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The next day.

Their group arrived at Mount Heavenshaker under Yin Xuaners lead.

Yang Ye was shocked when he caught sight of the mountain.

It was very tall to the point it pierced into the clouds, and it was impossible to lay eyes on its peak.

Not to mention a Spirit Realm profounder, even an Exalt Realm expert couldnt fly over such a tall mountain!

“Are you shocked” Yin Xuaner smiled.

“Husband, I know that youre strong, but its absolutely impossible for you to go through Mount Heavenshaker without my help.

Even if youve attained the Exalt Realm.”

“Hey, why are you so shameless” Lu Jianyao glared at Yin Xuaner and said, “He has a wife already, yet you still call him your husband” Even though she didnt know who Yin Xuaner was, Lu Jianyao knew that she definitely had ill intent towards Yang Ye.

She didnt have an exact reason for her suspicion, and it was solely out of her intuition as a woman!

Mo Qingyue glanced at Yin Xuaner and remained silent.

Yin Xuaner glanced at Lu Jianyao before she said, “My father has betrothed me to him, so hes my husband.

Actually, what has that got to do with you Oh, I know.

Do you like my husband Haha, its fine.

Im a very magnanimous person, so I wont have any objections if he takes you as a concubine of his!”

“You….” Lu Jianyaos face flushed red, and she almost lost her temper.

Yang Ye had quite a headache.

He didnt know why but the two of them had been in constant conflict upon meeting each other.

Yang Ye said in a low voice, “Miss Yin, just use my name.”

“Yes, Husband!” Yin Xuaner cracked a smile, and it was indescribably charming.

Yang Ye was speechless.

“Shameless!” Lu Jianyao grunted.

“Mount Heavenshaker is the Treant Clans territory, and they are a branch of the demon race.

However, they arent really like the demon race because they dislike battle.

Besides that, theyre extremely hostile to humans.

The treants would definitely join forces and attack any human that enters their territory.

There are a few tens of thousands of Treants throughout the mountain, and there at least a few hundred which have lived for over a thousand years.

Those at an age of over 1 thousand possess cultivations equivalent to human Exalt Realm experts!” said Yin Xuaner.

“Why hasnt the Exalted Han Empire conquered the Killer Crocodile and Treant clans” asked Yang Ye.

“Because it isnt worth it!” Yin Xuaner smiled and said, “The Exalted Han Empire possesses such strength, but they wont do that.

Because the demon race is already extremely hostile to humans, so its utterly impossible for the Exalted Han Empire to subdue these two clans.

Unless they use force to subdue them, but that would definitely cause them to suffer huge losses.

Moreover, what was the point of subduing these two clans They wouldnt leave their territories at all.”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “You said that the Treat Clan is extremely hostile against humans, so how will we get past this place”

“Im good friends with the Junior Patriarch of the Treat Clan, so Ill ask her to take us to the other side.

But let me warn you in advance, my husband, youre not allowed to set your sights on her,” said Yin Xuaner.

Yang Ye felt speechless.

After Yang Ye guaranteed that he wouldnt set his sights on her friend, Yin Xuaner finally withdrew a jade green bamboo flute, and then a clear and melodious tune drifted off slowly into the distance.

However, there was no movement from within the mountain after around 10 minutes passed.

Yin Xuaner withdrew the flute again and played it again, but there was still no movement after another 10 minutes passed.

“Something might have happened!” Yin Xuaner said in a low voice, “Jin Sha, take Po Kong and Po Xing over to have a look.”

The three of them received their orders and flashed ahead.

Yang Ye looked up into the clouds, and then he frowned because he noticed that the silver eagle wasnt able to observe the situation on the mountain at all.

Yin Xuaner raised her head and glanced over before she smiled.

“I never expected that you would even be able to get a member of the Exalted Han Empires Heavenly Net, but dont waste your energy.

Mount Heavenshaker is covered by a natural formation, and that little eagle wont be able to observe the situation on the mountain while that formation is there.”

A natural formationSo thats why! Yang Ye shot his gaze towards the mountain and said, “If Im not wrong, then something has probably occurred in there.

Because I saw fluctuations of energy all around the mountain.

Lets head in.”

“Lets wait for a while!” Yin Xuaner said, “Lets wait for Jin Sha and the others.

If nothing has happened within the Treant Clan and we were to enter rashly, then theyll definitely attack us.”

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment before he nodded and said, “Alright!”

An hour later, Jin Sha, Po Kong, and Po Xing appeared before them, but both Po Kong and Po Xing were injured.

“What happened” said Yin Xuaner in a low voice.

“Princess, the treants are killing each other!” Jin Sha said, “We noticed numerous corpses when we went in, and we continued searching in order to figure out what had happened.

In the end, we noticed numerous members of the Treant Clan were killing each other.

We were noticed right when we were about to withdraw from there, and they attacked us.

Fortunately, we fled quickly, otherwise, we would have been surrounded there!”

“They are killing each other” Yang Ye gazed at Yin Xuaner.

Yin Xuaner fell silent for a while before she said, “They should be fighting for power.

Oh no, Shu Xin is in danger! Lets head over there!”

“Princess!” Meanwhile, Jin Sha spoke anxiously.

“We cant go in there.

Well definitely be surrounded and killed if we do.

They arent just hostile towards humans now, theyre even hostile to us from the demon clans as well.

We must think of a plan, otherwise, this little bit of strength would be utterly insufficient if we were to head in rashly!”

Yin Xuaner stopped moving, and then she fell silent for a while before she said, “It isnt unrealistic to think of mobilizing our forces now.

Husband, do you have any ideas” She looked towards Yang Ye while she finished speaking.

Yang Ye disregarded the way she addressed him and said, “Whats the status of your friend in the Treant Clan again”

“The Junior Patriarch!” When she spoke up to this point, Yin Xuaner seemed to have thought of something, and her expression changed.

“I know what has happened.

Shu Xins grandmother has definitely passed away, and the other treants arent convinced of her ability, so a rebellion has appeared.

We must head in as soon as possible or shell be in danger!”

Yang Ye said, “You lead us to Shu Xin once we head in there.

Well only be able to avoid making enemies of both sides if we find her.”

“Were going in just like that” Jin Sha glared at Yang Ye as he spoke these words.

Yang Ye said, “Do you have another way”

“I….” Jin Sha was speechless.

Yang Ye suddenly said, “Right, are they afraid of fire”

Yin Xuaner was stunned, and then she said, “They are.

Fire is a natural counter to wood, so theyre most afraid of fire.

However….” When she spoke up to this point, Yin Xuaner glanced at Mo Qingyue.

She knew that Yang Ye had only concealed his identity because of that woman, and if he were to expose the Nether Ghostflame that he possessed, wouldnt it be equivalent to exposing his identity

Mo Qingyues eyelids twitched when she noticed what Yin Xuaner meant, and then she glanced at Yang Ye while remaining silent, but she was quite perturbed in her heart.

Yang Ye glanced at Mo Qingyue, and then he smiled and said, “Its fine.

Lets go.”

Even though it was called Mount Heavenshaker, it could be called a forest instead.

Because it was practically covered in a forest.

They were instantly surrounded by a group of treants upon entering the dense forest, but these treants werent very strong and were only equivalent to Spirit Realm profounders.

“Who are all of you How dare you trespass into the territory of my Treant Clan!” The treant in the lead who was a tree with a human face shouted at them.

Yang Ye paid no attention to that treant, and he just looked at Yin Xuaner and said, “Do you know where your friend is”

She nodded and said, “She should be at Treant Palace at the top of the mountain.

Thats where the patriarch of the Treant Clan resides, and its the most well-guarded place on the mountain.

“No matter who you are, please leave the territory of our Treant Clan right now, otherwise, dont blame us for being merciless!” The treant in the lead shouted.

“What exactly has happened in your Treant Clan Is your Junior Patriarch safe” asked Yin Xuaner.

“You….” The treant in the lead spoke in a surprised and furious tone.

“Who exactly are you!”

Yang Ye said, “Why waste your breath on him.

Just capture all of them and theyll give us a good explanation!”

Yin Xuaner nodded, and then Jin Sha, Po Kong, and Po Xing flashed explosively towards those treants, and it didnt take long for them all to be put against the ground.

Yang Ye walked over to the treant who led the group, and he was slightly speechless as he gazed at all of them who were on the verge of death.

Jin Sha had struck them too heavily, and it had almost taken these fellows lives.

“What exactly has happened in your clan!” asked Yang Ye.

That treant glared fiercely at Yang Ye and didnt speak.

“So you want to make it hard on yourself” Yang Ye shook his head, flicked his finger, and a strand of flame appeared on his hand.

That treants pupils constricted when that flame appeared in its eyes, and it revealed an expression of terror.

It was just that treant, all the others had terror on their faces as well, and their bodies were wriggling incessantly as if they were extremely afraid of coming into contact with that flame.

Mo Qingyues eyelids twitched, and then she glanced at Yang Ye and remained silent.

Yang Ye moved the flame towards that treant, and he watched the treant shiver as he smiled.

“You seem to be very afraid of fire Its fine, Ill let you go if you tell me what I know, alright”

“You… I….” The treant wanted to be stubborn but Yang Ye moved the Nether Ghostflame closer to him, and he instantly submitted to the pressure Yang Ye exerted upon him.

In next to no time, Yang Ye and the others knew what had happened.

It was just as Yin Xuaner had guessed; a rebellion had arisen within the Treant Clan.

It should have been the granddaughter of the last patriarch that inherited the position of patriarch or king in the Treat Clan.

However, the granddaughter of the last patriarch who was Yin Xuaners friend, Shu Xin, was truly too weak.

Her strength was only equivalent to a Spirit Realm profounder.

So, many were definitely unwilling to allow a Spirit Realm profounder to ruler over a clan that possessed over 100 Exalt Realm experts.

Thus, those who were unwilling had risen in rebellion.

Fortunately, the last patriarch had made some arrangements before her death, so a portion of the treants stood on Shu Xins side.

But it was only a few of them! Moreover, according to this treant, the rebellion might have already succeeded by now.

“We must go over and rescue her!” Yin Xuaner spoke in a low voice.

“Why” asked Yang Ye.

“Firstly, she is my best friend.

Secondly, if she isnt the patriarch of the Treant Clan, then we wouldnt be able to pass through Mount Heavenshaker at all, and we will have no choice but to turn back!” said Yin Xuaner.

Yang Ye said, “Looks like we have no other choice then!”

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