Luo Jun.

Its our only choice because the forces of any one of our sides isnt sufficient to resist Luo Jun on our own!”

Yang Ye glanced at her and said, “You should be aware of my intentions, and its to stop Luo Jun from obtaining the World Portrait.

In other words, our objectives are the same even if we dont work together.

So, I presume you didnt just ask to work together with me just for this.

Im a straightforward person who doesnt like to beat around the bush, understand”

“The Third Prince hopes that youll get the World Portrait for him!” said the woman.

Yang Ye was stunned, and then he shook his head and smiled as he said, “The World Portrait is a Dao Artifact, yet he actually dares to ask for it Im really curious.

What sort of compensation do you intend to give me for it! If you tell me thatyou are the compensation, then I can only laugh it off.”

The woman said, “Actually, isnt it a little too early to speak about all of that If we obtain the World Portrait ourselves or it falls into Luo Juns hands, then it would be meaningless no matter what we promise you.

We need to work together to stop Luo Jun now.

At the very least, we have to work together until the World Portrait has an owner.

What do you think”

“What would we be cooperating on” Yang Ye was quite interested.

“Well both make things difficult for Luo Jun.

What do you think” said the woman.

Yang Ye said, “How many experts do you have at the wilds”

The woman fell silent and was clearly hesitating on whether she should answer him.

“This is how sincere you are on this matter” Yang Ye mocked.

“2 ninth rank Exalt Realm experts, 5 fifth rank Exalt Realm experts, and 5 more Exalt Realm experts below the fifth rank,” said the woman.

“That little” Yang Ye spoke without giving it any thought, and then he continued.

“Luo Jun has 5 ninth rank Exalt Realm experts but you only have 2 on your side.

Arent you courting death by going against him with such few forces”

“Then what about you” The woman gazed at Yang Ye and said, “How many do you have!”

Yang Ye was speechless.

“Regardless of all that, working together isnt disadvantageous to both our sides, right” said the woman.

Yang Ye fell silent for a while before he said, “One last question.

Ive already used all sorts of methods to conceal my aura, and Ive even eliminated those things that Luo Jun was using to observe me.

However, the Exalted Han Empire is still aware of my whereabouts.

Moreover, you were able to find me as well.

Can you tell me why Or perhaps a Monarch Realm expert of your Exalted Han Empire has made a move”

“No Monarch Realm expert has been keeping track of your location!” The woman said, “Dont underestimate the Exalted Han Empires strength.

Especially its intelligence department.

If they want to investigate the whereabouts of a person, then theyll definitely be able to find that person so long as that person is in the central territory.

Because there are 3 nets throughout the territory of the Exalted Han Empire.

They are called the Heavenly Net, Earthly Net, and Mortal Net.

These 3 nets cover the entire empire.


The Heavenly Net Yang Ye raised his head and looked at the silver eagle amidst the clouds.

That eagle should have been a part of that so-called Heavenly Net! As expected of the most ancient empire on the continent.

Looks like I have to be even more careful!

The woman said, “My name is Zi Xuan.

Ill contact you once youve arrived at the wilds.

Remember not to show yourself in the territory of the Exalted Han Empire because your whereabouts will be immediately exposed if you appear within the scope of its territories.

So, continue on this path that youve chosen.

Its quite dangerous but it shouldnt be a problem for you!”

After she finished, the woman turned around.

However, she seemed to have thought of something, and she continued.

“Besides that, I havent been used by anyone!” As soon as she finished speaking, the womans figure flashed and vanished on the spot.

Yang Ye felt speechless again.


On a small path that was surrounded by swamps, Lu He and the others were ceaselessly attacking the few dozen Killer Crocodiles that were around them.

It was fine in the beginning after they entered the swamplands, and only a few young Killer Crocodiles had appeared occasionally.

However, for some unknown reason, the amount of Killer Crocodiles had suddenly increased to become a few dozen when they arrived here.

After all, every single one of these young Killer Crocodiles were still equivalent to Spirit Realm profounders!

All of them had suffered varying degrees of injuries from the siege of the Killer Crocodiles.

The most severely injured were Sikong Ming and Lu He.

Both of their clothes were covered in patches of blood.

Obviously, theyd suffered a heavy injury.

On the other hand, Lu Jianyao and Mo Qingyue were in slightly better states, and they were just in a slightly difficult position!

“We have probably entered into the territory of a group of Killer Crocodiles, otherwise, its impossible for so many to besiege us!” Mo Qingyue spoke while she fought.

“What should we do The two of them might die if this continues!” Lu Jianyao slashed one of the crocodiles yet merely left a bloody mark on its body and hadnt been able to slash it into two.

“The skin on these fellows are too thick.

If this continues, then even we wont be able to persist for long!”

“Lu He, Sikong Ming, both of you retreat first.

Jianyao and I will stop them!” said Mo Qingyue in a low voice.

“That wont do!” Lu He shook his head and said decisively, “If we were to retreat, then the two of youll suffer the attacks of even more crocodiles.

Thatll kill the two of you! If we retreat, well retreat together!” As he spoke, he pounced like a madman at one of the crocodiles in front of him.

Sikong Ming said, “Lu He is right.

If we were to retreat under such circumstances, then the two of youll definitely die.

Moreover, I, Sikong Ming, am unable to do something like abandoning my companions in order to survive!”

“Haha!! Lu He, Sikong Ming.

I never expected that all of you would be here.

We really had to look for you!” Right at this moment, two men appeared around 50m behind Lu Hes group.

Lu He knew one of them, Ye Cheng.

As he watched Lu Hes group being attacked by the group of crocodiles, Ye Cheng had a wide smile on his face as he said, “Tsk, tsk.

Lu He, I never expected that all of you would be in such a horrible state.

Right, Senior Yun Yan, that fellow, Ye Yang, who killed the disciples of your Endless Sect is their companion.

You only have to ask them about that fellow, Ye Yang, who youre looking for.

Theyll definitely know where he is!”

The man called Yun Yan sized up Lu Hes group before he grunted coldly and said, “Mere Spirit Realm profounders actually dared to come to the Swamplands All of you are really courting death.”

Ye Cheng smiled and said,Senior Yun Yan, all of their backgrounds are extraordinary.

Thats a genius of the Clear River Sect, Lu He.

Thats the Young Master of the Sikong Clan, and that womans surname is Mo.

Im just not sure if shes a member of the Mo Clan.

As for that female sword cultivator….” When he spoke up to this point, a wisp of a cold glow flashed in Ye Chengs eyes as he said, “Shes from the southern territory and seems to know Yang Ye.

Senior, not only would you be able to find out about Ye Yangs whereabouts by capturing her, you might even be able to obtain information about Yang Yes whereabouts!”

“Oh” Yun Yans gaze descended onto Lu Jianyao.

“Senior Yun, Im Lu He of the Clear River Sect.

Senior, please lend me a hand.

Ill definitely repay you generously!” Lu He knew that this Exalt Realm expert of the Endless Sect who appeared here abruptly was their only hope, otherwise, they would definitely be unable to hold on if the battle were to continue.

“Youll repay me generously How generously” Yun Yan was filled with interest as he asked this question.


Lu He smashed his fist against a crocodile.

However, that crocodile swept its tail against Lu Hes right shoulder while its figure was pushed back by Lu Hes punch.

Lu He was blasted flying by the attack.

Fortunately, Sikong Ming grabbed him at the critical moment, otherwise, he would have fallen into the swamp.

“30 top-grade energy stones!” Lu He gritted his teeth and spoke these words upon steadying his figure.

“Thats too little!” Yun Yan shook his head.

The corners of Lu Hes mouth twitched.

When he saw five more crocodiles pouncing towards him, Lu He immediately gritted his teeth and said, “80 top-grade energy stones.

Senior, thats everything I have!” At this moment, he felt like his heart was bleeding from the loss.

“Deal!” The corners of Yun Yans mouth curved up slightly, and then his figure flashed and vanished on the spot.

In less than an instant, hed returned to where he stood just now, and he was holding Lu He in his hand.

Lu He slumped to the ground and gasped for breath.

Moreover, his face was pale and covered in terror.

That feeling of being on the verge of death just now was truly too horrifying!

Lu He gave the top-grade energy stones to Yun Yan, and then he seemed to have thought of something.

He looked towards the distance and said, “Senior, please….”

Yun Yan took the top-grade energy stones and laughed coldly as he interrupted Lu He and said, “I only promised to save you and not them!”

“You….” Lu He wanted to say something, but Yun Yan glared fiercely at him and said, “You can feel free to head over there if you want to save them!”

Lu Hes face turned pale.

His lips moved slightly but he didnt say anything in the end.

“Hmph!” A wisp of ridicule arose on the corners of Yun Yans mouth.

After that, he gazed at the other three who were holding on bitterly against the Killer Crocodiles, and a mocking expression filled his eyes.

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