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Right when it was about to slice through his neck, Yang Yes figure moved slightly backward before he swiftly smashed his fist forward.

His fist rumbled through the air and shook the space around it.


The red glow was instantly dispersed!

Right after it was dispersed, a strand of strange energy suddenly appeared in the surroundings.

Just like before, Yang Ye felt like the blood and soul within him were about to leave his body!

Yang Yes heart trembled, and he didnt dare act carelessly in the slightest.

He immediately flipped his palm, and then he swung the sword which had appeared in his hand!


It sounded like a sharp sword slicing through cloth, and then Yang Ye instantly felt his blood and soul return to normal.

Meanwhile, a black shadow suddenly appeared in front of him, and then countless red glows surged out like blood red threads from the black shadow and instantly enveloped Yang Ye!

“Disperse!” Yang Ye roared furiously before rays of light shot crisscrossed as they shot forward!


Countless blood red threads were dispersed while the black shadow appeared over 30m away!

The woman suddenly said, “Youre from the Ancient Sword School!”

“Im from the Ancient Sword School, a true disciple of the Ancient Sword School!” Yang Ye walked towards her with his sword in hand.

It had become quite a habit for him to pretend to be a disciple of the Ancient Sword School.

“Since you are, then you really do deserve death!” As soon as she finished speaking, black shadows suddenly covered the sky before countless blood red threads of light enveloped down towards Yang Ye like a net that could slice him into pieces.

The threads were many times thicker than before, and they were numerous times faster as well.

It only took them an instant to completely envelop Yang Ye!

“Break apart!” Yang Yes voice resounded once more, and then countless rays of light flashed between the blood red threads, causing them to be instantly sliced into pieces.

After that, a ray of light shot swiftly towards her.

“Soul Thirst!” She didnt seem to have moved at all, but Yang Yes sword that was glowing brilliantly had been stopped in midair and wasnt able to move forward at all! Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly appeared behind his sword, and he took its hilt in both hands before swiftly spinning it!


Yang Ye and his sword pierced straight through the black shadow!

It slowly dispersed, but Yang Yes expression grew even more solemn.

Because a black shadow was standing over 100m away from him!

Yang Ye knew that if he didnt execute a sword technique, then it would be impossible for him to kill her with just his physical strength.

However, he would have to endure intense pain if he were to do that, so he didnt want to execute any sword techniques.

Especially when he was within this boundless mountain range! After all, he hadnt forgotten about the Spirit Ape King and the other demon beasts!

I must restore my meridians as soon as possible! If it wasnt for his meridians, then killing her wouldnt be difficult at all.

But the issue with his meridians caused him to suffer such great restrictions to his strength!

She suddenly asked, “The Ancient Sword School has 3 geniuses at the Exalt Realm.

Lin Xiao, Yun Po, and Ming Xiu.

Are you one of them”

“If you want to fight, then lets fight.

Whats with all the talk” As soon as he finished speaking, his figure had appeared in front of her, and he swiftly smashed his fist forward.


The black shadow was blasted apart, but Yang Yes eyes narrowed slightly.

He didnt even hesitate to turn around and smash his fist forward.

At the moment he did, a ray of red light struck against his fist!


The red light was dispersed, but Yang Ye flashed to the side while a fine and tiny ray of red light flashed by where he was standing.

After that, he used his leg to make a partial turn before his right left swept towards the left.


A muffled bang resounded as a black shadow took a few steps back.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye seemed like a tiger pouncing at a sheep as he leaped towards the black figure and kicked swiftly.

Even space trembled before his kick!


The black shadow took around a dozen more steps back, and shed just stopped her figure when Yang Ye appeared in front of her again.

After that, his attacks descended like a storm.

At this moment, she was completely suppressed by him.

Yang Ye didnt give her the slightest chance to execute a technique, and he constantly engaged in closed quartered combat with her.

Obviously, it wasnt one of her fortes.

So, she was practically incapable of fighting back and could only defend passively.

She did counterattack occasionally, but what she got in return was even fiercer attacks!

While she was completely suppressed, Yang Ye didnt seem relaxed at all.

Because her movement technique was truly too shocking, and she was able to rely on it to prevent him from causing any material harm to herself while being completely suppressed by him.

“Shadow Flash!” Her voice suddenly resounded, and then her figure stiffened slightly before countless shadows erupted from her.

They formed a dense mass of over a few thousand, and it was truly a shocking sight.

Yang Ye didnt continue attacking, and he just stood on the spot because she was over 1km away now.

Sure enough, it didnt take long for the shadows to vanish, and a black shadow was standing over 1km away from him.

“Are you a sword cultivator or a body cultivator!” Her voice was very gloomy, and it carried a trace of anger and annoyance.

“You asked me to take it, so I took it.

Yet now youre unhappy now.

Cant you accept defeat Is this how the Dao Order acts” Yang Ye walked slowly towards her while ridicule hung on the corners of his mouth.

“You have no right to judge my Dao Order!” Her voice carried ghastly killing intent.

“But Im stronger than you!” Yang Ye flipped his palm, and a sword appeared there.

After that, he stomped his right foot against the ground and shouted, “Sword Unification!”

As soon as he spoke, a sword howl shot into the sky, and then a ray of light immediately shot forward like a bolt of lightning!

Yang Ye hadnt intended to utilize a sword technique, but she showed no intent to retreat, and he really didnt want to waste time here with her.

So, hed immediately activated the Mortal Sword of the Tri-Apex Sword Technique!


Yang Ye flashed through the black shadow along with his sword, and his sword had scarlet red blood on it.

However, Yang Yes eyes still carried a slightly solemn expression in them because the black shadow behind him had vanished.

“Ill definitely repay you a hundredfold for that!” The womans voice resounded from over 5km away.

Yang Ye put his sword away while his brows knit together tightly.

After all, hes forced his profound energy to pass through his meridians, so the sharp pain he felt from his meridians was truly horrible!

Yang Ye sat cross-legged on the ground and started utilizing the remaining profound energy within him to nourish his broken meridians.

Actually, even he couldnt figure out why his violet profound energy couldnt restore his meridians.

After all, while it was inferior to true Primordial Violet Energy, it was still extremely pure! It could even help those 2 snakes recover from their injuries, yet it couldnt restore his meridians!

Could there be something else thats causing all of this Yang Ye immersed his consciousness into his body, and then started carefully observing his meridians.

However, he didnt notice anything unusual!

Forget it.

No matter what it is.

So long as Im able to access the Primordial Pagoda, then the Primordial Violet Energy within it would definitely be able to restore my meridians! Yang Ye was absolutely confident in the Primordial Violet Energy he possessed.

After all, there hadnt been anything that it couldnt solve until now!

Two hours later, Yang Yes meridians were slightly better, so he left.

His current goal was to look for Lu Waner because she was the 1st person he knew that hed heard of after arriving here, and he felt that he might be able to find out about An Nanjing, Xiao Yuxi, and the others whereabouts through her.

Besides his goal to become stronger, he had another goal when he arrived at the Radiance Dimension, and it was to reunite with all his loved ones!

Yang Ye didnt choose to look for her right away.

Because he didnt know which peak of the Ancient Sword School she resided on.

Even if he did know, he didnt know how to get there.

So, he returned to Skywind City, and he intended to ask Fan Li about it while paying a visit to Fan Meng as well.


The Ye Clans Eldest Young Master is truly lucky.

Not only is he going to marry the Eldest Young Miss of the Fan Clan, he even intends to marry their Second Young Miss.

Hehe, a pair.

How lucky!”

“Of course.

The Eldest Young Master of the Ye Clan had an agreement to marry the Eldest Young Miss of the Fan Clan, but he joined Broken Saber Villa! With a Silver Rank sect like the Broken Saber Villa standing behind him, just marrying both of them isnt a problem at all.

The Fan Clan wouldnt dare say a thing even if he made them his concubines instead!”

“I heard Stellar Sky City stepped forward to help the Fan Clan”

“Stellar Sky City Stop joking.

They cant even protect themselves now.

I heard the Beastmaster Sect joined forces with numerous other Silver Rank sects, and theyre besieging Stellar Sky City right now! Alas, Young Miss Li is an extraordinary beauty.

I wonder how terrible the consequences will be for her if Stellar Sky City is destroyed! Theres an ancient saying thats absolutely correct.

The beautiful are ill-fated!”

“Alas, the Ye Clan will be the sole overlord of Skywind City from now onward, and the city itself might fall under its control!”

As soon as he entered Skywind City, Yang Ye heard a conversation between a few people, and his face instantly sank.

He suddenly stomped his foot on the ground and vanished on the spot.

The Fan Clan.

At this moment, it was completely surrounded while 2 fiery red bridal sedan chairs stood outside its entrance.

There was a young man standing before those 2 bridal sedan chairs.

Suddenly, the entrance opened, and then a woman in a fiery red dress walked out from the Fan Clan.

It was Fan Li.

Fan Li spoke coldly, “Ye Yu, you can marry me, but please let my sister go!”

The young man called Ye Yu laughed coldly, “Fan Li, you arent qualified to try and bargain with me now.

Ill give you 10 minutes to make your younger sister come here, and then return to the Ye Clan with me.

Otherwise, besides the 2 of you, the entire Fan Clan will be annihilated!”

Suddenly, Fan Meng ran out of the Fan Clan, and then she glared angrily at Ye Yu, “Ye Yu, Im telling you! If you dare to bully me and my older sister, then Yang Ye wont let you go! Do you… do you know Yang Ye Hes very formidable.

Hell annihilate your Ye Clan! Im not joking!”

“Yang Ye” Ye Yu had a savage expression on his face, “I hate it when my women speak about other men in front of me!”

“Ill do as I please!” Fan Meng suddenly spoke furiously, “Ye Yu, me and my older sister would rather marry Yang Ye than you!”

Ye Yus expression grew even more ferocious.

He turned around to gaze at the old man by his side and said, “Kill every single person called Yang Ye in Skywind City.

No, kill everyone related to anyone called Yang Ye!”

When he spoke up to this point, he turned around to gaze at Fan Meng, “Good, very good! Youre showing signs of making me wear agreen hat even before youve become my woman.

Wouldnt you be worse once youve become mine Perhaps I have to make an example of you today.”

A wisp of lust flashed through his eyes, and then he started to undo his robes.

Fan Meng and Fan Lis expressions changed while Fan Li shouted angrily, “Ye Yu! What are you doing!”

A trace of excitement and madness filled his eyes as he said, “Im going to sleep with both of you today! Hahaha! Members of the Ye Clan, hear me! Once Im done with the first round, all of you will get your turns!” As soon as he finished speaking, he completely undid his robes, and then he started walking towards them.

“That little birdy of yours is dog food now!” Suddenly, a ghastly voice resounded, and then a ray of light flashed through the air!


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