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Elder Mu withdrew his gaze from the sky, and he glanced over before he said, “Oceanic Emperor, I never expected that an old geezer like you who never participates in the battles on the continent has actually come over as well.

Im really quite curious.

What exactly did the Hallowed Grounds promise to actually make three fellows who have one foot in the grave to look for trouble with me!”

The blue robed old man said, “My oceanic clans really does have no desire to interfere in the matters of the continent, but Im unable to refuse the reward that the Hallowed Grounds provided.”

Elder Mu grinned and said, “All of you are at the end of your lifespans, so the only thing that can move your hearts is definitely the Divine Spirit Fruit which increases a Half-Saints lifespan by 300 years.

Lets cut the crap and just fight.

Let me see if I can take another Half-Saint with me.”

The Oceanic Emperors eyes narrowed slightly as he said, “Are you that confident”

“Why dont we give it a try” Elder Mu spoke flatly.

How could a Half-Saint have no temper The Oceanic Emperor was just about to attack when the black robed old man stopped him and said, “A single Divine Spirit Fruit isnt worth for us to fight with our lives on the line!” As he spoke, he gazed at Elder Mu and continued, “We came here today with a single request, and its for all of us to continue adhering to the agreement that Monarch Realm experts cant interfere.

Of course, the agreement will lose effect if Yang Ye attains the Monarch Realm, alright”

Elder Mu glanced at them and said, “Remember what all of you said.

If a Monarch Realm expert acts against him, then I wont just kill a single person but an entire territory.”

“Arent you being a little too confident!” said the Oceanic Emperor in a low voice.

“How much stronger are you than Luo Dao” Elder Mu suddenly gazed at the Oceanic Emperor.

The Oceanic Emperors expression changed slightly.

Perhaps he was a little stronger than Luo Dao, but he had no doubt that he couldnt kill Luo Dao with such ease….

“Since I could kill him, then why cant I kill you” said Elder Mu.

The Oceanic Emperor had quite an unsightly expression on his face.

In the end, he just grunted coldly and said fiercely, “Even if you can defeat me, Ill definitely make you pay a horrible price!”

Elder Mu shook his head and smiled before he said, “Alright, all of that is just a waste of breath.

Right, the reason Im agreeing to your request isnt because Im afraid of you.

I just dont want that kid to be dependent on me because he needs to grow.

Thats all.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Elder Mu vanished on the spot.

The black robed old man spoke solemnly once Elder Mu left, “His strength is probably at the peak of the Half-Saint Realm.”

“Even though he killed Luo Dao, he has definitely suffered injuries.

So, well definitely be able to eliminate him if we join forces, right” said the Oceanic Emperor.

“Perhaps he wouldnt be able to take any one of our lives, but hell absolutely be able to heavily injure us.” The white haired old man said, “Oceanic Emperor, do you really think a single Divine Spirit Fruit is worth the price we must pay to fight with our lives on the line against a Half-Saint”

The Oceanic Emperor grunted coldly and said, “If we dont kill him now, then once he recuperates completely… we wouldnt be able to kill him even if we wanted to!” As soon as he finished speaking, the Oceanic Emperor instantly vanished on the spot.

“He really hopes that we fight the Undertaker to the death!” The black robed old man spoke abruptly once the Oceanic Emperor had left.

The white haired old man shook his head and didnt speak a word.

He just turned around, took a step, and then just vanished.

“The Hallowed Grounds is everywhere!” The black robed old man spoke softly before he vanished on the spot.

After the 3 of them vanished, another middle aged man appeared here.

If the profounders at Ancient Domain City were here, they would notice that he was the City Governor of Ancient Domain City.

He glanced at the surroundings before a wisp of a strange smile appeared on the corners of his mouth, and then he vanished on the spot….

After the City Governor of Ancient Domain City vanished, space fluctuated here once more, and then Elder Mu appeared here again.

He glanced at the direction that the City Governor had left towards, and then his brows knit together slightly while a trace of seriousness appeared in his eyes….

The Primordial Pagoda.

After 2 days of battle, Yang Yes Sword Intent and the comparatively intelligent Sword Intent had gradually gained the upper hand, and this caused the smile on Yang Yes face to widen.

Meanwhile, Xiao Yuxi and the others instantly heaved sighs of relief when they noticed Yang Yes expression.

Yang Yes expression had been changing incessantly throughout the past few days.

It was sometimes bitter, sometimes surprised, sometimes delighted….

Every single time his expression changed would cause their hearts to twitch.

Because they didnt know what had happened after the Sword Seed entered Yang Yes body, and they didnt know if he would be able to recuperate completely….

Fortunately, Yang Yes face had been covered in a smile since earning in the morning of the 2nd day, and it allowed the worry in their hearts to ease up.

The sword-shaped Sword Intent had started to be pushed back by the joint forces of Yang Yes Sword Intent and the comparatively intelligent Sword Intent.

In the end, the sword-shaped Sword Intent actually started to flee.

Yang Ye was overjoyed.

Of course, he wouldnt miss such an opportunity and immediately urged his Sword Intent to pursue it.

Meanwhile, the comparatively intelligent Sword Intent did the same.

Both of them charged madly towards the sword-shaped Sword Intent….

After around 2 hours passed, the sword-shaped Sword Intent suddenly stopped moving and laid down motionlessly in front of Yang Yes Sword Intent….

Yang Ye was stunned, and the other Sword Intent was stunned as well and stopped on the spot.

Is it surrendering After being stunned, such an absurd thought had appeared in his mind.

It was quite absurd because would Sword Intent actually know how to surrender

Meanwhile, the comparatively intelligent Sword Intent which had joined forces with Yang Yes Sword Intent had suddenly done exactly the same.

It laid down motionlessly before Yang Yes Sword Intent.

They seemed to be instinctively displaying something, but it truly perplexed Yang Ye because he wasnt Sword Intent but a human….

After all, theyd been engaged in a life or death battle just now, yet such a scene had suddenly appeared.

After quite some time passed, Yang Ye finally made a little sense of it.

Both of these Sword Intents had been left behind by experts in the Sword Dao from many years ago, and they couldnt be considered to be complete Sword Intents.

So long as they were destroyed, they would immediately vanish from the world, and they would still suffer such a fate even after theyd devoured so many different Sword Intents.

Because while theyd undergone a huge transformation, it was still unable to change the fact that they were without foundation, so they would vanish upon destruction!

But Yang Yes Sword Intent wasnt the same.

It would be limitless while he was still alive.

So, these 2 Sword Intents intended to merge with Yang Yes Sword Intent.

Yes, they intended to merge and not be devoured.

If they were devoured, then their consciousness would be completely wiped away, but if they were to merge, then their consciousness would be preserved.

To a certain extent, it meant that they would still be themselves.

Most importantly, if they were to merge with Yang Yes Sword Intent, then they wouldnt be without foundation anymore.

They would be eternal while Yang Ye was still alive!

Of course, the main reason why the sword-shaped Sword Intent had acted in this way was that it had no other choice now….

It instinctively made the most beneficial choice to itself when facing danger.

Conversely, the comparatively intelligent Sword Intent had acted in this way because it was much more intelligent.

It knew that it would be meaningless even if it devoured Yang Yes Sword Intent and the sword-shaped Sword Intent.

Because it would cease to exist once it was destroyed just once.

Yang Ye fell silent for a short while, and then he decided to give his guess a try.

He madly circulated his Sword Intent and urged it over to the other 2 Sword Intents….

As expected, his guess was correct.

The sword-shaped Sword Intent and the other comparatively intelligent Sword Intent surged towards his Sword Intent….

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