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The surroundings were terrifyingly silent, and not a single person from the Exalted Han Empire made a sound.

The Soaring Centipedes physical body was even stronger than ordinary Monarch Realm experts, yet he hadnt been able to resist a single swing of Yang Yes sword….

So, how could any one of them dare to face Yang Ye Could any one of them resist a swing of his sword

The Heaven Devouring Roc didnt dive down at Yang Ye because his physical body was merely on par with the Soaring Centipede.

Since even the Soaring Centipede had suffered such a fate, he would only be giving his life away if he headed down there.

He didnt want to head down there, but Luo Jun refused to let him have his wish.

A tablet appeared in Luo Juns hand, and the Heaven Devouring Roc knew he had no choice when he saw that tablet in Luo Juns hand!


The Heaven Devouring Roc suddenly opened its enormous mouth towards Yang Ye, and then an extremely terrifying suction force acted upon Yang Ye and sucked him into the roc before he could even react.

The faces of Ding Shaoyao and the others turned grim while Luo Jun revealed a smile instead.


Right at this moment, a ray of light shot into the sky from within the roc.

The spectators gazed with shock and horror as a shrill cry resounded from the roc, and then the roc was actually split into two before crashing to the ground….

After that, a ray of light shot into Luo Juns army, and then countless swords suddenly swept out and caused shrill howls to resound throughout the surroundings….

“Daoist Venom!” Luo Jun suddenly shouted!

A skeleton who wore a green Daoist robe appeared by Luo Juns side.

He formed strange seals with his hands, and then the multicolored gases suddenly transformed into arrows that flashed towards Yang Ye.

In just an instant, Yang Ye was enveloped by these arrows.


Once youve been touched by my poison, then not to mention a mere Exalt Realm profounder, even a….” Daoist Venom suddenly stopped abruptly because Yang Ye had walked out from the multicolored gas.


How could this be possible” Daoist Venom was horrified.

Yang Ye laughed coldly.

His body had been cleansed by Primordial Violet Energy, so how could mere poison affect him at all Yang Ye swung the wooden sword, and then countless strands of sword qi sprayed out.

Some of the experts around him instantly let out shrill cries as their figures were split into two.

Daoist Venom was horrified, and he was about to flee.

However, Yang Yes speed suddenly rose explosively, and he transformed into a ray of light that instantly arrived before Daoist Venom.

The latter was astounded and cried out involuntarily, “Mortal Emperor, save me….”


Daoist Venom had just finished speaking when Yang Yes sword stabbed through his chest.

After he killed Daoist Venom, Yang Ye didnt slow down at all as he shot explosively towards Luo Jun.

The Exalt Realm experts on Luo Juns side were horrified, and they pounced at Yang Ye like madmen.

“Fuck off!” Yang Ye roared furiously as numerous swords charged out from within his sword chest and attacked everything around them.

All the Exalt Realm experts from the central territory were horrified, and they hurriedly dodged these attacks.

At this moment, how could they be bothered to protect Luo Jun

Luo Jun had a ferocious expression on his face when he witnessed this scene.

Hed never imagined that Yang Yes strength had become formidable to such an extent.

Not too long ago, Yang Ye suffered a heavy injury just from executing the Heavenrend Drawing Technique just once, yet now, Yang Ye had executed it two in succession but was completely fine!

Isnt his speed of improvement a little too terrifying

No matter how strong Yang Ye was, it was impossible for him to go against an army of over 10,000 Exalt Realm experts.

But the problem was that these Exalt Realm and Spirit Realm profounders on Luo Juns side didnt dare charge at him.

Perhaps Yang Ye wasnt able to slaughter all of them in a short amount of time, but he was absolutely capable of slaughtering all those who were at the front of the group!

No one wanted to be that person!

It wasnt that they were afraid of death.

But the strength and ruthlessness Yang Ye revealed had truly aroused fear in them.

Especially Yang Yes ruthlessness….

On the ground outside Ancient Domain City, the Beasts of Desire were still howling while Yao Yes voice resounded from time to time, and anyone who looked at the state Yao Ye was in right now was horrified by what they saw!

No one acted fearlessly, so Yang Ye broke through the line of defense and arrived in front of Luo Jun with ease, and he didnt waste his breath at all before immediately slashing the wooden sword at Luo Jun.

Luo Jun would naturally not stand still and wait for death to arrive.

His Mortal Emperor Sword had left its sheath as soon as Yang Ye launched that attack against him, and it shot forward to collide with Yang Yes wooden sword.


A loud bang resounded before Luo Juns figure was blasted flying, and he flew for over 1km.

Hed just stopped his figure when Yang Ye had appeared in front of him again.

At the same time, a ray of light instantly arrived before him.

Luo Jun was horrified and swung his sword without the slightest hesitation.


The Mortal Emperor Sword slashed that ray of light into pieces, but a figure smashed itself against Luo Jun at the same time.


A muffled groan resounded from between Luo Juns lips as he spat out a mouthful of blood, and his figure was blasted flying again.

However, Luo Jun didnt fly for long, this time.

Because the violet mink had appeared on Yang Yes shoulder, and then a ray of violet light flashed.

A violet barrier enveloped Luo Jun, and it trapped him on the spot.

Luo Juns expression changed, and he was about to wave his sword and slash the violet barrier of light into pieces.

However, Yang Ye suddenly appeared before him, and then countless rays of light sprayed out from the wooden sword in his grasp.

Luo Juns pupils constricted as he hurriedly swung the Mortal Emperor Sword, and strands of white sword qi shot out successively and collided with Yang Yes sword qi.


Countless explosions resounded incessantly as sword qi sprayed towards the surroundings.

The violet minks spatial barrier trembled violently, and it wasnt long before it shattered under the force of the crazy amount of sword qi that was shooting towards the surroundings from the collision between Luo Jun and Yang Ye.

“Are all of you still going to continue watching Yang Ye has said that everyone who doesnt belong to the southern territory will die today! Do all of you think that Yang Ye would spare you once Im dead Moreover, if I die, then would the sects, clans, and everyone else related to all of you be able to survive” Luo Jun held tightly onto the Mortal Emperor Sword with his trembling hands, and he gazed at his subordinates with a ferocious expression.

Because the strength Yang Ye revealed had actually terrified them to the point they didnt dare to attack! These are my subordinates These are the generals and experts that Ill be leading to conquer the continent in the future At this moment, a wisp of sorrow had appeared in Luo Juns heart!

The profounders in the surroundings instantly came to their senses when they heard this.

Right, with how ruthless and cruel Yang Ye is, would he spare us The answer is he definitely wont! If we dont work together now, then only a bloody slaughter will be awaiting all of us! Moreover, would we even be able to survive if Luo Jun dies here

Resolve flashed through their eyes when they thought up to this point.

Death was awaiting them no matter what, and they would only have a chance of survival if they were able to join forces and kill Yang Ye!

When he noticed that all of them were about to attack, Yang Ye flipped his palm, and the ancient sheath which had a sword sheathed within it had appeared in his grasp.

All of them were horrified when they witnessed this scene, and they hurriedly shrunk back….

However, Yang Ye still drew the sword.


The sword shattered into pieces, and then a ray of sword qi tore through the sky and shot towards Luo Jun like a bolt of lightning….

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