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The expression on An Nanjings face instantly changed when she witnessed this scene, and then her figure shot explosively towards Luo Jun.

However, she hadnt even arrived in front of Luo Jun when that ancestor of her had appeared before her, and he immediately restrained An Nanjing.

An Nanjing glared angrily at her ancestor, and Skysplit trembled incessantly in her hand.

“Little Girl, I know you want to save him, but we really cant interfere!” An Nanjings ancestor sighed.

An Nanjings eyes closed slowly while numerous Intents surged out explosively from within her.

However, all of them were like warm gusts of wind to her ancestor.

They were completely useless!

However, An Nanjing didnt give up!

Besides An Nanjing, there was another person whod charged forward, and it was Lu Jianyao.

No one stopped her from charging forward, but she hadnt even been able to arrive by Yang Yes side because a Grand Commander of the Souleater Corps appeared in front of her.

That Grand Commander didnt waste his breath at all, and he just slapped his palm forward from afar and immediately blasted Lu Jianyao flying.

Yin Xuaner hurriedly caught Lu Jianyao in her arms, and then her expression changed drastically upon noticing the injuries that Lu Jianyao had suffered.

Because even though she hadnt perished, the meridians and Dantian within her had been completely destroyed!

Lu Jianyao cracked a smile.

She wanted to say something, but blood sprayed out incessantly as soon as she opened her mouth.

Yin Xuaner hastily covered Lu Jianyaos mouth and said, “What did you do something so silly Heading over is no different than giving your life away!”

Lu Jianyao didnt speak, and she just gazed at Yang Ye who was trapped by the spatial barriers while a trace of reluctance remained in her eyes.

However, there was even more helplessness in her eyes because her strength was too weak, and she hadnt been able to help Yang Ye at all.

Luo Jun forcefully twisted his sword at the position of Yang Yes Dantian, and then he laughed with a fierce expression on his face.

“Yang Ye, werent you very arrogant Werent you very strong How does it feel to watch your woman die before your eyes Dont worry, I, Luo Jun, swear to the heavens that the consequences which your loved ones and everyone related to you shall face will absolutely be extremely horrible and miserable.

I want it to be impossible for them to die even if they want to!” He truly hated Yang Ye to the bone!


A colossal figure suddenly charged out from within Yang Ye, and the spatial barriers around Yang Ye were instantly blasted into pieces.

The colossal figure was naturally the Divine Gold Dragon from before! The enormous dragon swept its tail towards Luo Jun and swept him flying by over 3km away, and then it smashed itself against the other ninth rank Exalt Realm experts!

All of their expressions changed drastically as they were caught off guard, and one of the Grand Commanders of the Souleater Corps and a Vice Pavilion Master of the Dark Pavilion were smashed to death on the spot.


The gold dragon roared furiously while Dragon Pressure surged out towards the surroundings, causing everyone in the area to move back repeatedly.

All the spectators of the battle were shocked by this scene.

Didnt Yang Ye kill that gold dragon Where did it come from Why is it helping Yang Ye

At this moment, all of the spectators were puzzled.

A trace of a puzzled expression appeared in the Dragon Emperors eyes as well.

But it wasnt long before he flared up with rage.

Because he knew that the gold dragon was really dead, and it was only an existence similar to a puppet right now.

“Human! You actually dared to refine a member of my Dragon Race into a puppet!” The Dragon Emperor intended to act right away yet was stopped by the Demon Emperor.

“Demon Emperor, you intend to become enemies with my Dragon Race for a human” The Dragon Emperor spoke in a low voice.

The Demon Emperor glanced at the Dragon Emperor and spoke flatly.

“Do you not want to watch him exhaust the Exalted Han Empires strength”

Meanwhile, Luo Tian grunted coldly and said, “His Dantian has been destroyed.

How can he possibly exhaust the strength of my Exalted Han Empire Do you think just that dragon is capable of that”

“Wait! That kid seems to be fine!” Meanwhile, the Grand Elder of the devil race spoke abruptly.

The others who were standing high above in the sky looked down as well upon hearing this.

Yang Ye consumed a drop of Life Water.

In an instant, a strand of green energy covered his body, and then he walked over to Lu Jianyao.

Lu Jianyaos aura was growing weaker and weaker at this moment, and it seemed like she would perish at any moment.

Lu Jianyao forcefully opened her closing eyes when she noticed Yang Ye approaching her, and she wanted to say something while she gazed at him yet wasnt able to do so!

“What do something so silly” Yang Ye withdrew the last two drops of Life Water he had and poured them into Lu Jianyaos mouth, and then he grabbed her hand.

The violet profound energy within his body surged incessantly into Lu Jianyaos body.

A short while passed before Lu Jianyaos countenance improved after being healed by both his violet profound energy and the Life Water.

“Im always a burden for you, and Im still the same now.

Youll forgive me, right” Lu Jianyao spoke weakly.

Yang Ye shook his head and gazed at Yin Xuaner as he said, “Take good care of her!” As he spoke, he waved his right hand, and then the 12 Gold Guards moved over to protect Yin Xuaner and Lu Jianyao.

Yang Ye stood up, and then his gaze shot towards that Grand Commander of the Souleater Corps whod attacked Lu Jianyao.

The latters heart shook.

Right at this moment, Yang Ye suddenly vanished on the spot, and that Grand Commanders expression changed drastically.

He was just about to act when Yang Ye had arrived before him, and Yang Yes hand was already on his throat at the same time.

The Shadow Pavilions Master and the others were just about to lend a hand when the gold dragon dived down towards them, causing their expressions to change drastically.

They abandoned their intent to rescue that Grand Commander, and they hurriedly acted to resist the gold dragon.

Yang Ye held that Grand Commanders throat before smashing his face into the ground.


The ground trembled violently while that Grand Commands head was smashed right into the ground, but he didnt let out a single cry.

Yang Ye stomped his foot on the Grand Commanders back before he swung his sword, causing a hole to appear on the Grand Commanders back.

After that, the Nether Ghostflame transformed into a thread of flame that entered the hold, and then Yang Ye controlled it to ceaselessly burn the meridians and internal organs of that Grand Commander.

In just an instant, his face warped!

“AH!!!” Finally, that Grand Commander wasnt able to endure the pain that he experienced, and a shrill cry of pain escaped his lips.

The spectators were horrified when they saw the pain that Grand Commander was experiencing, and this included those profounders from the devil race.

On the other hand, those Divine Gold Dragons whod intended to look for trouble with Yang Ye just now had frozen on the spot, and they didnt dare take another step forward.

Yang Ye flicked with his finger, and then four swords shot forward violently and nailed that Grand Commanders limbs to the ground.

After that, he turned around to gaze at Luo Jun whod been blasted away by the gold dragon.

At this moment, Luo Jun was back on his feet, and his body was covered in layers of golden ropes.

Earlier, it was exactly those golden ropes which had blocked the gold dragons attack.

“Why are you unharmed!” Luo Jun stared fixedly at Yang Ye as he spoke in a low voice.

Yang Ye walked slowly towards Luo Jun and said, “Everything you said just now, Ill do the same to you.

Dont worry, if I have the opportunity, Ill definitely head to the Exalted Han Empire and make you watch as everyone related to your dies a miserable death!”


Right at this moment, a large expanse of white mist suddenly appeared on the horizon.

The eyes of everyone in the surroundings were filled with a puzzled expression when they witnessed this scene.

“HAHAHA!” Meanwhile, Luo Jun suddenly started roaring madly with laughter.

Everyone here watched with astonishment as the white mist arrived in the air above Luo Jun, and then they surged down incessantly towards him.

They simply seemed like they were endless.

“Karmic Luck!” Yin Xuaners expression was unprecedentedly solemn.

As the white mist surged incessantly into Luo Juns, his aura rose explosively without end as well.

The second level of the Exalt Realm!

The third level of the Exalt Realm!

The fifth level of the Exalt Realm!

The ninth level of the Exalt Realm!

It wasnt long before Luo Juns cultivation had been increased to the ninth level of the Exalt Realm!

With a light wave of the Mortal Emperor Sword in his hand, the surroundings instantly dimmed down and were covered densely by jet black clouds.

Moreover, countless bolts of lightning flickered incessantly within those jet black clouds.

“The Faith Energy of two territories.

Hahaha! Ive finally obtained the Faith Energy of two territories.

Yang Ye, do you dare to fight me” Luo Jun pointed his sword at Yang Ye.

In an instant, countless bolts of lightning converged in the sky above Yang Ye.

Every single one of them was extremely thick, and there were a few thousand of them.

At this moment, it simply seemed like the end of the world had arrived!

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