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The 3 of them hadnt expected that Yang Ye would actually dare to attack, and they were immediately stunned by this.

Yang Yes hammer had already descended upon them when they recovered from their shock.

The formidable force carried by the Herculean Hammer caused the space beneath their feet to collapse, and it even caused the space around them to warp.

Their expressions changed drastically.

Obviously, even they hadnt expected that Yang Yes attack would actually be formidable to such an extent.

While they were shocked, their reactions werent slow at all.

They hurriedly attacked in succession and slapped their palms down towards Yang Yes hammer.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Heavy and booming explosions resounded from the collision while the Herculean Hammer trembled violently from the force contained within their joint attack.

“Die!” Yang Ye roared furiously as he grabbed the Herculean Hammer with both hands and swung it.


The formidable force within it instantly caused Yang Ye and the 3 Half-Saints to fall beneath the ground.

It wasnt long before rumbling resounded from below.


Another explosion resounded before 3 figures charged out from below the ground.

2 of them were from the Man Clan while the other was Yang Ye.

At this moment, Yang Ye held the Herculean Hammer in his grasp while the Herculean Armor covered his body, and he simply seemed like a god of war.

The Half-Saints from the Man Clan gazed at Yang Ye with shock, and one of them spoke with an astonished tone, “You… you… you actually killed Man Kuang! You….” Never had they imagined that a Half-Saint would have perished right before their eyes.

Moreover, it was by the hand of an ant at the third rank of the Monarch Realm.

It completely stunned them.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye was quite excited.

Because he noticed that Half-Saints werent far beyond his grasp anymore.

However, the only thing he felt slightly regretful about was that the Herculean Hammer was truly too heavy.

Hed almost completely exhausted his strength from just swinging it over a dozen times just now, and it allowed him to realize that his current physical strength was still quite insufficient!

Yang Ye tightened his grip on the Herculean Hammer, and then he gazed at the other 2 Half-Saints and said, “Are we going to continue”

Both of them were furious when they heard these words, but none of them charged forward.

Because as members of the Man Clan, they were very clearly aware how terrifying the Herculean Armor and Herculean Hammer were.

Not to mention the hammer, just the armor was something they couldnt penetrate.

“You killed members of my Man Clan and even seized our clans treasures.

Well pursue you with the force of our entire clan! If youre sensible, then hand the Herculean Armor and Herculean Hammer over, then perhaps my Man Clan will spare your life!” One of the Half-Saints spoke in a low voice.

“Pursue me with the force of your entire clan” Yang Ye laughed coldly and said, “Ill be waiting.

Now, Ill give both of you 3 breaths of time.

If you refuse to leave, then Ill definitely kill one of you even if I have to suffer some heavy injuries.”

“How dare you!” One of them was furious.

After all, when had they ever suffered such humiliation So, they intended to attack.

However, Yang Ye was a step ahead, and the enormous hammer smashed down towards them like a mountain.

Their expressions changed slightly.

Obviously, they hadnt expected him to attack just like that.

However, they were Half-Saints in the end, so they would naturally not be scared away.

So, they executed their techniques and entered into battle with Yang Ye.

However, they retreated after engaging Yang Ye in battle for some time.

Because they noticed that fighting Yang Ye who wore the Herculean Armor was a battle where they could only be bashed up.

Yang Ye had completely abandoned his defenses and fought while allowing himself to be struck.

However, they naturally didnt dare do the same.

After all, suffering just a single blow from Yang Yes hammer would cause them to be heavily injured even if they could avoid death!

Yang Ye didnt pursue them because he couldnt do anything if a Half-Saint intended to flee.

Even if he activated the Stone of Suppression.

Moreover, he was exhausted.

Yang Ye immediately put the Herculean Hammer away once those 2 Half-Saints left.

While the Herculean Hammer was extraordinarily formidable, and it was very effective in battle, it truly exhausted too much of his strength.

Actually, Yang Ye would fall into a disadvantaged position if those Half-Saints were to continue fighting him for a while longer.

Because the Herculean Hammer exhausted too much of his physical strength.

At this moment, his physical strength had almost been completely exhausted.

So, not to mention swinging the hammer, even holding it up was impossible.

Looks like I have to try and improve my physical strength! Yang Ye stretched his sore right arm, disregarded the spectators in the surroundings, and walked towards Lunar Rite Hall.

“Youve become stronger!” Mu Qingfeng felt shocked in her heart as she gazed at Yang Ye.

Because shed watched the battle just now.

She hadnt expected that Yang Yes strength would have actually attained such a height after being away for such a short period.

Not only had Yang Ye fought 3 Half-Saints on his own, hed even killed one of them.

That was something that even ordinary Half-Saints couldnt accomplish!

“I merely relied on treasures!” Yang Ye said, “Ill be heading out for some time, and I might not return to the Ancient City of Hallows during that period.

Ill leave my friend, Fu Jinxian, in your care, Hall Master.”

“Theres a slight problem!” Mu Qingfeng spoke in a low voice.

“What” asked Yang Ye.

She replied, “The members of the Fire Spirit Race have been constantly coming here to look for her lately.

However, Ive stopped them from doing so.

But I think that they will definitely not let the matter rest.

Even though they wont do it openly, Im afraid theyll take her away in secret.

You should be aware about how strong the patriarch of the Fire Spirit Race is.

We would be powerless to stop him if he acts from the shadows!”

“Why are they looking for her” Yang Ye frowned.

She shook her head and said, “I dont know.

However, based on her reaction, its absolutely not anything good.”

“Hall Master!” Suddenly, Mu Ling arrived within the hall, and she was slightly surprised when she saw Yang Ye.

After that, she nodded and said, “Hall Master, Brother Yang, the Fire Spirit Race is here again, and theyve said that theyre taking Jinxian no matter what.

Were probably unable to stop them because they brought 2 Half-Saints with them!”

“The Fire Spirit Race really needs to be annihilated!” Yang Yes figure vanished as soon as he finished speaking.

Mu Qingfengs eyelids twitched as she said, “Lets go! We cant let him do as he pleases!” She hurriedly went after Yang Ye once she finished speaking.

Even though the Fire Spirit Race had almost been annihilated, it still had over a dozen Half-Saints.

Moreover, its patriarch was even capable of fighting 10 ordinary Half-Saints on his own.

So, Lunar Rite Hall would definitely suffer if a conflict were to arise here.

In next to no time, Yang Ye arrived at Fu Jinxians residence.

At this moment, a member of Lunar Rite Hall was in confrontation with 3 old men outside Fu Jinxians room.

Yang Ye knew 2 of the 3 old men.

One of them was even Qian Yan whom hed wanted to kill for so long, and the other was the Grand Elder.

“This is an internal affair of my Fire Spirit Race.

Please dont interfere!” Qian Yan gazed at Fu Jinxian who stood behind that member of Lunar Rite Hall and spoke in a deep voice.

“Fu Jinxian is a member of Lunar Rite Hall now!” Mu Qingfeng and Yang Ye arrived.

That member of Lunar Rite Hall immediately bowed when he saw Fu Jinxian.

Meanwhile, Fu Jinxian gazed at Yang Ye and nodded slightly.

At this moment, Fu Jinxians face was still covered in scars, and it seemed extremely terrifying.

However, Yang Ye noticed that she seemed to be slightly different now.

She was confident.

Fu Jinxian was much more confident now.

Because she didnt seem to be nervous at all while she faced 3 Half-Saints from the Fire Spirit Race.

“Hall Master Mu, Fu Jinxian is a member of my Fire Spirit Race!” Qian Yan spoke in a deep voice, “My Fire Spirit Race respects your Lunar Rite Hall, but we arent afraid of it.

Please understand that.”

Yang Ye glanced at Qian Yan, suppressed the killing intent in his heart, and then turned around to gaze at Fu Jinxian, “What are they here for”

She pondered deeply for a moment and said, “Im wanted by someone, so they came looking for me to give me to him!”

Meanwhile, the Grand Elder of the Fire Spirit Race said, “Jinxian, I know that this is quite unreasonable, but you should be aware of the current state our race is in.

If you dont agree to this, then the remaining members of our race wont be able to reside in the city any longer.

I hope you can consider the situation of our entire race!”

A cold smile arose on the corners of Fu Jinxians mouth as she said, “Grand Elder, dont you know that he killed my husband and child Dont you know that hes only asking for me so that he can make me acultivation furnace You know, yet you still intend to give me to him.

Because the life and death of a single woman is nothing compared to the future of the entire Fire Spirit Race to you, right”

Qian Yan spoke coldly, “Since you know that, then Ill just be frank.

Its related to the future of our race.

So, you have no room to refuse.

Come with us.

Our Fire Spirit Race will deal with the scars on your face.”

“The Fire Spirit Race is really going from bad to worse!” Yang Ye suddenly said, “Not to mention relying on others to survive, it even needs to use a woman to gain a chance to survive.

What a shame!”

“Bastard!” Qian Yan was exasperated.

His aura surged out and pressed down upon Yang Ye as he said, “Who do you think you are! How dare you speak about my Fire Spirit Race!”

As he spoke, Qian Yan was about to attack but was stopped by the Grand Elder.

“Yang Man, this is my Fire Spirit Races business.

It has nothing to do with you!” said the Grand Elder in a low voice.

Yang Man! Qian Yans expression changed when he heard these words.

Hed naturally heard of this name.

Not too long ago, Snows Lament and the Man Clan had almost been destroyed by Yang Man.

Hes Yang Man

Qian Yan was right before him, and Yang Ye really wanted to attack and kill Qian Yan.

He was confident in his ability to kill Qian Yan if he used his full strength, but he restrained himself in the end.

Lunar Rite Hall had been nice to him, and Lunar Rite Hall would definitely be implicated in the matter if he killed Qian Yan here.

He didnt want to cause trouble for Lunar Rite Hall.

Moreover, he would definitely have to face a string of problems if he killed Qian Yan right now.

But the most important matter at hand for him was to rescue the Sword Spirits main body!

Yang Ye suppressed the killing intent in his heart and spoke indifferently, “Fu Jinxian wont leave with all of you.

Fuck off!”

“How audacious! You….” Qian Yan was about to speak when Yang Ye flipped his palm, and the Herculean Hammer appeared in his grasp.

He waved the Herculean Hammer at Qian Yan as he said, “You old dog! Speak another word and you wont have to ** off anymore, you can just die!”

Qian Yan was furious.

He was about to speak but was stopped by the Grand Elder again.

The Grand Elder gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Yang Man, Fu Jinxian is someone that Young Master Gu wants.

You must think this through!”

“Are you going to ** off or not” Killing intent surged in Yang Yes eyes.

Qian Yans face flushed red from rage, and it was the same for the Grand Elder.

Suddenly, a voice resounded, “When has anyone else in the Hallowed Grounds besides Nether Maiden dared to not give face to me, Gu Yuexian Let me just say this.

Im taking her with me today, and Ill kill anyone who tries to stop me.

If the Lunar Rite Hall tries to stop me, then Lunar Rite Hall will cease to exist from today onwards!”

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