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It was Lu Waner.

At this moment, Lu Waner didnt seem weak and delicate as she used to be, but she didnt have an oppressive aura as well.

She was very indifferent and quiet like water.

A wisp of surprise flashed through Yang Yes eyes when he saw her, “Youve attained the 7th level of sword intent How could this be possible…” It had only been a short period since he last saw her, and she didnt even know how to use the sword then.

Yet now, she was at the 7th level of sword intent!

Lu Waner nodded and said, “I have a huge number of things that I dont understand.

I might be able to figure it out if we compete!”

“Elder Mu says that shes an extraordinary genius in the Sword Dao!” Meanwhile, Ding Shaoyao walked over.

Qin Xiyue, Xiao Yuxi, Su Qingshi, and An Biru were by her side.

Moreover, a pretty little girl was standing by Su Qingshis side.

Yang Yes gaze descended onto the little girl, and the little girl was looking at him as well.

There was a trace of curiosity in her eyes, and there was a trace of affection within them as well.

“Nianxue” As soon as he spoke, Yang Ye was already in front of the little girl, and he grabbed her in his arms.

Yang Yes actions were quite rough, but the little girl wasnt afraid, and she even spoke in a clear and melodious voice, “Dad, daddy….” The reason she wasnt afraid wasnt because of a natural feeling of closeness with Yang Ye.

It was because Su Qingshi had told her that Yang Ye was her father.

Yang Yes eyes instantly became moist.

However, he was beaming from ear to ear.

That feeling of being a father was impossible to describe with words.

“Brother!” Suddenly, another clear and melodious voice resounded, and then Yang Ye felt a delicate figure embrace him.

It was Little Yao!

Little Xiao wasnt immature as she seemed before, and she was slightly more mature now.

“Big Brother, youre finally back!” Little Yao was slightly choking with sobs, but there was a smile on her face.

Since their mother had passed, her older brother was the one and only loved one in her heart.

Yang Ye rubbed her head, and then his gaze swept past Su Qingshi and the others.

He said, “I know that all of you were definitely worried about me throughout this time.

Im unable to give any promises to all of you, and I dont want to apologize about it.

Because were all a family, and all of that isnt necessary!”

“Im not part of your family!” It was Ding Shaoyao who spoke these words.

For the sake of backing up her words, she even walked over to the side and created some distance between Su Qingshi and the others.

“But you are!” Yang Nianxue spoke in a clear and melodious voice, “You are part of our family!”

The others smiled when they heard this.

The corners of Ding Shaoyaos mouth twitched slightly, and she walked over to Yang Nianxue before lightly pinching her cheek.

She said, “Little Girl, how many times have I told you that Im not.

Im your aunt.


“Why!” Yang Nianxue grabbed Ding Shaoyaos hand and said, “Does Aunt Shaoyao not like daddy”

The corners of Ding Shaoyaos eyes twitched slightly, but she revealed a gentle smile and said, “Who said that I liked him”

Yang Nianxue raised her hand and started counting with her fingers, “Mother, Aunt Xiao, Aunt Qin, Aunt An, and… and….

All of them know….”

Su Qingshi and the others couldnt help but chuckle while Yang Ye was quite embarrassed.

Ding Shaoyaos face flushed red as well.

She pinched Yang Nianxues cheeks again, and then she glared fiercely at Yang Ye before leaving the hall.

“Daddy, did I say something wrong Aunt Ding seemed to be unhappy!” Yang Nianxue felt quite sad.

Yang Ye laughed bitterly, and then he kissed Yang Nianxue on the forehead and said, “Oh, you….”

In the following days, all the profounders of Profounder Continent were turned into soldiers under Ding Shaoyaos management.

Of course, besides Half-Saints, all the others were just cannon fodder regardless of how numerous they were.

However, Yang Ye and Ding Shaoyaos objective wasnt to make them fight against the defiant profounders and the Hallowed Grounds.

They just wanted everyone to sense the danger that was approaching!

Only by sensing danger and suffering that great pressure would many people work hard and do all they could to get stronger!

At the moment of life and death, the potential of many could be stimulated without end!

Yang Ye gave himself 10 days of rest.

He didnt cultivate throughout those 10 days, and he didnt pay any attention to the matters within the city.

He used all his time to accompany Yang Nianxue, Su Qingshi, and all his wives.

Yang Ye felt quite a sense of guilt towards all of them.

After all, he used most of his time cultivating or doing something or other.

The time he stayed by their side could really be counter with his fingers.

Moreover, he was very clearly aware that they were definitely extremely worried about him throughout this period that hed gone to the Hallowed Grounds!

But it couldnt be helped.

Because if he didnt work hard, then only death would be awaiting him!

Early in the morning one day, Yang Ye was playing with Yang Nianxue in the backyard of the City Governors Estate when Lu Waner suddenly appeared in front of him.

“Lets compete in the sword!” She stared at him and didnt waste her breath at all.

Yang Ye had quite a headache when he saw her.

Since the day she saw him, shed been asking him to compete with her in the sword every single day.

Of course, it was naturally impossible for her to be a match for him.

The main problem was that she would immediately look for him once she obtained new gains, even if it was late at night!

Yang Ye could refuse her of course, but he didnt.

Because Lu Waners natural talent in the Sword Dao had truly shocked him.

Less than 5 days had passed, yet shed actually attained the 8th level of sword intent from the 7th! Even he couldnt help but feel embarrassed when facing such a speed of advancement!

Yang Ye pointed at the chair in front of him and said, “Waner, sit first!”

She didnt sit and just looked at him.

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “Im not telling you to sit so that I can talk nonsense.

Im going to talk with you about the sword!”

She immediately sat down.

Yang Ye said, “Can you tell me why your sword intent has improved so quickly Moreover, youre usually able to cultivate a sword technique after just trying it once, become skilled at it on the 1st try, and grasp its essence on the 3rd try.

Im really curious about it! Really… really curious!”

Lu Waner fell silent for a long while before she said, “I dont know.

All I know is I have an inexplainable feeling of closeness to swords.

I… I even feel that I can communicate with swords.

You… youre so strong, so dont you have such a feeling as well”

The corners of Yang Yes mouth twitched, That really hurts….

Because he hadnt had such a feeling since he started cultivating in the sword.

It was even to the extent that his natural talent in the Sword Dao wasnt really good.

Besides the Sword Spirit and the tiny vortex, he knew another reason why he was accomplished in the Sword Dao.

It was his character!

He was very clearly aware of the strengths and flaws of his character.

The flaw was that his character made it easy for him to offend others and make enemies, and he constantly courted death.

As for its strengths, he was persistent.

Once he decided on something, he would never turn back until he succeeded.

Most importantly, it was his state of mind.

He never allowed himself to have regrets or emotional burdens when he did things!

If he had to fight, then he would fight! If he had to kill, then he would kill!

To explain it simply, hed seen clearly through his heart, and hed gotten to know it.

In the end, he acted according to it!

Every single person had a demon within their hearts.

However, that demon was usually in a suppressed state because of all sorts of external factors.

Or perhaps, it could be said that some wouldnt admit that they had such a demon within their hearts.

On the other hand, even if some admitted that such a demon existed in their hearts, they would suppress it due to all sorts of external factors.

It wasnt that they feared they would harm others if they released that demon, they were afraid that releasing it would bring calamity upon themselves!

So, most people would exercise forbearance when they encountered injustice.

They would avoid it and run from it.

As time passed, such people would lose their courage, and they would make all sorts of excuses as an explanation for their weakness and softness!

Actually, those in the world who were truly strong usually kept a low profile.

When one had strength, exercising forbearance towards the weak was considered a good state of mind.

However, when one faced a stronger existence and still exercised forbearance, that wasnt a good state of mind.

It was weakness! So, many people in the world bullied the weak and feared the strong!

Why Because the weak were easy to bully!

Yang Ye understood that principle a long time ago, so he absolutely refused to exercise forbearance!

If you want to bully me, betray me, or harm me….

Then Ill repay it tenfold, a hundredfold, or even a thousandfold! Benevolence is something that should be used on people, but many in this world cant be considered as people!

There were many types of Sword Daos.

He took the path of slaughter, and he killed to resolve injustice.

On the other hand, Lu Waner clearly didnt possess a Sword Dao of her own, yet her rate of improvement in sword intent and sword techniques had even surpassed him!

After a long talk with her, Yang Ye obtained an even deeper understanding of how terrifying her natural talent was.

Because when she asked some questions about the Sword Dao, he merely had to explain the beginning, and then she would practically understand the rest! Moreover, she was even able to raise some unique questions and views!

Yang Ye gazed silently at her for a long time.

In the beginning, Lu Waner was still very indifferent, but it wasnt long before she felt quite uncomfortable.

She started to avoid his gaze and didnt dare meet his gaze.

A long time passed like this.

Right when Lu Waner was about to be unable to endure his gaze, Yang Ye withdrew a spatial ring and placed it before her.

He said, “The inheritance in the Sword Dao of a senior resides in this ring.

I think that if even you arent qualified to inherit his Sword Dao, then theres probably no one in this world who is.

There are some things he left you within it as well.

I havent looked through its contents.

Now, all of it is yours!”

She asked, “Was that senior very strong”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “Very strong, extremely strong!”

Lu Waner nodded, and then she took the ring.

She knew very well that since Yang Ye said that senior was extremely strong in the Sword Dao, then that senior really was extremely strong!

After his 10 days of rest passed, Yang Ye started cultivating like a madman, and he attained the fifth rank of the Monarch Realm after 20 days of insane cultivation.

Meanwhile, trouble had appeared on Profounder Continent.

Because that terrifying person trapped beneath the Heavenly Lightning Pool of the Dragon Race!

That person hadnt emerged from the seal, but just the aura he emanated caused the entire territory of the Dragon Race to be destroyed!

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