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2 experts on the Hallowed Rankings!

The yellow robed young man on the city wall was first stunned before feeling overjoyed because the Hallowed Grounds had finally stopped underestimating Yang Ye.

After all, just the 7th ranked expert, Yun Qingyao, had almost killed Yang Ye just now.

So, how could Yang Ye survive when the 6th ranked had joined the battle as well

Even though his initial objective was to seek reconciliation with Yang Ye, it would naturally be for the best if Yang Ye were to die!

“What are you doing here” Yun Qingyao spoke in a slightly angry tone when she saw the man with a longbow on his back.

He Lianqi seemed to be quite afraid of her and didnt dare look at her.

He just said softly, “I was afraid that you would be in danger!”

“Do you think I cant deal with him” Yun Qingyao glared angrily at He Lianqi, but her voice had become much gentler.

“Zuo Dengfeng was defeated, Yao Ye was tortured to death, and Mo Yixie fled after suffering an injury.

Yang Ye is very strong!” He Lianqi spoke softly.

“You think I cant deal with him!” Yun Qingyao grunted coldly and was slightly displeased.

He Lianqi hurriedly shook his head and said, “Im just worried about you!”

Yun Qingyao seemed to intend to say something when both their expressions had suddenly changed, and then they looked in Yang Yes direction.

At this moment, Yang Ye was walking over towards He Lianqi with his sword in hand.

Hes fine A serious expression appeared in

He Lianqis eyes while the smile on Yun Qingyaos face had vanished.

“You really are surprising!” He Lianqi glanced at Yang Yes chest but the injury there had vanished.

“You surprised me as well!” Yang Ye said, “Id thought that no one within the Exalt Realm would be able to penetrate my dragon scale armor, but you pierced through it with a single arrow.

Looks like I have to reassess the strengths of the geniuses on the Hallowed Rankings.”

Yang Yes physical defense had arrived at a terrifying level after he obtained the Dragon Ancestors inheritance.

Not to mention Exalt Realm experts, even Monarch Realm experts would probably find it difficult to break through.

However, He Lianqis arrow had pierced through his defenses with ease.

Yang Ye was very clearly aware that the strengths of those experts on the Hallowed Rankings far surpassed his previous estimates!

“So your body possesses the ability to repair itself!” Yun Qingyao glanced at Yang Yes chest and spoke abruptly.

Yang Ye suddenly stopped moving and gestured to the violet mink and Lei Lin.

Both of them understood what he meant.

The violet mink hesitated slightly because Yang Ye wanted them to head into the Primordial Pagoda.

However, Lei Lin didnt hesitate at all and transformed into a bolt of lightning that entered Yang Ye.

Yang Ye gestured towards the violet mink again.

She puckered her lips before nodding with extreme reluctance, and then she entered the Primordial Pagoda as well.

He Lianqi took his bow from his back and withdrew a golden arrow before nocking it.

He aimed it at Yang Ye before he said, “Take this!” He released the arrow at the same time he spoke.

The golden arrow had just left the bowstring when it suddenly expanded in midair and transformed into a 300m long golden dragon.


The golden dragon opened its mouth and shot over to bite Yang Ye.

“Watch out! He has inherited the Dragon Ancestors blood, so he possesses a form of lethal suppression towards all types of dragons!” Yun Qingyaos anxious voice suddenly resounded.

He Lianqis expression changed slightly, and he was just about to take the arrow back, but it was too late.

The golden dragon had arrived in front of Yang Ye, and it was just about to bite when it seemed as if it had encountered something horrifying.

Its figure shook before it exploded apart in midair, and then an arrow fell to the ground in front of Yang Ye.

“Nine star barrage!” He Lianqis voice resounded again, and then another ray of golden light shot towards Yang Ye.

As soon as it appeared, another ray of golden light followed closely behind him, and this continued until nine rays of light had formed a chain.

They shot over in succession like a golden beam that was shot from He Lianqi to Yang Ye!

Yang Ye slowly moved his right foot forward before he lowered his body a little, and he held tightly onto the Intent Sword.

Yang Yes pupils constricted when the 1st ray of golden light arrived before him, and he swiftly slashed, “Critical Strike!” Since hed cultivated the 1st stage of the Critical Strike technique, Yang Ye had never utilized it because Heavenrend was usually sufficient for him to end the battle.

The reason he was utilizing it now was because he didnt want to waste time.


After his sword struck the ray of golden light, the effects of the Critical Strike technique caused the might of his 11th level Sword Intent to suddenly double, and his Intent Sword slashed the ray of golden light apart as he followed behind his sword all the way towards He Lianqi.

In just an instant, Yang Ye had arrived in front of He Lianqi.

He Lianqis expression changed slightly when he witnessed this scene.

However, there was no panic on his face, and there was just a trace of surprise in his eyes.

Even he had never imagined that such a figure actually existed on Profounder Continent, and he felt that Yang Ye was an extraordinary genius even in the Hallowed Grounds.

“Spatial Warp!” He Lianqis voice resounded when Yang Ye arrived before him, and then he suddenly vanished on the spot and appeared over 1km away.

“Cloud Striker!” He Lianqis voice resounded once more, and then a golden arrow flashed over like a ray of light.

It arrived in front of Yang Ye at practically the exact same moment that He Lianqis voice resounded.


Yang Ye placed his sword horizontally before his chest.

His Intent Sword shook slightly when the golden arrow struck it, and then countless cracks started spreading like spiderwebs throughout it.

At the same time, Yang Ye was blasted flying by the impact!

“The five shots of the Archery Scripture!” Yun Qingyaos eyes flickered with excitement.

She hadnt expected that He Lianqi would immediately execute his strongest attack!

The Archery Scripture had been created by a Saint Realm expert of the Hallowed Grounds, and it was extremely formidable.

During the battle between the Hallowed Grounds and the defiant profounders all those years ago, that Saint Realm expert had instilled terror in the hearts of the defiant profounders because Saints could be slaughtered when those five shots were executed simultaneously!

Of course, He Lianqi clearly couldnt kill a Saint even if he executed them simultaneously, but slaughtering a Monarch Realm expert was definitely easy to the extreme.

The reason Yun Qingyao was ranked below He Lianqi was because she couldnt resist He Lianqis 5th shot! The 5th shot! Not all 5 that were shot in unison!

“Star Crusher!” He Lianqis voice resounded once more, and then an arrow that seemed like a shooting star pierced through space as it appeared before Yang Ye.

Yang Yes pupils constricted, and he flicked the Intent Sword upward and struck the arrow.


The Intent Sword in Yang Yes hand suddenly exploded apart but the arrow merely trembled and continued towards Yang Yes chest.

Yang Ye didnt dare allow it to pierce his chest because he felt that it carried a strange force.

If it were to be allowed to pierce his body, then he would definitely be heavily injured even if he could avoid death!

Yang Ye shouted as he pressed his dragon claws together and clasped the arrow between them.

However, the strength carried by the arrow was truly too great, and the impact caused Yang Yes feet to scrape the ground as it pushed him backward for over 1km!

On the other hand, blood had started to flow from his hands!

“Break!” Yang Ye suddenly exerted force, and the arrow between his claws was instantly broken into two.

“Moon Chaser!” He Lianqis voice resounded once more, and then another ray of golden light flashed towards Yang Ye.

A pitch black spatial rift resided throughout the space it passed through, and even the space in an area of over 30m around the spatial rift was trembling violently and showed signs of collapsing!

Yang Ye had a solemn expression in his eyes as he suddenly grasped his right fist before an Intent Sword appeared within his grasps.

He sheathed it within the ancient sheath and immediately drew it.

“Heavenrend!” The sword shattered as soon as Yang Yes voice resounded, and then a ray of light surged forward.

It was extremely swift like a flash of light, and it instantly collided with the arrow.


Both instantly exploded apart upon contact, and then countless waves of energy swept madly towards the surroundings.

A moment of silence ensued before the space in the surroundings suddenly collapsed, and an enormous black hole appeared before everyone.

Around 3 breaths of time passed before the black hole was repaired by the Laws of the world!

“How formidable!” The yellow-robed young man on the city wall was speechless when he witnessed this scene.

At this moment, he finally understood the gap between the profounders of Profounder Continent and the Hallowed Grounds.

Besides Yang Ye and An Nanjing, everyone else in the younger generation of the continent were probably trash before the geniuses of the Hallowed Grounds.

Luo Jun was the Mortal Emperor.

But unless he was able to unite the entire continent at his current age, he was nothing before these monstrous geniuses of the Hallowed Grounds!

At this moment, the young man had decided that as soon as he returned to the capital, he would suggest that the emperor stopped at nothing to form a good relationship with the Hallowed Grounds.

At this moment, a storm was brewing in the empire, and it could only survive if it sought the support of the Hallowed Grounds.

Of course, it would be better if Yang Ye died right now!

“Sun Piercer!” Right after the 3rd arrow and Yang Yes sword qi vanished, He Lianqis voice resounded again, and then a golden arrow surged forward from the bow in his hand.

The arrow shot through space and seemed like it could pierce the sun!

Yang Yes pupils constricted into the size of needles when he saw this arrow.

Because he sensed a strong feeling of danger from it.

At the same time, a feeling had arisen in his heart, and it told him that Heavenrend couldnt stop this arrow unless he forcefully improved his strength to the Monarch Realm!

Obviously, that was impossible!

Yang Ye sighed lightly, and he felt quite uncomfortable in his heart.

Because it was the first time that Heavenrend had lost to a technique of a profounder in the same realm of cultivation as him.

So, how could he not feel uncomfortable

Yang Ye had no other choice.

He took a step forward, and then the Sword Domain swept out.

As soon as it appeared, the aura of He Lianqis arrow was instantly suppressed.

Even though it wasnt completely stopped, its aura and speed had been suppressed, and it was extremely inferior when compared to before.

“Break apart!” Yang Ye appeared in front of the arrow, and then he slashed with the Intent Sword and instantly blasted the arrow into pieces.

“The Sword Domain, huh” He Lianqi nodded slightly, and then he flipped his palm.

He nocked 5 arrows on his bowstring, and then they shot out simultaneously!

“Cloud Striker!”

“Star Crusher!”

“Moon Chaser!”

“Sun Piercer!”

“Heaven Destroyer!”

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