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“Luo Dao!” The Demon Emperor had an extremely solemn expression on his face when he saw that old man which appeared here.

Because the old man was the strongest existence in the Exalted Han Empire and the strongest protector of the human race.

It was exactly because of this old mans presence that the demon race and devil race didnt dare attack the human race.

Moreover, he hadnt shown himself for over a thousand years.

Now, hed shown himself again!

Luo Daos gaze descended onto Elder Mu, and then he sized up Elder Mu before he said, “I never expected that another Half-Saint would be hiding amidst the human race.

Who exactly are you”

Elder Mu had an indifferent expression on his face, and he seemed to not be surprised by the arrival of this Half-Saint from the Exalted Han Empire.

He said, “Ive told them earlier, Im only an old man who takes care of graves.

I never expected that your Exalted Han Empire would actually send 3 ninth rank Monarch Realm experts and a Half-Saint to kill this disciple of mine.

Haha! How unexpected!”

Luo Juns eyes narrowed slightly.

In the next moment, both Luo Dao and Elder Mu vanished on the spot.

The surroundings instantly froze.

It was like everyone had been frozen on the spot!

Around 15 minutes passed before the two of them reappeared here.

This time, the expression on Luo Daos face was unprecedentedly solemn, and his hand which was concealed beneath his sleeve was trembling!

On the other hand, Elder Mu seemed completely carefree.

“Who exactly are you!” Luo Jun spoke once more in a deep voice.

Elder Mu said, “I told you, Im just an old man who takes care of graves.

Do you still intend to fight me If you do, then those 2 ninth rank Monarch Realm experts of your Exalted Han Empire will have to leave their lives behind here today.”

Suddenly, Luo Daos pupils constricted, and he gazed at Elder Mu while a trace of shock could be seen in his eyes.

“Youre that mysterious expert who specializes in burying those who perish on the Heavenpath!”

Besides the Demon Emperor, all the other experts in the surroundings gazed at Elder Mu with shock!

All of them had heard of that mysterious expert, yet theyd never met him in the past, and they didnt know which race he was from as well! However, theyd never imagined that the mysterious expert would be standing in front of them right now.

Moreover, he was a Half-Saint!

Yang Yes master is a Half-Saint

At this moment, the Dragon Emperor felt a chill run down his spine.

Hed intended to kill Yang Ye just now.

If the Demon Emperor hadnt stopped him just now and allowed him to kill Yang Ye, then even someone as proud as the Dragon Emperor of the Divine Gold Dragon Clan couldnt help but shudder with fear from just thinking about the revenge of a Half-Saint.

Because if a Half-Saint was determined to seek vengeance, then it would be impossible to stop that Half-Saint unless two Half-Saints joined forces against that Half-Saint!

Elder Mu gazed at Luo Dao and said, “I might be unable to stop you from killing my disciple, but youre similarly unable to stop me from killing the members of your Exalted Han Empire.

I believe that if I were to act against your Exalted Han Empire, then those two from the devil race and demon race will definitely lend me a hand, right”

“Youre a human!” Luo Dao spoke in a grim tone.

Elder Mu shook his head and said, “Im all alone, and I only have a single disciple.

If he dies, then Ill make the entire human race accompany him in death.

In any case, human life isnt precious in the eyes of existences like us, right”

Luo Dao fell silent for a short while before he glanced at Yang Ye in the end, and then he said, “How about we allow the juniors to resolve their own problems”

Elder Mu glanced at the Grand Elder of the devil race and the Dragon Emperor before he said, “What do the two of you think about that”

How could they dare to refuse in the slightest right now

The Dragon Emperor said in a low voice, “Of course!”

“I have no objections!” The Grand Elder of the devil race made his opinion clear as well.

Elder Mu nodded, and then he said, “If my disciple were to be killed by someone in the same realm of cultivation, then its due to his lack of skill.

So, I wont avenge him.

However, if anyone dares to bully him with a higher realm of cultivation, then dont blame me for what happens.”

Luo Dao took a long glance at Yang Ye, and then he waved his hand and took the members of the Exalted Han Empire with him as he vanished on the spot.

The Grand Elder of the devil race led the members of the devil race away as well.

Because staying here was completely meaningless now.

The existence of another Half-Saint in the human race wasnt good news for the devil race at all.

Fortunately, the Half-Saint didnt belong to the Exalted Han Empire and wasnt even on the same side as the Exalted Han Empire.

Otherwise, the devil race would never be able to hold their heads up high again.

The Dragon Emperor led the members of the Divine Gold Dragon Clan away as well.

He wanted to take away that divine gold dragon which Yang Ye had refined into a puppet, but he glanced at Elder Mu, and then he chose to turn around and leave without saying a word.

After all, he would only be asking for insult with Elder Mu there!

“Farewell!” The Demon Emperor nodded to Elder Mu, and then vanished on the spot.

Elder Mu gazed at An Nanjings ancestor, and the latters eyelids twitched as he said, “I didnt act against your disciple!”

Elder Mu said, “If Im not wrong, youre about to arrive at the end of your lifespan, right”

His face fell.

Elder Mu continued.

“Ive prepared your coffin.

I presume it wont be long before youll be using it!”

“What are you trying to say!” An Nanjings ancestor spoke in a low voice.

Elder Mu shook his head and paid no further attention to An Nanjings ancestor.

He turned around and gazed at Yang Ye as he said, “Youre in a very bad situation right now.

Because the heavens seem to be unwilling to tolerate your existence.

If Im not wrong, then the heavens might act against you again when you break through from the Exalt Realm into the Monarch Realm.

Moreover, you might suffer from horrible luck while you reside in this world because youll cease to enjoy the Karmic Luck of this world!”

Yang Ye withdrew the last drop of Life Water which he possessed, and he swallowed it before he said, “It doesnt matter.

Elder Mu, thank you.”

Elder Mu said, “If Im not wrong, Luo Jun will definitely become the Emperor of the Exalted Han Empire after he returns.

At that time, hell possess the Faith Energy of 3 territories.

Perhaps you can protect yourself by combining your current strength with your Sword Domain, but youll absolutely be unable to defeat him.

You must think of another way if you want to protect the southern territory!”

Yang Ye nodded.

This journey of his had allowed him to witness the true strength and reserves of the Exalted Han Empire.

He knew that it was very difficult to go against this empire, but he refused to give up.

After all, even if he did give up, they wouldnt give up on killing him!

“What do you intend to do next” said Elder Mu.

Yang Ye said, “Im done with my business in the central territory, so its time to return to the southern territory, and its time to eliminate those sects in the southern territory.

Moreover, I intend to attack the Flower Palace again.

Im going to obliterate it this time!”

Elder Mu nodded and said, “After Luo Jun takes control of the Exalted Han Empire, hell definitely have to reorganize the forces within the Exalted Han Empire itself.

So, hell probably be unable to pay any attention to the southern territory for some time.

It is a good opportunity to destroy the Flower Palace.

Kid, you better improve your strength as soon as possible, otherwise, you really might not be a march for Luo Jun once he takes control of the other territories!”

“I will!” Yang Ye clenched his fists.

He was very well aware that his current strength was utterly insufficient to resist the Exalted Han Empire.

Even if he had Elder Mu backing him, he was still unable to go against the Exalted Han Empire.

The only way for him to truly be able to look down upon that colossus was to advance into the Monarch Realm or even the Half-Saint Realm!

Elder Mu smiled, and then he vanished on the spot.

An Nanjings ancestor waved his hand and removed the restrictions that were restraining An Nanjing, and then he said, “Little Girl, I know you hate me, but youve seen it as well.

The two of us are nothing before the Exalted Han Empire.

I cant protect you for much longer, so you really have to do something about this temper of yours! Alas….” As soon as he finished speaking, his figure flashed and vanished on the spot.

An Nanjing fell silent for a moment before she walked towards Yang Ye.

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