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A Saint Realm expert

Yang Ye and the others were shocked to the limit!

Right at this moment, a black vortex suddenly appeared in the sky, and it covered the entire sky above them.

After that, all of them watched with astonishment as an enormous black colored finger emerged slowly from within the vortex and descended towardsQian Hui.

Yang Yes pupils constricted.

Thats the same enormous finger that descended when Daoist Zui tried to overcome the Heavenpath!Even the one whos in control of the Heavenpath refuses to tolerate the Founding Ancestor of the Flower Palace

“Hmph!”Qian Hui grunted coldly as she waved her hand, and then a pillar of flowers charged into the sky and collided with the enormous finger.


The entire finger hadnt even been able to emerge completely from the black vortex when it was blasted into pieces.

“How audacious!” A furious roar resounded from the sky, and the voice carried a strange energy that made the souls of Yang Ye and the others tremble uncontrollably.

Yang Yes expression changed slightly, and he hurriedly utilized his Sword Intent and Sword Domain to resist its effects before he felt slightly better.

As soon as that voice finished resounding, an enormous palm emerged from within the vortex, and then it dropped quickly down towardsQian Hui.

‘Qian Huis expression was icy cold as she flipped her right palm swiftly, and then the energy within the world suddenly surged explosively towards her.

In just an instant, the energy within an area of 500km had been completely extracted, and a dazzling and beautiful flower which was formed from energy had appeared on her palm.

After that, she suddenly tossed it up into the sky.

The gorgeous flower left a long trail of light behind as it collided with the enormous hand!


Rumbling resounded like a thunderclap, and all the profounders throughout the southern territory heard it, causing them to feel astonished and shoot their gazes in the direction of the Flower Palace.

What exactly has happened

It seemed like a volcano had erupted in the sky above the Flower Palace, and countless torrents of energy were raining down towards the surroundings.

All the mountains in an area of 500km around the Flower Palace were instantly obliterated into powder from the force within these torrents of energy.

“Saints are prohibited from appearing in Profounder Continent.

If you still refuse to leave, then today will be the day that you perish!” A voice resounded once more from within the vortex.

“Two hours! Ill leave in two hours!”Qian Huis icy cold voice resounded.

A short moment of silence ensued before the vortex vanished in the end.

The hearts of Yang Ye and the others sank when they witnessed this scene.

After all, theyd personally witnessedQian Huis strength, so even if she wasnt a true Saint Realm expert, she was at the Half-Saint Realm at the very least.

So, how would they go against her Can Elder Mu fight her Shes a living Saint Realm expert.

Even though only her soul has descended here, shes still a Saint Realm expert!

‘Qian Hui withdrew her gaze after the vortex in the sky had vanished, and then she glanced at the surroundings before shed immediately taken in the entire situation within the Flower Palace.

‘Qian Huis gaze grew even more icy cold when she noticed that only less than 200 people remained in the Flower Palace.

Qian Nianci knelt on the ground and said, “Your unfilial disciple, Qian Nianci, greets the Founding Ancestor!”

‘Qian Hui said, “What exactly did my Flower Palace do to suffer such a calamity!” As she spoke,Qian Hui closed her eyes for a short while before she opened them once more, and then her gaze descended onto Yang Ye as she said, “So it was because of you!”

The expressions of Xiao Tianji and the others grew even more vigilant.

Yang Ye took a deep breath and said, “It was indeed I who wanted to destroy the Flower Palace.”

‘Qian Hui said, “It was Qian Huagu who killed your mother, so it would be sufficient just to kill her.

However, you slaughtered all the disciples of my Flower Palace.

Is there any difference between such actions and the profounders of the Devil Dao in the past”

Yang Ye shrugged and said, “Youre mistaken.

It wasnt I who slaughtered the disciples of your Flower Palace, and it was those three good disciples of yours.

It was they who sacrificed the lives of all the disciples of your Flower Palace.

Even though I would still kill them even if the three of them hadnt, the facts are that they killed those disciples.

So, you should take revenge on those three disciples of yours if you intend to seek revenge.”

“Do you know why I still havent killed you”Qian Hui spoke abruptly.

Yang Yes heart shook.

So this woman has wanted to kill me since the beginning!

‘Qian Hui said, “You were able perfection in Sword Intent, the Enlightened Sword Heart, and comprehend the Sword Domain at such a young age.

Your natural talent would be rare even if it were all those years ago.

Once you grow stronger, youll definitely become a peerless warrior of my human race.

Unfortunately, your actions have forced me to kill you, otherwise, wouldnt the disciples of my Flower Palace have died for nothing”

As soon as she finished speaking,Qian Hui intended to attack.

However, a little girl suddenly appeared in front of Yang Ye.

Yang Ye was stunned, and then he hurriedly pulled her towards him and stood in front of her before he said furiously, “What are you doing here” The little girl wasnt even able to defeat ninth rank Monarch Realm experts, butQian Hui was at the Half-Saint Realm at the very least.

So, wasnt she courting death by coming out here

Yang Ye hadnt noticed thatQian Hui was stunned upon noticing the little girl, and then a wisp of bewilderment appeared in her eyes.

The Founding Emperor, Beast Emperor, Xiao Tianji, and the others were stunned as well because even they didnt know how the little girl arrived here!

Both the Founding Emperor and Beast Emperor took a deep and long glance at Yang Ye.

They noticed that Yang Ye seemed to have become even more mysterious.

The little girl glanced at Yang Ye and said, “That woman has imprisoned that master of yours.

No one in this world, not even the world itself can do anything to this woman.


Yang Ye was stunned.

Hed thought thatQian Hui was a Half-Saint at most.

But he hadnt expected that she would actually be able to trap Elder Mu….

Even Elder Mu is helpless against her.

Then can anyone in this world resist her

A short while later, Yang Ye laughed bitterly and shook his head.

“No wonder you showed yourself.

Its because both of us will be unable to escape death no matter what.

Right” Yang Ye felt that hed tried his best, and hed worked very hard to become stronger.

But it couldnt be helped because the people his opponents summoned were constantly growing stronger, so how could he fight them

Yang Ye believed that if he could bring that old Daoist within the tiny vortex here, then the old Daoist should be able to deal with the Flower Palaces founding ancestor.

But the problem was that he couldnt!

Do the heavens really intend to kill me

Hed been constantly trying to become stronger and stronger, and he was really quite tired now.

“Dont be so dispirited.

I can deal with her!” Meanwhile, the little girl spoke abruptly.

Yang Yes eyes lit up, and then they dimmed down again.

After all, the little girl couldnt even deal with 3 geezers at the ninth rank Monarch Realm, so how could she deal with this woman who was countless times stronger than them

“Youre an outsider!” Meanwhile,Qian Hui suddenly gazed at the little girl as she spoke, and her voice carried a trace of seriousness and confusion.

The little girl turned around to gaze atQian Hui while the scepter in her hand ceaselessly emanated a blue glow.

She said, “Woman, it doesnt matter where you are or who is backing you, youll definitely die if you kill him.”

“Are you threatening me”Qian Huis voice became cold.

The little girl grunted coldly as she flipped her palm, and then a ball of red threads appeared in her hand.

The little girl tossed it in the air, and it instantly transformed into countless red threads.

Half of those red threads shot over towardsQian Hui while the other half enveloped down towards Yang Ye!

Yang Ye was stunned but didnt resist.

He just allowed all of them to enter him because he believed that the little girl wouldnt harm him.

Otherwise, he would have probably died countless times by now.

After it entered his body, Yang Ye felt like there were some changes to his body, but it also seemed like no changes had occurred.

It was a very strange feeling!

‘Qian Huis expression changed when she saw those red threads surge towards her.

Countless petals formed from energy suddenly floated out, and then they slashed down towards those threads.

However, the petals were instantly transformed into nothingness upon colliding with those threads!

‘Qian Huis expression changes drastically.

She was just about to draw over the energy in the world when those red threads had transformed into a ray of red light and entered her body.

‘Qian Hui was stunned, and then she said furiously, “What exactly were those things What have you done to me”

Yang Ye gazed at the little girl as well because even he wanted to know what she was up to.

The little girl spoke coldly.

“These are calledRed Threads.

Its a treasure I stole from a geezer called Senior Yue.

So long as two similar threads tie themselves within a man and a woman, then they will fall in love until they die.

For the sake of making the two of you fall in love, I used all the red threads I had.

Now, both of you should be really in love with each other.

In this way, youll definitely be unable to kill Yang Ye.”

Yang Ye finally understood what the little girl meant just now.

She couldnt deal with those 3 old geezers, but she could deal with the Flower Palaces Founding Ancestor.

Because those 3 old geezers were men, but the founding ancestor of the Flower Palace was a woman….

“What nonsense!”Qian Hui was exasperated.

She waved her right hand, and then a flower petal instantly shot towards Yang Ye.

Xiao Tianji and the others were shocked and wanted to obstruct it, but a strand of invisible force had forcefully imprisoned them on the spot, and they werent able to move at all.

Ding Shaoyao closed her eyes in pain while the little girls eyelids twitched.

Actually, she was just trying it as a last resort to turn this hopeless situation around.

Because she wasnt sure if those red threads were really that amazing….

That flower petal suddenly stopped when it was just an inch away from Yang Yes forehead.

The little girl heaved a sigh of relief when she saw this, and she said to herself, That old fellow didnt lie to me.

It really can make a man and a woman fall for each other.

Hmph! That old fellow didnt even tell me about something this fun.

Ill definitely pull out his beard, hair by hair, after I get back!

“How could this be possible How could this be possible….”Qian Hui started to mutter as if there was something wrong with her.

Right when shed attacked Yang Ye, even her main body which was in the Outer Heavens actually felt heartrending pain.

That pain felt like a very close relative of hers had died, and it hurt to the point she was almost unable to catch her breath! Moreover, her main body even had the feeling that she wouldnt have any desire to continue living if that man before her were to die….

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