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“The battle wont continue!” The Sword Spirit spoke solemnly.

Yang Ye nodded.

Regardless of whether it was Yinyin or the middle aged man, the destruction their strength could cause was sufficient to destroy the entire city, and when both of them fought, it was entirely capable of transforming the city into powder.

However, there were many other formidable existences within the city.

As expected, a blind old man appeared between Yinyin and the middle aged man when they were about to completely destroy the city.

“Little Girl, thats enough.

Otherwise, Nameless City will be destroyed!” said the blind old man.

“He bullied me!” replied Yinyin.

The blind old man shook his head slightly, and then he gazed at the middle aged man and said, “Supreme Exalt He, I wonder if the agreement between your Hallowed Lord and our Nameless City is still in effect If it isnt, then leave something behind today; if it is, then leave.

Ill consider the incident between you and Yinyin as a spar!”

“They are wanted by my Hallowed Halls!” The middle aged man glanced at Yang Ye and the Sword Spirit.

“You shouldnt have let them enter Nameless City!” said the blind old man.

“They are of no use to you!” The middle aged man stared the old man in the eye.

The old man shook his head and said, “Since she wants to protect them, then they are members of our city.

Supreme Exalt He, please leave.

If you intend to try and take them by force, then allow me to be frank.

Your strength alone is insufficient.”

The middle aged man nodded and said, “I understand.

Dont worry.

If I return, then trust me, youll definitely be unable to stop me!” As he spoke, he turned around, took a step forward, and vanished on the spot.

Once the middle aged man left, the city instantly calmed down once more, and Yinyin withdrew the enormous mouth that covered the sky.

The old man suddenly gazed at Yang Ye and said, “One night.

Both of you must leave Nameless City tomorrow.

If you refuse, then Ill send you out myself.”

“Blind Grandpa….” Yinyin wanted to say something, but the old man just shook his head and said, “Little Girl, I didnt make compromise with Supreme Exalt He because of you.

Our city doesnt interfere in the matters outside the city.

We can be considered to have broken the rules this time.” The old mans figure flashed and vanished.

Yinyin turned around and gazed at Yang Ye before she said, “Im sorry.

Both of you really have to leave.

Because we have an agreement with the Hallowed Grounds, and we cant interfere with anything outside the city.

At the same time, they cant interfere in our city as well.

But both of you dont belong to Nameless City.

Moreover, it seems like a bunch of baddies are coming.

So, Blind Grandpa and the others will absolutely not enter into conflict with the people from outside the city!”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “I understand.

Yinyin, thank you!” As he spoke, he glanced at the surroundings and said, “Yinyin, can you take us somewhere quiet I want to ask you some things!”

She blinked, and then nodded.

In the Tower of Buddha.

Yang Ye and the Sword Spirit had just walked into Yinyins room when the Sword Spirit suddenly crashed to the ground.

Yang Ye was shocked, and he hurriedly supported her and said, “Whats wrong”

“She has definitely exhausted too much of her strength!” Yinyin spoke abruptly.

Yang Ye suddenly came to an understanding.

Hed almost forgotten that the Sword Spirit had executed the Five Element Sword Flight technique for a few hundred times earlier! Even 2 Half-Saints couldnt endure such a crazy exhaustion of energy!

“Ill be fine with some rest!” The Sword Spirit transformed back into the ancient sheath and Sword Precursor that hung on Yang Yes waist.

“Big Brother, what did you want to ask me” Yinyin sat on the bed while she shook her legs slowly.

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings, and he noticed that her room was very simple.

There was nothing within it.

There was only a single bed, and besides a tattered doll which sat on the bed, there wasnt anything else.

Yang Ye recalled what Nether Maiden had said about the people who came here from the Outer Heavens had sad pasts.

Yang Ye couldnt help but feel emotional.

He didnt know what Yinyin had experienced, but he was clearly aware that it was definitely not something good.

Yang Ye walked over to her side and sat by her side.

He gazed at her empty sleeves and said, “Yinyin, you should definitely be able to regrow your limbs with your current strength.

Why havent you restored your arms”

Yinyins face darkened when she heard this, and then she shook her head and said, “Its impossible.

Yinyins arms were chopped off by a very, very, very strong person, and energy that surpasses the Laws of this world remain there.

So, its impossible for me to grow new arms.

Unless I have something with healing properties that surpasses the Laws of this world, otherwise, I can only restore them once I go back up there! But Yinyin doesnt want to go back!”

“Why” Yang Ye was quite curious.

Because the final goal of everyone including the defiant profounders and Hallowed Grounds was to return to the Outer Heavens.

Because only there could they obtain Quintessence Violet Energy, and only by obtaining Quintessence Violet Energy could they break through and become true Saints!

Yinyin lowered her head and pondered deeply for a short while, “There are many bad people up there.

Yinyins mother was killed by them, and they even chopped off Yinyins arms before throwing Yinyin down into this world.

They even called Yinyin a bastard and said that Yinyins mother is shameless.

But Yinyins mother is clearly a very good person! Why did they do that to Mother Why did they do that to Yinyin Why Why…”

As she finished speaking, monstrous resentment and rage surged explosively from her.

At the same time, the space around her actually cracked apart and seemed like it would shatter at any moment!

Yang Ye was astounded and hurriedly said, “Yinyin.

Calm down, calm down.

Dont act impulsively!”

It took quite a while for her to calm down once more.

However, she didnt speak another word and just kept her head lowered.

Yang Ye sighed softly, sat closer to her, and then hesitated for a moment before he said, “Yinyin, I might be able to restore your arms.

However, you have to promise me that you cant tell anyone about it.


Yinyin raised her head and gazed at Yang Ye for quite some time before she finally spoke, “Really” Her voice carried a trace of uncertainty.

Yang Ye nodded and said, “But you cant tell anyone else.

Otherwise, big brother will be pursued to his death.”

Yinyin nodded forcefully.

Yang Ye took a deep breath, pressed his hands on her shoulders, and then violet profound energy within him that carried Primordial Violet Energy slowly flowed into Yinyin.

What sort of energy was the Primordial Violet Energy He had no doubt that it definitely surpassed the Laws of this world.

It could allow Half-Saints to become Saints.

So, as far as Yang Ye was concerned, it was truly not difficult at all for it to restore Yinyins arms.

Of course, he was taking a risk.

Because if Yinyin aroused ill intent or betrayed him, then he would truly be finished.

Yang Ye knew that he was being quite impulsive, but he stopped hesitating when he saw how she was just now.

Moreover, he had to repay her for helping him earlier!

After all, she only had to agree and she could obtain 30,000 extreme-grade energy stones from the middle aged man, but she chose to refuse it.

That was the main reason why hed decided to help her!

At the moment the violet energy entered into her body, Yinyins eyes instantly opened wide, and her eyes were filled with shock, excitement, happiness, and so on and so forth.

However, a powerful force suddenly surged out from her shoulders and shot towards Yang Yes hands.

Yang Yes expression changed drastically.

He didnt even have the chance to stop before he was blasted flying, and his figure smashed against the wall.

Yinyins pupils constricted.

She flashed over to Yang Ye and said, “Big Brother, it… it wasnt me.

It wasnt me….” She wanted to explain yet didnt know how to do so.

In the end, she was so anxious that she started crying.

Yang Ye stood up after spitting out 2 mouthfuls of blood, and then he stretched out his hand and wiped off her tears, “Dont cry.

I know it wasnt you.” As he spoke, he gazed at her shoulders and said, “It was the remaining energy from that person who severed your arms!” When he spoke up to this point, a very serious expression could be seen in Yang Yes eyes.

After all, he was practically unable to resist just a strand of remaining energy!

How strong are the people of the Outer Heavens How do they compare to that old man I met in the Primordial Pagoda

Yang Ye shook his head and then lowered his head to gaze at Yinyin.

Meanwhile, Yinyin revealed a smile and said, “Thank you for believing me, Big Brother!”

Yang Ye felt quite moved.

He placed his hands onto her shoulders again and said, “It should be fine this time.

Ill transfer that energy into your body, and you utilize it to restore your arms, alright”

She nodded.

Yang Ye transferred his profound energy into her again.

As he sent his profound energy into her body, Yinyins arms started to grow out slowly, and her face was covered with excitement….

Around an hour passed before Yang Ye withdrew his hands, and then he smiled, “Alright, you can move them!”

At this moment, Yinyins previously empty sleeves had arms within them.

Yinyin gazed at her hands with excitement.

They were very small and pure white.

She was clearly not used to her new hands, and she started moving her fingers slowly as if she was terribly afraid of using too much force and breaking them.

“I really have hands! I really do!” Yinyins tears flowed down incessantly as she gazed at her hands.

However, her face was covered in a smile of wild joy.

In the beginning, she started clapping her hands together lightly.

In the end, she was swinging them incessantly while touching every single part of them….

After a long moment of joy and excitement, Yinyin stopped, and then she walked over to Yang Ye and embraced him as she said, “Big Brother, that energy you gave Yinyin was Quintessence Violet Energy, right”

Yang Yes figure stiffened….


For a bit more clarity, the Author uses Quintessence Violet Energy when its mentioned by others from the continent or Outer Heavens, yet uses Primordial Violet Energy when its mentioned by Yang Ye or the little girl in the Primordial Pagoda.

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