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The ancient sheath! Waves of shock surged through Yang Yes heart.

Because the ancient sheath was in his possession, so how could the man have it with him Moreover, there was a sword in the sheath, and according to the description given to him by the Sword Spirit, it was precisely the Sword Spirits main body!

After a moment of shock, Yang Ye suddenly noticed that while the scholarly man seemed to be like a real person, he noticed that the man was just an ethereal figure when he looked closely.

“After 100,000 years, 2 astounding geniuses in the Sword Dao have actually appeared on Profounder Continent.

Not bad.” The man nodded slightly to Yang Ye while praise could be seen in his eyes.

Yang Ye spoke in a low voice, “Senior, youre that expert who led the continent against the defiant profounders 100,000 years ago”

A wisp of surprise flashed through the mans eyes as he said, “You recognize me”

Yang Ye took a deep breath because he realized that the man who stood before him was the 2nd master of the Sword Spirit, and the same person whod trapped her above the Pagoda of Confinement for 100,000 years.

The man said, “I dont have much time, so Ill make it short.

There was once a person with extraordinary natural talent just like you.

But he swaggered off upon witnessing my Sword Dao, and he said that it was nothing worth mentioning.

Indeed, his attainments were already above my own.

Id thought that my inheritance would be lost.

I never expected that you would arrive here!”

“Senior, whats your Sword Dao” asked Yang Ye.

The man said, “My Sword Dao can be called the Dao of Benevolence.

It is to care for all the living beings of the world, and to strive to provide both fortune and enlightenment to all.

As they say, the benevolent are invincible.

Thats my Dao of the sword!”

Yang Ye fell silent for a moment before he said, “Senior, you trapped that sword in your hand for 100,000 years on the Pagoda of Confinement for the sake of all living beings.

Is that benevolence to you as well”

The faint smile on the scholarly mans face vanished.

He tightened his grip of his sword and gazed at Yang Ye for a short while before he said, “She was by my side throughout my lifetime.

If it were possible, I would rather die than sacrifice her.

However, I have no other choice.

The continent would have been destroyed at the hands of the defiant profounders if I didnt sacrifice her.

A single sacrifice to save the entire continent.”

Yang Ye said, “Senior, I cant say it was wrong for senior to consider the fate of the entire continent.

Because I probably wouldnt be standing here if senior didnt sacrifice yourself all those years ago.”

The mans expression eased up and turned slightly amiable when he heard Yang Ye.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye continued, “However, I dont agree with your Dao of the sword.

So, I cant inherit it!”

“Why” said the man in a low voice.

Yang Ye replied, “Seniors Dao of the sword is based upon benevolence, yet mine is based on killing.

If the defiant profounders were to escape the seal, then the first thing I thought about wouldnt be the living beings of this world, it would be my loved ones, friends, and those I care about.

Besides that, if I were in your place all those years ago, then I would definitely not sacrifice her to save the world.

In my opinion, sacrificing another to save others isnt benevolence or kindness.

Of course, Seniors Sword Dao isnt wrong.

Not only is it not wrong, I really admire you.

But Im really not suited to inherit your Dao of the sword.”

The man spoke abruptly, “Youre at the peak of 2nd level Heaven Rank sword intent, right”

Yang Ye nodded.

“If you accept my inheritance, then I can immediately improve your sword intent to the 3rd level of the Heaven Rank.

Moreover, your future path of the sword will be smooth all the way.

At the very least, you wont face any problems within the scope of my ability.

Because Ive resolved all those problems in the past.

So, do you still intend to refuse” asked the man.

“Yes!” Yang Ye didnt hesitate at all, “Regardless of how extraordinary it is and no matter how smooth my path would be, it is your Dao of the Sword and not mine! I will stride on my own path!”

The scholarly man sighed softly, and then he flicked with his finger, causing an ancient black spatial ring to appear before Yang Ye.

He said, “Fine, I wont force you.

However, I have to entrust you with something.

My inheritance and some treasures I left for my successor reside within that spatial ring.

I hope that you can help me look for a successor so that my Dao of the sword doesnt end with me.”

Yang Ye suddenly asked, “Senior, have you passed on”

“I have!” replied the scholarly man.

Yang Ye had a solemn expression on his face as he asked, “Someone in this world was still able to kill you even with the ability senior possessed all those years ago”

The man shook his head and said, “A genius is an extraordinary genius in a village.

But if placed in a town, that genius would only be an ordinary genius.

But if he were to be placed in a kingdom, then he might not even be a genius.

If the entire continent is considered, then that person might only be extremely ordinary.


Yang Ye nodded and said, “Looks like the people beyond our world are much more terrifying than Id imagined!”

The man said, “Young man, our entire continent fought the defiant profounders to the death all those years ago.

Actually, we had no other choice as well.

In short, regardless of whether its the defiant profounders or those from the Outer Heavens, none of them are good.

Make your own choice in the future!” The mans figure started to disperse as he spoke these words.

Yang Ye bowed to the man.

Even though he hadnt inherited the scholarly mans Sword Dao, hed still benefited from the man.

So, he had to bow.

The man nodded slightly when he saw Yang Ye bow, and then he said, “If you have the chance to see her, then tell her Im sorry!”

Yang Ye naturally knew what the man meant and immediately replied, “I will!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye seemed to have thought of something and hurriedly said, “May I ask how the Sword Domain should be utilized Please provide me with your guidance!”

“The Sword Domain Its naturally….” He hadnt been able to finish speaking before his figure vanished completely.

Yang Ye felt extremely regretful when he witnessed this scene.

After all, the man before him definitely knew how to utilize the Sword Domain.

Unfortunately, he hadnt asked in time.

A short while passed before Yang Ye shook his head and said, “Looks like I have no choice but to ask the Sword Spirits main body!”

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings, and then he stomped his right foot down, causing the scene around him to shatter apart.

In next to no time, Yang Ye was back in the hall.

When he returned here, Yang Ye noticed that the middle aged man was gone.

On the other hand, the Half-Saint Sword Servant was lying on the ground.

While it hadnt been destroyed, it was heavily injured.

Yang Ye put the Sword Servant away and spoke softly, “I wasnt decisive enough!”

Yang Ye didnt stay for a moment longer and immediately left the Netherworld Ocean.

A slight smile appeared on the corners of his mouth as he looked at the ocean before him.

After all, hed truly obtained enormous gains during this trip.

Firstly, hed obtained the Herculean Hammer, then he obtained 9 Half-Saint Sword Servants.

Finally, his sword intent had risen to the peak of the 2nd level of the Heaven Rank.

Moreover, hed even obtained 10,000 Dao Rank swords.

It could be said that he was confident in his ability to kill Half-Saints now even if he didnt utilize his Sword Servants and the Stone of Suppression!

The Herculean Hammer! Yang Ye hurriedly took it out when he thought of it.

After all, he hadnt had the time to have a look at it since he obtained it.

Yang Ye instantly felt his arm sink down when he held it in his hand, and the ground beneath him cracked apart.

Yang Ye gazed at the hammer with shock because he felt like he wasnt holding a hammer but a mountain!

It was heavy, extremely heavy.

If he wasnt extremely strong, then he would probably be unable to even lift it.

The profound energy within him surged into his right arm while he tightened his grip on the hammer.

Suddenly, he raised it and smashed it towards the ocean before him.


A huge vortex instantly sank open on the ocean.

At the same time, countless pillars of water shot into the clouds.

A long time passed, yet the vortex before him hadnt vanished, and it was even growing larger!

Excitement flashed through Yang Yes eyes as he gazed at the hammer in his grasp, and he said, “How powerful! Just that strike would have probably smashed a Half-Saint into mush if I were able to catch that Half-Saint off guard!”

After all, he hadnt even used his full strength just now, and hed merely utilized 70% of his physical strength! So, it made him wonder how terrifying that attack would have been if he used his full strength!

It could be said that while he had the Herculean Armor and Herculean Hammer in his possession, he could still kill Half-Saints even without using a sword!

Yang Ye changed his clothes, fixed his appearance, and immediately traveled back to the Hallowed Halls instead of stopping at Nameless City.

His strength had risen greatly, and hed gained 9 new Sword Servants and a mid-grade Half-Saint.

Moreover, he had sufficient points now….

Now, it was time to head to the Pagoda of Confinement and take the Sword Precursor!

It didnt take long for Yang Ye to return to the Hallowed Halls, and he noticed that there really was 100,000 points within it.

Hed originally intended to earn even more points and exchange them for a Saint Rank technique from the Hallowed Halls.

Yet now, hed abandoned such thoughts because the most important matter at hand was to rescue the Sword Spirits main body, and he had the ability to do it now!

However, Yang Ye had only just returned to Lunar Rite Hall when 3 robust middle aged man obstructed his path.

It was 3 Half-Saints!

“Youre Yang Man” The robust man who led the group spoke in a low voice, “You killed my Man Clans Man Li”

“Yes!” Yang Ye didnt hide it.

After all, it was impossible to do so.

“How audacious of you!” The man shouted fiercely, “You actually dared to kill a member of my Man Clan!”

Yang Ye said, “It was he who intended to kill me!”

“Its an honor for you that he intended to kill you!” The man spoke fiercely, “Hand over the Herculean Hammer and then take your own life before us, and Ill allow your corpse to remain intact!”

“Fool!” Yang Ye stomped the ground with his right foot, and he soared up into the air.

The Herculean Hammer appeared in his grasp with a twist of his wrist, and then he held it in his grasp as he smashed it down swiftly towards the 3 robust men!

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