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Suddenly, an explosion resounded from behind the middle aged man.

He hurriedly turned around and noticed that the water around Yang Ye seemed as if theyd suffered some sort of terrifying attack, and they surged backwards.

It wasnt long before an empty space that was completely devoid of water had appeared around Yang Ye!

12th level sword intent!

“How could this be possible….

How could you have possibly attained the 12th level of sword intent….” The middle aged mans eyes were filled with disbelief.

Yang Ye sucked in a breath of air, and the seemingly material sword intent around him instantly surged back into his body.

The seawater immediately enveloped him once that happened.

Even though his sword intent could keep the seawater away, it was extremely taxing on his mind.

Because the pressure here was truly too terrifying!

A slight smile of excitement appeared on Yang Yes face.

12th level sword intent! Im back at the 2nd level of Heaven Rank sword intent! From now onward, my sword intent will even be able to suppress Half-Saints!

“How could you have possibly been able to attain 12th level sword intent with such ease!” The middle aged man was still shocked.

After all, the difficulty of attaining a higher level of sword intent after attaining the Heaven Rank could be described as being as difficult as ascending the heavens.

However, Yang Ye had actually accomplished it with such ease….

Yang Ye naturally wouldnt tell the middle aged man that he previously possessed 12th level sword intent.

Perhaps attaining 2nd level Heaven Rank sword intent was extremely difficult to others, but hed attained it in the past.

Even though it had declined, his mental state was still at the 2nd level of Heaven Rank sword intent.

So, it wasnt surprising that he could attain 12th level sword intent with such ease once an opportunity presented itself to him.

Yang Ye patted his clothes and glanced indifferently at the middle aged man, “Is it that difficult to attain 2nd level Heaven Rank sword intent”

The middle aged man was rendered speechless.

A short while passed before the middle aged man finally calmed himself.

He glanced at Yang Ye and said, “If Im not wrong, then youd attained the 2nd level of Heaven Rank sword intent in the past, and it fell to the 1st level for some reason.


Yang Ye was quite surprised.

He hadnt expected the middle aged man to figure it out.

However, it made sense because the middle aged man was a peak expert in the past.

Even if his cultivation had declined, his discerning ability hadnt.

The middle aged man felt even greater shock when he saw Yang Ye tacitly admit it.

He comprehended 2nd level Heaven Rank sword intent at such a young age….

Such natural talent is truly astonishing!

Meanwhile, Yang Ye walked over to the entrance of the palace.

Only when he looked at it from up close did Yang Ye notice that there was another small row of words by the side of the first line — The Unfettered One was here.

‘The Sword Saint of the past was nothing worth mentioning.

I still reign undefeated throughout the world.

From this day forward, the Unfettered One will be no more in this world.

Outer Heavens! Im coming!

“The Sword Saint of the past Nothing worth mentioning Undefeated” The middle aged man grunted coldly and said, “How haughty!”

He walked over to the entrance as he spoke.

However, a few strands of sword energy suddenly shot out from those words when he arrived by Yang Yes side.

They were extremely swift to the point the middle aged man couldnt even dodge them before they pierced through his body, and the terrifying might they carried blasted him a few hundred steps back!

Yang Yes pupils constricted while he gazed at those words with shock.

At this moment, those words were emanating extremely sharp and fierce sword intent.

He couldnt see it with his eyes, but he could sense it clearly!

Sword intent that was left behind over 10,000 years ago… actually blasted a mid-grade Half-Saint backHow strong was he

Yang Ye had no doubt that the sword energy had been left behind before the Unfettered One challenged the Heavenpath.

In other words, the Unfettered One had left it here at his peak.

He was absolutely certain that it wasnt 3rd level Heaven Rank sword intent because while he knew it was very powerful and terrifying, it was absolutely not this powerful!

It hasnt dispersed after that long and was even able to heavily injure a mid-grade Half-Saint….How strong was he at that time Would I really be able to rival his accomplishments

Hed thought that even the Unfettered Ones attainments in the Sword Dao would probably be inferior to him at the same age.

But now, reality told him that the Unfettered Ones strength and Sword Dao were at a height that was utterly beyond his imagination!

Yang Ye stood before those words in silence for quite some time.

In the end, he suddenly laughed and said, “Why should I feel lost Why should I sigh about my inferiority The older generation are meant to be surpassed.

I might be inferior to you now, but Ill definitely do my best to surpass you!”

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Suddenly, a brilliant ray of light suddenly shot out from the words, and it instantly entered Yang Yes mind.

At the exact same instant that Yang Yes expression changed drastically from this turn of event, a voice resounded in his mind.

‘One who comes after me, regardless of who you are, you can be considered half a disciple of mine because youve obtained the acknowledgement of this Sword Intent Seed of mine.

Listen well.

This Sword Intent Seed is called the Grand Dao Sword Intent, and it carries the will of my sword intent and the peak of the Sword Dao in this world.

Comprehend its true secrets well.

‘Besides that, it contains the Laws of the Grand Dao.

You may activate it when you encounter an opponent whos beyond your strength.

The might of this sword intent relies entirely upon your own strength.

Of course, it cant be utilized limitlessly.

It can be used 3 times at most, and then itll disperse from having all its energy exhausted.

‘I was able to leave this world, but I wasnt able to take all the living beings here with me.

I dont want this worlds inheritance in the Sword Dao to be lost because of me, so I left this Sword Intent Seed behind to await the arrival of the future generation.

Allow me to say one last thing, those who wield the sword should fear not the heavens, fear not the earth, and fear not the gods of the world….”

The Unfettered Ones voice gradually vanished within his mind.

A short while passed before Yang Ye opened his eyes and said, “Fear not the heavens, fear not the earth, and fear not the gods of the world….” When he spoke up to this point, Yang Ye took a deep breath and continued, “As expected of the formed number one expert of the continent….”

Yang Ye admired the Sword Sects Founding Ancestor, and he even respected him.

However, Yang Ye didnt feel that the Unfettered One was beyond his reach anymore.

Hed cried, lost, and suffered throughout his lifetime.

However, hed never given up! Even if he fell to rock bottom while he was at the Sword Sect all those years ago, hed never given up at all.

It was fine to possess mediocre natural talent, and it didnt matter if one had no backing.

Because everything was possible if one was willing to work hard for it!

Yang Ye focused his thoughts and started to scan the sword intent within him.

It has no shape and was invisible, but he could feel it.

As he sensed it, Yang Ye suddenly noticed a completely new direction he could take on the path of the sword.

It was like treading on a sole path and thinking that it was the only path, but he suddenly noticed that there was another one….

“Who is he!” Meanwhile, the middle aged man suddenly interrupted Yang Yes deep thought.

At this moment, there were a few thumb-sized holes on the middle aged mans chest.

It seemed like there was a strange force raging through those holes, causing the holes to grow larger incessantly.

However, his special physique made those holes automatically recover upon enlarging to a certain size!

At this moment, the middle aged man had an extremely solemn expression on his face, and there was even a trace of terror in his eyes.

Even though hed been heavily injured earlier, and his cultivation had dropped to the Half-Saint Realm, he hadnt imagined that he would have actually been heavily injured and blasted flying by sword intent which was left here 10,000 years ago!

How strong was its owner

At this moment, shock surged through his heart, and he couldnt calm down for a very long time.

Yang Ye glanced at the middle aged man and said, “Youll find out once you leave this place.

Now, take me to where I can devour that sword intent you spoke of!”

The middle aged man spoke in a deep voice, “Youre at the 2nd level of the Heaven Rank right now, so its probably almost impossible for you to attain the 3rd level even if you devour that sword intent.


“Dont worry!” Yang Ye said, “Ill still keep my word if its able to improve my sword intent!”

The middle aged man glanced at Yang Ye and said, “Then head in!”

Yang Ye flicked with his finger, and a strand of sword energy struck the door.

The door immediately started opening slowly.

There was no water within it, and the water outside couldnt flow in as well.

It was like something was obstructing the water.

Yang Ye gazed at the middle aged man.

The latter understood his intentions and walked through the door before Yang Ye.

Yang Ye walked in after him.

As soon as he stepped through the door, Yang Ye was shocked by the scene before his eyes.

Swords! A huge number of swords!

There was an enormous hall behind the door, and the ground was densely covered in all sorts of swords.

Moreover, it wasnt just the ground, even the air above was filled with swords.

Every single one of them was a Dao Artifact!

At least 10,000 Dao Rank swords!

10,000 Dao Rank swords! Yang Ye felt his heartbeat quicken.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Suddenly, the swords emanated dazzling light and aimed themselves at Yang Ye and the middle aged man.

Yang Yes expression changed slightly as he gazed at the middle aged man.

The latter had a bewildered expression as he said, “Impossible.

This is where his inheritance lies.

How could it have been transformed into such a state”

Swoosh! Swoosh!

The swords suddenly transformed into rays of light that shot towards Yang Ye and the middle aged man.

Both of them were astounded by this development.

Yang Ye hurriedly emanated his 2nd level Heaven Rank sword intent while the Herculean Armor covered his body.

Meanwhile, there was a change in the situation because those swords immediately stopped moving when Yang Yes sword intent surged forward.

Yang Ye and the middle aged man heaved sighs of relief.

Because the swords before them carried extraordinarily terrifying auras and force.

So, if they were to really attack, then….

Yang Ye could only hope that the Herculean Armor would be able to withstand them….

“Pass and receive my inheritance; fail and die!” Suddenly, a voice resounded from the depths of the hall, and then….

Swoosh! Swoosh!

The swords instantly enveloped down upon Yang Ye and the middle aged man!

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