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Book 6 — Heavenrend

“Are you really not going to take anyone with you” Ding Shaoyao gazed at Yang Ye as they stood outside Ancient Domain City.

Xiao Yuxi, An Nanjing, Su Qingshi, and the others were standing by her side.

Yang Ye glanced at them and said, “Im not going there to sightsee, nor am I going there to kill.

So, the fewer the better.

Moreover, Ill only be at ease if all of you stay in the southern territory and are protected by Elder Mu, Senior Lu, and the others.”

“Why exactly are you going to the Hallowed Grounds” asked Ding Shaoyao in a low voice.

Yang Ye replied, “To get something.

So, all of you dont have to worry.”

“How can we not” Qin Xiyue spoke abruptly, “Your character is too extreme, and you fight in the face of even the slightest conflict.

Youll definitely cause a huge commotion upon arriving there!”

Ding Shaoyao spoke as well, “You have to change your character.

There are many occasions where being slightly flexible wouldnt make you lose anything.

Especially when you are in the Hallowed Grounds.

There are countless experts there, so you cant just do as you please.


“Do it for our sake! Think about us and think about Nianxue before you do anything!” said Su Qingshi.

Even though the others didnt say anything, their gazes told him that they were of the same mind.

Yang Ye laughed bitterly and said, “All of you make it seem like I love causing trouble.

Good god, Ive always kept a low profile, and I never offend anyone if they dont offend me first.”

Yang Yes words made them glare at him, and he hurriedly guaranteed that he wouldnt cause trouble.

Ding Shaoyao flipped her palm, and a ring appeared there.

She said, “There are 100 Dao Rank swords within here.

We got them from our search of the Exalted Han Empires treasury.

Even though you shouldnt cause trouble in the Hallowed Grounds, dont be bullied by others as well.

Otherwise, there are many here who would die of pain and sorrow!”

“Herby, wont you feel sad as well” Qin Xiyue glanced at Yang Ye and said, “In any case, this fellow has a few wives now, so it wouldnt make a huge difference even if you joined us.

In my opinion, both of you should make it official before he heads to the Hallowed Grounds.”

Ding Shaoyao glanced indifferently at Yang Ye and said, “Go on and indulge him.

Youll regret

it sooner or later.”

The corners of Yang Yes mouth twitched a little, and then he glared fiercely at Qin Xiyue before he took the ring.

After that, he walked over to Qin Xiyue, took her in his arms, kissed her on the forehead, and said, “Listen to Shaoyao and Biru after I leave the continent.

Dont oppose their decisions, alright”

“Do I seem so ignorant to you” Qin Xiyue rolled her eyes at him.

Yang Ye glanced at Su Qingshi, Xiao Yuxi, An Biru, and An Nanjing before he said, “Dont worry about me.

I have the Stone of Suppression, so even if Im unable to fight Half-Saints, Ill still be able to escape.

Im not a fool, so I wont fight a fight that I know I cant win.”

“Well be waiting for your return!” said Su Qingshi.

An Biru hesitated slightly before she said, “Be careful and remember not to act on impulse!”

Xiao Yuxi stared Yang Ye in the eyes and said, “If you dont return, then Ill travel to the Hallowed Grounds to look for you; if you died in the Hallowed Grounds, then Ill accompany you as well!”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he gazed at An Nanjing.

She remained silent for a moment before she said, “Ill avenge you if you dont return!”

Yang Ye didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

He walked over to An Nanjing and pulled her into his arms.

Her delicate figure stiffened slightly, and it was like shed been petrified.

Yang Ye brushed her ponytail lightly and said, “Ill definitely be at the Monarch Realm when I return.

I hope that youll be at the Monarch Realm as well!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he released her from his embrace, and then he turned around and transformed into a ray of black light that vanished before their eyes.

A long time passed before they finally turned around.

Yang Ye stood on a sword as he shot towards the southern sea at an extremely swift speed.

The violet mink was on his shoulder while Lei Lin who held a spirit fruit with both hands was standing in front of him.

He didnt want to take them with him as well.

However, he had no other choice because they were adamant on coming.

Especially the violet mink.

He was utterly helpless if she insisted on coming.

Because her eyes instantly teared moist when he tried to refuse, so he had no choice but to bring her along.

As for Lei Lin, Yang Ye noticed that Lei Lin wasnt close to anyone else besides him and the violet mink.

To be more precise, she was extremely hostile to humans.

So, he had no other choice but to bring her along because she would listen to no one but him and the violet mink.

Moreover, she would only restrain herself and not zap others at will if they were by her side….

Yang Ye rubbed Lei Lins head, and then his eyes suddenly narrowed a little as he said, “Why hide if youre here!”

As soon as he finished speaking, an arc of light appeared over 30m away on his right, and it flew by his side.

“You really intend to head to the Hallowed Grounds” Qin Bufans voice resounded from within the arc of light.

“What do you think” Yang Ye replied with a question.

Qin Bufan said, “The Half-Saints of the Hallowed Grounds will immediately notice you once you enter the Hallowed Grounds.

Hmm Wait! Im actually unable to sense your aura! An expert helped you conceal your aura!”

Yang Ye naturally wasnt stupid enough to just swagger off into the Hallowed Grounds.

What a joke! Even though he had the Stone of Suppression, and his strength had improved greatly, he didnt think that he could fight the entire Hallowed Grounds by himself! Not to mention anything else, just a single Half-Saint would be a headache for him.

So, hed specially sought guidance from Lu Yan.

Fortunately, Lu Yan was able to conceal his aura, and it allowed him to save a huge amount of trouble.

“Even though your aura has been concealed, you should be aware that the entire world would be your enemy once youre exposed in the Hallowed Grounds.

At that time, youll die a graveless death!” said Qin Bufan in a low voice.

Yang Ye glanced at Qin Bufan and said, “If Im like you and cant be killed, then I would have attacked the Hallowed Grounds a long time ago.

Actually, Im really quite puzzled.

You defiant profounders possessed such formidable strengths all those years ago, and all of you cant even be killed.

But why did all of you lose so miserably”

“Our arrogance was the cause of our defeat!” Qin Bufan spoke in a deep voice, “A very long time ago, we were still considerably united while travelling through space.

But once we arrived in this region, we started to scheme against each other and kill each other for the sake of our own interests.

Of course, we severely underestimated the experts of this region as well.

Even though the experts here were inferior to the experts of our world, they couldnt be considered as weak.

Coupled with the fact that they gathered all the forces they could muster, and we were killing each other.

We lost in the end!”

Yang Ye said, “If all the defiant profounders escape from the seal, then would their forces be sufficient to destroy the entire continent”

“No!” Qin Bufan explained, “Weve been sealed for 100,000 years, and coupled with the lack of violet energy, our strengths have declined greatly.

Besides that, the Hallowed Grounds has definitely been preparing throughout the last 100,000 years, and thats also the reason why they arent anxious even when theyre clearly aware that were about to emerge from the seal.

Im most worried about those fellows from the Outer Heavens.

The reason the Hallowed Grounds is able to stay so calm and confident is probably because theyve received assistance from the Outer Heavens!”

“Can the experts of the Outer Heavens descend to this world” Yang Ye frowned.

If the experts of the Outer Heavens came here, then even the joint forces of the continent and the defiant profounders wouldnt be sufficient to deal with them! After all, the gap between Saint Realm experts and Half-Saint Realm experts wasnt small!

“No, and they wouldnt dare to as well!” Qin Bufan explained, “Ill be able to instantly ascend into the Saint Realm if another Saint Realm expert descends into this world.

Moreover, at least 20 plus defiant profounders that are sealed in the Hallowed Grounds are capable of instantly attaining the Saint Realm as well.

Once all of us attain the Saint Realm, then we would be capable of joining forces to annihilate the Heavenpath of this world.

At that time….


“Since they cant send Saint Realm experts down here, then how will they help the Hallowed Grounds” Yang Ye frowned.

“I dont know!” Qin Bufan said, “But if they dont receive assistance from the Outer Heavens, then just the Hallowed Grounds strength is definitely insufficient to stop us.

In short, therell definitely be a war between us and the Hallowed Grounds in the future.

Hey, which side will you take when that time comes” Presently, the strength of the forces on Profounder Continent couldnt be underestimated at all.

Because it had 4 Half-Saints, and there were even 2 who could fight many Half-Saints on their own!

So, the continents stand was very important!

Yang Ye rubbed Lei Lins head and said, “Firstly, the enmity between me and the Hallowed Grounds is definitely irreconcilable.

So, therell definitely be a fight between us.

As for you, defiant profounders, I have no intention to become enemies with all of you.

However, Ive witnessed how arrogant and conceited all of you are.

Thus, even if I dont act against all of you, it doesnt represent that all of the defiant profounders wouldnt act against me.

So, there might be a fight between me and the defiant profounders as well!”

Qin Bufan fell silent for a short while and said, “Needless to say, the possibility of that is very high.

Some of those sealed fellows are complete madmen.

Theyll definitely intend to destroy this world to vent the resentment theyve been accumulating for 100,000 years.

In other words, they might just kill anyone they see here!”

Yang Ye said flatly, “It doesnt matter to me.

In any case, I can kill them!”

Qin Bufan was speechless.

A short moment of silence ensued before Qin Bufan asked, “Im really curious.

What exactly did you do to that black clothed fellow from before!” He was quite doubtful that Yang Ye had killed that defiant profounder.

Because it was truly impossible!

“Why would I lie to you” Yang Ye spoke flatly, “Let\'s get back on topic.

Will you be starting a slaughter or hiding after we arrive at the Hallowed Grounds”

“Hiding, of course!” Qin Bufan replied, “My strength is sufficient to kill numerous experts of the Hallowed Grounds, but it wouldnt take long before Im the one whos slaughtered.

So, I have no choice but to hide myself and plan things out slowly.

What about you Dont tell me that you intend to start a slaughter upon arriving there.

If its like that, Ill bury your corpse and write words of admiration on your grave!”

“Only an idiot would do that!” said Yang Ye.

“Haha!!” Qin Bufan roared with laughter, and then he suddenly said, “Were here.

Hehe, take care of yourself later!”

“Are there experts of the Hallowed Grounds guarding the entrance” asked Yang Ye.

“No, but there are guards on the Hallowed Grounds side!”

“How strong”

“Not very.

Its just a Half-Saint….”

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