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The atmosphere was deathly silent as all of them gazed at Yang Ye.

They didnt understand why that had happened.

After all, it was the full strength of a Monarch Realm expert, but Yang Ye had actually resisted it without dodging and counter attacking.

Moreover, he even revealed an expression of satisfaction….

Is he a Half-Saint

Meanwhile, an absurd thought appeared in their minds.

The 4 Half-Saints here stared fixedly at Yang Ye as if they wanted to see through him.

“No! Thats impossible! Its absolutely impossible!” Meanwhile, Bai Chen suddenly started howling madly while he waved his sword once more, and a strand of sword qi that was even sharper, fiercer, and swifter than before instantly arrived in front of Yang Ye.

Yang Ye didnt dodge it and just allowed it to strike him.

Everyone watched as the sword qi instantly vanished upon coming into contact with Yang Yes body.

“How could that be possible...” All of them opened their eyes wide while disbelief filled them.

Bai Chen, on the other hand, seemed as if hed seen a ghost, and his entire body couldnt help but start trembling.

The Grand Elder, 4th Elder, and Tong Fen exchanged glances, and then they nodded lightly.

Meanwhile, a wisp of envy flashed through Tong Fen and the 4th Elders eyes because the Grand Elder had gained 2 more 1,000 year old Firecrystals just like that.

Hed gained 4 1,000 year old Firecrystals with such ease, so it would be a lie if they said they werent envious!

On the other hand, Qian Yan had lost years of accumulation.

Hed lost 10 1,000 year old Firecrystals from just 2 bets.

Such losses were extraordinarily huge….

As expected of the Grand Elder!

Qian Yan took a deep breath and said, “Ye Yang! Good! Good! Very good indeed! I never expected that you even deceived me! 11th level Sword Intent! The 11th level! Good! Very good! I never expected that someone in the Hallowed Grounds was able to attain the 11th level of Sword Intent! Very good indeed!”

11th level Sword Intent!

The others were stunned!

In next to no time, all of them came to an understanding.

There were only 2 possibilities behind why Yang Ye could resist Bai Chens sword qi without suffering any injuries.

The 1st possibility was that Yang Yes strength far surpassed Bai Chen.

Obviously, that was impossible.

Because Yang Ye was clearly at the Exalt Realm right now.

The 2nd possibility was that Yang Yes Sword Intent surpassed Bai Chen….

It was clearly the latter.

Because one Sword Intent arrived at the 10th level, it was utterly impossible for those who possessed weaker Sword Intent than the person to cause any harm to that person!

Heaven Rank Sword Intent!

All of them were extremely shocked.

After all, that sickly and weak fellow who theyd ridiculed and looked down upon was actually a sword cultivator, and he was even a sword cultivator whod comprehended Heaven Rank Sword Intent!

All of them had very colorful expressions on their faces when they thought of the bet that theyd made with him.

Qian Mei had even slumped weakly on the ground, and her face was covered in disbelief.

After all, 11th level Sword Intent could be ranked in the top 10 even on the Hallowed Rankings.

The laughable part was that shed ridiculed him for being weak when she was the true weakling….

There were numerous Monarch Realm experts in the world, but there were very few existences whod comprehended Heaven Rank Sword Intent.

Monarch Realm experts didnt have the slightest advantage before such monstrous geniuses!

The most composed person here was Xiaoman.

Because Yang Ye had revealed a little of his strength to her just now.

However, her heart was surging with tempestuous waves of shock just like everyone else.

After all, Yang Ye had merely revealed to her that he possessed Sword Intent, and she hadnt imagined that it would be Heaven Rank Sword Intent….

Yang Ye didnt fully undo his robes, and he merely just removed the outer layer of his clothing before he gazed at Qian Mei and said, “Woman, didnt you say that you would kneel down and lick me Im prepared, so lets begin Of course, if a Half-Saint like your grandfather interferes and helps you, then I would naturally be helpless to do anything if you intend to go back on your word.”

Qian Meis face turned pale….

“Ye Yang, its best to show mercy whenever its possible!” Meanwhile, one of the profounders from the Fire Spirit Race stepped forward.

However, he hadnt been able to continue because Yang Ye pointed at him and said, “I remember you.

You said that you would kowtow 100 times to me if I was able to resist Bai Chens attack.

Come, Im prepared for that as well!” As he spoke, he glanced at the group on the right and said, “Its the same for all of you.

Its time for you to fulfil your promises.

So why dont all of you kneel right now”

All of their faces became unsightly, and one of them said, “Ye Yang, are you really going to leave no room for reconciliation”

“Whats your name” Yang Ye spoke abruptly.

That fellow was stunned and said, “Im Ao Xieyun from the Fire Spirit Race.

I admit that we underestimated you just now, but….”

“Cut the crap!” Yang Ye suddenly interrupted him and said, “Youre right, I cant be that merciless.

Since its like that, Ive changed my mind.

I dont want them to kowtow to me, but I want you to do it for them.

How many people are there Its 100 per person, so count it on your own!”

“You….” Ao Xieyun was furious and said, “Ye Yang, youre going too far!”

Yang Ye laughed with ridicule yet paid no attention to him.

He gazed at the Grand Elder and said, “Grand Elder, what do you think” The Grand Elder had gained great benefits because of him, so he refused to believe that the Grand Elder would refuse such a small matter.

The Grand Elder glanced at Yang Ye, and then he glanced at the group on the right, “If Ao Xieyun is unwilling to kowtow on all of your behalf, then do it yourselves.

If the members of my Fire Spirit Race dare to make a bet, then they should be willing to face the consequences!”

Ao Xieyun said, “Grand Elder, hes just a human.


The Grand Elder just glanced indifferently at Ao Xieyun and said, “Hes Xiaomans husband right now.

In other words, hes a part of our Fire Spirit Race.


Right at this moment, Xiaoman suddenly walked over to Ao Xieyun with her red iron hammers in her hand, and she said, “Lets forget about them for now.

You have to kowtow right now.

Ill smash your head apart if you dont!”

“You….” Ao Xieyun was just about to speak when a hammer arrived above his head, and it was just a few centimeters away.

Ao Xieyuns face turned pale.

“Ill count to 3.

Ill smash your head apart if you dont do it!” said Xiaoman.





Ao Xieyun knelt down hastily, but it was too late because Xiaomans hammer had descended straight down towards him.


Ao Xieyuns entire head exploded apart.

Everyone here was stunned!

Xiaoman was slightly stunned as well because she hadnt expected that he would kneel at the last moment.

However, it seemed to still be a bit too late.

She pulled her hammer back, walked over to Yang Ye, and then spoke softly, “He was too slow.

He was too soft.

He was….

In short, it isnt my fault at all!”

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

Meanwhile, Qian Mei spoke abruptly, “Ye Yang, do you really intend to offend the entire Fire Spirit Race”

Yang Ye glanced coldly at the group on the right and said, “To be honest, I really look down on all of you.


Its fine to be weak.

Because if youre willing to work hard, then the day will come when you become strong.

But as men, all of you dont even dare to keep your word.

Thats a true disgrace.

As for kowtowing, theres no need for that now.

Im afraid that making trash like all of you kowtow to me would make my lifespan be halved!”

When he spoke up to this point, Yang Ye paused for a moment before he continued, “I know that all of you definitely hate me to the bone, and you wish for nothing more than to swarm over and kill me.

Im even aware that so long as I stay within the Fire Spirit Race, then all of you will definitely look for all sorts of opportunities to take revenge on me!”

When he spoke up to this point, he suddenly glanced at them again and said, “But let me tell all of you that Im not afraid.

Im not afraid at all.

Because not to mention a few hundred pieces of trash like all of you, even a few hundred more wouldnt be enough to kill me!”

How arrogant!How **ing arrogant!Their expressions turned unsightly to the extreme, and many glared angrily at Yang Ye as if they wanted to fight him.

However, they instantly abandoned their intentions to fight him when they saw Xiaoman who stood by his side.

After all, that tigress strength was in the top 3 within the Fire Spirit Race!

So, they could only glare angrily at him and allow him to continue acting arrogantly….

Yang Ye wasnt interested in arguing with them.

He turned around to gaze at Qian Mei and said, “I cant be bothered to make a fuss about it with them.

However, you wont be that lucky.

Come, Im ready for you to kneel down and lick me!”

Qian Mei didnt move, and she just gazed at him with resentment.

“Ye Yang, youre won.

Is this even necessary” Meanwhile, Qian Yan spoke abruptly, “Its always best to be lenient when possible.



“Hahaha!” Yang Ye chuckled and said, “2nd Elder, I dont understand such principles.

All I know is that I won the bet.

Since your granddaughter has lost, then she should fulfil her promise.

Of course, 2nd Elder is a Half-Saint, so I would be helpless if you intend to take her away by force.

After all, youre a Half-Saint!”

He might not make a fuss about it if it was anyone else.

However, he would be a full if he didnt when it was Qian Mei.

Because she would definitely act against him in the future.

Since it was like that, why would he give up such an opportunity

He couldnt kill her, but just humiliating her wasnt too bad.

Especially when the Grand Elder had his back right now!

“Arrogant young men dont live for long!” said Qian Yan in a low voice.

“I kept a very low profile before this, but all of you still came looking for trouble with me!” Yang Ye continued, “Since its like that, then why should I continue acting like a weakling 2nd Elder and that woman over there.

Just be direct, are you going to kneel and lick me or not”

Qian Yan intended to say something, but Qian Mei suddenly said, “Ill do it!”

As she spoke, she walked over towards Yang Ye while everyone watched, and then she stretched out her hand to undo Yang Yes belt.

Moreover, a strand of coldness had flashed through the depths of her eyes at the same instant that she lowered her head.

Yang Ye suddenly took 2 steps back and spoke angrily, “Whatre you doing”

“Licking you!” Qian Mei glared angrily at him.

Yang Ye said, “Just go ahead and lick.

Why are you trying to remove my pants”

“How would I lick you without removing your pants” Qian Mei continued in an angry tone.

Yang Ye glanced at his pants, and then he glanced at Qian Mei.

Suddenly, he exploded with rage and pointed at her as he spoke angrily, “You pervert! You shameless woman! I just wanted you to lick my shoes.

Yet you actually wanted to lick me there….

You… you….

Are you even worthy of that!”

All the spectators in the surroundings were at a complete loss for words.

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