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Rising Sun City was a large city that possessed a population of over five million.

In terms of its scale and level of prosperousness, then amongst all the cities in the State of Jing, Rising Sun City was merely inferior to the capital city of the State of Jing.

The prosperity of Rising Sun City could be said to be the contribution of the Sword Sect and the Grand Myriad Mountains.

Even though the Sword Sect was at the bottom amongst the six extraordinary sects, its resources, reserves, and the strength of its higher-ups was still something that no one dared to underestimate.

Of course, the most important reason was that the Sword Sect was a consumer of goods as well!

The Sword Sects population was huge.

Even though all these people were mostly Profounders, Profounders still needed clothes and food.

Moreover, they wanted to wear the best and eat the best.

As for various other expenses, the Sword Sects expenses were huge as well.

So, the Sword Sect had its own businesses in the mortal world as well.

Of course, these businesses were managed by members of the mortal world.

The place the Sword Sect chose to do business was Rising Sun City.

As for why the Grand Myriad Mountains were said to have contributed greatly, it was because of expenditure as well! Of course, it wasnt the members of the Sword Sect but those mercenaries around the Grand Myriad Mountains.

All of these mercenaries that headed to the Grand Myriad Mountains to search for herbs and hunt Darkbeasts needed a place to purchase goods, and that place was Rising Sun City!

After an unknown period of time, Yang Ye gradually heard the clamorous voices of a group of a crowd.

Moreover, the sounds and voices slowly grew more and more numerous.

After a short moment, Yang Ye opened his eyes, and it was a young man over the age of 20 that appeared within his field of vision.

When he saw Yang Ye open his eyes, the young man cupped his hands towards Yang Ye and said, “Senior Brother, youre awake!”

As he gazed at the man before him, Yang Ye asked.


The young man bowed and said respectfully, “Junior Brother is called Ma Nan, and Im an honorary disciple of the Sword Sect.

Im in-charge of serving the disciples of the sect that come to Rising Sun City, and Im also a manager of thisHappiness Inn.

“An honorary disciple” Yang Ye frowned slightly.

But in next to no time, he came to an understanding.

The position of honorary disciple usually referred to those disciples that managed the businesses of the Sword Sect in the mortal world.

The status of these honorary disciples was similar to the labor disciples in the sword sect, and they didnt possess much status in the sect.

However, they were slightly better than labor disciples because the names of honorary disciples were registered in the Sword Sects register for disciples! Moreover, after honorary disciples provided a certain level of contribution to the sect, they could become outer court disciples!

Yang Ye glanced at this honorary disciple called Ma Nan, and he was slightly surprised when he noticed Ma Nans cultivation.

Because this disciple called Ma Nan was actually at the ninth rank of the Mortal Realm! However, Yang Ye still shook his head because such natural talent of being at the ninth rank of the Mortal Realm while over the age of 20 was something the sword sect would definitely not take a liking to.

Yang Ye stopped allowing his thoughts to be distracted, and he asked.

“Brother Ma, may I know if theres a branch of the Talisman Masters Association in Rising Sun City”

Ma Nan was stunned when he heard Yang Yes method of address, and then he hurriedly said, “Senior Brother, its fine to call me Junior Brother or Little Ma.

Ma Nan cant endure being addressed like that!”

All of these disciples of the Sword Sect were extremely haughty when they arrived at Rising Sun City, and they were extremely difficult to serve, so how could he dare to allow Yang Ye to address him respectfully as brother!

Yang Ye shook his head and said with a smile, “Brother Ma, youre an honorary disciple of the Sword Sect.

Since youre an honorary disciple, then were brothers of the same sect.

Perhaps others dont think in this way, but at the very least, I do.

Theres no need to make a fuss about how I address you and tell me the answer to my question!”

Yang Ye understood that those disciples of the sect were extremely arrogant, and it was especially so when they faced these honorary disciples.

They always seemed to feel a sense of superiority.

However, Yang Ye didnt because hed been a labor disciple who possessed a status that was even inferior to honorary disciples!

When he heard this, Ma Nan took a glance at Yang Ye, and when he saw that Yang Yes expressions didnt seem to be feigned, his impression towards Yang Ye improved greatly.

He stopped making a fuss about the method of address and said, “In the past, the Talisman Masters Association didnt exist in Rising Sun City.

However, after Rising Sun Citys level of prosperity rose to become on par with the capital city in the State of Jing, the Talisman Masters Association opened up a branch in Rising Sun City.

Senior Brother, you intend to head to the Talisman Masters Association”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “I do intend to go there.

Can Brother Ma lead the way Truthfully speaking, its my first time in Rising Sun City, and I dont know anything about the city!”

“Of course!” Ma Nan agreed without any hesitation.

Right when the two of them were about to leave, energy fluctuations suddenly arose from the teleportation formation that Yang Ye was standing on just moments ago, and then a young man that wore the robe of an outer court disciple walked out from within the teleportation formation.

After he walked out of the formation, the young man took a glance at Yang Ye, and when he noticed that Yang Ye wasnt wearing the clothes of a disciple from the Sword Sect, he said to Ma Nan that stood by Yang Yes said, “Little Ma, help me prepare some dried food and five sets each of clothes of various styles.

Remember, I only want southern style clothes! Make it quick, Im in a hurry!”

Ma Nan cupped his fists to the man and said apologetically, “Senior Brother Xu Feng, Ive already promised to lead this Senior Brother.

How about I purchase everything for Senior Brother Xu Feng once I bring him to his destination”

Xu Feng was slightly surprised, and then he glanced at Yang Ye and said, “Youre a disciple of the Sword Sect” His voice carried a questioning tone.

Yang Yes brows knit together slightly, but he still nodded and said, “I just became an outer court disciple!”

Even though Elder Qian said that he wasnt considered to be an outer court disciple now, even Elder Qian himself probably didnt believe these words.

Presently, Yang Ye only lacked a symbol of his identity.

A wisp of a teasing smile appeared on Xu Fengs face when he heard this, and he said, “So its a Junior Brother that just became an outer court disciple!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he glanced at Ma Nan and said, “Quickly get what I need to be done! Dont blame me for being merciless if youre slow!”

All the new outer court disciples in the Sword Set would be ragged by the senior disciples in the outer court.

Hed been ragged in the past, and hed ragged others as well.

Now, he intended to rag Yang Ye.

Ma Nan glanced at Yang Ye as if he was asking for Yang Yes decision.

If Yang Ye wasnt in a hurry, then he would get it done for Xu Feng first.

Yang Ye understood what Ma Nan meant upon noticing Ma Nan glancing at him.

However, Yang Yes time was extremely precious right now, so he immediately said, “Brother Ma Nan, please bring me over there first!”

If Xu Feng had a good attitude towards him and was really in a hurry, then Yang Ye wouldnt mind allowing Ma Nan to deal with Xu Feng first.

However, Xu Fengs attitude aroused extreme displeasure in Yang Yes heart.

So, since Xu Feng had made him feel displeased, then why would he allow Xu Feng to be pleased

Ma Nan was in a slightly difficult situation when he heard Yang Ye.

He honestly wanted to take Yang Ye to the Talisman Masters Association first.

After all, there was an order to things! However, Xu Feng wasnt so easy to get along with, and if he really led the way for Yang Ye first, then Xu Feng would definitely look for trouble with him!

Xu Fengs eyes narrowed slightly.

He gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Junior Brother, allow Senior Brother to teach you a principle.

You should keep a low profile.

Otherwise, itll be very difficult for you to survive in the Sword Sect!”

Yang Ye said with a smile, “Youre right, one has to keep a low profile.

Otherwise, itll be extremely difficult to survive.

Allow me to teach you a principle as well, these words are established on strength.

What do you think”

“Oh” A wisp of a sneer curled up on the corners of Xu Fengs mouth, and he said, “So Junior Brother intends to have a spar with Senior Brother.

Then allow Senior Brother to seek guidance from Junior Brothers extraordinary ability!” As soon as he finished speaking, his figure flashed, and he smashed his fist at Yang Ye.


A muffled bang resounded, and then a figure was blasted flying before fiercely smashing onto the wall.

Yang Ye withdrew his fist and gazed at Xu Feng who lay at the foot of the wall as he said, “Why dont you know how to keep a low profile when you merely possess the strength of a ninth rank Mortal Realm Profounder Would it kill you to keep a slightly lower profile”

Ma Nan had completely frozen at the side.

My god! Thats a ninth rank Mortal Realm expert! Yet he was actually unable to resist a single strike

Xu Feng stood up slowly as he wiped off the blood on the corner of his mouth.

He glanced at Yang Ye, and a wisp of fear flashed in his eyes before he said, “You… Whore you!”

“Yang Ye!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye turned around and spoke to Ma Nan that was still frozen by his side.

“Brother Ma, take me to the Talisman Masters Association!”

Yang Ye didnt have even the slightest bit of a good impression towards haughty and arrogant disciples like Xu Feng.

Ma Nan nodded stiffly, and then he led Yang Ye out in a slightly mechanical manner.

In his mind, he was still thinking about that punch that Yang Ye had executed.

It was too swift, it was truly too swift!“Yang Ye….” Suddenly, Xu Fengs eyes opened wide, and he said, “Hes that Yang Ye who ascended to the 22nd level….”

He didnt recognize Yang Ye because hed gone home to visit his family during the period that the Outer Court Exam was held.

However, hed heard of Yang Ye.

Yes, when Yang Ye ascended into the 22nd level, this piece of information hadnt just spread throughout the Sword Sect, it had even spread outside the Sword Sect.

He was burning with impatience to return to the Sword Sect this time because he intended to watch the competition between the new outer court disciples that would be held tomorrow.

Mmm, it should be said as he wanted to lay eyes upon Yang Ye whod broken the Sword Sects record in the Sword Servant Pagoda! However, never had he imagined that not only had he met Yang Ye beforehand, but hed even fought Yang Ye! Moreover, hed never ever imagined that he wouldnt even be able to resist a single strike from Yang Ye!

As he watched Yang Ye and Ma Nans figures gradually vanish into the distance, Xu Feng muttered.

“As expected of the person that ascended into the 22nd level….

What a formidable strength.”


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