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As soon as those characters appeared above him, Yang Ye noticed to his surprise that he was actually imprisoned by an invisible force, and even the Sword Domain was useless against it!

Right at this moment, the Demon Emperor suddenly appeared in the sky above Ancient Domain City, and he had an extremely solemn expression as he gazed at those characters above Yang Yes head.

Ding Shaoyaos chest couldnt help but feel tight when she noticed the Demon Emperors expression, and she said, “Senior, what….”

The Demon Emperor took a deep breath and said, “There are records of this in the ancient texts of my demon race.

It was created by an ancient and almighty existence in the Dao of Confucianism.

It contains the energy of the Mortal Dao, the Heaven Dao, and the Saint Dao.

So long as one has gone against the Mortal Dao, Heaven Dao, or the Saint Dao, one would be punished by the energy of the Laws possessed by those 3 Daos.

A very long time ago, this technique, Condemnation, had once made the defiant profounders shudder in fear at the mere mention of it.

However, all the great figures in the Dao of Confucianism were somehow slaughtered and annihilated.

I never imagined that someone from the Hallowed Grounds would have grasped that technique now!”

“Senior, please lend him a hand!” Ding Shaoyao bowed to the Demon Emperor.

The Demon Emperor shook his head in response, “Its useless.

The energy of the Mortal Dao, Saint Dao, and Heaven Dao is needed to overcome Condemnation by force.

Otherwise, anyone who interferes will definitely suffer backlash from it.

However, I only possess the energy of the Mortal Dao.

As for the energy of the Heaven Dao and the Saint Dao….

Thats something that only Saint Realm experts are capable of mastering!”

Ding Shaoyaos face turned slightly pale because the Demon Emperors words implied that even Elder Mu couldnt save Yang Ye.

After all, Elder Mu wasnt at the Saint Realm!

She asked, “Could it be that theres no other way”

He replied, “Not entirely.

That almighty figure in the Dao of Confucianism was a benevolent figure.

He was afraid that the inheritors of the Dao of Confucianism would misuse this technique to kill the innocent.

So, if one can endure the condemnation of the technique, or in other words, if one hasnt gone against the Mortal Dao, Heaven Dao, and Saint Dao and maintains a clear conscience, then that person wouldnt be punished.

Moreover, those 3 Daos would even bestow such a person with its gifts.

But Yang Ye….”

Ding Shaoyaos countenance turned even paler because she understood what he meant.

Yang Ye was called the Sword Demon, so how could he have not violated those 3 Daos Is Yang Ye doomed to die today Why does my heart hurt when I think about his death Ding Shaoyao was quite lost….

“You dont have to feel too worried.

Even though this fellow from the Hallowed Grounds has grasped that technique, its absolutely impossible for him to fully grasp Condemnation.

Moreover, the energy of the Dao of Confucianism that he possesses isnt very strong, so Yang Ye might have a chance….

Elder Mu will lend him a hand if theres no other way.

But it wouldnt just be Elder Mu who suffers from backlash then, even Yang Ye will probably suffer backlash as well….

Alas!” The Demon Emperor seemed helpless for the very first time.

It was the first time he realized that the Hallowed Grounds was really formidable, and it was formidable to the point even he felt slightly fearful!

Ding Shaoyao hadnt heard him.

She was just staring blankly at Yang Ye while she held the Greenwood Spirit in her hand.

Yang Ye was astounded for quite some time upon being imprisoned by the mysterious force, and then he forced himself to calm down.

Because while that force had imprisoned him, it showed no signs of harming him!

What exactly is this Yang Ye was still quite shocked because it was the first time that even his Sword Domain had been suppressed.

However, Yang Ye faintly sensed that he would definitely not be restrained by this force if hed truly grasped the secrets of the Sword Domain! However, besides some of the living fossils within the Hallowed Grounds, perhaps only the Sword Spirits main body possessed knowledge of the Sword Domains true secrets!

It was absolutely impossible for him to obtain information from the Hallowed Grounds!

If Im able to survive this, then I have to stop at nothing to attain the Monarch Realm! Yang Ye decided in his heart.

Only by attaining the Monarch Realm would he dare to head to the Hallowed Grounds, and only by heading there and rescuing the ancient sheaths sword would he be able to truly master his Sword Domain and execute the true form of the Heavenrend Drawing Technique!

In short, the precondition to accomplishing everything he wanted to do was to attain the Monarch Realm!

Right at this moment, Xiahou Xuan flipped open the book, the Word of Saints, while he said, “Yang Ye has committed 3 sins against the Mortal Dao.

The Mortal Emperor is the master of the continent who governs it on behalf of the heavens, and he carries the will of the heavens.

However, Yang Ye killed him, seized the Mortal Emperor Sword, and slaughtered countless living beings.

Such actions go against the Mortal Dao.

Please send down your divine punishment!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a ray of white light entered Yang Yes body, and then a moment of silence ensued before Yang Yes cultivation started falling rapidly….

The ninth rank of the Spirit Realm!

The eighth rank of the Spirit Realm!

The seventh rank of the Spirit Realm!

The first rank of the Spirit Realm….

In less than 2 breaths of time, Yang Ye had fallen from the first rank of the Exalt Realm to the first rank of the Spirit Realm.

Hed lost an entire realm of cultivation!

The Demon Emperors eyes narrowed slightly while an unprecedentedly solemn expression appeared on his face.

On the other hand, Ding Shaoyaos face had turned pale as a sheet, and her eyes were filled with horror.

Meanwhile, the other profounders throughout the city were completely dumbstruck by this scene!

At this moment, Yang Ye was beyond shocked.

Because he sensed that his cultivation had truly declined, and then a trace of bewilderment appeared in his eyes as he gazed at the 4 characters that resided above him.

Conversely, Xiahou Xuan was overjoyed.

Because his technique worked on Yang Ye.

Condemnation was a very formidable technique, and it was formidable to the point that even Monarch Realm experts feared it.

However, it had a flaw, and it was that it couldnt be utilized rashly.

Because if the target of the technique had a clear conscience and hadnt gone against any one of the 3 Daos, then the person who executed the technique would suffer extremely severe backlash.

That backlash was one where the persons cultivation would be completely transferred over as compensation to the target….

It was exactly because of this flaw that Xiahou Xuan had never dared to utilize this technique against Unseeing or that freak ranked at the 1st position during the past battles to ascend the Hallowed Rankings.

Because he wasnt confident in his ability to succeed!

As for Yang Ye….

The facts of the situation proved that he was right!

Xiahou Xuan grinned and continued.

“Yang Ye has committed 2 sins against the Heaven Dao.

His actions of killing the Mortal Emperor and countless living beings have gone against the will of the Heaven Dao.

Moreover, hed proclaimed his intentions to defy the heavens like the defiant profounders.

Such actions caused him to suffer divine punishment, but he escaped such punishment as he was assisted by another.

Openly defying the will of the heavens is in violation of the Heaven Dao.

Please send down your divine punishment!”

Another ray of white light entered Yang Yes body.

A moment of silence passed before Yang Yes cultivation started dropping once more, and less than a breath of time passed before Yang Ye had fallen from the first rank of the Spirit Realm to the first rank of the King Realm!

The Demon Emperor clenched his fists as he stood atop the walls of Ancient Domain City, and a ray of violet light flashed through his fists.

He was determined to prevent Yang Yes death no matter what.

It wasnt just for the sake of the alliance that was formed in the southern territory, it was for the violet minks sake as well! However, even if he could save Yang Ye, Yang Ye would probably be completely crippled by then….

Yang Ye was still looking at those 4 characters with a blank and bewildered expression.

“Yang Ye, its time for the final punishment!” Xiahou Xuan smiled.

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