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This time, Yang Ye felt a chill run down his spine.

He could accept that Half-Saints werent able to see her because hed killed many Half-Saints himself.

So, they werent that mighty in his opinion.

But it was quite terrifying that even Nether Maiden couldnt.

“Lets go!” Nether Maiden shot towards the distance once she finished speaking.

Meanwhile, Wang Yan and Qing Ming glanced at Yang Ye before they left.

Once Nether Maiden and the others left, Yinyin suddenly said, “Big Brother, that big sister was lying!”

“She was lying” Yang Ye was puzzled, “What do you mean”

Yinyin grinned and said, “She could see Yinyin.”

Yang Yes expression changed slightly.

So she could see Yinyin, then why did she act like she couldnt

Meanwhile, Yinyin continued, “Big Brother, you have to be careful while youre by her side.”

“Why” asked Yang Ye.

“She isnt alive!” Yinyin said, “Theres no vitality in her, nor does she possess the aura of a human.

Moreover, her lifespan should have been exhausted a very long time ago.”

“Then why is she still alive” asked Yang Ye.

Yinyin grinned and said, “Reversal of Yin and Yang!”

“Reversal of Yin and Yang” Yang Ye frowned.

Yinyin walked over to Yang Ye and said, “Big Brother, do you know that besides people Yinyin allows to see Yinyin, there are only 2 other types of people who can see Yinyin.

The first are those very formidable people, and the second are those who arent alive.

That big sister from before was part of the latter.

Big Brother, do you know which type you are”

“Didnt you allow me to see you” Yang Ye was puzzled.

She shook her head in response, “It was me in the beginning because I was hungry.

But I didnt allow you to see me just now.

But you were still able to see me!”

A drop of cold sweat emerged from Yang Yes forehead when he heard this, and he gulped down a mouthful of saliva before he said, “Dont tell me that Im not alive as well!”

Yinyin said, “Youre definitely alive.

Because you have the aura of a human and vitality.

But youre clearly very weak, so why can you see me Its so strange!

Very weak….

Yang Yes mouth twitched.

He hesitated for a moment and asked, “How strong are you” It was something he really wanted to find out.


“How much is very”

She blinked and said, “I can eat up everyone in this city!”

Yang Ye was speechless.

Yinyin grinned, and then she walked over to the Tower of Buddha.

She turned around to look at Yang Ye when she arrived at its entrance, and she said, “Big Brother, you can come play with me in the future, and itll be even better if you bring more food for me!” She turned around and walked into the tower.

Yang Ye stared blankly for a long time on the spot.

At this moment, his mind was in slight chaos.

So Nether Maiden isnt alive Then what is she A soul Whats that reversal of Yin and Yang that she spoke about Why was I able to see Yinyin Yang Ye couldnt wrap his head around it no matter how he racked his brains, and Yinyin clearly had no intention to tell him the answer.

Yang Ye remained silent for a while before he vanished on the spot.

After he left Nameless City, Yang Ye saw Nether Maiden, but Wang Yan and Qing Ming werent with her.

“Theyve gone ahead!” said Nether Maiden.

Yang Ye nodded and said, “Lets go!”

She suddenly said, “Arent you going to ask me why”

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “You would tell me if you were willing to.

Otherwise, its pointless for me to ask.”

She suddenly said, “Dont come into contact with her in the future!”

“Why” asked Yang Ye.

She fell silent for a short while before she said, “Shes very dangerous.

If she wanted to kill you, then you wouldnt be able to resist at all with the strength you possess right now.”

Yang Ye gazed at Nether Maiden as he asked, “Is that the true reason”

Nether Maiden remained silent for a long time before she spoke, “I presume youve figured out her origins.

Yes, shes from the Outer Heavens.

I can only say that most of the people from the Outer Heavens are pitiable people, and its exactly because they are pitiable that they are terrifying.

Because most of their minds have warped.

Their moods change erratically, and they are extremely strong.

So, you might die at any moment while in contact with such people!”

Yang Ye fell silent for a while before he said, “Thank you for the warning.

Ill keep it in mind.

Lets go!”

She glanced at him, and then didnt speak another word.

She just flew into the air and Yang Ye followed behind her.

Two hours later, their group of 4 finally arrived at the Netherworld Ocean.

As he stood at the shoreside and gazed at the ocean, Yang Ye couldnt help but frown.

The ocean was simply boundless.

There was no wind or waves to be seen, and it was like a pool of deathly still water.

Most importantly, the ocean water was dark blue.

Meanwhile, Nether Maiden flicked with her finger, and a ray of white light flashed.

After that, 2 golden talismans appeared before each of them.

She said, “One of them is a Five Element Divine Talisman, and its capable of improving your strength, speed, and defenses by 5 times for 2 hours.

It wont be a problem for each of you to keep 3 Half-Saints busy during those 2 hours, right”

“No problem!” Wang Yan was the first to speak.

“No!” Qing Ming spoke right after.

Yang Ye gazed at the golden talisman in his hand, and then he shook his head.

If he only had to keep 3 Half-Saints busy and not kill them while his strength, speed, and defense were increased by 5 times, then it wasnt a huge problem at all.

Nether Maiden nodded and said, “The other talisman is a Substitute Talisman, and it allows you to summon a substitute puppet to take your place at a dangerous moment.

Its able to absorb 50% of the damage you suffer.

So, I presume that unless you encounter one of the supreme experts of this world, any other expert wouldnt be able to kill any of you with a single strike while you have it in your possession.

Of course, it can only be used once!”

All of them were visibly moved.

What did its ability to absorb 50% of the damage they received mean It meant exactly what Nether Maiden had said.

Unless they encountered a supreme expert of this world, there was absolutely no one who could kill them with a single attack.

On the other hand, in Yang Yes opinion, even a supreme expert might not be able to kill him with a single attack.

Because his physical defenses were already heaven defying!

Nether Maiden continued, “Our mission this time can be said to be very simple, yet it can also be said to be extremely difficult.

Because well be considered to have completed our mission if were able to figure out the origins of those stone coffins or take them back with us.

However, I presume all of you should be clearly aware that it definitely wont go smoothly.”

“You wouldnt have asked us to come with you if it was simple.” Wang Yan said, “Your highness, enormous benefits are naturally accompanied by enormous danger.

We understand that.”

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Suddenly, four figures whistled through the air, and then 3 men and a woman appeared before Yang Yes group.

The man who led the group was slightly stunned when he saw Yang Ye and the others, and his gaze swept past them before finally descending onto Nether Maiden.

He said, “Youre Nether Maiden from the Hallowed Halls, right”

Nether Maiden nodded lightly.

“So you are that Nether Maiden whos ranked at the 1st position on the Hallowed Rankings!” The robust man who stood at the side of the man who led the group suddenly laughed coldly, “They say that youre the number one genius in the Hallowed Grounds.

I, Man Li, am very doubtful of that.

Why dont we have a spar”

Nether Maiden frowned slightly.

Meanwhile, Wang Yan said, “The man in the lead is from the Dragon Race, and his name is Long Xuan.

Hes the number one genius of the Dragon Race and has once eaten a human Half-Saint.

That fellow on his left is Man Li from the Man Clan, and he has killed a human Half-Saint on his own as well.

The man on Long Xuans right is Lei Huan from the Lei Clan, and he has killed a Half-Saint on his own as well.

As for that woman, Ive never seen her before!”

Yang Yes heart shook when he heard Wang Yan.

At this moment, he realized that the monstrous geniuses of the Hallowed Grounds were much more numerous than hed imagined, and they were much stronger as well!

It wasnt just their geniuses, even the true strength of the entire Hallowed Grounds was much more formidable than hed imagined.

Hed originally thought that he had a very good chance at rescuing the Sword Spirits main body, but now he realized that even if he could head to the Pagoda of Confinement, his current strength was probably utterly insufficient.

Perhaps he might even lose his life there!

Im still not strong enough!Of course, the matter of rescuing the Sword Precursor could allow no delay as well.

At this moment, Yang Ye had decided that once he was done here and obtained the points from the mission, he would make his Sword Servant, Guardian Lin, become a mid-grade Half-Saint no matter the cost, and then immediately head to the Pagoda of Confinement.

Yang Ye became quite impatient when he thought about earning points, and he gazed at Nether Maiden and said, “Should we head down” So long as they completed the mission, they would be able to obtain 100,000 points at least, and that would be sufficient for him to head to the Pagoda of Confinement.

Nether Maiden clearly had no interest in Long Xuans group, so she immediately nodded and said, “Lets go!”

“Stop right there!” Right when they intended to head down into the ocean, Man Li suddenly laughed coldly and said, “Are you going to be that rude”

Yang Ye was quite speechless when he heard this and said, “Hey, are you looking for trouble”

Man Li laughed coldly and said, “You can think of it like that if you want.”

Yang Ye was quite stunned.

Hed clearly not expected these fellows to look for trouble with them.

Meanwhile, Wang Yan suddenly said, “The other races are quite hostile to us humans.

So, if we humans encounter the members of the other races, then it would mostly cause some conflict to arise.”

“Thats racism!” Yang Ye finally came to an understanding.

He didnt speak further and just gazed at Nether Maiden.

In any case, she was leading the group.

Nether Maiden clearly didnt want to waste time, so she disregarded Man Lis group, turned around, and walked towards the ocean.

Yang Ye and the others naturally followed behind her.

“As expected, humans are cowards!” Meanwhile, Man Li suddenly laughed with ridicule.

Long Xuan who stood by Man Lis side remained silent, and there was only a mocking smile on his face.

Nether Maiden still didnt stop.

The smile of ridicule on the corners of Man Lis mouth grew wider when he witnessed this, and he said, “So the human race is filled with such cowards.

Ive already said so much yet all of you are actually not angry.

Were all of you brought up by weak and lowly dogs”

This time, Nether Maiden and the others stopped simultaneously.

Excitement appeared on Man Lis face when he saw this scene, and he said, “Youre angry Good! Come on! Lets have some fun!”

“All of you cant afford to do so!” Nether Maiden finally spoke.


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